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The Manufactured "Debt" Crisis

July 27, 2012


The "Debt Crisis" is a charade aimed at impoverishing and enslaving us. 

The earth is a debt plantation farmed by the Illuminati bankers.

by Anthony Migchels


People are calling this whole Credit Crunch Charade "an insolvency crisis."

The latest example is  by Michael Snyder:

"Well, the truth is that this is not a liquidity crisis.  If it was, the central banks could flood the system with money and solve the problem.

No, what Europe is facing is an insolvency crisis.  There is way, way too much debt in the system and it is inevitable that an "adjustment" is going to happen."

What nonsense!

In the first place,  all the major banks own each other. They also control or outright own the Central Banks. Even BIS is a private corporation.
It's just one massive cartel and monopoly.

So we ask: if my right hand owes to my left and he can't pay up, do I go to my neighbor to bail out my right hand? Or do I, as the owner of both, just cross off this debt?

Huh? Get it? Instead, the bankers are using the "debt" as a pretext to squeeze the populace.


Secondly: the problem is not debt, it's Interest.

These banks create all the credit through fractional reserve banking.

Most of the money out there was created the moment a loan was taken out.

This is an almost zero-cost operation. (If you don't build massive palaces all and pay your people massive wages (bribes) let alone fork over to your vampire 'traders' and 'investment bankers'.)

If we call an interest moratorium, the "depression" would be over tomorrow.

The debt is real but the interest is not. The debt must be repaid, but not the interest.

The point is: in the case of a mortgage; the 200k loan allowed me to buy the house. Officially it's the bank that lends it to me, but in fact the bank is only the middleman for society, who really allows me the debt.

The middleman rapes us with interest, that's the 300k. So if I pay 500 dollar per month, without interest payments I'd pay only 200 (for the principal) the 300 (for the interest) that I no longer need to pay I can use for real consumption, saving the economy from depression.

You can check for yourself: 

The fact is: after thirty years, you have payed 500k for a 200k mortgage, 300k interest.


Nothing to conclude. This is a massive charade aimed at causing depression while raping us for untold trillions. The only thing that makes it hard to see is the sheer scale of the thing.

The bigger the lie, the easier to sell.

The sooner we wake up to the blatantly obvious, the sooner we can put all these bozos in their place.


Anthony Migchels is an Interest-Free Currency activist and founder of the Gelre, the first Regional Currency in the Netherlands. You can read all of his articles on his blog Real Currencies



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Comments for "The Manufactured "Debt" Crisis"

David said (July 28, 2012):

Some only see 'interest' and 'usury' as what is wrong with the financial system. Actually, the whole system is wrong. The system of FIAT money, created by private people for profit and control of the Earth is wrong. The citizens have been pre-empted in their decision of what they want..and of what is good for them. The Bankers have transformed Money from being a medium of exchange to being a tool of control of Nations.

Money has become the new God. The only merit that goes into being wealthy is the physical or electronic possession of money and what it can buy. The social order whereby wealth should go to the talented, the hard workers and those who risk themselves...has been corrupted. Drugs and Arms Merchants are the wealthiest on Earth....apart from the chosen Bankers.

What is needed now is a RESET button. We cannot trust 'market forces' especially when we suspect that those forces are actually the Money-printers and allied gamblers! Competition only resolves things for the Banking race who sneak into total control of Earth. Our EXCHANGE SYSTEM must be configured differently. No more of their Economic propaganda from their think-tanks. Money must belong to all and must given to all. Money as social credit is a very attractive option.

Presently, who prints the money accumulates the capital in this capitalist society. Thus the Bankers set themselves up as the rulers from Round One! They own the Banks, the Corporations, the Industries, the Financial Sector, the resources, the Housing, the Land ...what is left that they don't own? It is not just indebtedness that is the is life itself! Flu shots, anyone?

Tony Blizzard said (July 28, 2012):

This young man, Anthony Migchels, of the Netherlands, is the most understanding of money and finance in generations and therefore, the most articulate in making its workings understandable. Pay close attention to what he writes and visit his site, "Real Currencies," for an in-depth education on this most important and necessary of all material subjects today.

Carl said (July 28, 2012):

This article is correct, but it does not go deep enough. If debt(CREDIT) is digitally created out of nothing. but becomes a "reallity" on the publics books, then this allows the elite greater engineering.

There are many reasons/objectives for the designed financial collapse. I might add that Libor fixing is just a defensive cover for the initial designed collapse.

Globalisation peaked in the 70`s and effectively ended its usefulness by the time of the dotcom bubble. So they set about building this mega debt/credit bubble that fueled the sham war on terror and the fake wars.

Now we see China collapsing, the question is, how far?

The other elite concern is that certain countries and population groups have reached a level of affluence/culture that they feel they are losing control. This is why societies are being downgraded...this is social engineering.

Their plan is to force people into greater urban living (energy costs) and then price people ability to leave these urban centers and thus freeing up the majority of open spaces for the elite.

Having said that, we still have WW3 and a massive human pandemic to come.

Ben said (July 28, 2012):

I agree with Anthony. The real problem with the economies of the world is interest/usury.">>>

>>> What Al Thompson said in his entire post: I couldn't say it any better or clearer than he did.

"The Money-Masters" KNOW they can enslave people and entire countries with debt & usury.

Len said (July 28, 2012):

Yes. Few ever really see it for what it is: WAR IS BIG BUSINESS for those who are highly placed and well connected. It also serves the purpose of helping to centralize power and further the agenda of population reduction.

Most of all: it satisfies the blood-lust of these psychopathic manipulators and ruthless oligarchs !

Sergio said (July 28, 2012):

I totally agree wih this article. This is another problem-reaction-solution scenario with the blind aid of the politicians. Will there be an end to this crisis?

Kristine said (July 28, 2012):

Open your eyes – money is a ruse and so is interest - but most of all – the idea that we are indebted to the devil.
If we could just collectively extricate ourselves for just one moment from this blood-curdling lie that we are indebted to the psychopathic "elite" (IMF, Fed, EZB etc.) and their debt schemes – we could relinquish our bonds and make them pay us back for all of the lies, murders and deceit they have wrecked upon us since we were born into this world.

Ken said (July 28, 2012):

Agreed. What is interesting to think about is, what are they going to demand from their victims in exchange for "fixing" the problem? There has got to be a bigger prize they're after--or, rather, their fallen lord is after.

A "solution" will yet be forthcoming. It will come with certain conditions attached. If we don't accept the conditions we won't get to participate and accept the "benefits". There will be penalties. Economic sanctions? "...that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark..." Revelation 13:17

As I read my Bible, these conditions will include a non-negotiable requirement to agree to support a man-made law over-and-above God's law. This will attempt to induce all humanity into consciously rejecting God and choosing a pretender instead. It's the very same core issue our first mom and dad met up with. Nothing new under the sun.

Lucifer has never acquired 100% spiritual/worship supremacy on earth. He is still trying. The Book describes this as the last attempt allowed to him.

James said (July 27, 2012):





Al Thompson said (July 27, 2012):

I agree with Anthony. The real problem with the economies of the world is interest/usury. Cut out the usury and the economic problems go away. I don't foresee any banking system that is going to withdraw interest from the system unless the people get so fed up that they start dealing with their own currencies.

Many people have tried this but they eventually get overthrown by the bankers. Banking is a a great evil because of interest. It steals the future of the person who takes out a loan and it drives up the cost of goods and services. It devalues the money that is earned and life under this kind of banking system is an extreme form of slavery. Bankers make money the old fashioned way: they steal it. Usury or interest is stealing. Banking as we know it violates God's commandment against stealing. The banking system as we know it is extremely destructive and starts needless wars.

They keep the chaos going in order to keep their control over people. It is an extremely disgusting system. No one, no matter how good they are in business, cannot fix any economic system without getting rid of interest. In my opinion, I believe that the reason why the middle east has been set on fire is because some of these countries did not have central banks. Plus, some of these Muslim countries forbid the use of interest.

Would a real "Jew" charge interest when he knows that is forbidden by the scriptures, or what is passed off as scripture? Would a real Christian be a loan officer if they knew they could go to hell by participating in a system of usury? Natural law is the same for everyone and that natural law is consistent with the commandments which are true. Interest goes against natural law and reason and it is extremely destructive to the whole world economy.

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