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Ted Pike - A Critical View

January 9, 2012

Rich Porter expresses reservations with Rev. Ted Pike's story.
While I prefer to believe it, I think some of Porter's concerns are valid.

Latest!  Three hour radio interview with Ted Pike. Download here. 

Porter is in response to my largely positive "Rev. Pike & Wife  Battle Satanic Forces"

Here is Rev. Pike's answer to Rich Porter's concerns.


by Rich Porter


Beware of the Ted Pike demonic possession story. As a Christian, alarm bells go off like crazy here.
1.  No real Christian would continue as if nothing was going on while his wife is apparently under heavy possession.  As a Christian, I would have stopped everything until the possession was spiritually cleaned up.  The fact that she killed herself tells me that the possession part of the story may be true.  It was certainly not handled correctly in any way by the account given.
2.  Mr. Pike states that the demon said the attack was because his wife was protecting him for his work.  I am sorry but this is a blatant red flag because it is out of order scripturally.  The wife is never the protector for the husband, but the other way round. (Eph 5:23 states the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church.  That puts the husband in the role of protector because he has that authority)  According to the scripture, the husband provides a covering for his wife and also for his family.  The Pike account puts things upside down in authority.
3. If Mr. Pike was not able to drive out the demon, he also exhibited no knowledge of what to do next and left his wife in a spiritual state of brokenness.  Since he is one with his wife as it states in the scriptures (The two shall become one flesh. Gen 2:24) , then he was spiritually connected to a very dark force. This joining by marriage carries into the spirit as evidenced in this verse: "1 Cor 6:16...That which is joined to a harlot is one body.." This verse is appropriate here because when you are sold out to spiritual devils, (possessed) we say you are a spiritual whore or harlot.  Harlotry always represents a spiritual condition of darkness and in the bible,harlots were sold out to witchcraft or possessed by devils as Pikes wife may have been.
  We are led to believe that this man is "sane".  I find that statement hard to believe given the spiritual conflict with which he was connected through his wife. To me his tolerance of this great evil in his wife is insanity at its worst.   Either he has no light in him, and thus no discernment, or he is working for the dark side as well and his wife's spiritual decay was of no real concern to him.   The scripture clearly states that "Beelezebub cannot cast out beelezebub or he would be divided." Luke 11:14  The only time a devil required more work to cast out, Jesus said it was because the demon required prayer and fasting.  Not once did I see where Mr. Pike claims to have fasted to remove the demons.
3.  Not all mankind is satanically possessed.  Some certainly are, but some are believers and are filled with the Holy Spirit, making it impossible to be possessed. (Light and dark do not dwell together, and where there is light the darkness flees.)_ God will not dwell in the same place as Satan, thus if a person has the light of God filling his spirit, no devil will stand in the presence of the Holy One.
All people fail but that failure isn't possession.  It is the human condition of fleshly corruption.  Now that corruption can lead one into worse evils and perhaps you may open the door to possession.  If Pike's wife was possessed, she had opened the door to it in some way.  These things don't just happen.

One other quick note.
paraclete.jpgPlease go to Ted Pike's web site and view the sculpture called Paraclete.  Mr. Pike identifies this as the "Holy Spirit" however I think you'll recognize a much more sinister shape of the baphomet!  Long horns and a goat skull is what this double meaning is.
Since he identifies this as the "Holy Spirit" and it can also have the double shape of the baphomet, we see in Mr. Pike's work a curious double meaning much as the dark and light dwelling together in the satanic masonic teachings. The masonic god is baphomet, or lucifer.
Also masonic teaching informs us of the Osiris/Horus/Semiramis  mother-child deification of the ancient mysteries. 

Masonic phallic worship of the ancient mystery religion of Babylon is also involved in the "deified insemination to produce the dark-child".  Notice what appears to be an erection in the male statue "Family". 

motherandchild2.jpgAlso notice mother and child, (left) where the shape of the mother holding the child appears to form the "womb" of semiramis.
I just read recently a feature where I learned in the masonic teaching, high level adepts must perform "good works" to balance out their evil esoteric and occult activity.  (Could Mr. Pikes good works be his championing of truth speak and opposition to certain hate laws).
I know this view may be very unpopular among the "truth community", however I think we all need to be very sensitive to the full picture where ever it may lead.  The incident with Mr. Pike's wife is a very huge wake up call that something is very wrong with the entire picture here.

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Comments for "Ted Pike - A Critical View "

Michael said (January 18, 2012):

If any of your readers do not believe in demonic possession or exorcism, I urge them to watch the documentary "Furious Love" (2010) by Darren Wilson.

Anastasia said (January 17, 2012):

What I want to know is why I found nothing in the newspapers in that area about Ted's missing wife. They never found her body. Yet, I would think the police would be bound to continue to investigate. She went missing on December 6 in the "afternoon." . At 5:45 p.m. the police were already over his house reporting that his wife " jumped off the bridge" but that "no one had seen it" because it was "dark"? Yet, they never found her body? How did the police know she "jumped" and how did they know she "jumped when it was dark" if there were no witnesses and never foudn her body. . When does it get "dark" in Oregon? She left the house in the afternoon.

But this is not the proper protocol for police in this situation anyway. . Without a body, without witnesses, they must declare her "missing" , not dead. They must investigate. How come there was no "search" for her as a "missing person." Why is there a quick "presumption" by the police of all people that she jumped and that she is dead. I don't even think they are permitted to engage in this presumption. I think they are required to treat this as a "missing person" case, not a suicide.

And why isn't there any newspaper article in this area about a "woman missing" , or a woman having "jumped off a bridge" There is absolutely nothing about it and I've look at numerous newspapers from this area, searching for any bit of news about her. Yet, in these newspapers there are constant stories of people who "go missing."

I also find it strange that Ted was writing articles about something not remotely connected to his wife's death on December 7 and December 8? This is only hours after the police pulled up to his house at 5:45 p.m. on December 6 to tell him the shocking news that his wife jumped off a high bridge? This is not even the type of suicide that women engage in.

I also find it strange that when he took her to the hospital once because of her condition, she immediately straightened out. So, why wouldn't this be the solution the next time she flipped out? . It worked like a charm the first time. Why would he decide not to take her to the hospital when it happened again, and instead, tie her up at home. Woudln't that kind of conduct encourage and worsen this insanity in his wife? She straightened up in the hospital. So that would be the natural place to go when she "acted up."

I cannot imagine his disclosing this information to everyone, and not expect that he would lose his credibility. He has wholly lost his credibility with me. I find this story highly suspicious.

Jan said (January 16, 2012):

After reading Mr. Porters article I am flabbergasted. Dr. Makow, I have been reading Mr. Pike's newsletter for several years. I have also watched his videos. I would say that Mr. Porter, along with many Christians nowadays, think that everyone, in some way, shape or form is attached to the Masons. Such garbage... Mr. Porter needs to use the DISCERNMENT that God gave him instead of leaning on his own understanding.

I, myself, have gone through similar things dealing with Satan. I'm surprised that Mr. Pike was able to be as effective as he was with his wife going through such tremendous physical burdens that she did. And this is exactly why they were attacked.

It's disgusting that the body of Christ are having such infighting and discussions with all Hell breaking loose. I hope that you will post a retraction regarding the maligning that Mr. Porter has done against another Christian Brother. Mr. Pike has done exactly what God asked him to do.

It's also DEPLORABLE that Mr. Porter would write such an inflammatory "article" so shortly after Mr. Pike lost his wife only a few weeks before...

I THANK GOD for Mr. Pike and what he has done to expose the Zionists. I for one, like many Christians, always thought one way about Israel. It was through Mr. Pike's information that God showed me, among other things, that Israel is out of God's Will... why do you think Mr. Pike is on the ADL's hit list for telling the truth.

Michael said (January 11, 2012):

f your readers don't believe in demonic possession or exorcism, I urge them to watch the documentary "Furious Love" (2010) by Darren Wilson.

Lucy said (January 11, 2012):

We live in an age of confusion, and there is no way to ascertain the truth of anything anymore. But I can say this, God allows horrible things to happen, even to good people, if it brings about a greater good. If Alynn accepted this cross for God, and was resolved to accept His Will, even if that meant silently suffering for years, how can we judge her? Do those who are afflicted need to announce their burdens to the world for approval? What of the saints that lived their entire lives with hidden maladies that were only descovered upon their deaths? I can't speak to Alynn's spiritual sanctity, nor of anyone else's, but I think her silence speaks volumes about her humility. Of course, this is assuming the story is true.

On the topic of demonic possession, look at the world today? Evil has been made good and acceptable, people are commiting sin and sacrilege left and right, indifferent and downright spiteful of God's Mercy. So many commit atrocities and outrages as if they were nothing but a fleeting thought, having destroyed God in their hearts and seeking to destroy it in all others. Those who have rejected God have given up His protection. Do you not think Satan has dominion over these people? One need not play with witchcraft or sorcery to open oneself up to demons.

As for have an exorcism done, as a previous commentor noted, the Catholic Church has changed the rites to the point that they no longer work. With the priesthood having been attacked as furiously as it has in the last 60 years, infiltrated from the inside out, with the newly ordained not even understanding or believing in the power God has granted them (assuming they were validly ordained), what recourse do we have? We're living in a time when the enemy's power and influence is greater than it has ever been in all of history. That is not to say that one should give up fighting or despair. Divine Mercy is infinite.

I do believe that the devil can drive our minds to such madness that there comes a point when we are no longer responsible for our own actions. When he has stripped us of free will, we cannot be held accountable for what we do. That said, I pray that Alynn was met with God's Mercy at the end.

David said (January 11, 2012):

Rich Porter's article is a unwarranted attack on Ted Pike based on conclusory allegations, assumptions and ignores what Mr. Pike wrote about this tragic story. Contrary to Mr. Porters charges, Ted Pike did what he could to help Allynn: " Yet truly no husband ever interceded for his wife more fervently".

Then Porter goes on to state unequivocally that it was possession, when Pike makes the case for demonic obsession or an attack upon the mind. Then for the author to say that a woman does not stand in a position of protection over her husband is somewhat ignorant. Why would a woman then pray for her husband if that was to no avail?

Pike concluded that it was a Job-like affliction allowed by God. In that case, Job was allowed to be afflicted by God for other reasons besides punishment. The story recounts a visit by three friends, each of which had and expanation for his suffering. One friend said that Job could not be a righteous man, because such calamity only falls upon those who do evil. Another friend said that Job's suffering was deserved and in fact, he deserved more than what was given him.

After having read Rich Porter's offering, I have concluded that he is more like one of the "friends" of Job.

Jon said (January 10, 2012):

I am astounded that Mr. Pike would 'put up with' these nether-wordly interferences in his and his late wife's lives, and NOT CALL IN A CATHOLIC EXORCIST to rid them of the oppressing dark forces that THEY thought they could 'successfully' do battle with....THAT line of thinking may be indicative of either spiritual pride or spiritual naivete. I am NOT, however, judging the Pikes; obviously something was seriously awry with their lives, but the fact that his wife jumped off that bridge does not bespeak a 'deliverance' by Christ Jesus but a dark despair that sadly was left to wend its way to its tragic conclusion.

JCW said (January 10, 2012):

I realize you have to air both sides of the spiritual spectrum here because the feelings are so passionate. I have read many of those who are commenting on this article and they have very definitive ideas as to what happened to Ted Pike's wife. I have followed Ted Pike's writing over the years and he always seemed to be genuine about his beliefs relative to his writings. He was a voice crying in the wilderness along with many others. Was his wife demon possessed? I don't know. Did she have botched brain surgery? got me... Can she even get demon possessed? Depends on your religious dogma. Was Ted Pike's marriage out of line with God's plan, relative to the husband and wife paradigm? Only God knows... The idea that individuals are splitting hairs over whether she was possessed or not doesn't change the fact that the end result is the same. It doesn't change the fact that he did what he felt he was called to do. What if, what ever killed her was all the above put together and everyone judging simply defines it differently? The insanity here is trying to make sense of it as an outsider

Jeff said (January 10, 2012):

ed pike and his wife were merely the victims of MEDICAL MALPRACTICE!

Ted pike explained that all of his problems emanated from a "brain surgery" performed on his wife to remove a benign tumor. She was also put on dangerous psychotropic drugs. He relates that she started seeing apparitions and demons.

Anyone left with any common sense can cleary see that his wife's surgery was botched and he was too ignorant of the medical profession's long history of murder and covering up their mistakes to realize this fact.

The medical establishment Killed his wife and is killing thousands each and every day.
It is Satan who rules the medical establishment and makes use of these "witch doctors"!!!!

Marcos said (January 10, 2012):

There is little doubt that Pastor Pike's wife was under attack. The article is malicious. Christians can and are often attacked by demons. If you are not, that's because you are not disturbing Satan much. And this is no joke, as it can be through illness, putting people against you, bringing temptation, etc. Check Job's story. Defectors from Satanism tell us that Christians and churches are their main targets ! Paul says clearly that we battle not flesh and blood, but evil spirits (Ephesians 6:12). He is talking to Christians. If the devil couldn't attack us, then there would be no battle. That's why we have to wear God's spiritual armor.

We don't know what kind of legal rights the demons had on her. Someone in her family could have dealt with occultism, or being involved in masonry or spiritism. God reveals the person what must be renounced, but if Pastor Pike didn't believe or knew about deliverance, then they would suffer. Deliverance is not automatic, we must command verbally the demons to leave in the name of Jesus. From Pike's testimony, it seems he accepted the situation instead.

This is a wake up call for all those who think that good vibrations or having no fear will protect you. It won't.

Ty said (January 10, 2012):

A couple things to consider in light of the almighty alone knowing the full extent of Pike's truthfulness.

1. Pike said he tried to repel the demons through invoking Christ's name. Christ's name works to the exact degree that one has faith in that name. Maybe Pike's faith in Christ himself has been waining, but remember, that is the exact weakness Demons try to facilitate.

2. While Porter is right about Women and Men, Women are Men's protection in the way of their unwavering support of Men. As Christians, we too are "women" in the sense and our role is to defend our Husband Christ by word and deed in allegiance to his work.

3. To the charge of demon possession and the believer, remember that Peter too went through times of being over come; "Get behind me Satan", Christ said. Scriptures also makes it very clear that at the end of the age, the enemy will be given power to overcome the Saints.

In conclusion, while it may be true that Pike's failure may be linked to his dabbling in the enemies ways, I do not think it was intentioned and this fact alone might show why he and his wife "lost" their earthly battle against the dark powers and principalities of this Satanically controlled world in relation to his Wife's demise. We ought to support Pike, not condemn him. Help Pike reach his full potential in Christ, not crucify him. None of us knows what happened to his wife for sure. Maybe she was pushed off the bridge.

Ken said (January 10, 2012):

The truth is undeniable, Ted Pike's work is almost absolute for understanding of today's "Israel". His work is monumental. But Pike being Hegelian right to ADL left? I don't buy it. Ted Pike's tragedy has all the signals of delving into spiritual matters unprotected, not properly covered. Pike has, almost single handedly stood in the gap against ADL's perpetual onslaught of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech forays time and time again. When you touch these issues you are touching the very eye of the tornado. You think those "Jews" don't curse such as Ted Pike and his family? Especially the "Jews" of the Synagogue of Satan, B'nai B'rith etc. When you touch Israel and unbelieving Jews and the Synagogue of Satan, you have to have the protection of The Holy Spirit of God no ifs, ands, or buts. Period. This is a monumental "My people perish for lack of knowledge..." Hosea 4:6, as is Pike's monumental body of work exposing modern day Jewry in its horrific Talmudic Satanic Political Zionist condition, which scripture foretells, Isaiah 28.

I cannot but marvel that one of the most popular and famous "pastors" of today who is a virulent promoter of the error of Political Zionism prospers materially and is fawned over while this teller of truth and his family are severely and viciously demonically attacked. The only reason is that the "pastor" is really baptized in The Holy Spirit of God and Ted Pike doesn't seem to have a clue as to what that actually really means. It is knowledgeable among Satanists and worshippers of demons that when a curse is put on a Christian person baptized in The Holy Spirit of God that curse they curse will come back on them, no ifs, ands, or buts. Period. One of my good brothers was good friends with a high level Mason who confided in my brother that his mentors in his Mason Temple instructed him to never put a curse on a Christian who speaks in tongues because that curse will come back on him.

Dr. Day (below) has much of the truth, but, there is an Israel of Abraham's DNA and we find them in Rev. 7:1-17. This present "Israel" is primarily of Esau contaminated Pharisees who led the conversion of the Kazars; their objective is to return the birthright from Jacob back to himself, Esau. This 144,000 or Rev. 7 are the true seed of Abraham in that they believe in and rely on Jesus Messiah.

Pike did address the issue of Kazars in one of his videos: The Other Israel.

Might I suggest that anyone dealing with these issues seek out Derek Prince's books on the subject of demonology. Prince was the pre-eminent demonologist of the last half of the 1900's.

Aspen said (January 10, 2012):

No matter what Black Arts practitioners care to boast over, they DO NOT control the demons with which they consort. In every case of "siccing" demons against enemies, the joke is against the supposed controller.

Human occult practice operates according to one principle only: feeding the deceptions proffered by intrusive spiritual beings, by giving up authority and power. For example, a man makes contact with a "spirit" or "demon", and he says, "I'll do what you want; just show me evidence of your existence and of your power." The demon says, "Put your hand upon a book, and raise your hand." The man does it, and the book rises with the man's hand. Proof given. Now, the man must do what the DEMON wants, because that was the deal. Thereafter, the man is the slave to the demon: he gives up control; the demon manifests.

Demons have no control, except for what power is given them. They need conduits. The only way to become a conduit for a demon, or for demons, is to accede to the intrusion.

When demons attack, Fear is their power. Most people are not accustomed to managing their fear. People feel weak against the violence and bloodthirst of the Dark. They give in quickly, or else they roil in confusion and go mad. Sometimes quickly. Most of the time, slowly.

Most "demons" are small, petty beings looking for attention. They impress people because they are different from normal Human experience. They wedge their way in. They build up schedules of interference and anxiety. They want more and more attention. They build up fear.

In a way, demons are just like people, except that people don't treat demons like people. They treat demons as something to fear. That is the grand mistake.

What would you do, if I slapped you hard, and pushed you into a little dark room, and told you to start acting crazy? What if I said, I want you to run around your house, barking pre-Talmudic nomenclatures, wriggling your face and behaving like an epileptic? What if I hit you, and tortured you, and said, "Do what I want, or you'll never get out of here"?

Maybe you would do what I want, because of the physical circumstances.

It's not the same with demons. Demons have no hammers or wrenches. They have only YOUR FEARS to work with. Either you offer them your complicity, or you recognize what they are, and tear them to shreds.

I have met many demons, but I do not fear demons. Demons fear me. I am not fooled by the mysteries of the darkness. Any demon or any petty spirit that wants to challenge me will leave, knowing total defeat.

I choose to love what is right. I do it with a clear mind.

No number of demons can assail that. Believe me, they have tried.

John said (January 9, 2012):

I had to correct Dr. Day's comment below You may remember a number of years ago that the Vatican Exorcist, Fr, Gabriele Amorth stated that the revised exorcism prayers don't work.

How would a layman with no priestly powers from a valid ordination, and without prayers in the proper form expect to get results? Even with all of that, Malachy Martin had trouble with an exorcism of a five year old in New England that ultimately led to his death.

The point is that God has a certain order as Creator that He requires of His creatures to attain spiritual effects. In the Old Testament, God required sacrifice by means of the blood of animals. The significance is this is that all creation is His to give and take. After God sent His Son to redeem the sins of man by bloody sacrifice, that sacrifice became the only acceptable reparation.

In this light, all "religions" are a scam and a fraud, save the pre-Vatican II Catholic Church, and the Jewish religion is defunct. That is why at a secret meeting of B'nai Brith in Paris in 1936 the "Jews who are not Jews" targeted the Catholic Church for destruction. In the text of one of your prior articles on this subject you had the following quotes:

"Calvin was on of our children - he was of Jewish descent, and was entrusted by Jewish authority and encouraged with Jewish finance to draft his scheme in the reformation." "Martin Luther yielded to the the influence of his Jewish friends, and again, by Jewish authority and with Jewish finance, his plot against the Catholic Church met with success."

In 1968 Prof. Gommar DePauw, Doctor of Canon Law stated that through the instrument of Communism, Protestant denominations were "infiltrated to the bone." He also stated that the only sacrifice acceptable to God for our salvation, that of His Son, had been destroyed by the revolutionaries in what is now the fake catholic church.

Since Christ said; "unless you eat My Body and drink My Blood, you will not have life everlasting" it behooves individuals to seek the true Catholic Church which, in the words of Our Lady of LaSalette, is presently in eclipse but will have a promised glorious rebirth (Our Lady of Good Success).

AL said (January 9, 2012):

I was saddened to read about what had happened to Rev. Pike and his wife and that they had to suffer in silence all these years with no support. I pray that she is now in a better place. Perhaps this is not the time or place to comment but the Islamic community and their scholars would have been able to help him if he had only asked - they have knowledge of how to ward off these entities (who are of another dimension and known as djinn), but through black magic can be summoned by humans to attack and possess victims until the person inflicts harm to themselves or goes insane. I know this from experience unfortunately, not hearsay. They almost destroyed my wifes' will to live and tried to make her kill our unborn child.

Henry, these forces that you have been writing about all these years are real - whether its satanism/witchcraft, freemasonry or zionism - we can see their actions and their objective is the same. They are heralding the antichrist (dajjal) and his "new world order". A world void of spirituality, morality, humanity and love. I believe the destruction of the holy mosque of al-Aqsa is central to his arrival. These demonic entities are just another way for them attack those who oppose them or have any good left in their souls when their other methods fail. . The only shield from all their evil is belief in God, and they are doing everything they can to make us doubt his existence. May God help us all.

Dan said (January 9, 2012):

I think that I can explain Pike's composure what is to us the horrific circumstance of the suicide of a 56 year old woman. Pike has very strong faith that his wife is in a better place. I don't mean that to sound like a platitude. I have seen some church people that took the death of a spouse or parent almost cheerfully. Where there's been suffering they are happy for the loved one's release to their beautiful imaginings of resurrection, and they also believe the separation will be temporary.

As for not mentioning the demonic details earlier, would you have? Seems natural that Pike kept his wife's bi-polar disorder private while she was alive, and that would have to be explained if he announced that she was under demonic attack. It would also be harmful to his wife to go public with any such information. Now that she's gone there's no reason not to disclose it. Also, it may be Pike's mind's way of making sense of her suicide. It's only been a little over a month.

Henry, do you suppose the Pikes were under technological attack? Pike saw some, but not all, of the things his wife saw. MID 'alters' look a lot like demon possession. But Pike saw a man they'd been talking with 'dematerialize as he walked away'. The Pikes would be prime targets for state of the art technological attack. Not to shut him up, but to exploit his fame to discredit religious faith as an early symptom of insanity. (?)
The Pikes were squeaky clean in life except for their views. It is possible that Mrs. Pike succumbed to mental disorders but that wouldn't readily explain shared hallucinations on the order of seeing a man disappear in thin air. They thought they'd talked with an angel.

I'd never seen or read anything by Pike, I recognized his name from the Southern Poverty Center Law Center's 'hate watch' list under "Anti-Gay Christian Activist Radical Anti-Semite".
This isn't the time to go into that too much, though I will say took a look at the Pike's 30 years of material. Their position seems what was mainstream middle class America and the law of the land before the 1960's. Pike was never a supremacist. He has just as outspoken against David Duke's 'White Supremacy' as he's been of the ADL. Pike has never been a 'separatist', on the grounds that to deny non-whites freedom of movement anywhere in society is a violation of their human rights.
All things considered, my own brief review of the Pikes' material since yesterday seems to me their positions were the law of the land in the United States before Roe v. Wade, before the Kinsey Report and the repeal of Sodomy laws, and Christian Zionism replacing Calvinism as the mainstream theology of middle America.

Pike anticipates Christian Zionists will say he and his wife were cursed by God for criticizing Israel. However the whole affair has been largely ignored by media and evidently none of Pike's enemies have made any comments about him since before his wife's death.

Lorraine Day MD said (January 9, 2012):

For many years I have read Ted Pike's material, bought his videos, and supported much of what he has written in exposing the crimes of the Zionist Jews. However, he has always blindly and incorrectly hung on to the fiction that the present-day Jews are 1) genetic descendants of the Israelites of the Old Testament - which they are not - they are descendants of the Khazars - "Gentile" mongol Turks who accepted the culture and the religion of Judaism in the 7th or 8th century (See, for instance, "The Thirteenth Tribe" by Jewish author Arthur Koestler), and 2) that the present-day Jews are God's "Chosen People" (also an error) and that they would have a right to Palestine "if only they were keeping God's commandments" which is an incorrect "sense knowledge" reading of the Bible (using the 5 senses only), with no spiritual discernment. (See 1 Cor 2:14) The Bible tells us that a sense knowledge interpretation of the Scriptures is the sign of an immature Christian. I am terribly sorry about the tragedy of his wife's death, but the biggest problem in his whole story of her demon possession (which I believe she actually was) is that a true Christian cannot be possessed by demons. Jesus always delivered those who came to Him for healing of their demon-possession - IF they believed in Him. To claim that one can be a true Christian and still not be able to overcome demon possession makes Satan more powerful than Jesus Christ. This cannot be. Nor can the Jews "curse" someone into demon possession if that person is walking in the light of the true Gospel of Christ. And then to characterize her death as a "martyr for God and freedom" is a travesty against God - as though God is not powerful enough to have delivered her. The problem is always with "us" - it is never with God. God PROMISES to "heal ALL our diseases" (Psalm 103:3) - including demon possession - IF we "follow His laws, commandments and decrees." (Deut 7:11-15) When one cannot overcome demon possession, one must always look into his or her own life for the problem - or belief - that needs eradication, the problem or belief that allowed the demon possession to occur in the first place.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at