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December 19, 2011

Satanic Forces Behind Ecumenicalism

False Dawn, The United Religious Initiative, Globalism, and the Quest for a One-World Religion by Lee Penn, Sophia Perennis, 2005.

Review by  Rama P. Coomaraswamy, M.D.

For many years Malachi Martin tried to convince us that the three major forces abroad in the world today were the creation of a global economy, a One World government, a One World religion.

If these goals are fully achieved, it is believed that we will have a period of peace and prosperity--this despite the obvious fact that such is condemned by all the Scriptures of the world as but a prelude to the reign of Antichrist.

Part of the impetus for creating a One-World religion is that the major religions seem to preach similar truths. It is forgotten that St. Thomas Aquinas, quoting St. Ambrose, taught that all truth, no matter where it is found, has the Holy Ghost for its author.

For some reason this leads many people to become indifferent to these truths rather than to accept them as the common inheritance of mankind. There is nothing in such recognition that should induce people to abandon their own religion and their God-given sources of truth.

But there is a vast difference between recognizing common truths and creating a new religion, a kind of smorgasbord based on picking and choosing the lowest common denominator of commonality and including in such selections the various false cults of the New Age pseudo-spirituality.

Yet such is the goal of the United Religions Initiative. Many will dismiss the efforts of individuals like Bishop Swing (the former Episcopal Bishop of California, founder of the URI) as of no significance.

However, Lee Penn has shown how powerful and effective this aspect of the New World Order really is, how closely it is tied to such deviations as Theosophy, Masonry and Spiritism, and how it is not only anti-Christian, but also, anti-traditional. It is, to use René Guénon's telling phrase, part of the "counter-tradition".

Lee Penn not only exposes the strong anti-Christian bias of the movement, but also reveals its Satanic connections, and how it aims at creating, not some kind of syncretism, but an entirely new religion with a new code of ethics that includes euthanasia, abortion, population control etc.

The author provides an excellent section on the role of Mikhail Gorbachev; he also shows the tie-in with ecological movements aimed at fostering "nature worship", the Shamanistic religions and Wicca--an integral part of the overall plan.

Now all this is not being fostered by a group of "crazies" but rather is extremely well-funded by some of the most powerful economic forces in the world, with inter-governmental ties and deep connections to the United Nations. The list of interlocking organizations is truly extraordinary.


Comment from Karl:

Regarding your latest article linking Satanism and Ecumenicalism, it is not accurate to say that all ecumenical movements are based on Satanism.  I am an Ecumenical Christian and there are some that are part of the US - Zionist Israel agenda and others that are adamantly opposed to such teachings, words, agendas, policies, etc.  My church supports none of the agenda that has led us to where we are now as Americans. It is a simple word - discernment- yet most Americans lack it and are blinded to the realities of what has and will continue to transpire.
What is accurate to say is that pastors like Hagee that intermingle their bigotry, narrow-mindedness and Sunday sermons with US - Zionist Israel policy are indeed espousing Satanism and blood-thirst for things that Jesus Chris does not support, will never support and is contrary to the entire meaning of the New (Ecumennical) Testament.  There is a simple litmus test - if they take federal dollars to support their causes and then espouse US - Zionist Israel objectives, they are a messenger for Satan.


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