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Illuminati Will Pretend to Lead Resistance to NWO

April 19, 2009

(Texas Governor, Rick Perry left)

by Henry Makow and Richard Evans

Secession has been a verboten issue in the United States since the end of the Civil War.  Any group who've brought it up have been targeted by press and government as 'militant fringe groups"  All of a sudden in 2009, we're seeing it endorsed by career politicians in several states simultaneously, and the media is giving them good press.

Last week, Rick Perry,  Texas Governor since George W. Bush's departure in 2000, raised secession of Texas from the Federal Union at a Ron Paul type 'Tea Party" to protest Federal spending and the tax burden on the little guy.

Clearly the Illuminati intend to harness and divert popular discontent to advance their own secret agenda, i.e. the melding of the USA into their world government. Many people think the tea party movement in general exhibits a suspicious amount of organization and media acceptance. (Contrast Fox TV's coverage of this with "9-11 Truth.")

Perry later told the Star-Telegram that he "never specifically said that Texas should consider trying to secede."  Technically he's correct. He got cheers telling the Tea Party rabble that the Republic of Texas legislature left a provision in the 1845 agreement to cede with the US Federal government.

But Perry is no populist. In May 2007,  Dallas Morning News reported, "Gov. Rick Perry is flying to Istanbul, Turkey, today to speak at the super-secret Bilderberg Conference, a meeting of about 130 international leaders in business, media and politics."  All the Governor's press secretary had to say was, "He's looking forward to learning the secret handshake." And, "It's their conference, and I suppose they can run it anyway they want." Perry's expenses were officially paid by the PAC group 'Texans for Rick Perry'.

Although he's never cared what the voters want, Perry intends to run for an unprecedented third term for Governor in 2010.

Perry's gubernatorial resume includes supporting 'Open Borders'; proponent of the $145 billion+ Trans-Texas (NAFTA) Highway to the dismay and anger of central Texas residents who have never been consulted on whether they want or need it.  (Thousands of square miles of land has been seized by the State of Texas under eminent domain for this project in Central Texas from the Mexican border just west of  San Antonio, Austin, and and Dallas and North Texas.)  Perry helped set it up so the project is being built by the Spanish contractor Cinta, and paid for by new toll highways all over the State.
Perry further alienated Texas parents and Legislators by attempting to override a "No" decision on mandatory vaccination of 11-year-old girls with an vaccine for an STD, venereal & warts (the $350 a pop "slut shot.")  Perry invoked Executive Order in Feb 2007, but families filed class action suit and many financial connections between Perry and big pharma corporation Merck  came out.   Perry backed down but a new bill has been introduced that will make Gardasil mandatory "as an admission requirement for all primary and secondary schools."


The real secessionist movement leaders were arrested, one killed in 1997. Old school Texans will remember there was a genuine grass roots secessionist movement during the 70's through the 90's.  They called themselves the Republic of Texas. During the 80's one couldn't miss seeing thousands of 'SECEDE!' bumper stickers in Houston and Austin traffic. Few people took the Secessionists seriously, but the Federal and Texas governments did.  Secessionist movement leaders were hunted down and arrested or killed in West Texas in 1997.

The story made the New York Times and CNN, referring to them as 'militant secession group' and 'fringe group'. The group, led by Richard McLaren, stated historical fact that the original Republic of Texas legislature had never ratified Texas becoming a territory or State of the United States.  The Republic of Texas was chartered as a sovereign nation recognized by the United States government at the time.

All the Republic of Texas members had been calling for was an official state wide public referendum so citizens could decide whether they wanted to remain under Federal government or reclaim Republic status.  

One secessionist was killed in the Davis Mountains by Texas State Police helicopter snipers.  No other witnesses. How is it that Governor Rick Perry is getting  full media support using the same arguments as did a  'militant fringe group' ?


chavezobama.jpgThe melding of the United States into the world government continues apace at the Latin American Summit. Obama is offering Cuba a "new beginning" and exchanging Masonic handshakes with Chavez of Venezuela. He is telling them that the US is no longer a senior partner but an equal in the hemisphere.

None of this should be a surprise. Obama, Chavez and Castro are all Freemasons and Communists, and the New World Order is Masonic and Communist.  Insider Christian Rakovsky said the purpose of Freemasonry is to bring about Communism.

The Agenda will advance without a glitch as long as the Illuminati can continue to pretend to represent their own opposition.
Thanks to David Q for suggesting this story.

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Comments for "Illuminati Will Pretend to Lead Resistance to NWO"

Linda said (April 20, 2009):

Once again, I think you have called it. Picture the famous image of Liberty Leading the People. And who were the Sons of Liberty? The Grand Worshipful Brethern of the Grand Orient which fomented the Great Revolution of 1789.

This puts me to mind of one of my favourite political platitudes (with which I am apt to bore my grandchildren). I have lots of personal favourites from the Grand Orient. Here is one:

La milleure facon de controller l'opposition est de l'organiser soi-meme.

"The best way to control the opposition is to organise it yourself.

Remember, gentle readers, of Henry's essays - these people (the Illuminati) never get any new or original ideas. If I may quote a favourite author (J.R.R. Tolkien) - "it's alwaysbeen The Precious for poor Smeagol all along." (Samwise Gamgee in The Lord of the Rings)

Dorothy said (April 20, 2009):

Your article on the Tea Party is right on – media sponsored to flush out those patriots now. The smoke screens of all lies have been perpetrated on us from every angle. It has been totally Demonic and Masonic webs throughout churches, schools, police, politicians and government.

Since the 60s, I have watch my whole teenage generation acceptance of alcohol, drugs, destruction of marriage through fornication, homosexual lifestyles & women’s liberation to weaken the family order which destroyed God’s plan over Husband, Wife and Children. I guess the sexualization of my entire generation blinded everyone around me. Possessions mean more that spiritual relationship with God. Disrespect for men has risen to astronomical heights. The result is men’s ability to work in white men’s industries has been completely destroyed by young women human resource personnel.

They disregard the contributions men have made in the past for what is modern and edgy.

No manufacturing, no need for males has lead to power hungry, angry, hostile women running everything into the ground. Example: Why do women prostitute themselves to men and women on Craig’s list. These nude women have no shame. The bible calls them silly women & harlots. They ruined their own life and their families by living world’s satanic principles and now they are desperate for any kind of relationship to satisfy their fleshly lusts. No wonder the “American culture” is in shambles. Women have
left their natural use. How could any man love and respect this kind of women. Breast implants, tanning salons, nail parlor, tinted hair, and on and on. ...Because of our lack of character and moral fiber, we now face a communist dictatorship and the raping of American people. Then some idiot thinks of Tea Parties and ACORN (Leftist Communists trained Obama by Jesuits) sweeps in to lead the uninformed middle age white women to dress up in those ugly patriotic clothes to prance around town hall meetings. I bet they all watch FAUX TV. (I am same age and think these women are just acting in a fool’s game.)

Only informed Christian men change history. They know how to fight the battles. Screw the Tea Parties.

They are meaningless efforts on the part of losers. If the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, we are in trouble. Overall women in this culture are lost. Not to say that I have not
met some awesome well informed patriotic women and they are on their knees praying to God for forgiveness and mercy for this generation. That Jesus Christ will be glorified and God’s will be done and that the Holy Spirit will convict the lost to their condition and need for repentance. We continue to pray for men to be raised up to serve God and proclaim truth in the land. Also, that they will not be persecuted or harmed as they point out the liars and enemies of the USA.

Eric said (April 20, 2009):

While your suspicion of a peoples movement being co-opted by some powerful group to maintain and expand their dominance is well intentioned, I believe you may have missed the target.

"Clearly the Illuminati intend to harness and divert popular discontent to advance their own secret agenda, i.e. the melding of the
USA into their world government. Many people think the tea party movement in general exhibits a suspicious amount of organization and media acceptance."

I do not share your sense of clarity, especially towards your suggestion that the 'Freemasons' are working towards communism. The blatant diversion of popular discontent by the elite is to serve the
purpose of maintaining the global capitalist system. I agree that at this moment it is in the interest of the dominant few to break down
the legal structure and constitution of the US, but only to limit the capacity of the people to revolt against their own government and
fundamentally reorganize the structure of economic/financial relations. The US is a decaying system of monopoly capitalism, and
Obama is meant to renew the legitimacy of the corrupt banking system, if nothing else. A homogeneous monopoly is the ultimate development of any 'free-market' economic illusion. Both Capitalism and Communism are utopian ideals, neither of which will ever be realized. It is the
mistake of all people to assume they live in a state of pure free-market capitalism. Actual markets are controlled and moderated within the specific context of power relationships.

Still, the MSM are attempting to take all major grassroots political organization (tea parties, end the fed, etc.) as their own. Clearly
the corporate sponsored media conglomerates are attempting to minimize the legitimacy of popular dissent, and redirect the attention of the
people while the government completely undermines the Constitution to serve the demands of global corporate capitalism.

I support any event where people come out, and listen to each other. We must unite in peaceful non-compliance with the federal government,
which should have been deemed illegitimate by the people long ago.

CB said (April 19, 2009):

Re: Tea Parties, etc.

I always loved the scene in “Animal House” where the “inappropriate” would-be members of a prestigious fraternity where all herded into a holding area, away from the “real” ones.

When a few wander into the social milieu, away from their pen, they are quickly spotted by
the party “wranglers”, and amiably channeled right back onto their Misfit Couch.

If one plays their game, one will lose; it is, after all, their game. But, the will is absent, and the populace trendy, and hopelessly stupid. It falls to a dwindling few, and thank you for all
your efforts in this regard. The faux Media’s eye-gauze is becoming threadbare, I believe.
at least to a critical, aware and discerning few. That is, hopefully, sufficient.

It was, before.

Alan said (April 19, 2009):

You and Mr. Evans are probably spot on with your observations that the secessionist movement has been co-opted into the hands of the enemy. I too was a bit disappointed when I found out Governor Perry had said that. I was happy initially to hear any politician talk like that but then the reality set and the voice of Eustace Mullins came back to me when he once told me that you will only see and hear people on TV that "they" want you to see. Clearly, Perry is there for a reason.

As a Texan, I wouldn't necessarily mind Texas as it's own country, but there would be issues involved. And I often wonder if the Bankers would use a secession of one of the world's largest economies in itself (Texas) as a tool to bring in a North American Union, ie., Texas, Mexico, U.S. and Canada. In which instance it would all be a smokescreen.

I'd have to say you succeeded in shedding some light on the Secession movement.

Jean said (April 19, 2009):

Regarding "Illuminati will lead resistance to NWO", just wanted to thank you. Also, the photo of Freemanson Obama was priceless.

I became alarmed recently when I saw Gov. Perry having a big press conference saying how he supported our Resolution to uphold the Tenth Amendment as well as his attendance at a local "Tea Party." The groups that I try to loosely work with to fight the Trans Texas Corridor and other local matters do not want to expose the fact that "our leaders" are using we the people's righteous anger in their favor. These groups demand that we be "polite" to our lying, thug legislators. Well, I just wrote a not-so-polite email to Representative Jessica Farrar who introduced the new mandatory Guardasil vaccine bill in the Texas legislature.

I am going to pray to only get mad and upset about the things God wants me to be mad and upset about, not what the people of the "patriot movement" try to get me upset about. My litmus test is "do they really want the whole truth to come out?"

Laura said (April 19, 2009):

Armed citizens and revolution = depopulation of the U.S. and an excuse to bring about martial law. I have some acquaintances that live ‘off the grid’. They have no phone, television or internet, generate their own electricity with solar panels, own their land and house, and get their mail through someone else. I’m beginning to think this is the only way to fight the NWO, if it can be fought.

JC said (April 19, 2009):

When I read in the news about Gov. Perry's statements about Texas and succession, I found them at odds with his past political stances (which you and Richard Evans explain in detail) I wondered where this guy is coming from since he has been so far on the other side of the fence.

Your observation helped bring it to light. It's almost as if one has to believe the opposite of what is reported in the news to grasp the truth or its illusion in the world. A few of those who have commented on guns and why the government/NWO continue to let people have them seems obvious to me. The forces in power will continue to let people feel they have control. While the people are complacent with this fake feeling of self control the NWO is removing the rock that the people's faith is founded on and replacing it with sand. When the time is right they will simply make guns illegal. This sounds ridiculously simplistic, but Americans have been so conditioned to obeying the law, any law, no matter how repressive it is, that many Americans will simply turn in their guns.

For those who don't, the [government] will simply make the violation of these laws so onerous that another part of Americans will turn in their guns. After some very high profile arrests and very destructive prison sentences that effectively ruins the gun violators lives, a good majority of the people who held out will succumb to fear and turn in their guns, leaving only the fringe which they were never going to get anyway, but still small enough not to be a real threat.

Jim said (April 19, 2009):

Under your Helen Gurley Brown essay [and below] Robert wrote wondering about US gun laws and why the hidden powers would allow us to be armed when it seems we might use weapons to resist extreme government measures. Here's an attempt at an answer.

The US has always been a gun-owning country. Weapons were needed to drive the Indians off their land for example. With guns so deeply ingrained in US culture, coupled with numerous studies that indicate that armed citizens are a deterrent to crime, my guess is that it is currently more difficult than it is worth to disarm Americans...yet.

America is a big player in making the hidden agenda come about. We fought on the side of international communism in WW II. We are destroying Iraq and Afghanistan to help Israel become more powerful and possibly to bring about WW III. Our dollars are aggressively destroying the currencies of many other countries to possibly bring about a one world form of money after the dollar crashes and burns. We are allowing our society to be transformed by feminism and other trends, which you so skillfully document, in order to serve the hidden agenda even further. So perhaps as long as we are obedient cattle we will be allowed a bit of political non-correctness.

Even more than this, though, is the idea that media propaganda does such a good job manipulating public opinion these days that our guns may not really be much of a threat to them. Lets face it, the mass of Americans believe WW II was a "good" war, that 9-11 was caused by 19 hijackers with box-cutters, that elections are basically honest, that we are fighting terrorism in the middle east and that there is some justification for bailing out the bankers with trillions of our dollars. People may be armed, but they can easily be manipulated into many different self-destructive behaviors which will make resistance to government control feeble at best. Furthermore media propaganda is now so effective that Bush did all kinds of things counter to public opinion, and the law for that matter, and no violent revolutions broke out. We seemingly have indeed become "sheeple" who are so easily led.

Another thing is that the real insiders have not been shy throughout history to arm groups and cause needless wars. The Rothschilds and other bankers in Europe were known to stir up wars in order to profit from arms sales. Armed groups do not threaten their power, they are just one more tool to be used.

Finally, Americans own weapons which seem fearsome to those not in the military, but which are as nothing to a trained military force. Does anyone really expect that a bunch of neighborhood guys, even if armed with assault rifles, would be any match for trained soldiers backed by state of the art planes, tanks, satellites, and such? Look at what we did to heavily armed Iraq in just a matter of days, and they had tanks, cannons and lots of other modern weapons. Rifles are no match for jet airplanes and guided missiles.

Robert said (April 19, 2009):

Awesome article Henry, that answers, in part, a burning question for me. It does indeed look like the "patriot movement" is being co-opted and a rebellion is being fomented and armed with all of the new concealed carry laws and the relaxing of the "assault weapons ban." Like they couldn't have re-instated the assault weapons ban if they had wanted to? Right. I'm beginning to suspect that there really isn't much of a danger to gun rights under Obama; the scare stuff by the mainstream media about reintroducing the assault weapons ban (and even some of the alternative media sources) may have been just a way of making sure that people armed themselves. Making people buy guns and ammo like there's no tomorrow. Now they're armed and they'll be pushed into doing something with them. Create the revolution that will crush the resistors. As E. Michael Jones says in Monsters From The Id:

"[The Marquis] de Sade saw "insurrection" as the natural state of men, who were nothing more than machines made out of matter in which motion is inherent. Since passions are the moral equivalent of gravity, the successful government is not the one that stifles passion [and dissent], but rather the one that fosters it, and then directs the subsequent motions to its own ends....The key insight of the Marquis de Sade and the Christian West is that the moral man is at peace; he is in other words not in motion and therefore impossible to direct and control from the outside. But--and this is a crucial point-- the revolutionary's very restlessness, his very rebellion against the moral order, holds within it the seeds of his own subjugation because the state can control his passions."

E. Michael Jones is talking primarily about cultural revolution (remember the 1984 slogan: "Freedom is Slavery"?) but I guess this goes just as well for political revolutionaries. They've already created an immoral society at whim to its passions, now they'll give 'em guns and piss 'em off. Thus, the "Revelation Of The Method," as Michael A. Hoffman II calls it, that we're seeing all of the internet (anyone can find out approximately what's going on if they want to) along with the new "gun rights" laws are being used to fan the flames of would be revolutionaries. They're letting us know what they're doing to us and giving us the weapons to do something hoping that'll we'll become revolutionaries that can be directed to the gate.

I'm starting to doubt that either gun rights or the internet are truely in danger. They could have taken them out already. They're tools of freedom that they'll make us use against ourselves.

Thanks as always Henry, I think I'm starting to understand the new CCW laws. Your site always seems to synchronistically answer stuff for me!


MR said (April 19, 2009):

Henry: so much for that tea party and secession thing. I am now using the "do and think the opposite" for most of the news I get.
I seriously do wonder if the tea parties and other "unrest" is simply to get a large list of names in order to assassinate anyone who differs with the present administration.

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