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Secession - Distraction or Trap?

November 23, 2012


"We could dismiss this post-election phenomenon as a temper tantrum for sore losers except the media has been seeding the public consciousness with secession rhetoric and a new Civil War meme."

by Richard Evans

There were secessionist movements in Texas as far back as the 1990s before anyone heard of Barack Obama. 

For example, you might occasionally see a TEXAS SECEDE bumper sticker; however, these were fringe gestures. 

But, since Obama's re-election, the Texas secession movement picked up considerable support. In addition, we now see strong secession petitions in all the southern states, and these have spread to all 50 states. The most bizarre aspect of this movement is where these petitions are hosted. The White House!

Oddly, The Obama Administration established a method to petition his own administration online.  However, for anyone seriously seeking their state's secession from the USA, they need to petition their own state legislature. 

Why isn't The Obama Administration telling Americans that the President lacks jurisdiction to rule on these petitions? And why are Americans being misdirected and distracted in this matter? Apparently, the Texas petition has already crossed The White House threshold (25,000 signatures) requiring Obama to officially respond.


    We could dismiss this post-election phenomenon as a temper tantrum for sore losers except the media has been seeding the public consciousness with secession rhetoric and a new Civil War meme (imitative scenario). The hidden hand always does this when they want the public to play MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO: so this movement is the brainchild of higher-ups.

Last summer, we had the movie Lincoln the Vampire slayer:  In September, we had PBS' "Death and the Civil War." Now Steven Spielberg's Lincoln showing all over America.


Everyone should have the American Civil War well in mind.

Does anyone in their right mind want a renewal of that nightmare?

Of course not!

The mass media is using PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING  to seed a new American Civil War meme.

Last Sunday night, there was even a blurb on THE SIMPSONS TV Show about the new secession movement, so the idea is being widely disseminated as part of a larger mind control operation.

It would be foolish to divorce your husband or wife unless the divorce were part of a larger life plan. So why should Texas or any state divorce America unless it is part of a larger plan with definite objectives? 

There has been no announcement of the ulterior objectives of secession. 

Americans in any state should see and understand the entire secessionist package before they support anything so dangerous. They should also investigate the real motives of the secret instigators of these secession plans.

Actually, the 1860s Texans were not inclined to rebel which is why the power that be sent down the Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC) to hijack Texas. 

Anton Chaitkin noted in Chapter 12 of Treason In America correctly entitled How The Eastern Establishment Ran Southern Secession, "The secessionists simply pulled a coup, deposing Governor Houston and calling a rump "election." 

"Their announcement that secessionists delegate-candidates received 40,000 votes, to 10,000 for their opponents, must be matched against the state's official 600,000 population at that-time."

I think when the time is right the PTB will supply the "terrorist" leadership, because I doubt they can provoke today's Texans to rebel without a fuel or food shortage.


In this connection, precautions have been taken for anyone foolish enough to join a rebellious movement. The US Military and local police are conducting drills aimed at suppressing rebellion in American cities. 

Crazy as it sounds, these military drills are called 'Zombie Apocalypse'. For example, a 'Zombie Apocalypse' Training Drill was conducted by Halo Corp. last Oct. 31, 2012 (Halloween) in San Diego, California. Several such drills have been conducted in other American cities too.

On top of that, Congress approved an Indefinite Detention Law [suspension of habeas corpus] in the National Defense Authorization Act and President Obama signed it December 31, 2011. 

This law allows The Obama Administration to arrest anyone without charges or hearing and lock them up in a FEMA detention camp for the duration the War On Terror. 

The new indefinite detention provision of the law was decried as a "historic assault on American liberty." And as might be expected, the mass media is keeping the lid on this story.


Abraham Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus during the Civil War in order to silence his political critics. Hundreds of newspaper editors and writers found themselves arrested without charges and detained in deplorable military holding pens across America.

"The number of such executive arrests has been variously estimated up to as high as 38,000. The War Department records, confessedly very incomplete, show over 13,000." ( 21 Columbia Law Review, pp. 527-28) 

Remember this was only in the North. Lincoln imprisoned every prominent politician, clergyman, lawyer, doctor and particularly newspaper editor that dared disagree with his Civil War policies. He even threatened to imprison the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court for ruling against him in a case before the court.

Ron Paul asks "Are We Free To Go?" Sure Ron, but only if we can win a new war of secession. AND WE CAN'T. 


Separatists End Texas Standoff As 5 Surrender

Texas Secessionist Killed 

Makow comment - I think secession, whether in Texas or Catalonia is a viable form of resistance to the NWO if is not infiltrated by NWO agents, commands widespread support and, as a reader points out, begins by issuing its own currency. 


Frist Comment by Javier:

In the last article posted in your website Secession - Distraction or Trap? (by Richard Evans) you did a comment comparing texas with catalonia, the support to independence in catalonia is much harder and bigger (the region had been under the grip of nazionalist/independentist for almost 30 years), thx in part to their success as region, the end of big part of protectionism in spain, and many other issues i wouldnt comment now.

But all of that was not against NWO but a way to destroy spain as "nation state" from their handlers, you can see very easily the truth behind it here with some photos.

or here

if you see the photo of the newspaper "la razón" and i will translate it for u "Catalonia is a state in the NEW WORLD ORDER"

The links between the independentist and zionist israel are clear too (with political acts with jews something very rare in spain), and of course full of masons, 2 of the bigger lodges are in Barcelona not for nothing Lluis Companys i Jover was leader in 1934 of ERC (the most independist party in catalonia). You can see his tomb

I dont know the Texas case fully but in catalonia case is with the Basques.

Sortu is the latest political interation of radical independentism in vascongadas region of spain.

Canary Islands have also a strong regional party, but they are not independetist as vasques or catalonia, cos Morocco will probably invade them the day after....and of course CI is a stronghold of masonry.


Comments for "Secession - Distraction or Trap? "

Anon said (November 24, 2012):

Independence drives progressives mad. Social engineering needs government to jack-hammer culture. They want your kids. The prospect of "troglodytes gone wild" or true "cultural diversity" with teeth drives them bonkers.

Tarpley went loony on secession. He knows 9/11 was oligarchs gone wild, yet claims they want small govs (!), so we should want large ones (the better to nuke us?). Ideology trumps logic. Keep the trogs in our cages, or they might form a culture!

Think British Empire, NAU, UN, Round Tables, NATO, GATT, Trilats, WCC, Zionism, phony Cold War on Terror shams. Tarpley's petty rosters of divide-and-conquer tactics aren't strategy. Synthesis is always Supersize-me Government and extra yellowcake with that. We're there: EUSSR, USSA, World War III.

Lust for empire is as old as time. So are slave revolts and underground railroads. Articles on real American history:

Thank you, progressives, for all the progress. May I please live in a failed state? Between nuked skyscrapers, Wars on Islam, airport scanners and kiddie-crotch gropers, chemtrails, and Great Depression II, all the success is killing me. I want CHANGE I CAN BELIEVE IN.

Jim said (November 24, 2012):

Secession is just another distraction. The states cannot secede from the UNITED STATES, Inc. It's a corporation.

The corporation is headquartered in Washington D.C. and has pledged the land and the wages/income of people who live in all of the several states as security for the loans they have received from the international bankers. The UNITED STATES corporation has been doing it for over a 100 years.

Wake up Americans. It is one thing for us Americans to be ignorant, but it's quite another for us to be stupid. Stupid is what stupid does.

Tony said (November 24, 2012):

Henry no STATE should ever have it's own money. If it breaks all connections with other states and establishes itself as a NATION, then - and only then - should it have its own money. If it joins in a new confederation with other states, the group should establish as a single NATION and have one money among themselves.

In other words, money should always be a national entity in order for commerce and life to flow best. "Local" currencies can be useful as an emergency stopgap but can hardly work well economically on a permanent basis; the human element alone being a detriment to its permanent success.

A major reason for people to break from their nation and establish a new one most always is an unfair monetary system so setting up a proper one in a new nation should be a priority. That statement raises the question as to why the U.S., on its establishment, immediately reverted to the British Rothschild "bank credit" debt system it had just fought a war to be shed of. Even with the same bankers (plus some few new ones from the colonies) as owners. The very bankers who caused that war won it, not the people of the new nation.

Izzy said (November 23, 2012):

The Civil War seems like a long time ago, and it was, but even current events suggest such entrapment strategies are still in use. Up here in Northern California's "Emerald Triangle", local government has for several years been encouraging commercial pot growers to enroll in the county's Zip Tie Program, promising that for a hefty inspection fee they will be able to operate without fear of prosecution.

Now the feds have stepped back in (counter to the Anointed One's stated hands-off policy), and have subpoenaed records, as well as charged the sheriff and supervisors as parties to some sort of malfeasance. No matter which side of the question you come down on, this has been a set-up. Who knows where it will go, but stupid is as stupid does.

John said (November 23, 2012):

Secession is an "ass-backwards" movement. It was pointed out to me by a good friend that we simply need to remember one key issue: all of the states are on the same monetary system. Look at the European Union, for example. They are "separate" countries but all are on the same currency. And like the EU, the US is controlled by the same entity(ies).

Until states start printing their own currency, secession cannot be entertained.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at