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Debunking the Mayan Calendar "Prophecy"

November 6, 2012

The "Mayan Calendar" (above) is in fact an Aztec artifact. The real Mayan Calendar (seen below) does not prophesize a cataclysm on Dec. 21 2012, but just the end of a 5100-year cycle. 

by Martha Lopez

Why is it that whenever someone warns about the Mayan Calendar and the end of the world, he is pointing at the Aztec "Stone of the Sun"?
Yes, that picture of the "Mayan Calendar" is not Mayan, and is not even a calendar. The "Stone of the Sun" is a graphical representation of the Aztec cosmology. 

The "Piedra del Sol" ("Stone of the Sun") simply shows Aztec pictographs that form a calendar.

Yet if you go to Google images, it is identified as "The Mayan Calendar." 

If they can't get the Calendar straight, how can we take the prophesy of doom seriously? 
Both, Aztecs and Mayans, had not just one calendar, they had many. 

They both shared cyclical calendars of different durations: 365, 260, and 18, 980 days. 

The "Stone of the Sun" simply shows all the pictographs that represent all those counts (Here's an explanation of the symbols).

Imagine having a circle with the names of centuries written in the center, years, months and days around them concentrically. Not really a calendar. Close, but you wouldn't be able to tell which day today is.
The 2012 end of the world date comes from the Mayan "long count" calendar. 

The Aztecs did have the concept of eras (which are represented in the center of the stone), which each ended in cataclysms.  I know you may be thinking "AHA! Cataclysm. 

That's "end-of-the-world-like!" but if you consider that the last era ended when all people were turned into monkeys and dispersed into the jungles and forests, you may want to reconsider who you are trusting with your end of the world prophesies. (To read of all the crazy s&#t the Aztecs believed, see Alfonso Caso's "People of the Sun". Fascinating, scary, beautiful, brutal and poetic, all in one.)
The "Stone of the Sun" was discovered on December 1790, in the heart of Mexico City (central Mexico), under the ruins of what had been the Aztec empire's capital. (Map of the Aztec empire.)

The Mayan empire was based out of southern Mexico (Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Chiapas, etc.) and Central America (about 1000km away.) 

The Mayans flourished around between 250 and 900 AD, while the Aztecs were in full bloom when the Spanish arrived (500 years later.) 

Both civilizations had similarities, but were by no means the same. Equating them is like calling Canadians Americans, Norwegians Swedish, Greeks Romans, or you by your grandpa's name. Not the same.

Today you can view it at Mexico City's National Museum of Anthropology, Mexica (another word for Aztec) exhibit. 

I've been there, and admired it many times in all its glory. It's breathtaking and massive (it's almost 4m in diameter, and it weighs about 24 tons), and very, very Aztec.


This is the actual Mayan stone that talks about the end of the current, 13th,  Baktun ("long count") cycle, but all it really says is the date of the end of the cycle, and the name of the god (or group of gods) that would be in charge of the 14th Baktun, Bolon Yookte K'uh. Does that mean we'll all be eaten by Jaguars? 

I don't think so (unless you live in a Jaguar infested neighborhood) Remember, those cataclysms at the end of eras are Aztec, not Mayan (I searched, and couldn't find evidence of world ending events at the ends of Baktuns).

One cycle ends, another begins. After December 31st comes January 1st. Lets party, like it's  4 Ahau 3 Kankin!


Watch this You Tube which elaborates on the above

Doomsday Prophecy Debunked by Houston Museum 

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Comments for "Debunking the Mayan Calendar "Prophecy""

Martha said (November 11, 2012):

Oh Martha

Thank goodness you've debunked the 2012 thing.
Now i wont have to waste my time reading all those books from Patrick Geryl. I wont have to bother acquainting myself with the superwave theory of Dr Paul La Violette I wont have to learn about energy waves entering our Solar system and how the Fermi satellite is currently registering the intense spike in energetic neutral atoms on the crest of this now thoroughly debunked happening.

WOW If that isn't a weight off my mind. Looks like 2013 might be kind of boring after all. Only one problem remains - how to pay all these credit cards off.

BK said (November 7, 2012):

Anyone really interested was able to find out long ago that it's just like the switch from Dec 31st to Jan 1st, just like the article says.

On the other hand, it is not impossible that Illuminati may take advantage of the widespread disinformation about the end of the world, capitalize on the building fear, and use the date (or the period around it) to "end" the world as we know it, ie. stage another mass-traumatizing event(s), like start of WWIII, or another "natural" catastrophe (induced by EM weapons), or
some other major step toward NWO... Let's see what, if anything, they have in store.

My guess: nothing will happen on Dec. 21st, but something might on Dec 25th or 26th - they love to give Christmas a bad name (remember Tsunami 2004?)

Kristine said (November 7, 2012):

I think the whole Mayan Calender thing is a smoke screen to get people so focussed on the end of December 2012 that they breathe a sigh of release when it uneventfully passes over us. It is then, that the "illuminati" will lower the boom.

As an example of this sort of bait-and-switch: look at all the hype they stirred up about "Y2K" (2000). What happened? Nothing. It was rather in "01" that they let us have it with their super psy-op on 9/11.

Don´t forget, next year is 2013, their favorite number - along with 6 of course. December of 2013 will document the 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve Bank. You can bet they´ll want to "celebrate" that.

Brian said (November 7, 2012):

This article may offer some clarification in making distinctions between the end of eras and 'cataclysmic' events, and that's all fine and well. But the whole subject is worthy of further investigation in the name of what is portended with a new Era.

The one thing that can be dismissed out of hand is this silly notion of some doom and gloom event occuring on a specific day. And even if it's suggested that this represents a disingenuous spin being put on what these ends of Eras or Cycles may really be signifying, I don't think many people in the World are feeling the fear that it's supposed to engender. The Illuminati can be pretty pathetic with their disdain for the 'gullible goy'.

No matter what the specifics regarding the Aztec or Mayan take on things, the bottom line all centers around our understanding of time. For me the big question asks what could be meant by "the end of time"? Any answer must see this "end" meaning one of time as we've known it. And putting the pieces of the puzzle together means pivoting around the Illuminati and their bad intentions for the World.

My own positive take in the face of this malevolence sees the World moving towards experiencing time's true reality, one signifying the end of history. For it is the illusion of history that has enabled what we call the Illuminati to do what it does within a construct of time experienced in what I would call a 'passage of linear erosion'. True time is a "here and now" presence of the Divine, not a 'progression' through a bogus "life-death cycle" that circumvents Divinity.

This goes right to the heart of what is happening, and I believe this is known at the highest level of this false "Illuminism". But 'They' do what they do at these momentous junctures in keeping with a script that sees a continuation of this false paradigm of time. And what marks this "point in time" as being so Life-changing is that with the advent of this next "baktun" the game is changed because their latest "god", called Bolon Yookte K'uh won't be the next ruler in some new age of darkness shrouded over the World, as has probably been the typical scenario through eons of linear time.

Awakening humanity simply won't allow it.

Liam said (November 7, 2012):

I agree with the article the end of the Mayan calender will not be the end of the world but the end of the age. but what we have to remember is that going into the new age will be the end of the world for many people. as the end of the world is when a person dies that's the end of their world. The illuminate have a lot planned for this new transitional change and to read the UN agenda 21 we can see where they want it to lead. with the death of 80-90% of the worlds population. . the last change led to the spanish invasion and the deaths through war famine and plague of 10 million Mexicans within 20-30 years later .

The Mayan calender does not mean the end of the world but a transition which will be perilous at best. as we have seen with the earth changes this year, and catastrophes which seem to be happening at a greater rate, The illuminate want 80-90% of the world dead , but god is in charge of the universe not lucifer. 80-90% of the people of the world may die but it will be at gods hands and not the illuminate, the shock for them will be when they realise its not them making the changes but their worst enemy and they are going to die also. jesus christ the creater fo the universe and not the Vile Creature Lucifer.

The calender which is a marvel too advanced for any ancient people(including our own advanced age) is a master piece of the fallen angels who the maya call their gods. the maya were pagan human sacrificing cannibals, Taught this evil and worshiping their fallen gods were given all this knowledge by them the fallen angels. The fallen ones before they were fallen were privy to the workings of the universe and made this calender. to the maya 2012 heralds their return. whether this happens is conjecture. Its not the end of the age but the return and soon destruction of lucifer and return of the son of man Jesus Christ. for the rest of the story go read your bible.

Andrew said (November 7, 2012):

I studied the Mayan calender a few years ago, and the book I read on it described it like a pyramid, but of time. They said each successive calender was 20 times faster than the previous, and each calender, or "underworld", as they called it, had 7 days and 6 nights of "creation" in it. The first underworld started 16 or more billion years ago. All the underworlds supposedly end on the same day.

Don't know if that book is really accurate, but time-wise it does hold together pretty well. The underworld that started in 1750, for example had 20 year lengths for each day and night. And even sociologists had a name for the phenomenon. They called it the "generation gap", where it was like, for people born in this period, one's parents seemed like they had been born in the caveman days, so much had changed in every way. How long was the period of each generation gap? Twenty years.

Was there a generation gap before that underworld started? Not really. Going back into earlier times, you probably just did and thought just like your parents, and even trained in their methods by and large, for the pace of change in technology, understanding etc was very slow.

The Mayan calender to me describes an exponential curve. I don't much care about what stone you hang it on. Because the world is going exponential now. There was a new underworld that started around 2000. And I look back over that decade like it was a blizzard of fast change world-wide. Makes me long for those idyllic days of the early 90's, when I used to relax back in our apartment, watching re-runs of Magnum PI. Things seemed like they could be managed then.

Marcos said (November 6, 2012):

There is a lot of good material debunking the 2012 myth.

Start with Chris White's documentary (he has a lot of other videos debunking this kind of fads)

Also try

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