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Is Steiner's "Anthroposophy" a Satanic Cult?

June 5, 2010

living_arts_waldorf1.jpgThere are more than 800 Waldorf Schools Worldwide, part of Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophical Movement. A former teacher believes they front for something darker.

 By "Alice Shapiro"

For ten years, I was employed by a Waldorf school as a subject teacher and later became a class guardian.

When I first arrived at the Waldorf  school I saw it as being  friendly and open to all people from any religious or cultural background. The curriculum enriched with arts and music reminded me of the Jesuit style of classical education. My desire was to work in a small community type school near my home with smaller classes.

My interest and understanding of Rudolf Steiners' lectures and writings were limited. I found most of the ideas I read outdated and skewed. With respect towards peoples choices and beliefs, I accepted my employer's belief system.


In September 2005, the high school students, teachers and some staff members went to what was called a "communication retreat" on an island set-up for summer camps.

The retreat was the creation of two staff  members who claimed to be experienced in this kind of group work. It was later discovered that they had never tried this with a large group of students.

The main activity of students (ages 14 to 19) and staff members was to sit in a large circle, 67 people in total, in the cafeteria for six hours divided by three sittings.

All were asked to keep silent unless the individual felt moved to speak. The beginning of this activity was signaled by a chime used by a staff member.  No one could speak until they said their name each time they wanted to speak, i.e. "My name is ...".

The stated goal of this five-day activity was to bring all members of the group to one consensus of one thought. By the end of the second day, many students were intimidated by this process and were not able to express themselves. Many students showed signs of restlessness, agitation and they were clearly uncomfortable. They were not allowed to call their parents privately. Some students called this cult indoctrination and refused to attend meetings.

I tried many times during the first days of the retreat to share my concerns with the other staff members. I tried to convey to the damaging effects of this type of imprinting. This retreat was far too intimidating for most students to communicate anything but fear and anger.  Some students wanted to leave; a teacher physically threatened a student if she did not comply.

Brainwashing and indoctrination are defined 'as unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulators often to the detriment of the person being manipulated'. 

Isolated on an island, not allowed to call parents privately, sitting long hours in a circle, falls into this category.

Thought control begins by having individuals reveal things about themselves they would not normally reveal. Some students expressed feeling inadequate for not wanting to speak. Students who refused to attend were threatened with expulsion from the school. Students who followed directives were praised effusively.     

Many parents were furious about this kind of indoctrination, some students left the school and damage control was in effect. Instead of taking responsibility for an ill-fated retreat, they made me their scapegoat. I was accused of doing and saying things I did not do or say. Be this said, the exit cost from this cult was very high causing irreparable damages to my family and my career.


In the following months, I began to research this cult.

I read many books, articles and lectures from Rudolf Steiner and critical thinking groups like Plans (People for legal and nonsectarian schools) and Waldorf Critics and found many stories echoing the ways things happen in this school.

Most of all, I wanted to know what was behind their facade of kindness and acceptance. Here are some of Steiner's quotes that explain why and how this religious cult is secretive.

 "We also need to speak  about a prayer. I ask only one thing of you. You see, in such things everything depends upon external appearances. Never call a verse a prayer, call it an opening verse before school. Avoid allowing anyone to hear you, as a faculty member, using the word 'prayer'." [1]

" We should be quiet about how we handle things in our school, we should maintain a kind of confidentiality. We should not speak to people outside the school, except for the parents who come to us with questions, and in that case, only about their children, so that gossip has no opportunity to arise." [2]

"We have to remember that an institution like the Independent Waldorf School with its anthroposophical character, has goals that, of course, coincide with anthroposophical desires. At the moment, though, if that connection were made official, people would break the Waldorf School's neck." [3]

"Formally, the Waldorf School is not an anthroposophical institution; rather, it is an independent creation based upon the foundations of anthroposophical pedagogy. In a way it meets the public, as well as the way it meets legal institutions, it is not an anthroposophical institution, but a school based upon anthroposophical pedagogy. [4]

 "If the school suddenly became an anthroposophical school, that would upset both official authorities and the public." [5]

This false front of who they really are exists to this day in these schools.


The claim that these Steiner/Waldorf schools make is that they are not religious but are instead a philosophy.

 Anthroposophy is closely linked to Theosophy and the teachings of Madame Blavatsky. Steiner was the Head of the German Theosophical movement before he left to set up his own cult.

Waldorf schools are a religious messianic type cult built on the dogmas of theosophical principles and beliefs put in place by a charismatic cult leader Rudolf Steiner who is  a self proclaimed clairvoyant wielding his own style of New World Order.

This is a polytheistic religion using the word 'verses' to replace 'prayer' used every morning in all classes. Teachers are expected to use these  prayers, meditations akin to the Buddhist method and  Steiner prescribed spiritual exercises to gain knowledge of the gods, their hierarchies and their higher  worlds.

According to a well known present day anthroposophist Roy Wilkinson, teachers are expected to develop clairvoyant faculties. Wilkinson outlines this path from the book "THE  SPIRITUAL BASIS OF STEINER EDUCATION, The Waldorf Approach," noting specifically in the chapter "Esoteric Development and the Teacher";  "This is the same path that should be followed by every teacher who takes his vocation seriously."[6]

In his lecture given in Zurich, October 27, 1919, Steiner attributes man's evolution to Lucifer.

" Luciferian  wisdom was at the utmost benefit to man in that epoch of evolution, brilliant in a certain way, graduated according to the different peoples and races among which it was spread."
Here he is referring to  Greece, Babylonian, Egyptian and Asian ancient cultures.
"The whole of gnostic thought existing at the time of the Mystery of Golgotha, an impressive wisdom shedding light deep into cosmic realities, this whole Gnostic knowledge was inspired by the impulse coming from Luciferian forces. One must not say that Gnostic thought is therefore false; one is merely characterizing it by saying that it is permeated by Luciferian forces."

And he further explains; "Man must oscillate to the one side according to the Luciferian principle and to the other according to the principles of Ahriman, but he must maintain his equilibrium through the cultivation of Paul's declaration, "Not I, but the Christ in me." " In short, we can detect a Luciferian remnant in the East, which, I would say, a wise guiding force left behind for the evolution of mankind in general."

He also explains in his writings, "THE INFLUENCE OF LUCIFER AND AHRIMAN,"  how to train oneself in an esoteric way towards evolution "By permeating what takes ahrimanic form within us with a strongly Luciferian element." [7]

 "In the absolute sense, nothing is good in itself, but always good or bad according to the use to which it is put." [8]

One could say that these practices lead to mastering the creation of deceptions, chaos and confusion and to act towards others with false compassion.
Racism and discrimination are prevalent  in Steiner's dogma that the " blonds and blue eyed people" are endowed with intelligence.

"On one side we find the black race, which is earthly at most. If it moves to the West, it becomes extinct. We also have the yellow race , which is the middle between earth and the cosmos, and it becomes extinct. The white race is the future, the race that is creating spirit." [9] "

The French as a race are reverting." [10] " The use of  French language quite certainly corrupts the soul" [11] To this way of thinking, Steiner also sees some children as sub humans; "Cases are increasing in which children are born with a human form, but are not really human beings ... [they] are not reincarnated, but are human forms filled with a sort of a natural demon ... Imagine what people would say if they heard that we say there are people who are not human beings." [12] .


There are more than 800 Waldorf /Steiner schools world wide. These schools are often positioned as charter schools in the US. In Northern Ireland, they are now part of the public education system.

Other than education, Anthroposophy has many branches. They now have their own Anthroposophic Pharmaceutical Codex and International Association of Anthroposophic Pharmacists and Doctors.

 They are involved in the business of caring and providing homes in their own communities for Special Needs individuals through the Camphill Communities and other such communities.

 In Zurich, the Goetheanum gives conferences and train practitioners in education, medicine and mental health. There are developing schools for their brand of spiritual psychology.

                                                           END NOTES

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Comments for "Is Steiner's "Anthroposophy" a Satanic Cult?"

W said (June 8, 2010):

Your recent article by Alice Shapiro falls far
below the standards of your website. If you choose to publish a diatribe against Rudolf Steiner, you should at least read some of his books first, so that you know something real about him.

I suggest "Knowledge of the Higher Worlds -- How
is it Attained" and "Christianity as Mystical Fact".

Rudolf Steiner is one of the very first to speak
about the secret societies and their danger to
the world. Beginning in 1916, during WWI, in
Switzerland, he gave many lectures in which he discussed the Freemasons, Jesuits, and other societies.

He talked about their assassinations, and their plans to bring in an English-speaking world dictatorship (almost realized by now). He mentioned specific leaders
who were puppets of these societies (eg. Lloyd George).
He talked about the involvement of the British and American secret societies in starting World War I.

He talked about their attempt to use
HP Blavatsky to further their aims, and how
the theosophical society became an instrument
of these societies after Blavatsky's death.
He discussed how the Freemasons and Jesuits
are both controlled by the same higher
society. (Read "Gegenwärtiges und Vergangenes in
Menschengeiste" -- not yet translated into English).

It is likely as a result of these revelations
that his building, the Goetheanum, was
burned by arson on New Year's Eve, 1922.
Shortly afterwards, he was poisoned.
The Nazis tried to assassinate him,
and would regularly disrupt his lectures
and the eurythmy performances he organized.
After WWI there were many enemies who maligned and
opposed him. Alice Shapiro is another in
this sequence. I would not be surprised if
she were also an instrument of the secret societies.

Angelo said (June 7, 2010):

The Waldorf system of education, which began as a school for factory workers children, only partially represents the observations of Rudolf Steiner, some 100 years after its founding. Human nature being what it is, the writings of Steiner have been misappropriated and dogmatized to a very great degree (and too many times quoted out of context). There remain but a handful of schools that could truly be considered heirs of Steiner's observation of the sensitive nature of childhood development, the rest unfortunately are little better than any other clique, fully attended by those degrees of elitist thinking and behaviour, which are so destructive to children and their needs. I fully believe that Steiner would be less than pleased with what has become associated with his name, outside of a few well run schools.

As regards Steiner's role in Theosophy, it can be summed up that he was run out of there, because of his unshakable desire to introduce the meaning of the Christ into the eastern oriented esoteric institution. He even asserted that Theosophy was an anachronism which carried valuable gems of truth, and that it was his hope to steer the organization out of the darkness and into the light for the sake of the souls in its membership who included, he said, many genuine truth seekers. He claimed that Blavatsky was under the influence of powerful occult forces who had blinded her from the truth of Christ. He wrote a book about it called 'Spiritualism, Madame Blavatsky, and Theosophy'. He also wrote a book called 'Secret Brotherhoods' where he describes for the first time the occult brotherhood manipulating humanity through what he called 'hidden and deceptive means'.

The form of Christian science which he developed, and called Anthroposophy was deeply disliked by the German supremacist nationalists such that its suspected they burned to the ground his first theater house which was an architectural jewel. Steiner died in 1925 having been poisoned by someone with access to his food, few mention this fact except in the most intimate of accounts.

Steiner is not Waldorf, Waldorf was the name of the business who wished to incorporate Steiner's observations of children into an educational platform for his employees (for free), what happened to the schools after his death can only be described as 'infiltrated' and 'debased', but for a few.

Where people get sticky with Steiner is in his discussion of the root races, but this is ancient knowledge that may even be too sensitive for our politically correct times, a racist he certainly was not, he embraced humanity as a whole and anyone who has even given a modicum of study to his large body of work is certainly well aware of that. The piece you've promoted on your site is so uninformed that I can't help but question your motives - why the attack piece without the requisite research of your own? Or is a cursory glance at the work of already biased authors enough for you to condemn a man and his life's work as Satanic? (an absolute absurdity by the way)

Satanic is pedophilia, narcissism, mind control - and though you may claim to see these in Waldorf education, what you are really seeing is a societal disease that is rampant in all things concerning children, across the board - girl guides, boy scouts, public school, catholic school, synagogues, mosques - we live in debased times, and there is no safety from perversion.

Alix said (June 6, 2010):

If one is to look at the evidence presented in this article with any degree of discernnement, then there can be no doubt that Waldorf schools are a Satanic cult hiding behind an alternative form of education. As the author stated, the framework is that of a classical education based upon old Greek ideas and practiced in various forms through out history. I myself went to private Catholic boarding school that taught the same classical curriculum. The cult aspects are the hidden agenda's and subtle and not so subtle brainwashing techniques to get students to align with Steiners luceferic beliefs, yet making sure to keep it hidden from view so that their real motives are hidden from public view and scrutiny. If the truth were widely known about their motives and intent, they would surely be shut down. Like all Satanic cults, they hide in the shadows while putting out an acceptable public persona.

And like any cult, they swiftly attack and discredit any who try to shed the light of truth on their hidden agenda's lest the light of truth finally expose them. Steiner's own words speaks to keeping hidden and quiet - if one claims to be doing one thing yet keeps secret their true motives that is the very foundation of a cult.

Dr. Stone said (June 6, 2010):

In the Steiner school my granddaughter attends it is nothing like that.

Students are respected as individuals and they live the value and really respect the teacher and each other.

They are nurtured and educated - and they are not stressed out by school.

They enjoy it and emerge relaxed, smiling and happy at the end of the day.

I think the author of the article on Steiner schools was projecting her own fears and prejudices as a distorting lens through which she saw things.

I am absolutely delighted with Steiner Education and my happy granddaughter is getting a wonderful education there.

I am very familiar with what is available in the various school systems here [in Sydney Australia] and I think Steiner education is the healthiest approach I have ever seen.

JK said (June 6, 2010):

It may be said with ease that Waldorf schools,Anthroposophy, and Rudolf Steiner are synonymous.They are one and the same thing.To teach the ways of Rudolf Steiner is an honor, but you must first have "eyes to see, and ears to hear". It is sad to read this article.A children mentor hired out of the blue in a Waldorf school ends up screaming, and still without a clue what Anthroposophy is about.

Ed said (June 6, 2010):

One thing I noted about the article by "Alice Shapiro" is that the writer discusses the one incident of the students being isolated etc. and being exposed to what looks a lot like cult indoctrination, and has little else concrete to say, other than quoting a few lines from Steiner's voluminous written output. Anthroposophy has been around now for close to a hundred years, so if this sort of thing were common in it, we should have a long list of controversial actions linked to it, as we find with Scientology, which is only half as old and has apparently been involved in at least ten times the trouble.

Another thing about the article is that nowhere do we find any discussion of who, if anyone, is in charge of anthroposophy. Cults usually have charismatic leaders, who tend to use their cults for personal material enrichment. I don't see any grand leader of anthroposophy with a harem and a fleet of Rolls Royces. The writer was with a Waldorf school for ten years, according to the article, so surely she would know something about some overarching scheme, if there was one. And I do find it remarkable that it took ten years for her to find out that such things could happen in the anthroposophical framework; if it were truly that evil, one would think she would have figured this out a little more quickly.

I think that we need to pay attention to one little thing here: "The retreat was the creation of two staff members who claimed to be experienced in this kind of group work. It was later discovered that they had never tried this with a large group of students." It strikes me that this points the finger at the two staff members, not the whole of the anthroposophical establishment, whom, I must reiterate, the author of the article does not meaningfully discuss.



Events like the Communications Retreat do not take place randomly. Cults rarely show their colors but this is how when they do.


Tony Blizzard said (June 6, 2010):

"Mady" de Shishmaref (my mentor as you know, and co-author of "Occult Theocrasy" with her close friend Edith Starr Miller, Lady Queenborough) openly hated Steiner as well as Blavatsky, hardly able to say their names without spitting them out in what seemed to me to be a Russian harshness of word use to convey a more exact emphasis, similar to the way Talmudists are trained to spit anytime they must use the name of Jesus Christ.

It was through Mady's urging that I own a copy of Steiner's 1922 book, "The East In the Light of the West."

Those who insist Steiner was not a satanist may be technically correct for he was without any doubt whatever a Luciferian, a main thrust of the mentioned book being a coming together of Christ and Lucifer in each individual.

Steiner is mentioned in "Occult Theocrasy" in connection with other occult organizations also, such as Stella Matutina, an Aleister Crowley and Wm. Wynn Wescott headed order.

The short page and one half given to The Anthroposophical Society in "Occult Theocracy" has the following to say of the Waldorf schools:

"Space does not permit of further elaboration of the Steiner Educational system which robs the child of its birthright of innocence and ideals to plunge it into the grossest materialism."

Since most people today ARE grossly materialistic, the parents of unfortunate children immersed in Steiner's schools probably fail to see any problem with them for that reason.

This encyclopedia of the occult, "Occult Theocrasy" was first published in 1933, eight years after Steiner's death. One must conclude that if he had "cleaned up his act" there would have been reference to that. None exists.

Marcus said (June 6, 2010):

Great article! Just something very short of my experience with one of their so called schools. My dear child was a student in a Waldorf school for a while. So much indoctrination of political correctness.

In our home we have free speech. And it was all about standing in line and know your place as one in the group. A good education for NWO for sure.

So when we left three other children left with us. And one of the other children said one year later that he had felt when in Waldorf as if he had been in a cage.

Dan said (June 6, 2010):

Anthroposophy is pure Theosophy. The window dressing may vary but the final 'esoteric' secret is the same. Anthony is right. Certain private schools exist as 'safe hands' for generational cult families for whom money's not a problem. I'd not heard of scandals with the Waldorf school but that wouldn't surprise me. They clientele they cater to have clout. Attorneys, politicians, the whole network.

The local Waldorf school has a radio show on Pacifica network ( A Soros satrap, out of San Franscisco).
They're definitely 'New Agers'. I'm listening to this to reach a conclusion on toxicity level. For instance, if if were a choice between putting a kid in Waldorf or public school, that would be a tough call.

Here is the audio link

Tom said (June 6, 2010):

'm surprised that you are defending this woman's opinion which is completely biased.

I'm curious do you have any personal experience with Waldorf schools?

Have you read anything written by Steiner? As I wrote to Jeff Rense, jews are normally critical of the schools for being too christian, so
this is a new tactic.



So now I am a jew? My site has raised questions about the Satanic takeover of 1. Judaism 2. Mormonism 3. Catholicism 4. Protestantism 5. Freemasonry etc etc etc

How can you completely disregard this woman's experience and the citations she found in Steiner's own writing?

These groups all put on a happy face to fool people like you.


Anthony said (June 5, 2010):

I know a little about this group from past experience. My ex wife’s friends were heavily into Steiner schools and philosophy. I had thought alternative schools like Montessori and Steiner added a dimension that was certainly lacking in mainstream education but their fees were disproportionate and elitist and beyond my grasp at the time

I realised too late that my ex was a Satanist [ evil to the core, incestuous, with paedophile friends]. I was the unfortunate victim of their plans to infiltrate a robust Christian family. Having my son attend the Steiner school by my ex made me look into this group with more scrutiny.

The Theosophical Society was headed by Steiner for some years. In the Secret Doctrine by Madame Blavatsky it is clearly stated ie

'The Secret Doctrine' by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky "Lucifer represents..Life..Thought..Progress..Civilization..
Liberty..Independence..Lucifer is the Logos..the Serpent, the Savior." on pages 171, 225, 255 (Volume II)

"It is Satan who is the God of our planet and the only God." pages 215, 216, 220, 245, 255, 533, (VI)

"The Celestial Virgin which thus becomes the Mother of Gods and Devils at one and the same time; for she is the ever-loving beneficent Deity...but in antiquity and reality Lucifer or Luciferius is the name. Lucifer is divine and terrestial Light, 'the Holy Ghost' and "Satan' at one and the same time." page 539 (Volume?)

It would be extraordinary to think (really blatant denial) that Steiner did not know about this when he presided over the Theosophical Society. Similarly Annie Basant presided over the organisation later forming her own organization named the Lucifer Trust (disguised now as the LUCAS TRUST because of bad press).

I begun then to understand that children who have been satanically/sadistically ritual abuse victims are often sent by their perpetrator parents to Steiner Schools as they can be safely concealed there.

Steiner schooled children are certainly ‘different’ in any case so it is an easy evolution to for these children to attend their classes as their special personality can be simply be labelled ‘different’ without further ado. I then realized that my ex partners friends and associates were also Satanist/paedophiles and sent their children to Steiner Schools.

I rent my house from a Steiner enthusiast. Last week I voiced my concern to him about the local Steiner school and he said, “Yes Steiner Schools were used by Satanists/paedophiles previously, but no longer.” The fact that he knew this gives enormous fuel to the notions expressed in your article here.

This should leave no doubt in the minds of your informed readers that not only Steiner practiced Satanism (after all he headed a satanic organisation) but his schools are used by Satanist paedophiles to conceal the horrific abuse inflicted on these children. Given that, it should be an easy extrapolation to postulate that Steiner schools could also be a recruitment ground for the procurement of children by Satanists/paedophiles.

Caryl said (June 5, 2010):

Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy is not a satanic cult, and your article published today was unfortunate
and misleading. The Waldorf education movement, the largest independent school movement in
the world, is very much based on the developmental model of the growing child. It is a
wonderful curriculum which embraces the intellectual history of humanity, and it is very
much based on the use of the arts, gardening, crafts, building, handwork, etc, as
well as intellectual work: history, literature, mathematics, science, etc. The
children all participate in the creating of their own "textbooks," i.e. called Main Lesson
Books, which are quite beautiful - written and illustrated by the children.

I am a former Waldorf teacher, and have studied anthroposophy and been involved with it
for over 30 years. It is not perfect. Like any human effort, it has its problem areas.
Some of the things Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) wrote are dated and sound somewhat strange or bizarre today. It is true he was initially involved with Theosophy, but he broke away from Theosophy because it did not stress the uniqueness and importance of Jesus Christ. (The Theosophists taught that Jesus was an avatar. Steiner believed that the event of Christ, what he called the Mystery of Golgotha, was a unique event.)

More than theosophy, however, Steiner was
a student of philosophy, especially German Idealism (Kant, Fichte, Hegel, etc.) In addition
he was very influenced by Goethe as a scientist (color theory and the metamorphosis of
plants and botany). He also spoke highly of the school of Phenomenology developed by
Brentano and Husserl.

The study of Anthroposophy, undertaken by an open, but critical and intelligent mind, could
do a great deal to renew the spiritual purposes of Western civilization. Like anything else
today, Waldorf education has been compromised by "New Age" philosophy, political correctness, feminism, and all the rest. Yet I believe its core is sound, and offers great resource for approaching the deeper questions of human existence.

I hope your readers will not be misled by this one-sided article against Anthroposophy, and
be led to explore it in an unbiassed way.


Thanks Caryl

I wish you had addressed that "communications retreat." Pretty revealing, and damning, imo


Edwin said (June 5, 2010):

Long time fan here.

All my 3 children study in Manila Waldorf School because we feel the
curriculum and the method of teaching is more effective than the old
schools we went through and the children are enjoying themselves, as
well as we parents.

In the 5 years we have been in touch with Manila Waldorf I have yet to
perceive what your guest writer has reported.

Manila Waldorf is so far so very good for us. We are enjoying ourselves.

Katia said (June 5, 2010):

My answer to that question: " Is Steiner's Anthroposophy" a satanic cult?" is NO.
People's ego always want to turn good things in bad things.

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