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Feckless Young Primed for Surrender

December 17, 2011

Talkin' bout my Generation

By Toby Moreland


(Toby is a 27-year-old Floridian. This was originally posted as 'Six Bogus Beliefs Held by Youth' two years ago. )

Young people are incapable of recognizing their own enemy.  This is the essential condition required for the peaceful transfer of political power to a world dictatorship.

As a young man who recently received an "education" from one of the finest schools in the U.S., I can state beyond doubt that this condition has been met.

In a society conditioned to champion personal ambition, self-expression and self-empowerment, the educated youth of today are kept intoxicated with illusions.  Everyone is looking up, staring at the sun, and unable to stop and think for even a moment out of fear of losing their momentum up the ladder.

Here is the script my generation sticks to.

- Mankind lived in total ignorance until very recently.  (Proof: widespread racism, religious fundamentalism, mistreatment and oppression of women, European imperialism, rabid nationalism, xenophobia, etc. were all norms.)  Young women and minorities are especially prone to gobble this idea up and congratulate themselves for being an enlightened member of a progressive society.  In the interest of being liked and getting laid, young white men follow suit.       

- All types of 'ignorance' still exist today AND represent the primary threats to peace and stability.  (Conclusion:  Legislation to protect minorities (anti-hate, anti-religion) is natural progress and shall continue uninterrupted.  Religion has become like Al-Qaeda to today's educated youth.  It barely exists, but everyone is convinced it is a powerful beast capable of plucking a person out of his hedonistic bliss at any moment, if not carefully watched.         

- Sexual restraint can no longer be taken seriously, as it was an invention of religion to control the masses and women in particular.  (Conclusion: Get it when you can, while you can.  It's practice for someone you might really like someday!)  There is a tremendous amount of pressure on young women to be able to "handle" emotion-free sex.  They have been convinced, mostly through entertainment media, that taking sex seriously is a weakness.  It is a bodily need detached from the rest of you.  Combined with a social scene set around alcohol, young love is a messy, schizophrenic story where one is very lucky to find someone on the same page.    

- Total Moral Relativity : there are no absolute truths; there is no reason to believe in anything too strongly; everything is circumstantial.  (Conclusion: yes, everything is corrupt.  It has always been that way.  Power corrupts.  We're selfish.  People are assholes.  I'm an asshole, at least I'm willing to admit it.)  Result: attitudes are uniform within social groups.

- Politics and religion are not to be discussed amongst friends, therefore they are not.  Ever.  (Conclusion: agree to disagree.  Result: Even the smartest people are never exposed to ideas outside of the mainstream media/academia, but you cannot convince them of this.)

- Communism is a legitimate ideology, only it has never worked.  (Result: my generation leans heavily to the left.  As the Republican party has become synonymous with Christianity, pro-life, wealthy, white, war, big business, etc., it is no wonder why.)  Government involvement in industry seems inevitable to everyone, but few are able to envision future consequences.

With these unquestioned six beliefs alone, defenders of humanistic internationalist doctrine are created.  Good, intelligent kids that are just trying to do their best and find their place in the world while fulfilling their parents' expectations have been conditioned to unwittingly serve and defend the interests of a small group of psychotic criminals.

Reversing this process will require an equally gradual counter-movement based on restoring God (reality) and destroying Evil (illusion).  We lack the luxury of trying to stop the momentum of the opposing movement.  Instead we must strike with the power of our spirit and moral superiority. 

If we would like to establish a world where people are held accountable for their actions, we must be willing to give everyone a clean slate.  We cannot hold people responsible for their actions when they live in a state of illusion.  People must be reached individually, and to do so we must find ways to ease their minds back to reality as gently as possible.   

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Comments for "Feckless Young Primed for Surrender "

Anna said (December 18, 2011):

This article is completely spot on - I'm 28 and in the UK, and the situation is identical. Detached promiscuity (ideally bisexual) is celebrated, encouraged, and socially rewarded.

Friendships focus mainly on sex - who is doing what with whom, and how they might make it 'hotter' in the future. Emotions, commitment, and - heaven forfend - marriage are derided and mocked. I was talking recently to a friend of mine, and analyzing the break-down of her 2-year relationship, when she speculated that maybe it was because her partner hadn't been experienced enough - "I mean," she said incredulously. "He'd only slept with ten people!"

Most people come from broken, dysfunctional homes and so reject the ideas of family - the ideal is to be 'independent', meaning total dependence on an increasingly fragile employment system, because that allows achievement of the epitome of life goals - expensive clothes and overpriced new toys.

The girls starve themselves and the boys sweat it out in the gym so they can both preen and pose in the fashionable bars at the weekend, and then stumble into bed with each other (and perhaps a few of their friends, too), while this is all fueled by a never-ending cocktail of drugs - legal and otherwise - to keep them going; cocaine for energy, antidepressants for mood, cannabis to calm down, and alcohol just to take the unrelenting edge off.

However, what I've found is that if you take five minutes to scratch below the surface, everybody is desperately unhappy - they're all going quietly mad. Nobody actually enjoys the young modern lifestyle - what they enjoy is taking drugs. All social pursuits (and particularly sex-related ones) centre around alcohol or some other intoxicant, so provide a socially legitimate context for a whole generation of broken people to substance abuse. And they enjoy doing that because they're all in constant emotional and psychic pain, and the drugs, for a few moments, make them feel better.

The reality is that everybody wants and needs the same things human beings have always needed - family, community, meaning, belonging, love. But now they're too scared to say so, because the advertising industry hasn't endorsed these things as 'cool'.

I do really hope that, before long, this whole generation wakes up, and realizes there is a connection between how they're living, and how unhappy they are - and actually does something to change it. When I read articles like Toby Moreland's, it gives me some hope that this really might happen.

Craig, 38, in the Uk said (December 18, 2011):

Totally agree. ;)

“If we would like to establish a world where people are held accountable for their actions, we must be willing to give everyone a clean slate. We cannot hold people responsible for their actions when they live in a state of illusion. People must be reached individually, and to do so we must find ways to ease their minds back to reality as gently as possible.”

That is what the Christ Consciousness through the Truth Vibrations is going to do with everyone. Starting with the most awakened first, possibly…

Nice one mate, you are not alone!

Victoria said (December 18, 2011):

Re: Feckless Young Primed for Surrender

How true these words are! And, if people could only delve down into the depths of it all, they would find at the bottom, the 'compulsory' schooling of children. It is this which tears a child away from the bosom of its family at an (increasingly) early age, when they are still young an impressionable and, implicitly, fills their heads with the notion that their parents are fools who know nothing.

Now, it is 'The Teacher' who becomes the prime authority figure and who guides them through 'new math', sex 'education', 'the holocaust', 'modern art', 'history' (though, undoubtedly, it no longer goes by that name), 'evolution' and so on and so on. Of course, the 'teachers' having come through the same system, have already been primed to teach what their 'superiors' deem 'suitable' to be taught (i.e. the orthodox propaganda).

If we only knew what a trick we have allowed to be played upon us in not questioning the information that has come down to us through previous generations - particularly, that government 'schooling' (indoctrination - check out the work of John Taylor Gatto and Charlotte Iserbyt) is 'compulsory'.

Apparently, in legal terms, the words 'must' and 'may' are often synonymous (check this out in Black's Law Dictionary) and this means that when the government states that we 'must' register our child to attend school, it is not compulsory as most of us have been led to believe through our indoctrination to be obedient to 'authority' and our terror of the humiliation of jail and social ostracism.

David said (December 11, 2009):

It used to be that religion and politics were never to be discussed in public to avoid starting arguments which might even break long friendships, if not some bones. Now such discussions are likely to end very soon in total boredom if not ridicule and contempt.

I strongly dissent from Toby's notion that the process he decries must be reversed very slowly. The Illuminati have wasted almost all the time available and you would not believe how little remains. I will not continue too specifically lest people write me off as an apocalyptic religious nutcake but this world has six to ten years left. [If Henry would like to know more about that, I will be happy to explain; just don't think I'm crazy.]

George said (December 11, 2009):

I don't think that's anything new. I'm 46 and when I went to college it was the same liberal drivel. Even the previous generation, peace and love man. Lets just home this generous grows up.

Mike said (December 11, 2009):

I have always loved your entries and stories. In "Six Bogus Beliefs...." Toby hits the nail on the head. I sincerely believe we have an "Indoctrination System" as opposed to an Education system in Canada and the United States. The damage has been done over four generations. One should read General Smedely Butler's book, "War is a Racket" and you will soon learn how we have all been duped.

How can this be turned around? Only the appearance of Jesus Christ in the flesh or a massive event such as a Mothership from another Planet would need to appear and then the world could witness the truth. "We are all here to enjoy and support each other."

We are only here for a short time and we should not be duped into thinking "I'm alright Jack" and to hell with everyone else.

If I could only win the lottery I could do so much good for others who deserve an opportunity they could not here-to-for afford.

Jayne said (December 11, 2009):

I've always enjoyed reading your posts, and I especially enjoyed reading your "Six Bogus Beliefs Held By Youth." As a 27-year-old college graduate who works in higher education, this type of ideology is rampant throughout my campus--especially Toby's point that "sexual restraint can no longer be taken seriously."

I was appalled, as an undergraduate, to see my roommates and friends hopping from one man's bed to the next. And I'm talking literally--these young women would sleep with a different person each night, and brag about it later. I even knew two girls who would "share" a boyfriend if the other one couldn't find a person to sleep with!

These students would tell me these things without shame, and then look at me like I was the crazy one for not being promiscuous. And at the university I currently work at (where I also attended for my undergraduate and graduate degrees), condoms are handed out like candy--again, quite literally. The Student Health Services has bowls of condoms next to bowls of candy!

And needless to say, as a university, it is rampant with all your other points as well: moral relativism, communism, etc.

These types of behaviors and beliefs make me worry for the future my 20-month-old son will have. Thank you for discussing what the American "sheeple" will not acknowledge! People like you give me hope for my son's future. Keep up the good work!

Gary said (December 10, 2009):

Kudos on “Six Bogus Beliefs Held By Youth”

For your review…

Joeman said (December 10, 2009):

Many people of our generation are like this. ...Who needs fundamental human rights or the rule of law anyway? I guess Bastiat was off the mark (yeah right, and the Rothschilds desire world peace). That's what the public fool system is teaching future generations of slaves as they read their Rockefeller approved "curriculum" while an armed thug is at their flank when they move from cell to cell in their day gulag/ "school". America has always had it's struggles but, the volume of tyranny in this age is unprecedented. People have lost purchasing power thanks to the banksters and spend most of their time worrying about how to survive. I am concerned about the dilution of ethos and Western culture for myself and my peers. We need a solution to this post-modern bondage. I think people should say "No!". Imagine if everyone said no to every encumbrances the big brother system demanded. Are they going to lock everyone up (I know they would probably have an orgasm just thinking about doing so)?

Civilization has always been a fragile experiment. We are all flawed but, the brainwashing that the government controlled Rockefeller pyramid of collectivism combined with the spineless, dumbed down 501C3 Government Churches in Amerika have left a social vacuum in place that the Rothschild beast system will most likely succesfully implement to fulfill that role.

It's a real slap in the face to know that all this has been designed and many peoples lives have been used as a tool to implement their own enslavement as well as their posterity's. How many World War vets would have went had they known banksters (mainly "Jew"/Khazar) were sending them off to die to help the elites get rich and to corrupt and enslave their children and children's children. The sickest irony of all the 20th Century's problems is that many of them didn't have to occur because, most of them have been a planned Khazar puppet show (the matrix Western civilization is bound under-edumacation, so called "entertainment" and "news"/lucrative Khazar mind control, fiat money system, government ran religion, uber taxation sans representation, police state, military cronyism complex, etc.) to benefit those pagan sociopaths who are pulling the strings (Khazar elites and their Anglo sellout contemporaries). Henry Ford was right-if everyone had known what was really going down their would have been a mass revolt by dusk the same day.

However, some Americans do still have a spine but, it won't be pretty, and others remain clueless subjects rather than vigilant citizens. Freedom is dying and the only cure is to remove the toxins before any hope of a decent temporal existence expires. Say No to the Khazar beast systems demands upon you. They want us all eradicated anyway. To paraphrase Solzenhysten -how many were rotting away in the establishments camps wishing they had given resistance to the evils of tyranny.

Andrew said (December 10, 2009):

Toby's 6 points have been the Rockefeller party line in America since about 1964 according to my memory. As a result, these bogus convictions are held by many in their 60s and most in their 50s and by 75% in their 40s. Kids in their 30s are in terminal arrested development and don't know why they are paralyzed or can't consider an alternative to the Success Treadmill that so-called successful young people are riding so fast they can't stop to think.

Toby's equilibrium is obviously the result of his grasp of genuine history due to courageous people like Henry Makow publishing online. Maybe Toby's next article should be his own explanation for his exceptional comprehension.

Michael said (December 10, 2009):

I'm 50 years old, graduated from high school in 1977 and functioned under this same set of beliefs without knowing how I got them. Until I became fascinated at 20 about how such hate and destruction came upon Europe from 1914 onward I didn't have a clue.

There is a massive minutely planned effort to overcome the world and any freedom that exists. We are slaves, tax slaves and our freedom is assaulted 24/7 by a filthy perverted secret bank and corporate ruling class lead by the Rothschild demonic family.

These young "educated" imbeciles of whom I know and have known so many who are too lazy to find the truth even though for the first time in history and probably soon to vanish the Internet has made it possible to find the truth easily prefer to live in drug and sex addled denial.

Well they are about to pay the price for their sloth, everything they've worked for- upper middle class existence, freedom to travel, freedom of speech, safety from unlawful arrest, stable currency, freedom to worship when they come to their senses, is about to be vacuumed into the dustbin of history. All for a handful of families and their Talmudic sycophants who live in a world of viral hate. They will have to fight or live like boot licking supplicants, fight or grovel. Serves em right selfish little bastards, it's just a couple years away.

Dan said (December 10, 2009):

The Orlando Caddie nailed it. That's the public school curriculum today thanks to the Rockefeller sticky web of Foundations. Has been for 50 years.
The Florida public education system is where I got my teen brainwashing. Screwed me up real bad. It's insidious.

A few new points have been added to the list, but the main drive already in place in the 60's were dump tradition, people were ignorant in the past. Religion is stupid. Sex is a recreational sport.

Not to mention extracurricular activities like pot and LSD 'expand consciousness' and make you a genius.

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