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Rothschilds Planned to Make Britain Communist

April 25, 2012

blunt.jpeg(left, Anthony Blunt 1907-1983, Queen's cousin and curator of her art until he was outed as a Soviet spy in 1979. The traitors were Kim Philby, Donald Maclean, Guy Burgess and Anthony Blunt.)

Victor Rothschild, the mystery fifth man, recruited and placed
four influential spies to help him subvert the UK. They were known as the "Cambridge Five." 

Former intelligence asset T. Stokes says modern Britain reflects the Rothschilds' plan for Communist tyranny.

by T. Stokes

The role the Cambridge traitors like Anthony Blunt played played in bringing Britain into W W II on Communism's side will be revealed in a new book which cannot yet be identified.

The new book should reveal how and why Communist recruitment teams were allowed to flourish in the British Universities. This is related to generous bequests from Victor Rothschild.

RothschildVictor.jpg(Victor Rothschild 1910-1990, in a Masonic pose)

The Cambridge Apostles were working for the time when Britain was ruled by the Communist system, maybe under another name but still communist and they were promised positions of great power.

Britain was to undergo many of the hardships of the Russian people, such as unemployment, starvation, loss of national rights and stature; the elimination of Christianity and the extinction of the Royal family as in France and Russia, and the installation of multiculturalism and loss of national identity.

Stalin played this constantly inside the Soviet Bloc pitting one race against another, and according to the book "The Great Terror" murdering as many as 63 million of his captive people, or useless eaters he called them.
(See Oleg Bzorski document "Stalin's Long March to Britain ".)

The English race was to be phased out similar to Germany; no Anglo Saxons would exist in 80 years. Prison camps for dissidents would dot the British countryside.

All the Cambridge traitors felt that Britain was failing fast and this was their only hope.

Anthony Blunt believed what Rothschild told him, that the wealth and artworks of the royal family would be confiscated and Buckingham palace would become a museum for the people.

He would build a huge art museum in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv called the Sir Anthony Blunt Institute.  There would be marble floors and a special Poussin section where Blunt could give talks on his favorite French painters.

Rothschild told him that he was working to build financial power blocks.

Britain would go into the EU, gradually the number of world power blocks would be reduced and left with a one-world-currency one world army and one world government controlled by the Zionists based in Jerusalem.

The Cambridge traitors were untouchable. They did not realize that Russia was the Trojan horse which the Rothschilds had been running since 1917. Their largely completed goal: to take over the world.

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