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The Answer to Sen. Sander's Question

December 5, 2010

bernie_sanders_695fa.gifby Tony Blizzard

Senator Bernie Sanders asked the question, "Has the Federal Reserve of the United States become the central bank of the world?" on discovering that the Fed, after receiving billions of "free money" from the American people, used none of it to help those people, instead loaning it and trillions more to other banks and corporations, not only in the U.S. but in Europe.

He should have added, "At the expense of the American people?"  Because, in spite of many, especially libertarians, who like to state that our money is "created out of thin air," it isn't.  It's created on the credit of the abilities and the wealth of the American nation and people in the form of treasury bonds.  Which bonds, incidentally, are GIVEN to the Fed at no cost via the Fed writing checks on no funds to "buy" them, creating a totally false national debt because it's created by plain fraud.  

It's a transfer of real wealth of the nation and its people for nothing, which has resulted in the economic pauperism and enslavement of the American people to these private bankers, a la the worldwide Rothschild criminal scam still masquerading as "banking."  

So you see, it doesn't matter if the government handed over more credit or if the Fed just did it with "its own resources," the American people are the true creators and/or legitimate owners of the nation's money but NEVER, thanks to criminal collusion of their own government with the criminal "bankers," the actual owners; not since the banker engineered demise of Lincoln's greenbacks, which were proper, free money, the property of the people.

The senator's question deserves an answer however.  

ALL these banks create money the same way.  There is a numbers game set up to control the amount created by each member of the scam which logic tells us is a means of pyramid control from the top down.  When the Fed loans money to other banks (or collects payment on a loan) it simply changes the numbers control, always in a way to make SOMEONE at the top a pile of added wealth while the lower members get their cut. 

Discussion of the myriad of details, often mysterious to outsiders, IS DESIGNED to keep the dumb public from ever understanding the scam, which is simple theft at heart.

This theft by fraud is now accepted as standard procedure, the necessary crux of economic existence, in all the world other than Muslim nations.  It is enmeshed at the top with all other governments of all other nations.  It is part and parcel of the operation of all globalist corporations.

Every military and all police other than those of the Muslim world are under its iron fist, converted from peace keepers to economic knee cappers.  Academia is its propaganda arm.  Even the local businessman and the salaried workers everywhere in the world are a part of the fraud, known or unknown.  Everyone gets his cut to keep the scam from being known by the public at large. 

Only you can run this scam into the ground.  No "authority" will ever do it for you as all of them are under its control.  Unless each person learns what is really going on and ACTS on that knowledge the world will come to an economic ruin due to the greed of the madmen in control.  

The mechanical solution is unbelievably simple.  Honest money is not at all complicated.  If it were FORCED into existence tomorrow, the whole world would experience unheard of prosperity within months.  All these fraudulent debts, national debts included, used by these thieves to control everyone with the threat of starvation and worse, would be canceled forever and free money would allow all necessary exchanges to take place without any cost for its use.  The world would go from economic hell to economic heaven "overnight."

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at