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Did Rothschild Blackmail UK To Aid Israel in 1956?

October 8, 2011

macmillan.jpg(left, Prime Minister Harold Macmillan)

The Illuminati bankers are able to blackmail and control our leaders because many belong to a "homosexual underground." T. Stokes, a former MI-5 associate, is elderly and retired. Here is his rogue's gallery tour of this dissolute and seditious network in the 1950-60's.

by T Stokes

Fifty five years ago this month in October 1956,  Egyptian President Gamel Abdul Nasser nationalized  the Suez Canal and wanted to charge a shipping toll to fund the Nile dam irrigation project.

Israel then attacked Egypt, and Britain and France followed its lead.

Britain had been the major shareholder in the canal since 1875 when Rothschild loaned the money for the purchase to the government of Queen Victoria through his agent the Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli.

Harold Macmillan, the Tory Prime Minister from 1957-1963, and often known as 'Supermac' was wounded three times in W W 1 but was a patriotic and  courageous man of strong beliefs, whose main desire was to serve in government.

His now famous saying; 'you have never had it is so good' made while he was Chancellor of the Exchequer exemplified the economic improvement after the horrendous destruction of W.W.II.  The country saw a  40% increase in GDP from 1951-64, over a million new homes were built, and home ownership went up by over one half, and owners of TVs and similar goods saw a 13% increase in one year alone. The British Motor industry was getting going again and many people could now afford a car for the first time.

But some historians say that as a youth, Harold Macmillan had been expelled from Eton for, in the language of the time; 'Homosexual Perversion.'

Macmillan under pressure married Dorothy who had many flings while her husband dedicated himself solely to running the country, while others say their loveless life was due to his war wounds.

220px-Lord_Goodman.jpgDorothy Macmillan had a 30-year affair with Tory Lord Boothby, not a good choice as he was a promiscuous bi-sexual. Lord Goodman (left) the government Mr Fixit  regularly threatened people about talking to newspapers.

Yet Goodman was a man who knew where the bodies were buried. He kept the police at arms length from those people like Tom Driberg, Sir Anthony Blunt and Lord Boothby who were regularly seen at parties with rent boys and arrested at public toilets.

It appears that it was Lord Goodman who voiced the Rothschild plan to Harold Macmillan and his predecessor Sir Anthony Eden that Britain must intervene on Israel's behalf over Suez.


In the spring of 1956 the whole intell world was rocked by the exposure of double agent George Blake and the Berlin tunnel.

Lady Dorothy Macmillan's brother, the 19th Duke of Devonshire Edward Cavendish 'dropped dead' in front of his GP ( family doctor. ) This man Dr. John Bodkin Adams was a member of the homosexual underground and close to Sir Anthony Blunt and Lord Goodman.

Bodkin Adams was arrested as over 160 of his patients died mysteriously, 132 of them writing the hugely wealthy doctor into their wills. Pressure was brought to bear to save Macmillan's career over the scandal and the Scotland Yard files were closed for 75 years.

Guy Burgess, the "Apostle" and Cambridge traitor  in his copious diaries lists who in the upper crust University world was buggering whom, and explained that the single sex public school system, was a place bridling with homosexuality and experimentation, as the boys were hot housed  together 24/7 during the most important part of the blossoming of their sexuality, and as he explained to Donald Maclean, 'if parents did not want their boys buggered they would not send them here.'

220px-Lord_Boothby_Allan_Warren.jpgLord Boothby (left) lobbied for a change in the law regarding homosexuality, and the Home secretary David Maxwell-Fife replied; 'I am not going to be the man who goes down in history as the man who legalized sodomy.'

The anti-communist and very under rated Metropolitan police chief Joseph Simpson was scrupulous in his note keeping, and mentioned that the transport minister Ernest Marples told him that they; 'needed to tighten up London's security from the  buggers' and a variety of measure were taken including Simpsons initiative to clamp down on soliciting in the capital and obscene publications, along with warning politicians and business leaders of its dangers of blackmail.


Harold Macmillan's career was blighted by the Vassal homosexual ring Admiralty scandal. Vassal, an admiralty clerk, was photographing thousands of documents for the Soviets including radar installations,  a highly secret submarine refit and update, and 'the order of battle.' This is the list of operatives names who do clandestine work,

This was a huge neglect of security, and the resulting furor brought down MI-6 boss John Alexander Sinclair, and weakened and rocked  the Macmillan government just in time for the Profumo Affair to finish the job, bringing in the Leftish Harold Wilson's Labour government with its Soviet connections,

But not before Macmillan had Number 10 [Downing Street] wired for sound, three rooms the Cabinet room, waiting room and the Prime Ministers office, and this remained in place over five Prime Ministers, making Harold Wilson absolutely right in his later accusations that he was bugged.

The security services were constantly warning Macmillan of sexual impropriety among Whitehall staff and wanted this logged. He also wanted himself covered from the machinations of would be blackmailers. His remarks; 'the only thing worse than learning you have a spy, is catching him' has been preserved for posterity.

He also feared the likes of Lord Boothby who was close to Churchill and Lord Goodman could cause even bigger scandals. Soviet KGB assets were often seen chatting with young men at rail stations offering cash or drugs for stories of who was using these boys. With their uniforms of shaven heads red braces and boots, they were easy to spot.

thorpe.jpg Two things came out at the Liberal party leader Jeremy Thorpe's trial. One is that boys from care homes were exploited with alcohol and drugs at parties called 'pink ballets' over many years, and the fact that the practice was quite widespread. This was the reason Thorpe got off: his threat to expose what he knew of those in power.

It has come out just recently that boys from UK care homes have been used by senior men, in one case for over 40 years. Terry Jones former detective Chief Inspector of Greater Manchester police abused kids unit, has said, ' resources are totally inadequate for catching and dealing with these predators.' 

Margaret Hodge ( Oppenheimer ) recently sat in on a whole series of these scandals and kept them secret. It is interesting to note that Harold Macmillan, the giant of post war British politics warned of this very thing happening in his speeches. He may have been blackmailed himself over his private life to push for the attack on Suez.


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