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"Mary Anne" Recalls More Illuminati Horrors

December 13, 2009

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

Last week, "Mary Anne," an Illuminati defector who had been groomed for high political office, said she had recovered many new memories since our first interview Sept. 21, 2008.

She agreed to let me interview her again. Since I no longer have an Internet radio show, it was not taped. Her recollections are outrageous. I cannot authenticate them. I simply pass them on to you for consideration.

They are repugnant and very hard to believe. They could be lies. She describes herself as having "multiple personalities" and one might be playing games with her.

On the other hand, her recollections are consistent with reports from Svali, Sue Ford and Cathy O'Brien.

Mary Anne said she was feeling bitterness, resentment and hatred for Janet Reno. She had served as her sex slave and had been abused on many occasions in Reno's office at the White House and at a retreat in a "heavily wooded" part of Virginia.

"She called me 'Pet"", Mary Anne recalled. "I was her property at that point in time."

Mary Anne had been present in the White House with Reno and Madelaine Albright when they dismembered a male child. He was stabbed in the heart and they watched him bleed to death.

She had been present at the Virginia retreat when a defiant "high level" FBI agent had been sacrificed. FBI Diirector Louis Freeh, Janet Reno and about 40 other people had participated in the ritual.

She had recovered memories of Henry Kissinger who "controlled me through most of my childhood."  Kids "were delivered to the White House." Kissinger was "so violent and rough that towels were needed to clean them up."

Both Kissinger and Nixon had sexually violated her as a three-year-old in a conference room at the White House.  Kissinger engaged in anal and vaginal sex with boys and girls; Nixon only vaginal.

danquayle-horned_sign.jpg"I have seen every sexual combination imaginable," she said.

These activities made Illuminati members blackmail-able and enforced group solidarity. As members of the Illuminati order, they felt superior to all and beyond the rule of law. They had a sense of entitlement. They had been selected from an early age and had "paid their dues."

Mary Anne said Jon Benet Ramsay was murdered in 1996, at age six, because she had overheard things that could not be repeated. Her Illuminati father had been loaning her out to his friends. Her mother tried to defend her and had to be sedated.

Mary Anne claims she was present when Vince Foster was murdered in July 1993. She says Hillary Clinton and Foster were "having a screaming match verging on a brawl" in his office at the White House. He had threatened to expose her Whitewater dealings. A Secret Service agent "raised his gun and shot him point blank."

She claims that Queen Elizabeth wanted her to assassinate Diana and that she was "horsewhipped" for refusing. She claims Princes Charles and William were in on it. She describes Queen Elizabeth as the "instigator" and a foul mouthed "piece of work."

She said she had been trained as an assassin and had committed two killings.

She claims W's brother, Neil Bush, runs a child slavery ring in the USA.

I asked Mary Anne to list the activities the Illuminati engage in. Here it is: Bestiality; sodomy; necrophilia; incest; wife swapping; child porn (they make it; real source of Hefner, Flynt, Polanski fortunes is children, not adults); snuff films; sex orgies; force children to have sex with farm animals & family pets; ritual murder and human sacrifice. Then, there is organized crime: drugs, prostitution, guns etc.


Eventually Mary Anne refused to serve and asked to be killed. For some reason, they let her go. She found Christ and that has been a source of strength.

Whether or not we accept the above as true, I believe a satanic cult, the Illuminati, does control the world and we are all being initiated into it unwittingly. What they call "social change" (or in the case of Obama, just "Change") is in fact social engineering and mind control. What they call "progress,"  is progress only if you are a Satanist and believe in the Luciferian Dispensation i.e. the New World Order.

Education and the mass media are a big part of this stealth indoctrination. The mass media includes music, video games, TV and cinema. For example, a reader pointed out that corpses and body parts figure prominently on TV now. Obviously we are being desensitized.

As I have said, the first responsibility of government is to prevent a fanatical secret cult have taking control of society. It has failed.

Gloomy as the outlook is, at least you and I are awake and able to protect ourselves and our families.


See also Part One:  "Children Sacrificed by Illuminati"

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Comments for " "Mary Anne" Recalls More Illuminati Horrors"

Duane said (December 17, 2009):

In Regards to Mary Ann's statements;

I believe every word. And I just hope Im not around to see it all come into fruition.
We have to believe that Good and God will win out…but that doesn’t mean the road won't be long and bloody.

The story itself is too well crafted not to be true. God Bless her for speaking to the world.

Kosta said (December 15, 2009):

Yes, they can fight against God but they can not win.

First "they" gain their wealth, then they took over our banks and financial institutions,then they took media,entertainment and education system,then they took over our governments and now they want our lives and souls. Wonder if now is too late for us to wake up.We were sleeping for so long.They have all instruments in their hands.

Only God can stop them and He will.

Brad said (December 15, 2009):

Sorry, Henry. Mormons do NOT have parallel beliefs to illuminists and are
NOT involved as even a group within a group.

That there may be individual 'Mormon's involved? A possibility, even a strong possibility. But as a group? NOT.

Nothing in LDS scriptures; nothing from the mouths of Mormon leaders from the beginning, is illuminist; except maybe the idea that LDS who are
acceptable to the Lord (the actual resurrected Jesus Christ) stand to inherit all that the Father has to give.

Frederick said (December 14, 2009):

I don't need to hear what these people have to say in order to believe just how evil these people are. I only have to imagine what I would do if I had no hope after this life. I would not start at that depth but eventually I would get there. Just remember people, Satan, as the price for gaining the wealth and power of the world demanded worship from his MAKER. What do you suppose the price is for you and for me?

Bruce said (December 14, 2009):

As difficult as Mary Anne's story is to fathom, much less accept at face value, it is totally consistent with similar stories told by the very small number of ritual abuse survivors... the ones who have been able to recover their artificially-suppressed memories.

Readers should understand that these victims of ritual abuse have endured the most horrific experiences; electric shocks, sexual torture, sleep deprivation, and forced participation in ritual torture and murder... all elements of trauma-based mind control. So, you can't expect them to make full recoveries, or for their memories to be completely reliable. They have been far too traumatized to make good witnesses.

But this doesn't mean that we should discredit their testimonies. If we do, it is at our own peril. Few know how extensive and well-connected Satanist/Illuminati networks and communities really are, especially here in the Pacific NW.

I have known, and occasionally worked professionally with a number of survivors of trauma-based mind control, such as Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips, as well as former super soldiers like Michael Patrick and Duncan O'Finnian. These people are telling the truth as well as they are able. I have witnessed them exhibit abilities that are well beyond the abilities of 'normal' people, and I have also seen them suffer the flames of their inner hells.

I own a small publishing company in the Pacific NW. Two nights ago I attended the book launch of Day Breaks Over Dharmsala, by Janet Thomas, one of my new authors. Her book recounts horrific experiences growing up in a Satanic/Illuminati family, and the path she followed towards healing. The bookstore was packed for her readings, standing room only.

Janet suffered trauma-based mind control and horrific sexual abuse as a child. She was used by her family for child prostitution, and later in Quebec, after she was too old to satisfy pedophile customers, she was used for surgical experimentation. Janet's physical scars are plainly evident, but her interior damage is not so obvious to the outsider. Survivors of ritual abuse are often high-achievers, who possess abilities and talents outside of the 'normal' range. These abilities were purposely cultivated by their trainers and handlers for their own nefarious ends, but these same talents can be very useful for the victims later in life.

I know for a fact that what these survivors have experienced is real.

Lucy said (December 14, 2009):

doubt Mary Anne's veracity on some of these things as well, but to say that the same heinous things are not being done behind closed doors (and by the world leaders, people we see everyday on television and in newspapers) is naivete in the extreme. Why would these women be allowed to live and spread their "knowledge" of the Illuminati's inner workings, though? To breed fear and hopelessness, to demoralize into complacency those of us that may be willing to stand up and fight. Just as they continue to attack our faith and encourage selfishness and a lack of charity, they are now working to erase any
hope that we may have left. Satan wants us all to despair to the point that we have no hope of perservering during these times. And
the more we despair, the easier it is for the Illuminati to take control and exploit us.

I once saw a very funny (but true) signature someone was using for forum posts on a bulletin board. There were a lot of people up in
arms over it, but the message was so poignant that I tend to think back on it quite a bit: SPOILER ALERT: Satan loses.

Thomas said (December 14, 2009):

She has said the future Antichrist will be a Pope, but the Church fathers have for some 2,000 years said the Antichrist will be a Jew of the Synagogue of Satan (finalizing the great conflict against Jesus the Christ and his followers, both Jews and gentiles who follow Him) who will preside over the world (become the anti-Kingdom) likely from a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem, a temple they are in the process of paving the way for. She misses the mark and I doubt her veracity.

Chilli said (December 14, 2009):

Try watching CSI, or Law and Order, and it is obvious that desensitization is, now, the
ONLY intent behind these Shows. They have gone the way of The West Wing, and are solely for programming, and propaganda: there is virtually no plot, story line or real depictions of current realities, rather a matter-of-fact, fait accompli, world wherein Homeland Security, Israel and Obama are heroes, and all else is villainy. The whole landscape presented is a giant Cartoon.

Enter Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ absurdity, posing as entertainment. The Controllers are, now
so arrogant, and deluded, they actually expect this trash to fly. It will sink like a stone.
And Cameron is one interesting piece of (work), himself. Look into this clown’s history.

All this is, of course, supremely Anti-Human (especially Women), and Anti-Christ.

The White House can put on a lavish “Hanukah Party”, but don’t mention Jesus, or Christmas.

NJ said (December 14, 2009):

Lets exercise a little healthy skepticism here. I doubt the veracity of Mary Anne's tales as she most certainly would have been offed by now unless she were serving a useful function for the Illuminati. Same with the other girls who are Illuminati whistle blowers.

For their continued viability, their useful function for the Illuminati is that the whole of their stories is so outrageous that those that hear it will say naaw to the notion of the Illuminati doing anything at all along the lines described. But when that "useful function" is seen by the Illuminati as no longer useful, Mary Anne and the others will likely be suicided, cancered, or heart attacked.

The truth of the Illuminati may be somewhere in between her stories and complete innocence. Along that line, other rumor has it that Henry Kissinger and George H. W, Bush are pederasts and that Kissinger used to set up pederast encounters for the Shah of Iran when he came to the US. But Nixon and Carter? I don't think so.

Paul said (December 14, 2009):

This is part of the "revelation of the method" in a society that has been demoralized, destabilized, and en masse, is no longer capable of asking for, acknowledging, and acting on the basis of the truth but instead, is socially propelled by myth, deception, self delusion, and
fraud. Mary Anne may or may not be telling the truth; nonetheless, what she presents is something akin to the truth and those that act to
investigate these claims or present them as credible to the broad public will be ridiculed and easily made to seem ludicrous. At some
point in the near future this will likely be the basis for a Jesse Ventura Conspiracy show or something equivalent thereto and it will,
in the present environment, make no difference toward awakening the masses but instead convince the elite that their audacious plans for
new mass human ritual sacrifice [depopulation through virus, famine, war, etc.] may proceed.

Angus said (December 14, 2009):

This article is one of the most laughable pieces of crap I've ever read. Good God man, if all these sex-slave-multi-personality victims are telling the truth, then how do you know which "personality" is speaking it? And how do you know you are not being
lied to by that alter-personality?

Cheers - Angus McHugepenis (my last name is a lie from my "alter-personality").

Dan said (December 14, 2009):

These women are telling the truth about how the system actually works. It works because it's not a renegade clique or 'conspiracy' hiding inside the system, it's pervasive inside the system.

Mary Ann knows the fundamental principle that makes it work, "The Illuminati count on people to be incredulous. That's their protection. The more egregious their crimes, the safer they are." I've seen it work and was told to my face many times. Active insiders never tire of bragging about it.
It's the dissociation mechanism of human perception. Seeing something which - if believed - would collapse the person's construct of social and interpersonal relationships, is automatically censored by the brain involuntarily. That's the basis of 'real' magic in ancient times and the same basis of 20th century mind control. Only through knowing about this and studying it over decades was I able to deprogram myself.
Deprogramming isn't enough. There's a reason all these defectors recovered the connection with the Holy Spirit. Ultimately one becomes aware of larger forces battling for the soul of humanity.
Mary Ann's not catching the vernal equinox technical error is probably because people who've been enamored with the occult and rejected it are done with it. Any card carrying Satanist or pagan would have been all over ya correcting you. She knows her vernal from her Autumnal. I can express what I mean with the expression "she's forgotten more about it than most people will ever know or would want to know".


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