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F- -K Mom for Mother's Day--NBC's "Saturday Night Live"

May 11, 2009


(As they sing, are Samberg and Timberlake making Eye of Horus sign?)

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

On Mother's Day eve,
NBC's flagship satire "Saturday Night Live" did a music video entitled "Mother Love" in which Justin Timberlake and Adam Samberg, rhapsodized about having sex with each others' mother.  Veteran actresses Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson play the winsome mothers, indicating how actors now are agents of Illuminati subversion.

The lyrics tell of mom's suffering "since dad passed away" --- "We should f--k each others mothers." "I can't wait until I f--k your mother." "It'll be an honor to become your stepfather." (More lyrics below article.)

This obscenity is an hateful assault on the American psyche. Yet it has gone largely unnoticed while America debates whether Wanda Sykes was wrong to wish Rush Limbaugh dead. This revolting satire tells viewers that sex is a free-for-all, and human decency, dignity and family can be trampled with impunity. It is all about creating new Satanic norms,  and illustrates how "liberal" and "progressive" are bound up in Satanism.  

SNL has been produced by Lorne Michaels (Lorne David Lipowitz) since 1975. I suppose we should be grateful that the video sidestepped incest but  that's coming. The perverts who run the mass media have a thing about sex with mom. (See my "America's Media Driven Descent into Depravity"   Also "Hit Movie Exposes Hollywood's Luciferian Game."  and "Now Heterosexuals Are in the Closet"  )

On the other hand, there are rare exceptions. The recent movie "17 Again" upholds family values and illustrates how Hollywood could have had a positive influence.


Western society has been secretly run by a satanic cult, the Illuminati for hundreds of years. The gradual phasing out of Christianity and the triumph of "secularism" are but stages in the inauguration of Satanism as the new world religion. (Satanism is not really a religion because Satan replaces God. A religion by definition is about obeying God.)

The Illuminati aim is to totally control and dominate every human being. After war and debt, sex is their primary weapon for the degradation and enslavement of mankind.  There is a direct line between the "Mother Love" skit on SNL and the US's sexual torture and rape of prisoners in Abu Graib. Both are designed to degrade,dehumanize and enslave.

Sex neutralizes the masses politically. When people are obsessed with their genitals, they are not going to examine who holds power. Leaders can be controlled by their sexual peccadilloes. "As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase," Aldous Huxley wrote. 

Western culture is a psy-op, controlled by the Illuminati education and media. The "sexual revolution" has been contrived to destroy the social fabric and enslave us. Human beings tend to experience what they are told to expect. We are brainwashed by countless songs and movies to believe sex (and romantic love) are the Holy Grail. We are pressured to imitate the promiscuous behavior of homosexuals who rarely marry or have children.

In the current issue (May 11, 2009) of The New Yorker, there is a review of Helen Gurley Brown who taught young women to have sex outside of marriage. The reviewer writes: "In everything Brown has written or edited, she has promoted the message that sex is great, and that one should get as much of it as possible. (Ditto for money.) Just about everyone knows this and has always known it but in Brown's youth, few women would admit it..." (p.100)

You see how the brainwashing works? Their media tells you that "everybody knows" that sex is the best thing. Social trends are mostly social engineering. Social reality is socially created. Conformity creates norms and the goal posts gradually can be moved. 


Until the "sexual revolution" (1960's) most men and women were quite able to restrict sex to marriage. This ensured that women weren't exploited sexually and children were brought up in an emotionally and financially stable environment. Young children are vulnerable and need the undivided attention of at least one loving parent. Mothers need husbands to support them while raising children. Men and women are less likely to stay together if sex is  freely available.

necrophilia.jpgWhen the institution of marriage is undermined, everyone is sexualized-- granny, mom, little sister. Everybody is potentially "do-able."  (See "London Times Touts Sibling Incest")

Modern sex is necrophilia in the sense that the sex partner is just a convenience and not a human being. S/he might as well be a corpse.  

In the last 50-200 years, the Illuminati has brainwashed us to see marriage and family in a negative light. It is very hard to find positive images in the mainstream media. This is not an accident.

Sexual desire is largely created by the  culture. It is blown out of proportion. Nature made sex appealing so we would propagate, not spend our lives seeking it.

Sexual intercourse began in 1963
(Which was rather late for me)
Between the end of the Chatterley ban
And the Beatles first LP  -Philip Larkin

Sex now is an aberration, addiction and mass fetish.  It's as though we made a religion out of eating or sleeping.  Sex, apart from love, is just another natural function that has no mystical value. It is not a path to self-fulfillment. It can help you bond but that depends on other factors. As Andy Warhol said, "sex is the biggest nothing in the world."  

Sexual liberation is actually a form of bondage. It is a nuisance to hanker after every attractive person we see.  If you analyze it, arousal is not pleasant. We aspire to be at rest and in control. Sexual arousal is a state of unrest and compulsion.

Romantic love tends to be self-negating as it idealizes your partner. This idealization is culturally created: i.e. The bogus notion that we need someone for our sexual fulfillment and self-development.

If men realized how precious their semen is, they wouldn't be in a hurry to shag all and sundry. It is their DNA code, their physical link with eternity. It is a gift to be bestowed on a select woman. Hindus and Christians believe it contains valuable spiritual energy. Similarly, women should only have sex with a man they would marry.


We cannot see the Illuminati in the same way as a person sitting in a tree cannot see the tree. Our society is the product of the long -term Illuminati project to hijack and enslave mankind.

E. Michael Jones, the foremost social historian writing today, has a 650-page book on the use of sex for political control. It is called "Libido Dominandi" which means "the lust to dominate." He writes of the founder of the Illuminati:

 [Adam] Weishaupt wanted to surround "the mighty of this earth" [i.e. the Cabalist bankers] with a legion of men who would run his schools, churches, academies, bookstores and governments, in short a cadre of revolutionaries who would influence every instance of of political and social power, and so over the long run educate the society to Enlightenment ideas."  (p.17)

This is our world today. The Illuminati is a Satanic cult dedicated to supplanting God (i.e. the natural and spiritual order of the universe) with the will of the Cabalist bankers. This bizarre plot is reaching consummation

The Illuminati is also a sex cult. Unfettered sex is the great leveler. It shreds the social fabric and turns people into zombies. That's why sexual degradation is being promoted by the mainstream media.

Lyrics to Mother Love: "Hold up/ You thinking what I'm thinking/ I'm thinking I'm thinkin' it too,"  "Slow up/ What time's it, dog?/ It's time for a switcheroo/ We both love our moms/ Women with grown women needs/ I say we break 'em off, show 'em how much they really mean."

 "I'm a motherlover, you're a motherlover/ We should f--- each other's mothers," the pair sing in perfect harmony, while peering over their designer shades at the camera. " 'Cause every Mother's Day needs a mother's night/ If doin' it is wrong, I don't wanna be right."

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Comments for " F- -K Mom for Mother's Day--NBC's "Saturday Night Live""

Wade said (May 20, 2009):

last evening myself and my loving wife watched "South Park" and one of the characters (mr. garrison i believe) was confronting his father for not sexually abusing him as a child and was attempting to seduce him into doing it. crossed the line we turned it off and could hardly believe what we saw. not everything is meant to be funny.

Cutty said (May 13, 2009):

You are so right in pointing out how so much of popular culture is being used to degrade society and shift the anchor points of what is considered normal.

I was surfing the cable tv channels the other night and came across a stupid comedy from 2001 starring Janeane Garofalo about a "Jewish summer camp" for kids".

In one scene, two young male camp workers conspire to set up their virgin buddy with a woman. A few moments later, we are rewarded with a shockingly explicit scene showing the friend's buddy being tenderly sodomized by a male lover. The message was perfectly clear: See how misguided the two guys were who planned to set their buddy up with a woman? Little did they know that he already had a wonderful sex life with his boyfriend.

There is definitely a push to normalize homosexuality and other deviant behaviours in our society.

What you are saying is right on the money. It's blatantly obvious to anyone with eyes that see.

Dave said (May 13, 2009):

Another good artilce. Once your eyes are opened you can never close them again. "I was blind, but now I can see" is what the beggar that Jesus healed said, as well as a line from Amazing Grace. But Jesus said "wide is the gate to destruction and few will find it". I guess all of us who have had our eyes opened can consider ourselves lucky. "The truth shall set us free", from Satanic deceptions.

All of Hollywood is programming. Like in the movie Benjamin Button how casuallly wives sleep around. Just seems so innocent and right in the movies. Another programming operation is "American Idol". How they promote totally gay male singers. I guess some folks just can't see what is in plain sight. After all, they do call them TV "programs", and the TV schedule "programming".

Daniel said (May 12, 2009):

Have you seen Family Guy, which promotes, among other perversions, bestiality? It's something else---no rules at all. There's a slutty mom, an old pedophile, a baby homosexual, a high school nympho, an idiot son, and the requisite braindead dad. The most intelligent, eloquent character is the dog, and he's been to bed with the floozy mom. It's hell dripping through the glass teat.

This is not the world I want to inhabit.

Thanks again, Henry, for your efforts. You are an inspiration, even for a complete cynic like me.

Neal said (May 12, 2009):

The more I read your editorials, the more sense they are beginning to make. Sure, I think some of your ideas are a bit extreme and I don't agree with everything you say ... but it is only NOW, at age 55, that I am beginning to see, clearly, for the first time, just how much of who and what I am was actually "programmed" by the era in which I grew up (the '60s).

Perhaps the task that lies ahead is to ruminate, to look back on the last 30-odd years, sift through the wreckage and come up with a plan that will give me some hope for the future ... confidence in myself is something I do NOT lack, but it really drags a man down to live in and relate, day-by-day, to a sick and dysfunctional world. It feels not just like living on a desert island, but BEING a desert island. Your writings strike a resonant chord ... now what do I do next? I'm sure you get a lot of letters from other men which end with the same question!!

Neal, Luckily we can still declare mental and spiritual indpendence. It's not too late to have a fulfilling life based on sound principles. -H

Julian Lee said (May 12, 2009):

Excellent article, Henry. You hit a home run as usual. On the SNL Garbage:

Besides its patent depravity, there are some important culturally destructive subtexts.
One is the invalidation or "disappearing" of fathers and husbands.
The skit makes zero sense without that subtext.

One must ask of these hypothetical boys:
What about your father? Will your father approve of your inviting a pal to violate his wife? Will the husband your your pal's mother approve of you sending him to fornicate with his wife?

Don't ALL husbands -- especially whose wives are mothers --find this skit deeply offensive?

But of course, no "husband" or "father" is on the conceptual radar here.

The skit makes zero cultural sense unless fatherless sons and single motherhood are assumed as the norm.

The skit is a fruit of the porn epidemic, and we are going to be seeing more of this rot.Nothing is needed more, in a culture, than strong men, husbands, and fathers to straighten out a lot of nonsense, punish some randy boys out-of-control,
and clean up the cruds in media (like S. Sarandon, etc.)

Bert said (May 12, 2009):

I told a former girlfriend's young sons that semen is like your grandfather's tears. The drops are like his hopes as well, so be careful when you give custody of them to someone else.


I thought that idea might hit a note, and maybe help heal this world a little. Genetically and spiritually, there is reported to be closer relationship between a grandparent and his or her grandchildren, than there is between immediate parents and the same ... it doesn't make sense, but has something to do with how genes skip a generation. Sometimes, we look more like our grandparents than our parents. When I brought up the idea of their grandfather's tears, I could see them thinking.

Dan said (May 12, 2009):

I am a newcomer fan of your essays and I like to read your pieces regularly whenever they show up on Thanks you for telling it like it is. Wisdom like yours that is so dead on and cutting is nearly extinct in this culture. I am 24 years old and struggling to gather together something of a life. Boy is it hard out here, being a young, unemployed student trying to find a pathway into a career, and to find a good woman too.

It's depressing actually. If you are looking for an ally in the fight against the Illuminati, and their poisoning of the natural created order of male and female and the family, check out the Christian ministry called No Greater Joy. They have some good materials for preserving the family and they also have a great book about God's role for the woman as a wife called "Created To Be His Help Meet".

Charlie said (May 12, 2009):

For fucks sake Henry.........Is the giggle gland completely dormant?

Sure let's make jokes about f--king gays or Jews or any protected minority.... ha ha ha
Millions of American would find this video offensive but they don't count.


Judy said (May 11, 2009):

Hi Henry! Good essay on the complete collapse of morality. If I recall, Helen Gurley Brown said she faked it most of the time. Sex without love is masturbation, if even that. Sex with real love is the meaning of life. If we lose the sacred quality of love, we also lose our meaning, our identity as humans. What more can one say?

Paul said (May 11, 2009):

Oh come on man was a JOKE!! If you'd ever watched SNL you'd have known that! Those Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake play two guys that "think" they're cool......they also came up with another rap song the last time Timberlake was on SNL called "Dick In A Box".

I've read some of your other articles and have agreed with a few of them.....but jeez man, you need to chill out learn when something's a joke! Maybe if you laughed every once in a while you might become a more happy person!



I am pretty happy. If you check out the links in the story, you will see that this is part of a consistent pattern. -H

Larry said (May 11, 2009):

Responding to your article on the SNL comedy video on Mother's Day, I found the audience reaction as interesting as the skit itself. The apparent approval and applause sounded as if the audience was thoroughly in favor of the skit. Were they? Was the laughter and applause set-up, or spontaneous and genuine? Were plants put in the audience to guarantee the right sound coordination? Those in the audience who might have been revolted by the video were obviously not making any sounds at all, and they may have been over half of those present. You might want to contact the producer of the show to ask him if they've manipulated audience response to insure that none of the skits bomb too badly. SNL looks like a lightning rod show to test audience reaction to continued immorality and outrageous behavior. I also thought Susan Sarandon was above this sort of thing, and might have protested it, the way Gross (I forgot her first name) boycotted the SNL show that featured Andrew Dice Clay many years ago, for his anti-women jokes. Can you imagine the controversy if Sarandon had bashed SNL on Letterman, for example, for this kind of thing? It would have been picked up by all the other shows and created hell for SNL for weeks.

Tesa said (May 11, 2009):

was shocked to read your story on about the skit about Mother's Day on SNL! That is so disgusting and appalling, that I am thinking of never watching SNL again!

I don't know about it being the work of the Illuminati, but I do think that the root of it is that there is no respect for women whatsoever. Once, in our Grandparents age, males were taught to respect women, to treat them with dignity, but this seems to be a thing of the past; they are just not taught this concept anymore. Schools, families, even churches are all failing our young people! It starts with the family, how the Father treats the starts with his example. And children learn more by example I think....Unfortunately, there is alot of abuse in families today, and abuse comes in various forms. And sex seems to be the number one priority, nothing else seems to matter, self-gratification being most males number 1 priority to the exclusion of anything else. So children are not being taught the very backbone of a strong, healthy family. So I guess it is no surprise that there are skits like these; in fact, I will bet that we will see even more domestic violence than ever before!

Well, hope you keep up the good work in keeping us informed....

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at