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Auctioning her Virginity Is Natural Step for Feminist

September 12, 2008

"Natalie Dylan", the 22-year-old San Diego woman who is auctioning her virginity to pay her tuition is a Women's Studies grad. 

Her decision to prostitute herself is the natural result of an "education"  that trashes marriage and family.  It  shows how feminism, which pretended to oppose the objectification of women, has had the exact opposite effect.

Sounding every bit the feminist, Ms. Dylan (not her real name) says: "I don't have a moral dilemma about it. We live in a capitalist society. Why shouldn't I be allowed to capitalize on my virginity? I understand some people may condemn me. But I think this is empowering. I'm using what I have to better myself."

This girl has a degree in Woman's Studies and still thinks her most valuable asset is her vagina?

Yet she wishes to raise the price of that commodity by hearkening back to the traditional morality that holds virginity in high regard.

Can she have it both ways?

Men put a value on virginity only in a wife. Virginity in a prostitute is not an asset, but a serious liability.

Dylan proposes to complete the transaction at a Nevada brothel where her sister already works. Why would a man pay an exorbitant price for an amateur when he is surrounded by pros?

In 2004, Rosie Reid, an 18-yr. old British lesbian sold her virginity for $20,000. Reid admitted the experience was "horrible" but blessedly brief. "It was horrible. . . I felt nervous and scared," she said.

How much pleasure can a man get from sex with such a woman? Dylan's venture exposes her (and society's) naivety about sex.  If a man's satisfaction were merely in release, he could masturbate. His pleasure comes from the woman's total emotional and physical response to him. A prostitute or a professional virgin is not going to satisfy him.


Sex has become a commodity because feminism has alienated women from their social role  as wives and mothers.  Divorced from this identity, they are reduced to sexual commodities.

Inversely, men generally do not see wives and mothers as sex objects. For one thing, another man will thrash them if they do.

Women used to devote their lives to their families and saved their virginity for their husband. This created stable permanent marriages capable of producing healthy children. Families are necessary for our personal development, no matter if we are women , men or children.

Feminism, with its hidden lesbian agenda, is brainwashing and social engineering. It was fostered by the financial elite to destabilize society en route to a totalitarian state.  The destruction of the family was a plank in the Communist Manifesto, which was financed by the very same bankers.

Young women today are lost souls, betrayed by society to think their only value lies in sex appeal and career. They indulge in promiscuous sex to assuage their sense of worthlessness. This further undermines their chance of marital success. And, I suspect that a husband's steadfast love is what a woman really needs to feel blessed.

Ironically, Natalie Dylan wants to use her money to pursue a Master's degree in "Marriage and Family Therapy."

I have a suggestion for Ms. Dylan. Get men to bid for the right to piss on you. It's the same organ, just a different function and almost as degrading. You might not make as much money but at least you will still have your virginity to give a man who loves you enough to marry you.

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Comments for "Auctioning her Virginity Is Natural Step for Feminist"

Chris said (September 15, 2008):

Virginity is valued by sexual hunters - who pay a premium price- who do not feel guilty or responsible for the consequences of their actions on the future marriage
and family life of those whom they conquer, and also, in "advanced" countries, some women value these things lightly so that they may sell their virginity; but in other countries,
they sell their virginity with regret because of acute poverty and family responsibilities; but they depend on the sexual hunters and connoisseurs of such pleasures to create a market.

The rubbishing of such tokens goes hand and glove with the destruction of family life, (and the importance of the person) based on wishing to raise children according to religious or community ideology rather than state ideology, which is the norm for secular and Protestant cultures.

Barbara said (September 14, 2008):

I've just stumbled upon your site savethemales and I say, "Amen". I'm a 53 year-old female. I have come to believe that my generation was sold a bill of goods. About 10 years ago started figuring it all out once I read a tremendous book called "Sexual Suicide" by George Gilder. Then, found the writing of Fulton Sheen and stumbled upon the information on Bella Dodd. Oh well, it is better to learn wisdom late than never to learn it at all. I'm praying that other women will wake up. But it is so very, very, very sad, what we have lost.

Rick said (September 13, 2008):

The reason why a man can't or will not discipline his children is very simple. You correct them and the "feminist-led" corrupt system, will throw you in prison.Any verbal or physical attempt used with your children is nowadays a very serious crime.

The women dictate the rules and the corrupt system(the head of the house today) will go along with it. The consequences have been catastrophic. Our children are growing up without any supervision and do as they please.Since there in NO role model, they turn to drugs, crime and homosexuality. Juvenile crime has skyrocketed in the past ten-fifteen years and increasing daily. The feminazi keep saying, they do not need us monsters and they can do it all by themselves. What a sad tragedy and if men do not claim their rightful place in Society, the whole world will crumble soon.

If you have been following the presidential race, look at Palin and her wimpy husband. That's America today for you. We men should all be ashamed of ourselves.

Dan said (September 13, 2008):

Virginity is only worth something when it means something.

Shayne said (September 13, 2008):

I much enjoyed your article about this virgin selling herself, and your crystal-clear analysis of the 'philosophy' that has brought her to this degree of prostitution.

One subject you failed to mention: disease. I read a few years ago that around 25% of single women in the States are sterile due to various diseases contracted during promiscious unprotected sex. Think of what a tragedy for every one of those individuals! You might want to do some research on this topic and do a blog post on it, as it's further proof of the devastation of the feminist madness.

Chris said (September 13, 2008):

"Young women today are lost souls, betrayed by their society to think their only value lies in sex appeal and career. They are willing to
have promiscuous sex to assuage their sense of worthlessness. This only undermines their chance of marital success. "

And yet the men think it's neat too.

I think it's more of a societal problem. Not a woman or man problem. Women want the cock and men want the pussy, and they search after it
like it's the Holy Grail. That's why I like to watch people sometimes.

Garrett said (September 13, 2008):

Well, we've really come to the end of the line when a young college girl, perhaps as an example to all young supple American 22-year old girls, demonstrates how to act like a whore by auctioning off her virginity. LINK What an outrageous display of public prostitution! This comes on the same night that I learned one of my co-workers had sex with a female coworker in the seat of his car afterwork - just as a special afterwork 'treat'. Just think of the example and values that this demostrates for a minute... The Howard Stern girl is quite pretty, but no less so than many other girls I knew in college. What affect will that have on the demands and attitutes of women in this country? Such displays of 'causual sex' damean the union of man & woman itself and pays tribute to the devestated condition of the American female psyche.

This aspect of American culture disgusts and disturbs me. At 33, I'm almost glad I'm still single...almost.

Ahmed said (September 12, 2008):

Interesting article. I find it ironic that modern Western society accuses the Islamic world of oppressing women simply because it is considered virtuous to be obedient to her husband (within reason ofcourse), when they can just allow their 22 year olds to be prostituted to "any" man.

I have seen feminists actually encourage female suffering and loneliness because women are not sure of what natural role they should play and have been taught that to submit oneself to a worthy man is a weakness in character. As a result, they neglect their feminine character and are not emotionally satisfied wearing the pants in the house, if a man even sticks around that long.

I think society is pushing us to the point where there exists no more family cohesion than a farm full of cows and bulls.

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