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Subterranean Secrets by Fritz Springmeier

May 21, 2012

North portal, Cheyenne Mountain

"Not only is our government focused on building deep secret cities, but so are Illuminati families."

by Fritz Springmeier

The beautiful artwork in ancient Spanish caves, or the catacombs in Rome remind us that man has always had an underground presence.

During the 1990's, my research repeatedly brought me in contact with individuals who stated that they had been in deep underground military bases. 

tunnelmachineairforce.jpg(left, tunneling machine)

Of course a number of these are openly admitted by the American government, for instance Cheyenne Mountain.

And many are not. I discovered that not only was our government focused on building deep secret cities, but the Illuminati families were also.

Furthermore, they were using technology that the public was unaware existed. The idea behind it all was to create safe and secret places for themselves.

Witnesses have described elevators going miles down, super-fast trains, back-up government agencies, genetic experiments, warehouses of stock piled materials, and a non-human human hybrid project.

But what continues to haunt me was the look one eyewitness gave me when he said, "Fritz, you don't have a clue. What is going on is beyond all you have thought of."  And after that, there was a stoned-faced mask on his countenance.

Diamond Head.jpgDIAMOND HEAD

My first experience with this subject was when I was a fifth grader in Hawaii. On one field trip we were taken inside the iconic Diamond Head volcano where the government of Hawaii had an unused facility in case they needed to flee a nuclear holocaust.

I realized the government had placed their survival on a higher priority than the people they supposedly served. The rest of us sheeple were to be left to die. Your tax dollars at work.

The American government secretly received a boost in their abilities to build underground when they brought over Xaver Dorsh in Operation Paperclip. He was head of the Nazi's Todt Organization which built some incredibly sophisticated underground cities for the Nazis.

Bear in mind this organization had built the Autobahn for the Nazis far in advance of our Interstate system.
The American and Russian governments have kept secret how sophisticated these underground Nazi cities were.

schneider.jpgFor years, I had tried to track these Deep Underground Military Bases and their purposes, doing such things as traveling to Dulce, NM.  When I met Phil Snyder (left) who had worked on these bases, I was excited to compare my discoveries/info to his firsthand knowledge.

 We were able to share information several times until he was suicided the day before we were to meet again. Afterwards, I placed my information on the 140 American DUMB bases in my Deeper Insights book in the middle of book between part 1 and part 2. 

Different agencies have their own underground installations. That explains  why there are so many.

The NSA, CIA, FEMA, Naval Intelligence, the Air force NORAD and others all need their own secret underground bases. Some of the work with strategic reserves, nuclear activities, secret weapons, communications and computers, and hardened defense structures are legitimate activities for underground bases. 

And others, genetic manipulation (like cloning), individual mind control, population control, and lethal ways to kill populations, are not. We have truly lost control over our government. If you'll pardon the pun, it is truly out of oversight.

area51.jpegBLACK OPS

Area 51, NV (left) and White Sands Missile base, NM have been large tracts of land where underground installations have allowed for exotic black ops research. Unfortunately, the information that leaks out does not sound good.

These black ops are not projects for the public good. Many of them are downright scary. Some are bizarre like keeping a severed human head alive. And instead of being U.S. government projects, many of the levels on these bases actually belong to the Illuminati and their secret world government, which has been operating since 1954.

Besides vast tracts of land in sparsely populated regions, the ocean has become a grand place to locate secret bases.

What are some of these bases like? Some have facilities for growing food. Many are connected. Spokes link areas to other areas.  Hi-tech camouflage and quick shutting entrances conceal the entrances. Witnesses claim non-human species inhabit the lower levels.

My personal take on these things is that this is a modern-day example of the Nephilim that were created by interbreeding in ancient times. So we are witnessing more apocalyptic signs.

The same shivers that ran down my spine as a ten year old student when I went into the underground city at Diamond Head volcano near Honolulu continue today when I contemplate these bases and their uses.

These bases are designed so the elite could survive a nuclear war or world-wide epidemic, or a natural disaster like an asteroid hit, reversal of the earth's pole, or a galactic dust cloud which they allow us to endure while they live in safety.

Whatever disaster they see coming, they are prepared.


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Comments for "Subterranean Secrets by Fritz Springmeier"

Sarah said (May 29, 2012):

This is in reply to the Fritz Springmeier piece - one gentleman, Andrew, mentioned the Rh factor in blood.....that simply stands for Rhesus monkey - the only way it's in anyone's blood is via vaccinations.

Paul said (May 26, 2012):

Just wanted to pass along a brief comment on the underground bases line that's been going on on your Web site.

It's an interesting area of research, but we have to be careful of all the disinformation that goes in this field.

You've had two authors post so far on this subject. Both have talked about "nephilim" space aliens in these bases, yet neither has mentioned the work of the only reputable author in this field: Dr. Richard Sauder, PhD, who has spent decades researching underground military bases, has the paperwork to back up his claims and has published the only reputable works in this area. Interestingly it is Dr. Sauder's opinion that Phil Schneider, cited by one of the authors as a "source" and indeed the primary "go to" source for most conspiracy theorists in this field, was nothing more than a professional government disinformation agent.

Dr. Sauder has many, many hours of YouTube videos out there, many of which are spent debunking Phil Schneider.. Your readers may want to look them up and have a listen.

So I would only say people have to be very careful about who or what people are using as sources in this shadowy area.

Kris said (May 24, 2012):

The story on D.U.M.B.s made sense until he started mentioning “aliens”. As they say in courts of law, if you come in with “dirty hands” your testimony is no longer accepted. Fritz has dirty hands to say there are “aliens” down there. Now I discredit the entire thing- and I was so eager to accept the deep underground bases story! The aliens conspiracy is New Age illuminati type beliefs, and doesn’t fit in with Scripture. “Fallen angels” or ANY angels for that matter cannot “mate” with humans. Plus, aren’t aliens and UFOs a deception OF the so called illuminati anyway? alien hybrids- baloney!

Justin said (May 24, 2012):

Lost in “The Shuffle” of 9/11 was a small matter of a missing Three Trillion Dollars. Donald Rumsfeld, et el.,

just couldn’t account for its disappearance, but a few days later we were suddenly ‘distracted’ by the zany

antics of the Nineteen Stooges Road Show in NYC, and THAT issue was shrunken into sudden insignificance.

Underground Rec Centers is just the sort of Black Ops Project for which these funds may have been stolen.

No effort seems to have been made to ‘account’ for this massive, missing amount since those Demolitions.

Rodney said (May 23, 2012):

God destroyed the earth the first time in the days of Noah with a global flood. It’s evident in geology every where you look. This earth was totally submerged under water at some point in the past. The bible dates add up to approximately 4500 years ago. The Bible clearly reads that God will destroy the earth a second time, but this time with fire.

Perhaps the “elites” Satanist think they can survive by building underground cities miles down in the earth. It is becoming plainly obvious to me that the Jews know what the Bible says from reading the prophecy and know exactly what signs are in the bible that foretell the Messiahs “second” coming. It will be again as the days of Noah. Violence, promiscuity, unnatural affection, lovers of self, etc... So, the Jews and help from the goyim are trying to do everything in their power to make these prophecies come true. Because they believe they will be the new leaders. This is very tempting to them since they haven’t ruled anything or had their own country in 2000 years.

The Capitol of the New World will be in Jerusalem with the Jews at the helm...... One problem. They are ushering in the false messiah. And ushering in a satanic New World Order. 99% of Jews can’t wait on God’s time. They are going to “make it happen”. Because they know God cannot tolerate all this licentiousness for too long and will make it right.

Robert said (May 23, 2012):

In response to Jack's incredulity that projects of this nature, necessarily involving thousands of people, could remain secret over long periods of time: two historical instances of this being achieved are the Manhattan Project and the Enigma program during WWII.

Add to this the invisibility maintained by secret societies, very little of whose incessant occult manipulation becomes public knowledge.

Of course this says nothing about the veracity of this story, but it sounds quite plausible. In fact, it's just the sort of secret, privileged project "insiders" seem to derive their sense of self-importance from. Nor would such monumental undertakings have to be financed out of tax revenues as the
author says. The money and taxation systems are both fraudulent, and perpetuated only in order to keep people inured to slavery (euphemistically termed by economists "employment").

Adam said (May 23, 2012):

Dear Henry,

I thought Brian's response was adequate but then another jumps in with an erroneous 'attack'. Some people have a hard time comprehending what they read and some you just can't reason with. If you can comprehend, then Brian gave an adequate explanation.

Read Genesis 6:4 4 The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.

This is pretty straight forward and even if you call that "Eastern Mysticism" it does not change what it says.

The Nephilim are a.k.a. "sons of God" (please note the small 's' before firing back) which is most commonly considered "fallen angels" as only fallen angels would do something that is against God's will. Now, the bible does not explicitly say this but it does not take too much insight to figure that fallen angels, demons and, likely, e.t.s are the same or similar beings.

Now look at Luke 17:26 26“Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man"

So, that says we shall, at some point, see a time that was like the time of Noah where the world is filled with violence, evil and Nephilim -- unless you start worshiping them then it's not "idolatry" to know or even think that they exist.

Jack said (May 23, 2012):

Henry, this story is crap!
How can you build all those so called underground "CITIES" & facilities without employing
thousands of workers, & all those workers not mentioning it to no one??
What are they using as labourers?? Androids?? Robots with self destruct button to be pressed
after completion of work?
Some people live in a cuckoo land!

Andrew said (May 23, 2012):

There are a lot of peculiar genetic factors that favor Fritz's theory. The Rh factor in blood is very peculiar for one. Then, there are all of the fossils of giant humanoid organisms like Homo neanderthalis and Homo heidelbergensis. How do you explain those?

A lot of these things tie together when you read the Bible. We know that the Father wiped humanity out once already for excessive wickedness. These days there are a lot of 'men that know each other' and the Gospels say that the end times will be like the days of Noah. I don't really see how that isn't true these days.

However, if you don't subscribe to that theory. There's the Prophecy of the Popes which mentions that Benedict will be the last Pope before the Great Tribulation and Benedict is very frail these days.

These bases/hideouts could very well be the caves that men hide in from God's wrath which is mentioned in the Bible. The man that I would not put much faith in is David Icke.

Lorna said (May 23, 2012):

I concur with Tim - I like Fritz too but "subjects like fallen angels impregnating women ought to be approached with extreme caution because, as the Genesis record informs, human imagination is a spawning bed for idolatry (Genesis 6:5). So believers beware, lest we become followers of “cunningly devised fables” (2 Peter 1:16).

These are unbiblical ideas more akin to Eastern mysticism.

It becomes a slippery spiritual slope when pagan myths are believed to be informants of biblical truth."

Above quotes from:

Pam said (May 23, 2012):

I just found your site and read the article on subterranean secrets. It is amusing really in that 'they' think they are safe but unfortunately according to Revelation 6, end of chapter, their hiding places are going to get moved & they will have no place to hide.

Their works are so evil and their day is coming swiftly. The whole end time thing is just God allowing 'them' a bit of rope to hang themselves.

Brian said (May 22, 2012):

This is for Tim. [below]

Genesis 6:4

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare [children] to them, the same [became] mighty men which [were] of old, men of renown.

Tim said (May 22, 2012):

I want to comment on this article by Fritz, he says:

"What are some of these bases like? Some have facilities for growing food. Many are connected. Spokes link areas to other areas. Hi-tech camouflage and quick shutting entrances conceal the entrances. Witnesses claim non-human species inhabit the lower levels.

My personal take on these things is that this is a modern-day example of the Nephilim that were created by interbreeding in ancient times. So we are witnessing more apocalyptic signs."

I like Fritz, but the bible doesn't say that fallen angels impregnated women. Nor are there aliens that visit earth to have sex with women.

He is an unwitting vehicle of disinformation...

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