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The "Comfortable Invisibility" of the Globalist Project

September 30, 2012

Olavo de Carvalho, left, is arguably the most knowledgeable and original Brazilian philosopher of the past 25 years His books, seminars and newspaper articles (over 30.000 pages) have spurred a revolution in Brazilian intellectual circles and earned him the bitter hatred and hostility of the country´s hegemonic socialist nomenklatura, especially after he blew the whistle on "Foro de São Paulo", a Latin American coalition of radical left-wing groups founded by Lula and Castro. 

Why world populations have become
the helpless victims of changes
they do not understand, and 
certainly never asked for.

by Olavo de Carvalho

Translated from the Portuguese 
by Sam Peyo 

Abortion, gay marriage, racial quotas, civilian disarmament, draconian ecological regulations, drug liberalization, state control of all religious activity and the lowering of the age of sexual consent to 12 years or younger. 

These are, among others, the ideals that make the hearts of students, teachers, politicians, reporters, enlightened entrepreneurs and NGO activists beat faster -- the very people who have monopolized public debate in Brazil.

None of these proposals originated with the Brazilian people, or with any other people, for that matter. None of them are approved by the population.
But that doesnʼt matter. The agenda is being imposed top-down and will continue to be so in Brazil and around the world by way of informal political agreements, administrative measures designed to circumvent legislative debate, heavy propaganda, boycotts, explicit repression of adverse opinion and, last but not least, through the ample use of bribery, much of which in the form of "research funding" for teachers and students who can be trusted to draw the politically correct conclusions desired by the elite.


What is the origin of these ideas, the technique with which they are disseminated and the money used to subsidize their forced implementation? 

These three elements -- ideas, techniques and money -- can be traced back to a single source: the elite of Fabian and Globalist billionaires who run international banking and control the economies of dozens of countries, along with all international regulatory bodies.
There is nothing secret about their plans and actions. However, to perceive the unity of a power project implemented over the course of a century and encompassing the contribution of thousands of highly prepared collaborators -- a plethora of geniuses in both the sciences and the humanities -- one must gather and study a vast number of facts and documents, a task which is well above the ability of the general population -- and that includes the "intelectual proletariat" of the universities and the media, among whose ranks most of the required militants and useful idiots are recruited.
On the whole, neither their followers and servants, nor the population shocked by the visible results of their policies, have the slightest idea of who the historical agents behind the process are. 

The former are seduced by the social appeal of the proclaimed goals and are actually convinced -- heavens! -- that they are fighting against the "capitalist elite". The latter watch the world getting worse each day: at times they revolt and to no avail brandish traditional moral commandments against some particularly gross innovation, without ever suspecting that their isolated and sporadic reactions were expected in the overall scheme and will be ably channeled in the direction desired by the enlightened elite.

To explain the comfortable invisibility which the most ambitious revolutionary project of all times continues to enjoy, even after decades of ostensible action, one does not need to have recourse to the famous esoteric adage that "the secret protects itself". 

Of course, there are always some secrets in the process, and sometimes, obeying orders from on high, inconvenient news is suppressed with remarkable subservience by the journalistic class. 

But these are by no means the decisive factors. Rather, world populations have become the helpless victims of changes they do not understand, and certainly never asked for, due to three factors: 

(a) the incommensurable difference between the highly qualified intellectual and financial elite and, on the other side of the equation, the masses of sheeple who receive all their information and education from sources controlled by that same elite; 

(b) the continuity of the power project over several generations, transcending the historical horizon of each one; 

(c) the prodigious flexibility of Fabian-Globalist thinking, the unity of which is in very long-term objectives and which like a chameleon is able to adjust to an impressive variety of immediate situations and meet greatly diversified ideological, cultural and political needs without dogmatism and without the paralyzing rigidity of the Communist parties of the old days.


In order to see the unity and coherence behind the staggering diversity of the actions carried out by this elite in all the Western world, we need to access a massive amount of information and, more importantly, acquire a set of descriptive concepts which are totally ignored by the common "social scientist". 

For example, "nations" and "classes" are not the true agents of history, but only the excipient with which the elite inject the active substance of their plans and decisions into the body of time. 

This may appear obvious to some, but academics and intellectuals from environments intoxicated by Marxist mythology (or, to some extent, by free-market/conservative formal doctrine) cannot understand that only groups and entities capable of subsisting unchanged for many generations can seriously attempt to conduct the historical process.
These groups naturally include the dynastic families, whether noble or not, who make up the living core of the Globalist elite and who have at their service the academic community worldwide, the international regulatory bodies, the mainstream media enterprises, the global network of NGOs and, through these, the bulk of enragé militants who believe to be fighting the very elite by whom they were recruited. Who can stand up to so much power? 

The only competitors are the two other current Globalist power projects: the Russian-Chinese and the Islamic. But the "better world" they promise is not one bit more humane or free than the brave new world towards which the Fabian elite is dragging us.

Thanks to Sam Peyo for translating and submitting this.

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Comments for "The "Comfortable Invisibility" of the Globalist Project "

Jordan said (October 1, 2012):

Bravo on today's installment.

Thank you Sr Peyo for translating a beautiful, if not pessimistic, piece by Olavo de Carvalho. He masterfully touches on the financial, sociological, lineal and technical facets of creating a global slave plantation.

My only minor quibble would be with his ending note of abject fatalism concerning the ambitions of the competing Globalist Doctrines and our (the sheeple's) collective destiny under such powers. To discuss the Chinese/Russian alliance or supposed existence of a global "Islam" as separate entities from Fabian socialism ignores the very documented cases of Euro-Zionist funding of Bolshevik communism,

the control of Chinese economics via the drug trade by Euro-Zionists,

and the utter fabrication of a unified Islam.

To compare the doctrines as separate entities fails to recognize their intimately intertwined natures.

"It is said that the West had a global policy in regard to Islam. That is stupid. There isn't a global Islam. Look at Islam in a rational manner and without demagoguery or emotion. It is the leading religion of the world with 1.5 billion followers. But what is there in common among Saudi Arabian fundamentalism, moderate Morocco, Pakistan militarism, Egyptian pro-Western or Central Asian secularism? Nothing more than what unites the Christian countries."
-Zbigniew Brzezinski

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