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Satanist Hints Oz PM is "Toilet Vampiress"

July 20, 2010

Gillard.jpg[Ed. Note: In his last testimony, Satanist Frater 616 writes that "Some of the deadliest, most effective and disarming assassins are women... the Outer Head of the Alpha Lodge  Australasia is a very highly placed and successful Federal politician--whose Satanic name is Bestia." Many believe he is referring to Julia Gillard, 48. ]

[From Aloysius Fozdyke]

Dear Mr. Makow,

Regarding Julia  [Australian PM Julia Gillard, left ], the little Digger & the Age of Fire.

In my earlier emails I provided documents from the O.o.t.T [Order of the Toilet, see below] as quoted by the late Petor Narsagonan, to wit, "She redeems with Her blood, for Her weapon is the stiletto. She communicates Her spells orally. Your word is Her Coin."

No one seems to understand. This is probably because your readers merely have the bones without the oral and practical instruction, nonetheless, read the words again.

Moreover, it doesn't matter to us who wins the Australian federal election, although the Mad Monk won't. [Coalition Leader Tony Abbott
spent time in a seminary in Sydney until his need for sexual love got the better of him. He's smart and well educated, but he is going to lose the up coming election.] We concentrate on bureaucrats, long-term backroom men and women who provide the framework for elected officials to work within. The agenda doesn't change.

The Greens leader is Dr. Bob Brown, an open sodomite.

All Australian politicians are dedicated to keeping Australians in a constitutional No Man's Land. Australians don't understand this and just as well. Various governments do and the Alpha Lodge therefore gets its way. The same trick is used against the governments of New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and even America.

I laughed till I cried at the re-internment ceremony for the 'Australian' war dead in Fromelles. It was broadcast in Australia last night. All of them died in vain and Australia's politicians, working in conjunction with the Returned Services League and other vested interests make sure that nothing changes. This is our agenda and one of the strongest economic and political tools we have internationally. And still the sheeple have no idea!

The financial collapse and economic depression will happen by the end of this coming September, maybe a little sooner. After that, the war with Iran. Please understand, both the western governments and the government of Iran want this war. So do the born agains. Once you beat the drum and wave a flag the sheeple come scurrying to their shepherds. Like blowflies, people love birthday parties and battlefields. Old Henry and his people have been working hard behind the scenes. And we will make sure that the sheeple get what they want - good and hard.

Truth be told, I'm more excited with each passing day.

In nomine de nostre Satanas: Lucifere excelsis.


Notes: The Order of the Toilet

(re. link - this was added as "Notes" at bottom of Frater 616 Testimony. In his latest book, David Icke writes that the Frater 616  testimony "fits perfectly with all that I have uncovered about Satanism, its methods and personnel, over the last 20 years" p.659. This material is distasteful but I think it important that more people realize what Satanists are into. As they say, "psychopaths are studied and emulated." Now you know how politicians are chosen and controlled.)

The Order of the Toilet is a traditional left hand path initiatory body whose members adhere to the largely neglected latrine doctrines of the Vama Marga. Order members are encouraged to engage in Bathroom practices as often as possible and no less than daily. The teachings and ordeals of the Outer O.o.t.T. are divided into the categories of the Champagne and the Caviar initiations.

The Order of the Toilet seeks to inculcate within its membership and the wider world, a cultivated love for and re-establishment of the hitherto secret magick of the night-soil tradition of the Western Sinister current.

The Mysteries of the Menses and of the Vomit as well as those of Spit and swallow are all taught within the white-tiled splendour of our Order's numerous disinfected Temples.

The Order of the Toilet asks young women (sixteen years and over) who wish to dedicate themselves to the urinary and faecal curriculum of the O.o.t.T. to forward an up to date medical certificate as to sexually transmitted disease and a full frontal naked and autographed photograph of themselves to the Outer Head of the O.o.t.T. together with a five-hundred word essay explaining their understanding of the latrine doctrines.

The Outer Order of the Toilet recognizes the following Grade attainments:

1.Toilet Goddess

She holds the jewels on Her cruel hands. Her nails are lacquered in love. Her adorations are screams.

2. Piss Princess

Hers is the Golden Shower that falls upon the Magus, that He may be washed and made enlivened. Her weapon is the Cup.

3. Princess of the Porcelain

Hers is the glamour of redolent movements in the night and the erotic passing of wind. She is an ordained Priestess of The Third Eye and Dark Pathway.

4. Dominatrix of the Cubicle

She offers Her Chalice and opens Her Back-Door. She bedaubs and cleanses those who offer up themselves. Her tool is the wand.

5. Mistress

Her weapon is the Whip, for She is girt with a sword. Her principal enchantments are Her smile and inventiveness.


She redeems with Her blood, for Her weapon is the stiletto. She communicates Her spells orally. Your word is Her Coin.

Interested parties are advised to forward all requisite material and/or correspondence to The Order of the Toilet at ............ (deleted

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Satanist Hints Oz PM is "Toilet Vampiress""

Paul said (August 22, 2010):

Thanks Henry. I thought I was the only one who noticed the sudden and previously uncommented existence of Gillard's "partner" Tim Matheson as a bit strange. He suddenly appeared in the media, talked about like he'd always been there, just as she began her ascent to power. He didn't exist before that. He's rarely seen, and when he is they just don't look natural together.

Len said (July 21, 2010):

Some of this sick garbage is not doubt sheer fantasy; but even so the mere fact that some people dream this stuff up as either REAL OR imagined is plenty cause to be aware of just how inhuman these satanist & "luciferian" people are and can be.
Did you ever ponder what the prophecied "lake of fire is for?" ... ANNIHILATION of these types. ... annihilation *at the very least.*

Jack said (July 21, 2010):

Mr Fozdyke appears to make an accurate assessment. While he may have been laughing his head off by the Fromelles ceremony I was saddened that so many poor saps permitted themselves to be seduced so as to sacrifice themselves to Mr Fozdyke’s god, Molech.

The Vama Marga, probably erroneously called the left hand way is gnostic jabberwocky albeit reducible to mean the Sacred Feminist (erroneously called Feminine); it’s a form of Illuminism.. Shiva and Shakti fit into the perverseness that the Creator must have a female. The Sacred Feminist supposedly sits at the left hand of a creator. Left otherwise denotes Socialism and Bestia Gillard would in many ways fit the bill, even sitting at the left hand of a pretender creator, The Demiurge

The male is subordinate to the female in the Sacred Feminist of Vama Marga thinking. Illuminism, however, is essentially about male orgasm, especially that of The Magi, for the woman becomes a mere semen cuspidor or sperm spittoon in their rituals. Feminism, as a subset of Illuminism, exploits women to their detriment.

Redeeming by her blood when she’s forced to fall on her cross-shaped stiletto suggests justice awaits as repayment for her perfidy. Supposedly sexually alluring she’s portrayed by the media tribe as a spellbinding wordsmith.

Was is Trotsky who said Democracy is Indispensible to Socialism? The electorate empower the syncophant to utilize them as currency. Red hair socialist Khazars like Bestia are insatiable blood lusters; they utilize sophistry and language deconstruction to confuse and confound. Worse: the masses follow like lemmings to their own demise.

I have elsewhere suggested Australia’s first female PM fornicatrix will likely call an election before September (/October) when a markets meltdown forces the physical economy into disintergration mode. That election was called for August 21.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at