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Teen Girls 'Prefer' Devil to Jesus

December 5, 2011

TWILIGHT,jpg.jpg(left. Look at the expression on the actress'  face- surrender to debauchery & evil)

Movies like Twilight, where a girl marries a vampire, groom girls for sexual abuse; and at worst, satanic ritual abuse. From an Australian mother, an example of how humanity is inducted into a satanic cult. The first two "Twilight" films grossed one billion dollars, and the latest "Breaking Dawn" has already made $600 million worldwide.

From Aussie Mother


My daughter told me a very worrying story last week. It has shocked me to my core. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.

My daughter is 17 and has just finished year 11 at a Catholic school, as have her friends who all come from good average families and are all nice girls.

We are not overly religious, we don't go to church as we don't agree with all the pomp and ceremony etc, but we do believe strongly in God, family and doing the right thing by people.

My daughter and her friends were having a discussion about Jesus and the devil and who they would want to "be with." What a thing to even think about was Annie's first words.

Of the five girls, my daughter was the only one that said Jesus !!! not even a contest she told them.

The others laughed at her and said she was so old fashioned. She is very strong in her beliefs and was not bothered. She asked them since when
did good become bad and bad good?

Why wouldn't you want to be with someone who was always good to you and loved you, someone who was good to other people and who
would always do the right thing? Someone who was patient, kind, respectful and there for you as you would be for him?

Her friends responses were as follows: the devil would be more fun; Jesus is boring; the devil would be better in bed (heaven help us); the devil is not a goody goody and would show you a good time; the devil is not judgmental and you could do what you want.

He wouldn't fawn all over you and would treat you a little mean (which they thought was good.)

My daughter responded that the devil would never look after you; you could never trust him; he would be cruel to you and others; he would enjoy seeing you debased and hurt.

Who in their right mind would choose him? Where did they get the idea that Jesus would not be fun?

The girls said they would get tired of Jesus always having to do the right thing; there would be no "chemistry" with Jesus. They said my daughter was so far behind the times, etc

Three of the girls families are broken up and of these two live with their mums and the other with her dad. The last girl comes from a family very similar to our own.

I know from what the girls tell us that they don't talk to their parents much and don't discuss things, which I sure is the reason they like to come to our house.

breakingdawn_poster.jpgMEDIA INFLUENCE

This just REALLY shocked me, I was horrified to think they have been so influenced by the media, advertising and bad TV shows etc and all I can say is that the mass brainwashing that the devil is wonderful is working.

Society is defiantly breaking down and I would never have thought for a second that it would be so close to home. How can we change these new perceptions in young people when they are surrounded by smut everyday?

We have a very strong family unit, the four of us sit down together for breakfast and dinner every day, we watch movies as a family and the kids want to spend time with us. Not only that but all their friends spend lots of time at our place, which is not large but always happy.

We discuss schooling, drugs, sex, alcohol, world issues, music, the brainwashing of society and anything they ask us about.

I cook and bake allot ,as well as run a gift shop at the front of our house, all the friends love coming for the food, and having a chat with my husband and I, and they always bring their new boyfriends for approval.

My daughter is what would be termed old fashioned. She doesn't believe in sex before marriage, she only just got a mobile phone because she just got her driving license, she wears dresses, loves tradition has a great sense of fairness,enjoys baking and looking after kids. She wants to be a Naturopath but her goal in life is to get married and have kids.

Her friends all laugh because she gets good grades and is smart. They say what a waste.

She believes that this is really what they want too, but they just don't want to admit it because its not "cool".

She doesn't really get on with a lot of the boys at school, as she thinks they are rude, suggestive and offensive, and worry way to much about their hair and how good they look. They think she is aloof and prudish.

She says she can never go out with someone who has more hair products than her or is so obsessed with how they look !

She is lovely looking, long dark hair, brown eyes and fair skin, a real beauty. She worries she will never find someone like her dad, brother or uncles who all have respect for family and women. She is sometimes
sad that she doesn't have a boyfriend when all her friends do and wonders why not. She asks if her expectations are too high or if she is to much of a prude.

We tell her no, stick to what she believes and the right man will come along one day. But sometimes in my heart I wonder if he will. Are there are any good ones at Annie's age?

And what does my son have to look forward to  have to look forward to if four out of five girls would choose a bad boy over a good one?

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Comments for "Teen Girls 'Prefer' Devil to Jesus"

Dan said (December 6, 2011):

I just am wondering what the woman means by saying "we don't go to church as we don't agree with all the pomp and ceremony etc" .
Yet it seems she has television that streams "advertising and bad TV shows" into her home on a regular basis. To me it looks like she's sending the message that church is boring and TV and vampire movies are normal.
It is much wonder that her daughter's friends are probably girls that mothers raised them to think there's something wrong with attending chruch too? Is it surprising girls that think of Vampire teen sex movies as 'church' think Jesus is boring because he doesn't turn them on sexually?
The youth aren't to blame - they're impressionable. If they go to church instead of watching "R" rated movies they'll think and fantasize accordingly. A diet of soft porn follows suit. Girls who would choose Jesus over Satan are the ones in her classes that go to church with their family and spend their recreational time with church youth group activities. Not in movie theaters.


Tony B said (December 6, 2011):

I work at a school. In the last two years all the old fiction books in the school library, those with moral, uplifting stories, were unceremoniously thrown away and replaced with "modern" fiction which is:
1. More pictures, drawings, etc. than text. (The text itself seldom gets beyond first or second grade level and the kids still struggle with it in this "middle school.")
2. Almost 100% replacing of all "heroes," or just worthy people, with girls - boys are almost not there except as villains.
3. Extremely heavy on occult, especially vampire crap.

Also, every outside outfit that brings in a ton of books to sell directly to the kids and staff in frequent "book fairs" is loaded with the same crap.

If the parents themselves had not been so dumbed down by the schools earlier, they would blow a gasket when seeing this mind destroying, morals destroying, trash.

In a word, what quality reading remained in this public school has been knowingly replaced with garbage. Since the kids have never been exposed to worthiness in reading - if they can, in fact, read - they prefer the "more interesting" garbage and the school pushes it. Moreover, all the teachers and much of the staff have copies on their doors of covers of fiction books from the library which they are currently reading. And they can be seen studiously immersed in this filth.

This is not an isolated case, this is the "norm" in U.S. public schools now where the teachers and staff are dumber than the kids. (And where those kids who recognize the situation rebel and are constantly harassed until they quit.)

Marcos said (December 6, 2011):

It is sad, but these girls might profit from a visit to the morgue, to see victims of Satanism. Or maybe a trip to psychiatric ward, where they lock criminal Satanists after they have gone crazy. Or what about a visit to places where animals and sometimes people are sacrificed, with blood scattered all around, a foul smell and a mess of offerings, idols and trash mixed together ? Maybe a talk with a girl who has been gang raped in a ritual ? There is no lack of thrill with this kind of life, not exactly movie actor style.

One of the problems is of course the media, but kids today are shielded from reality. Parents should put the cards on the table and say, yes, there is a devil, and he does these horrible things, as soon as the kid has maturity to understand and trust in Jesus for their protection. I don't know if in Australia the churches preach about the devil, but they should. Every week there is a story on the papers about someone who has been murdered by Satanists or witches.

The other day a woman was arrested after killing her three little kids. Policemen could not restrain her because of her abnormal strength. During the reconstitution of the crime scene, the woman became possessed again and the demon boasted to the police:"see what I made her do ? See what I did ?". The policemen were on TV and were livid, saying they had never seen such a thing.

A date with Baphomet? Show them the picture of the handsome. They will say, "no, thank you !".

Ken said (December 6, 2011):

To the Mother and Daughter,

There is probably not anything more pleasing to Jesus and The Father than that a young woman would rather have Him as her Man. If you, Daughter, will keep your heart and eyes on Him, He will bring into your life a man after His own heart who will love and cherish you as He loves and cherishes you. I know this by experience in my own life in that God brought to me a woman much the same the daughter of this piece. I love her dearly. She loves me dearly. There is peace in my home because Jesus love us.

Trust that He will and patience will be the key here, because you have to be prepared for each other for the lives He has planned for you.

Bryce said (December 6, 2011):

There are numerous places and examples of a vibrant Christian culture. Australia has a powerhouse in the Hillsong United church. Their music is amazing and I listen to it way over here in the USA. She could tap into that and meet like-minded young people? We also have radio stations like Air1 and examples of fine, upstanding people such as: Tim Tebow, Morgan Woolard and others who are not afraid to stand up for themselves and won't sell out to better their careers.

In fact, I found the fact that Morgan Woolard and Carrie Prejean would not cave to political correctness as inspiring and as motivational as anything ever done. Hope her daughter stays the course and walks the path, for she will thank her one day. The others are headed for divorces and ruin or a life time of one night stands without love from their cold, corpse-Vampire imitating idiot boyfriends.

Hans said (December 6, 2011):

All this is a carefully staged part of psychological warfare. A part of Satan's tricks is to mix good with evil, until evil first appears fashionable, and will then than be accepted as "good". It is similarly expressed in the gender-mix-scheme, where men are being told to behave in female ways, whilst it is suggested to woman, a "real woman" would have to be manly.

Satan first manufactures a fake, a "double", then puts them next to each other, until they are mistaken for one an other, finally - that is the plan - the fake is to replace the original.

Exactly as Satan wishes to appear as "God", and to be worshiped instead of him.

And yet, it should not be overlooked: Satan is first and foremost envious on Christ and wants to be like him, therefore all of his (and his followers') efforts to smear Christ are not credible. Of course, satanic "Churches", disguised as "Christian", i talk about main-stream Christianity, play into that plot from the other side, by presenting a false image of Christ as endless suffering, all-forgiving, which he is not; and a fake version of Christianity, which is obnoxious and corrupt to the extreme, "garnished" with pedophilia and political correctness - none of which is remotely biblical! All that repels people from Jesus Christ / Christianity, while at the same time worldly powers mix popular culture subtly with Satanism, and so the bait gets swallowed.

If the illustrations of Baphomet are an indication of what the satanic mentality consists of, than Satan / Lucifer (and they are the same, contrary to many popular myths), are the opposite of what people - as described above - perceive it would be. That mentality includes: being bi-sexual, copying, boring, weak, contradictory, cowardly, lying, manipulating, enslaving, murdering, loosing, whereas Christ is open, direct, manly, unchangeable, faithful, heroic, true, witty, victorious, perfect and original.

Whether it is presidential (or any other political) "elections", or cultural attitudes - ignorant, careless, unthinking people are programmed to be judging images, instead of words and fruits. They will - unless they change - remain for ever in a spitritual desert and die in it.

Elsa said (December 6, 2011):

It's a sad fact that the majority are heading in the wrong direction. It's easy to join the road that appears wide and well-traveled but we all need to think where that road will end. I'm hoping your daughter will stand by her principles and I am sure she will be justly rewarded.

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