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Satanist Says Financial Collapse Still On

October 6, 2010


[Disclaimer: Although  Foszdyke's views are repugnant, they provide confirmation that the world is indeed run by a satanic cult, the Illuminati. However we must take his predictions with a grain of salt. He boasts that he predicted Julia, the "toilet vampiress," would remain Australian Prime Minister but he has been wrong about a financial meltdown in September.]

By Aloysius Fozdyke

re. Your Disclaimer

My predictions:

"The economic collapse will be this year - 2010! I'm still awaiting word as to whether it will be sooner or later. When it happens we're talking days, not weeks. Kazuhiko-san (our little Queen Himiko: "the double-wanded one" Liber Al III:34) has contacts who have advised that the Japanese economy is doomed - bet you didn't hear that on your free, independent media. When I last spoke to Nicholson he told me that the Bank of England has huge investments in the banking systems of Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain. You work it out."

"So if I seem a little reticent it's only because the truth is so shocking it won't be believed. If I provided specific dates and I'm a little wrong it's because sometimes the inexplicable occurs, occasionally reactions lag or like Graham Nicholson and Martin Daunton, they don't follow instructions to the letter. That's why I avoid dates."

"For your own benefit, the currency/financial crash will happen this year by September at the latest - although it won't be over by then. It's just a matter of fine tuning and waiting for the most auspicious time frame."

My email to you Tuesday, 22 June, 2010.

A Trillion Dollars

If you travel back in time to the birth of Yeshua and spent a million dollars a day, by today's date you still wouldn't have spent 1 trillion dollars. An American Trillion is a million million: 1 followed by 12 zeros.

America's government debt estimated at more than $13 trillion. $43,600.00 for every Man, Woman and Child! Before this coming New Years Eve the American government will issue almost as much new debt as the rest of the world's governments combined!

Total Credit Debt which includes all government debt, corporate and personal debt the figures comes to $47 trillion.: $157 000.00 per every American!

Japan is owed more than $580 billion

China more than $390 billion

United Kingdom more than $320 billion.

Those amounts represent money owned to Japanese, Chinese and British workers to secure their retirements.

I am not part of the planning, but I'm still involved in the workings of the Alpha Lodge. This coming economic depression was set in place by better minds than mine long before I even joined the Lodge. I agree with what is to happen and I don't care whether the plebs believe me. I will do very well as will the Alpha Lodge and its affiliates.



Re: The Kerykeion

Your readers are great! I love it when they display their puerile Sunday School ignorance and suggest that I repent so as to become like unto them: faith-bound, uneducated and a sufferer of 'penis-elbow' full of belief in desperate myth. They accuse me of displaying airs and graces when their only refuge is subterfuge beneath piss-weak scripture! How many widows' tears, how many starving children, so many battlefields soaked in the young blood of virgin Xtian soldiers and still their two thousands years dead, Jewish, gay bastard saviour hasn't arrived. Perhaps he doesn't hear the plaintiff prayers of begging kiddies about to be impaled upon blood-engorged manhood.

I mentioned Jeff Gannon because he worked for one of ours and America's great, born again President, George W. Bush used to help Jeff bite the White House pillows (when he wasn't biting these himself). Same with Clinton who liked it both ways. G.H.W. Bush was just into cerebral torture, not sex per se. Reagan was one for children: a grandfatherly figure with a hard-on. The Kenyan has his own predilections, but best to let sleeping dogs lie, for the moment.

For as long as I can remember all American presidents had special needs for which we've catered. I was told that Kennedy was basically a whore monger; couldn't keep his fly zipped. Our British section used Kennedy's weaknesses when the King of Camelot visited the UK - but that gets me to Dr. Stephen Ward (again).

I write this time to mention false flags. No journalist reports upon proceedings of the Bilderberg meetings even though they are annually attended by all sorts of people. Currently all sorts of interesting things - like lithium and mercury - are being added to America's tap water to ease population control when the economic depression really starts and who cares? We've even got some far more subtle additives being used by way of spiked immunisation shots. As Jesus said, 'Suffer the little children'. My word they will and who cares?

My Father is the father of lies. Really!

Because Japan was at the forefront of our human control technology I suggest that your incredulous readers look there. Remember I mentioned the seductively beautiful Kazuhiko Saitou and the work he is doing? Everybody laughed. Who cares about the Trilateral Commission? Remember I said that Julia would win the Australian federal election? Everyone was dismissive. So now I mention false flags.

Our Prince is the God of this world. Always was! Always will be! You are either with us or against us. We don't care about Jesus! We don't care about Allah! Our Father which wert in Heaven; Our Prince's time has come!

Sit tight. Have no fear!


Note: If you question Foszdyke's credibility, read this article and the document on which it is based, linked within.

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Comments for "Satanist Says Financial Collapse Still On"

Jerry said (October 9, 2010):

I respect you sir and read most of your articles with relish. But there is something increasingly evil and repulsive about the posts you are getting from your Satanist friend. And I think its time you stopped giving him a platform to spread his propaganda. For propaganda I think it is. I don’t believe his lies. And I disagree completely with his nasty opinion about Christians. And I certainly don’t want to read his vicious pedoeaphilic fantasies. I think he’s having you on. He has never given a shred of proof for what he says. And being a Satanist why wouldn’t he lie? It’s what they do.

I’m afraid sir, that if you stare too long into this satanic abyss- it will stare BACK at you- and you’ll be tainted forever, I plead with you- no MORE of this evil fellow! By allowing him to have a forum- you yourself are spreading his satanic doctrine. He KNOWS this of course and is stringing you along. Telling you JUST enough info to keep you tantalized- but never enough to tell you much of anything.

Scrape him off Sir. Please!

JMJ said (October 9, 2010):

like your disclaimer on the Oct 6. article ("Satanist Says Financial Collapse Still On") , that people like him cannot be trusted. I would go a step further than that...

Every thing he says is a 100% lie. There is no truth in him. Print his diatribes if you will, but tell your readers that this man is 100% to be disbelieved. We may glean some truth only by contrast (contrasting his words with emerging facts).

Just remember: he is a 100% liar. Like Satan, "there is no truth in him".

Art said (October 7, 2010):

My questions for the "Satanist" ......

What has taken you people so long? Why, only now, do you arise from the shadows and boast of conquest?
Has there been a greater force at work preventing your emergence, and only now has allowed you to run amok and spread your bile?
Who is He who prevents your god from plying his trade? Sounds to me like you people aren't worshipping numero Uno?

Have you considered that your god might be lying to you too? That IS what he is known for.

MG said (October 7, 2010):

One thing to remember, they have to tell you the truth so they can lie about it!

It's the two headed coin of deceit and control. (Mars)

In fact if you ever closely watch one of these guys, they will do this as they speak. Lie, truth, lie, truth. Many people misunderstood Bush as to be a rambling fool. No hardly, he followed the script so well he didn't make sense. But in to those in the "know", he made perfect sense.

Watch as he lies, then tells the truth, lies, then tells the truth. On key, on time, to the point he's given himself away. Thus it was banned.

His God is who?

Alex said (October 7, 2010):

Whether people believe he is a real satanist or not, I have to admit that Foszdyke knows what he is talking about on a lot of issues. A lot of things he says mirror what I have discovered over time. One example is what he says about the various presidents' sexual preferences. MK ultra and SRA survivors involved with them (ex. Brice Taylor) reveal stories that correlate with these claims.

I always knew Clinton was a bisexual. His admitted involvement with the DeMolay club (a freemasonic youth group) speaks volumes of what kind of perverse initiations he would have to undergo as a child in order to become vetted into a position of power in the future. He still enjoys women of course, as does his wife (my parents met old neighbors of the Clintons, who stated that Bill had women come in through one door whilst Hill had women come to visit from another).

Interestingly, what most people don't know about Clinton is that he has a sizable gun collection that he likes to show off, according to a coworker of mine whose (now disabled) husband was a Navy SEAL and made visits to Clinton when he was governor (how I keep meeting these people, I don't know, it's a small world I guess). Kind of ironic that he is supposed to be a gun grabbing democrat.

Fozdyke speaks cryptically about who is on the satanic food chain, but I can catch little hints he leaves. In his previous article, he quoted a certain Count Kolvenbach, who is defintely a high ranking servant of Horus. The Jesuit order does not serve Jesus at all, but the coming godman who Fozdyke refers to as the "usher of desecration".

The "H" in the Jesuit logo represents Horus. I believe the other two are Isis and Seb. If Catholics only knew what kind of system they are part of! These "men of god" are really high priests of the serpent. Many of the vestments and sacraments are translated directly from Babylonian and Egyptian rites. Is it any wonder why Crowley lauded the sacrament of transubstantiation rather than degrade it like most people (who are ignorant about this subject) would expect!

Anyway, back to Isis, Horus, and Seb again. Aleister Crowley allegedly got demonic transmissions from all three, and according to them, this "conquering child" will soon overwhelm the earth and rule the world in his anger (like it says in the Bible). I think it was in "Liber Al" if I am not mistaken. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Yes, this Horus, this light bringing godman is the man of lawlessness.

CATDOG said (October 7, 2010):

This moron called Foszdyke, doesn't even have the basic intelligence to realise that he is only one breath away from ending up in the bosom of his master, Lucifer the Loser.

Instead he keeps making repetative claims, pretending to have insider knowledge. A poor, pitiable existance, from whose pen and bowels the same material keeps being excreeted. It never dawns on this deluded, pathetic miserygut that he has no guarantee that he will even wake up tomorrow morning. His ilk are no different from those who gather around the backside of a donkey in order to make pompous predictions when the beast lets out gas from its bowels.

Some deceived and deluded faggot who is waiting to be tossed into the fire only to be burnt up with nothing left of him.

Jack said (October 7, 2010):

Hi Henry,
Yes you read that right.

Lithium and mercury. LOL. Contaminants in the food and water chain are already chemically feminizing men and rendering many impotent. Health propaganda recommending a daily dose of fish oils for 'important' omega 3 oils are sperm killers. I love this guy AF. He tells one hell of good story.

Dave said (October 7, 2010):

’d just like to add a comment to let Aloysius Fozdyke know that while it looks bad now for Christ and his servants, in REALITY, Christ has already won because of his work on the Cross and his resurrection. The prince of this world will be condemned in due time as will anyone so foolish as to follow him.

“Narrow is the gate into heaven. Wide is the road that leads to destruction.”

To your readers I say: Choose Christ and live or choose the way of this world and perish forever.

Terry said (October 7, 2010):

Here is quite the character. He worships his god of deception, and then writes paragraph after paragraph of accusations and insults that he expects the reader to accept as truth. Everything this PER-SON (a fictional man) tells is a lie, a deceptive characterization of a twisted reality that is cast out at us readers for one reason – to induce fear. The motivation of the Satanist is in casting doubt through deception and then gaining power through the fear of the recipients.

If Christ were so irrelevant, then why even mention Him unless to deceive? The real myth perpetuated is that anyone needs a middleman to connect with our Creator. Through love, a single man has more spiritual power and authority than all the churches in the world combined. Through hate and fear and lies, the Satanist has spiritual authority only over the deceived. Part of the deception is that there is no God. The Satanist must also believe in God on High and His Superior Authority, for from where else did his dark lord emanate?

While the PER-SON correctly asserts that the lord of deceptions is in charge of the world, what is not revealed is that the ‘world’ is a fictional illusion created by men to control other men. That same dark lord has absolutely zero dominion over the Earth, a completely real and true planet we men have been given dominion over, as stated in Genesis. The ‘world’ that the anti-god has so proudly claimed his own is a card house stack of lies and illusions that relies on belief in it all to survive. Like all deceptions, fresh coats must be applied as old ones crack, flake, and wear away. Soon there will be no power great enough to maintain the illusion of lies as truth any longer. We are at the peak of that buildup toward absolute falsehood, and there is only a shattering of illusion on the other side.

David said (October 6, 2010):

I enjoy your articles, even ones you don't personally author. Now, about this Satan worshipper, Foszdyke. I presume that is only a "pen name" and not a true identity. It strikes me as very similar to a character in the old Dick Tracy cartoons, "Fearless Foszdyke", who was a bumbling loser of a private detective. He was a Tracy wanna-be who never could be Dick's equal. Perhaps your contributing Satanist is a straw man? Or even an object lesson in outlining the unspeakable, saying what is never said under one's real name?


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