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Cruise Ship Disaster - Metaphor & Portent?

January 24, 2012


With tensions over Iran mounting, it's possible Costa Concordia wasn't an accident but rather a portent.


by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

We're all passengers on the cruise ship Life.  We don't much understand it but we're willing to give it our best shot. We just want to enjoy the ride.

We trust our leaders, the "captains" not to run the ship onto the rocks. But they seem to do this almost willfully, on a regular basis, by starting wars. 

captain.jpgThey hit the rocks; they lie to us about it. "Go back to your cabins; no cause for alarm; just an electrical outage; will be fixed shortly."

They abandon ship and leave us to our own devices. "Sauve qui peut!" Every man for himself! Some people who returned to their cabins died.

The Costa Concordia, christened in 2006, was named "Concordia" for international harmony. Each of the decks was named for a different European country. Is it a coincidence that when the Eurozone has hit the rocks, so has the ship?

The Captain, Francesco Schettino was criticized for breaching his responsibilities. He abandoned ship instead of aiding his 3200 passengers and 1000 crew members.

On the same day, back in the USA, Newt Gingrich was criticized for abandoning his wife in her time of illness. Espousing "family values" to the nation, he told her he wanted "an open marriage." He was her "captain" and he abandoned ship.   

Gingrich went on to win the South Carolina Primary. I guess we get the captains we deserve. In November, we can choose between someone like him and "Change-You-Can-Believe-In" Obama.


What a beauty the Costa Concordia! Almost 1000 feet long, 114,000 tons, built at a cost of $570 million. 101,000 horsepower! 

According to Wikipedia, "Costa Concordia has one of the world's largest exercise facility areas at sea, the Samsara Spa, a two-level, 65,000 sq ft fitness center, with gym, a thalassotherapy pool, sauna, Turkish bath and a solarium. The ship has four swimming pools, two with retractable covers, five jacuzzis, five spas, and a poolside screen on the pool deck."

"There are five on-board restaurants, with Club Concordia and Samsara taking reservations-only dining. There are thirteen bars, including a cigar and cognac bar and a coffee and chocolate bar. Entertainment options include a three-level theatre, casino, and a discotheque. There is a children's area equipped with PlayStation products. The ship has a Grand Prix motor racing simulator and an Internet café."

So much man-made glory and splendor now sitting capsized, fish swimming in the theater aisles and kitchen galleys, a reminder of what can happen to our gleaming, well-ordered society.


There is evidence that the sinking of the Titanic April 14, 1912 was not an accident.   The world's first unsinkable ship may have been sunk by the Illuminati to demoralize mankind, and as a portent of coming war.

Similarly, Bruno Leporatti, the lawyer for Captain Schettino, has
said that
while his client accepted some responsibility for the accident, "third parties were also involved and the investigation should be widened."

Is the lawyer referring to
the ship's owners ordering the dangerous sail-past as a publicity stunt, or is there more? 

"Italian authorities are searching for the captain's personal computer, amid reports that it was taken away by a mystery blonde woman in the hours after the disaster.

He reportedly had time to retrieve the laptop from his cabin and bring it ashore, despite telling investigators last week that conditions on board were so chaotic that he accidentally "tripped" and was pitched into a life boat.

After reaching Giglio's rocky shore in the early hours of Saturday, Jan 14, he took a taxi to the Hotel Bahamas, the only hotel that was open. The owners said the captain was holding a red plastic bag containing a rectangular white object which resembled a laptop case.

logocarnival.jpeg(left, Carnival logo, dot in circle.)

He was being interviewed by an Italian television network when a smartly-dressed middle-aged blonde woman employed by Costa Cruises swept into the lobby, ordered him not to do any more interviews, and whisked him away."

clogo.jpeg(second logo, sun rise on its side)


The sleek luxurious Costa Concordia represents the perfection within mankind's reach. But humanity has been subverted and colonized by a vicious satanic cult, the Illuminati. The capsized vessel symbolizes the fact that our "captains" are in the pay of this cult.

They are waging a covert war on mankind. Wars are their primary weapon. But periodically they inflict "accidents" such as Fukushima and the
BP Gulf oil blowout, or "natural disasters" like Katrina. The Costa Concordia may have been one of these. (See- Kabbalist Doctrine May Explain World Events.)   

They want to replace God. Who knows what further destruction they will wreak to get their way. But with tensions over Iran mounting, it's possible Costa Concordia wasn't an accident but a portent.

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Comments for "Cruise Ship Disaster - Metaphor & Portent?"

N said (January 29, 2012):

Hey Henry after reading your cruise ship write up I just wanted to say again how much I appreciate your articles. I look forward to the ones that you write the most by far.

I've made a lot of foolish mistakes in my life. I am tired of it. I used to think that I know everything, that I know better. Relying on what I thought was best and my value system did not get me far. I am thinking of becoming a Christian. I recently got a bible. I read it from time to time. I learn valuable things from it. Your website gives me a lot of indispensable guidance and wisdom as well. I badly lacked that earlier in my life. I did not have a close relationship with my father from around 14-30 years of age. We did not have any father son talks. I was so clueless about many things in life.

I look to your web site for guidance and spiritual guidance. I have been visiting your website for around 8 years now. I visit it just about every day.

Derek said (January 26, 2012):

In fact, it appears that – as with the Queen of the North "accident" in British Columbia: 1) a sex trap was used to occupy the attention of key ship's personnel; 2) the ship's autopilot was commandeered electronically so as to trigger an "accident"; 3) an insurance fraud was perpetrated by insiders via Lloyd's of London.

What City & Guilds of London knows about this is a very good question.

Guy said (January 25, 2012):

One thing that is very significant about the shipwreck was that it provided yet again another demonstration of the deep and significant sea change (pun intended) in the disposition of post Christian Western humanity. This first struck me when reading about the wreck of the British RORO passenger and car ferry 'The Herald of Free Enterprise' (another neatly metaphorical name there) back in 1987 - that is to say, the disgraceful spectacle of grown men trampling over women and children to get to safety.

I don't go with this idea that the masses will rebel and overthrow the NWO because people are fundamentally sound - in the West, at least, they aren't any more. There is a fundamental ignobility in the West (as typified by the pro-cannabis lobby proselytising on your home page here!) which means that most of us are not in fact worth rescuing. (This probably includes me here, I’m not making a special case!)

The cultural decline that has taken but a few decades (and truly accelerating from my birth year in 1962, so perhaps it's all MY fault!) is terminal I would say. There is no precedent for a civilisation recovering from a cultural and demographic death wish on this scale. I think a best case scenario is that a small number of authentically moral, low subsistence, traditional and orthodox cultures such as the Amish and Distributist Traditional Roman Catholics will keep the small glimmering light that is all that remains of Western Civilisation going after the downfall.

Irish Dan said (January 25, 2012):

For openers in my late teens/ early twenties, I served my time in a
shipbuilding yard and I am a qualified shipbuilder, City & Guilds of London Institute, Shipbuilding Craft ( with credit) I have also
worked in the Mechanical Engineering fields for a large part of my life.

There is grave disquiet and deep reservations in shipping circles
about these 'floating palaces' for a great many years now and the
general consensus is that they are all potential disasters waiting
to happen. Tragic and all as this shipwreck was, the loss of life was relatively light and it will be a price well worth paying if it also
acts as a wake up call to authorities and the general public as to
just how dangerous these floating hotels are.

Just one simple fact will illustrate the design priorities : once the
generators flooded, all lights went out. It would be quite a simple
matter to have an auxiliary generator room on the upper levels with designated personnel ready to go there in an emergency to get it started. The immediate return of full lights would have quelled some of the panic and probably resulted in the saving of most, if not all of the lives lost . ( Most land hotels have these bloody things on stand by, it is not rocket science!)

Another simple fact, most seagoing cargo and warship crews have experience of sudden freak waves of from 10 meters to 15, 20 or more. These waves cannot be predicted and there is no satisfactory explanation for them. Most ships have a low profile and warships are designed for rough seas breaking over them. With these high profile floating hotel type structures, there is a disproportionate amount of hull under the water compared to that over. One of these freak waves broadside and there is a complete capsize with almost a 100% life loss inevitable.

These risks are not explained to passengers : 'luxury ' and company profits are put over passenger safety. Even now the focus is on the Captain and his romantic life rather than the shortcomings of the ship per se. I have yet to see one detailed media article where a Naval Architect was asked to explain the limitations and dangers of these floating hotels and of how they are in breech of so many norms of good ship design. This shows where the priorities are, each and all have the potential, as I set out in opening, to be a monumental disaster waiting to happen!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at