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Cops Raid Toronto Home of Outspoken Muslim

April 20, 2010

activist.jpg"Why seek innocent Muslims to frame? I currently go to York University. There are tons of Jews on campus. I have penetrated many of them posing as a Jewish fanatic myself, as someone that wants to bomb, mass murder, and genocide millions of Arabs (Aravim), Muslims, sand niggers, camel jockeys, and Goyim (Cattle/Gentile). Most Jews support my genocide speech against Arabs and Muslims."

(picture, a Muslim activist, not Salman Hossin)

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The Ontario Provincial Police raided the Mississauga home of Muslim activist Salman Hossin April 16 under pressure from the B'nai Brith and Canadian Jewish Congress.

In an interview with, Hossin said they were looking for evidence to frame him in a terrorist plot. He had already fled the country for fear of a frame up and learned of the raid from his tenants.

Hossin, 25, is the webmaster of a web site www.filthy Jewish which accuses the Mossad and other intelligence agencies of masterminding terrorist attacks and then blaming them on Muslims. He envisages future attacks which will be blamed on his people.

In one article he recklessly wrote: "If such a terrorist attack were to be carried out successfully on Canadian soil and blamed on innocent Muslims, then it is obvious that a genocide should be perpetrated against the Jewish populations of Europe and North America."

He doesn't see the irony of blaming innocent Jews (instead of innocent Muslims) for the actions of the Mossad and related intelligence agencies. Certainly ordinary Jews are not privy to their machinations.  On the other hand, Jews have not organized in defiance of the Zionists who control their communities. Nor has any other group.

"Your approach should be to show how Zionism creates anti-Semitism," I told him. "Instead you drive Jews into Zionist arms. It isn't "Jews" causing the problem. It is the Rothschilds and their lackeys. They run the West. Why do you shield them?"  

In any case, organized Jewry has used Hossin's reckless statement to demand his expulsion from university and to demand "hate law" prosecution.  Hossin believes they are not just trying to silence him; they will use the police to frame him. He has left his IT studies at York University and fled the country.

Hossin is a hothead as you will see from the material below. But, as a praiseworthy article by National Post columnist Lorne Gunther states,   hate should not be a crime. Nor does Hossin constitute a genuine threat. In his own words, his fellow Muslims are "pacified" and frightened, lest they be deported.  They aren't listening to him. 

Baruch Spinoza wrote that in a free state, "every man can think what he wants and say what he thinks." Certainly the Mossad false flag attacks blamed on Muslims, and the attacks on Christian institutions and values by Masonic, Zionist and Liberal forces qualify as a more realistic and reprehensible form of hatred than Hossin's fulminations.

For example, Ontario's new sex ed curriculum will teach eight-year-olds to question their sexual orientation and gender.
Twelve-year-olds will learn about oral and anal sex. Psychologically, this is child sexual molestation; it is an intolerant, hateful state-sanctioned attack on innocent children characteristic of Illuminati pedophiles. 

mcguinty.jpg(left, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty makes Masonic "Eye of Horus" 666 sign while defending new satanic 'sex education.')


He begins by citing a September 19, 2003 in the Ottawa Sun as an example of Mossad operations in Canada.

"NINE Israeli nationals -- who[m] CSIS suspects are possible foreign agents -- were arrested by Immigration and Ottawa police tactical officers last Friday, blocks from Parliament Hill. The nine have all been charged by Immigration for working in Canada illegally. All are in their 20s and were apparently selling art in Ottawa. The arrests follow similar take-downs of Israelis in Toronto and Calgary over the past few weeks."

Hossin continues: 

"In January 2006, the terrorist Jewish community was holding a smear campaign against Islam in the University of Toronto at St. George Campus called "Know Radical Islam". Now of course, the main theme of the "Know Radical Islam" week campaign was a blatant attack on the religion of Islam. It was headed by Jewish terrorist groups like the Betar Tagar, founded by the Jewish terrorist Ze'ev Jabotinsky.

In this event, Jewish agents like David Harris of the International and Terrorist Intelligence Program INSIGNIS were spreading a climate of fear and outright hatred and prejudice against the Muslim students in the University. In a seminar on terrorism held in the University of Toronto, he was openly accusing Muslims of having carried out the terrorist attacks in London (7-7), Madrid(3-11), and New York (9-11), as well as other places (but are always done by the Jews) and stating that such attacks were soon going to happen in Canada.

 It is when I reminded that disgusting rat-faced Jew that on September 11th 2001, Jewish terrorists were arrested by the NYPD, caught red handed with explosives. Of course the crypto-Jew stated I was anti-Semitic and that information came from Middle Eastern media. As if the Jewish media is any more reliable in the West. The reaction to my accusation against the Jews being terrorists and mass murderers, Jewish female sluts and whores in the room began grunting and groaning. Typical Jewish behavior.

However, what he stated was even more interesting as I am now able to reminiscence. He stated that there were terror cells preparing attacks in Canada. How does Mr. Harris, an asset for both British Intelligence and the Mossad, have the foresight in predicting terrorist attacks ahead of time? The reason he does, is because he is himself directly involved in the frame up of innocent Muslims. Another asset of Jewish criminals and terrorists include none other than the Jew John Thompson of CSIS, who went on several trips to Israel to undergo extensive brainwashing by fellow Jews. Nobody benefits from the fear of terrorism rather than the Jews.

The Jews were seriously attempting another 9-11 on Canadian soil. When two CSIS agents (who go by the names Angela Hathaway and Jason Lewis - the latter Jewish ) - interviewed me in August 2006 about Zakaria Amara and others, I mentioned to them that the "Zionists" had carried out 9-11, and I openly supported jihad against the Western occupiers of Afghanistan, Iraq, and all the Muslim countries fighting for self-determination.

 As a matter of fact, I did not openly possess such honourable hatred of the Jews (which by the way I am proud of) at that time although I do now. Saying "Zionists" was a big mistake. I should have stated to them that the filthy Jews did 9-11. So Jason's blue eyes turned pale and cold when I mentioned that "Zionists" did 9-11 and I supported the jihad against the on-going Western occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq.

It had a clear impact on his mind. If such a terrorist attack were to be carried out successfully on Canadian soil and blamed on innocent Muslims, then it is obvious that a genocide should be perpetrated against the Jewish populations of Europe and North America. I call it Mutually Assured Genocide (M.A.G.) or Mutually Assured Mass Murder (M.A.A.M.).

The training camp was set up by CSIS agents and handlers to create the illusion of "Islamic terrorism" - much like the Jordanian Zarqa camps during the mid 1980s. From this myth, we had the fairy tales of "Zarqawi" in Iraq being produced by the Jewish media. It was done not for the purpose of producing any so-called "Islamic terrorists". It was done so that Anti-Terror Prosecutors could create cases of Terrorism based on the illusion of "Islamic suicide terrorism". Zakaria Amara himself stated that if any body wants to go train for military jihad, they should go to Peshawar or the Occupied Islamic lands, and not with paint-balls in Canada.

In fact, the Globe and Mail has stated that none of the alleged evidence of Zakaria used to "convict" him or any of the Toronto 18 is ever going to be released to the public. Why not? If he is such a bad-ass terrorist, the information should be released immediately. Only a bunch of allegations that bypassed the normal procedures of going through preliminary hearings and entering a direct trial without analyzing the charges.

Why seek innocent Muslims to frame? I currently go to York University. There are tons of Jews on campus. I have penetrated many of them posing as a Jewish fanatic myself, as someone that wants to bomb, mass murder, and genocide millions of Arabs (Aravim), Muslims, sand niggers, camel jockeys, and Goyim (Cattle/Gentile).

Most Jews support my genocide speech against Arabs and Muslims. Thus it can be concluded that Jews support the genocide and mass murder of human beings. The Jewish people for the most part are a bunch of fanatic Genocidal maniacs that support the mass murder of innocent babies, women, and children.

Max Blume, a Jew himself has proven this. If CSIS and the RCMP were truly out to infiltrate and entrap Jews from the terrorist Jewish community in acts of terrorism, it could be done with very little resources. It would not require silly "training" camps, indoctrination, or any other forms of entrapment.

 The Jews always have goaded themselves to perpetrating genocide against other peoples - both directly and indirectly. This time, they openly support the genocide of Arabs and Muslims. Of course they are co-opting Western nations to participate in it.

The end result won't be very good for the Jewish community in the west, which they use as a launchpad from where they initiate military operations against Muslim nations. The Western countries will have to also pay a heavy price for this. In terms of having foreign troops enter the lands, carpet bomb, entire cities, and vaporize the Jewish neighborhoods in Major Population Centres using nuclear warheads and cruise missiles. Thus, this war on Islam by members of the terrorist Jewish community will end with the complete extermination of the Jewish culture, race, and religion."


Salman Hossin is foolhardy and extreme. But you can't blame him for being angry and fantasizing about Gaza-like destruction reigning down on the West.
You can't blame him for being angry at seeing Muslim countries destroyed and people slaughtered while Westerners are silent. Now the Zionists are menacing Iran. When we talk about hate, let's talk about who's causing it.

 Muslims are caught in the Illuminati strategy of pitting Zionists against Islam in a "war of civilizations." You can't blame him for saying Muslims are being made scapegoats for CIA-MI6- Mossad false flags.  You have to give him credit for standing up for Muslims while all the rest are ducking and cringing.

And who knows. Maybe he is prophetic too. Maybe the actions of Israel and the Mossad will end up biting Diaspora Jews who are afraid to challenge the Illuminati/ Zionist agenda. Maybe America acting as the Rothschild's pawn will bite us all.   

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Comments for "Cops Raid Toronto Home of Outspoken Muslim"

R said (April 21, 2010):

Incidently, I quite agree with your assessment. While I understand Hossin's anger he is, as you say, "driving Jews into Zionist arms". This is one of the reasons they help foment anti-Zemitism. There truly is a diabolical logic behind Zionist reasoning that exploits human frailty to the full.

Irish Dan said (April 21, 2010):

Lessons Of Low Intensity Warfare !

Get used to cases like Salman Hossin's, these are not happening randomly. The process is part of a strategy developed by England in combating and containing Irish Republicanism in the British Occupied part of Ireland and in Britain. Quite simply it is not only about putting a high profile figure like him in fear, it was to intimidate dozens and hundreds more voices like his against Middle East and other injustices in Canada into silence.

Part of this involves, to use Maggie Tatcher's own words against Irish opponents of her regime, " Depriving these people of the oxygen of publicity."

From 1969 to the present date Britain has been waging what is, to use the correct technical term, a Low Intensity War in the North of Ireland. This did not only involve armed clashes by the Irish Republican Army and the British Army, it involved a whole spectrum of covert and overt activity against the support base in the general populace. It gave the Brits a unique experience of fighting the type of warfare against some of its own populace in a mass break down of 'Law and Order' in a modern Urban Context.

For over four decades now, a whole forty years, British Army, Senior Spooks and other Hidden Operators with Northern Ireland experience, have been eagerly welcomed by their North American Nato counterparts to lecture on lessons learned from the Irish 'war on the populace' ongoing situation.

For the record, while we have a Peace Process in the North Of Ireland, which I personally as a former activist support, the Armed Resistance to British Occupation is far from over, a significant section of the I.R.A. did not disarm, subscribe to the Peace Process and for them the Armed Fight is ongoing!

Just as many North American cities have significant Moslem populations, so also with British cities and Irish. As with the North American situation and Moslem Radicals, there was a large measure of sympathy for I.R.A. aims but not it's methods. The constant challenge to the Brits was to intimidate the general Irish immigrant populace sufficiently to prevent sympathy becoming support. This among other things involved jailing innocent groups such as the Guilford Four and the Birmingham Six, people later freed only after years of mass public protests and constant harassment of Irish equivalents of Hossin.

Be very afraid....... the nightmare that the Irish had to live with for forty years and are starting to emerge from is now coming your way, fully practiced and it seems, have hit the ground running!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at