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Society Controlled by Christmas-Hating Satanic Cult

December 20, 2013

 Like a scorpion that paralyses its victim's mental faculties, 
 the Illuminati have convinced Christians that celebrating
 Christ's birth is in bad taste. Every year Christmas fades further
 from public consciousness. 

Latest -  Jewish Author Boasts of Jewish Role in "Secularizing" Christmas

Even "The War Against Christmas" debate is gone this year. Instead, there is a feeling of capitulation - tacit acceptance of something bland and meaningless, "the holidays." 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.
(from Dec 23, 2012)

Nothing better demonstrates that secularism is a guise for Satanism than the transformation of Christmas from a celebration of Christ's birth into "the holidays."

What other holidays are there? 

Chanukah? A week at beginning of December where 2% of the US population congratulate themselves for God's favor?  

Why use a generic term, holidays? Why can't Christians mention the actual holly day, Christmas?

Society increasingly resembles a cult where people are intimidated to act and think in a certain way. It's called being "politically correct."

"Politically correct" is a Communist Party term. Communism is a satanic cult.  Karl Marx was a Satanist.

Their PC logic is absurd.  For example, to be "inclusive," we need to exclude Christianity, the self-declared faith of 73% of Americans.

Like a scorpion that paralyses its victim's mental faculties, the Illuminati have convinced Christians that their beliefs are in bad taste. All in the name of "human rights" and tolerance.

If the secular were neutral, it would embrace truth and goodness with the same fervor as depravity. 

Christmas has been transformed into an orgy of debt accumulation. Christians, where is your outrage? Your commitment? Do you need Muslims to show you how to worship? ( Why are Christians such Wimps?)  

(More social engineering: Brain-dead heterosexuals redefine the nature of marriage to suit 1/10 of one percent of the population, the 10% of homosexuals who want to imitate them.)  


Even "The War Against Christmas" debate is gone this year. Instead, there is a feeling of capitulation - tacit acceptance of something bland and meaningless, "the holidays." 

I am old enough to remember the Christmas of yesteryear.

We celebrated the birth of Christ and the Gospel of Love.

"You shall love thy neighbor as thyself." (Matt 22:37) 

This gospel of brotherly love, the sense that we are one family, was the reason for good cheer and gift-giving. It was a religious holiday.

Holly day.

No one was excluded. Even though I was Jewish I enjoyed the Spirit of Christmas. There was a special feeling in the air.

Now the Cabalist (Illuminati Jews and Masons, i.e Satanists) who own media and politicians have eviscerated Christmas. Everyone must take responsibility for what these people do in their name. 

Where before we celebrated our Oneness in God, now we accept our role as interest-bearing debt-cows. 

Where before we performed selfless deeds, now we show our Faith by racking up debt.  Who will spend more? Will consumers demonstrate more devotion this year than last? It's the "religion" of the money-changers. 

(Immaculate Conception, Family Guy style. Christianity is always good for a laugh if you're a Satanist.)

Make no mistake. Society increasingly resembles a satanic cult: Cabalism i.e. (Illuminism, Communism, Freemasonry.) This cult denies the existence of God (moral and natural order) and defines evil as good, lies as truth, sickness as health, and ugliness as beauty.


It's no secret that Communism was used to manipulate people. Appeals to social justice and equality were a hoax.

The "dictatorship of the proletariat" hid the iron fist of the Illuminati Jewish bankers. Striking workers were mowed down. (See Juri Lina's "In the Shadow of Hermes," maybe the most important video you will ever watch.)

Books like "The God that Failed" document this fraud. Millions of idealists who championed Communism died for nothing. It was a fraud, like everything associated with its originators.

stewart.jpegSocialists, Zionists, liberals and feminists are now being used to institute the Communist NWO. They are goaded by media Commissars like Jon Stewart (nee Liebowitz) to clamor for gun control. They too will be betrayed and cast aside if patriots are disarmed or outgunned.

Don't kid yourself: we have been enslaved by Cabalist bankers and their Masonic pawns. Their goal is total control. 

This Satanist cancer has infected society's vital organs: government, business, education, mass media, church, justice and military.

Now it's reaching out for the remaining healthy cells. Economic and political turmoil will be deliberate. Ignore the ostensible "reasons." 

Let us resist by reading portions from the New Testament every day and rediscovering the true Spirit of Christ. 

Merry Christmas!

Note- I am comparing Christmas today to the way I recall it was celebrated in the past. I am not interested in whether Christmas is really Christian or was ever authentic. Providing a platform to run down Christmas would defeat my purpose. I recommend naysayers send their comments elsewhere. 

First Comment from Dan:

Yes it is muted, and clerks and people in public jobs are tongue tied when I say Merry Christmas.  
Mexicans and blacks obviously have nothing against Christmas, but it's political correctness has taken over. 

And in very recent years I've notice increasing mention of an obscure pagan German tradition being pushed.  Krampus the Christmas Devil.
This week I even saw 'Krampus Holiday Ale' displayed on the beer aisle in grocery stores - with the horned demon dressed like Santa Claus - as if the utterly pagan tradition of the old man named an anagram of 'Satan' isn't silly enough.  (Santa - the old man that likes to peek in children's bedrooms at night all year).  Like the St. Nicholas narrative, nobody ever heard of Krampus until a few years ago. 
(If you listen to Svali's last interview with Greg Syzmanski, she described being taken to an Illuminati Christmas 'party' for children in Germany, where a Krampus-like man she at first thought was Santa Claus bludgeoned a boy with his staff. )

You can see Krampus is being heavily pushed at college students Christmas parties.
Nobody can complain about defaming Christmas imagery, or Halloween, because that's 'not religious' and thus 'unoffensive'. 

Scruples, the game of moral dilemmas

Comments for "Society Controlled by Christmas-Hating Satanic Cult"

Mariel said (December 21, 2013):

Congratulations and Merry Christmas.

I am sickened, too, by the Christians who say it's evil to celebrate Christmas, some of whom even suggest I am going to Hell if
I do so. How sick are they?

I don't celebrate with a lot of "buying". Just a modest amount, a few books for the family, and eating Yule dinner with them even if they are Christmas-celebrating declared atheists.

They have nearly stamped it faith out, but some are fighting back.

JG said (December 21, 2013):

Commercialism and Christianity are not one, but God and Jesus is.

We must able to distinguish that which is done in the "spirit of commercialism" from that which is done in the "spirit of Christmas".

Making endless trips to the shopping malls looking for gifts for friends and family can make you stressful and angry. This is NOT the "spirit of Christmas".

Running to the supermarkets and stocking up on fancy meats and liquors for that "invitation only" feast you plan on having at your home is somewhat self serving.

Then when Christmas Day comes and all the "commercial hype" is gone, we feel a sense of emptiness and despair. We then go to the television to escape and waste our time with a basketball or an old movie. This is NOT the "spirit of Christmas".

Exchanging gifts and giving gifts are two different things.

Feeding the hungry and self- indulging are two different things.

The true happiness in life comes from giving to those who do not have and can't repay you.
The true saints help out at a soup kitchen or volunteer at a hospital on Christmas Day and always tell you how happy and glad that they did. Why? Because giving never leaves you with a feeling of emptiness or despair. This is the true Spirit of Christmas.

Erica said (December 21, 2013):

Have you or anyone noticed that the picture of Krampus you posted looks exactly like Miley Cyrus during the disgusting Mtv performance ? The tongue and the horns?! I know this is not relevant to what your article is about however it is such a big resemblance I have to wonder if anyone else sees it.

It is true that the spirit of Christmas is no longer in the air. It has turned into spending and the obsession of people trying to be politically correct in order not to offend a specific group and if that means offending Jesus then they are fine with it. Even Christians are falling for this not offending anyone BS in order to keep the pews full at church. They water down the gospel and now the true meaning of Christmas is becoming extinct.
Jesus is the reason for the season!

Kate said (December 25, 2012):

hristian wimps? You've never listened to Michael Voris. ;) find an episode of the Vortex on youtube.

Steven said (December 24, 2012):

One thing to keep in mind about the number stated about the crimes of Jewish Masonic Communism in Russia. The usual number stated is 66 million dead. How ever Juri Lina states that 147 million perished in the USSR and possibly Eastern Europe. An additional 140 million dead in China.

That is quite the body count and the people that pulled it all off were trained and funded in America and Western Europe and aided on an ongoing basis by a global network of Freemasonry and Jewry working through government and the banking and corporate world.

Bottom line is if they would do it to Russia, China and Eastern Europe they would do it to North America and Western Europe. These enemies are already in place poised to strike.

Asim said (December 24, 2012):

Hi Henry

Another succinct article as usual. I feel for the Christians big time, having their core meanings stripped bare. The cruel irony is that untold friends, colleagues have asked why I don't celebrate Christmas-I tell them that I'm Muslim but I cherish the festive spirit. I then ask them the same question. They cite the festive season; buying and receiving gifts; being with family but nothing to do with celebrating Jesus. But then why be surprised, when none of them are Christian churchgoers in the first place!!!! Talk about have your cake and eat it too.

But if its any consolation for Christian folk, the same thing is happening with the Muslim festival of Eid. This takes place at the end of Ramadan, it is supposed to be spiritual and involves giving gifts as well. Now, increasing numbers of young Muslim men are using this event to celebrate by zooming down roads, bleating loud music and showing off their latest cars; rival gangs revv up to compete and show attitude. This is a small but growing trend-only last year, two Muslim youth celebrated Eid by racing down a narrow road and ended up crashing, killing all involved. Many Muslims have lamented at the vacuous atmosphere surrounding Eid, with more and more people content with just celebrating by showing off their materialistic goods.

No doubt the satanic atheists are having an absolute field day witnessing the further erosion of true spirituality in today's society.

Art said (December 24, 2012):

They hate Him so because they have no answer for Him. Loving Jesus means surrendering our egos to Him, & they can't do that. It causes them terrible pain. He's too humble & loving & simply holy.

Its in the Bardo Thodol, the soul as it approaches the Light will
incarnate as anything to get away from the Purity of the Light.

They will be saved because they hate Him. Indifference to Him is a
surfire way to damnation. Muslims & Jews can bring a lot to His table.

Something definitely kicked in at 13:30 (GMT + 2) on 2012 Dec 21. Planetary alignment &/ or universal Christ?

Just as Jesus knew what He was dealing with so do you. & thanks for warning us. (re. Zagami)

Patryck said (December 24, 2012):

At this time of the year many conspiracies are presented for and against the reality of Christmas. I'm sure you have heard them all. (pagan god births, continuity of mystery religions, etc.) I invite you to go straight to a Catholic voice at for consideration and perspective. Do a keyword search at this site for 'Christmas' or any Catholic matter. (eucharist, "ishtar", "worship" of mary, communion of saints, purgatory, papacy, etc.). I'm sure your perspective will at least be somewhat changed when the whys (or accusations) of these subjects are presented in the context of the apostolic faith. is run by 'catholic answers' an apologetics apostolate based on scripture and the understanding of it by the early church fathers (direct successors of the original apostles) as practiced and understood by the infant/ancient Church and carried on in one form or another to this day.

Also, I would like to add that I have enjoyed your site since your first posting of "A Conspiracy too Monsterous to Conceive". It is what has awakend me to the true state of world affairs. I haven't agreed with all of your articles, but have learned a great deal from many of them.

Friend, in this blessed season, I too am wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best in your pursuit for truth and beauty.

Tony B said (December 24, 2012):

Henry, you are one of the very few fighting the real battles. Spiritual. Maybe even more spiritual than you are aware of at this point.

Dan said (December 23, 2012):

When I was growing up 50 years ago, Christmas was massively publicized "season". But the public Christmas had nothing to do with religion. The closest thing in the Bible to Santa Claus is the story of Simon the Magus in Acts, who used black magic to fly.

Never mind that Santa is an anagram for 'Satan'. They tell us he came from old Middle Ages Christmas traditions like St. Nicholas ('Nick'..once again a slang name for the Devil), but the huge presence of Santa Clause was born of New York marketing and newspaper ads in late 19th century America. Christmas became a time when buying people things they possibly don't need or want is mandatory.

A few years ago I started going to church during this time of the year and was told that the actual Christian tradition, Christmas is a single night and day.

It is the culmination of a the season of Advent. The real religious tradition involved FASTING - not gorging - plus more "days of obligation" to pray more and all the rest of it.

It seems obvious that the people who came up with this annual temporary insanity of compulsive spending at packed shopping malls and taking the kids to more Illuminati movies and pay 20 bucks ahead for their programming is an industry created to undermine and mainly MOCK Christianity rather than to magnify it.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at