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The Plan: Exterminate "Religious Extremists"

December 7, 2014

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"I have known "The Plan" since I was a small child and have seen it carried out just as I was told it would be....It has been a very slow process to get people to the point where now common sense is not so common."

Carolyn Hamlett is a former "multi-generational server" in the Illuminati. She says people
who do not accept the antichrist and the Luciferian world religion will be liquidated. This sounds extreme but is entirely consistent with the behavior of the Illuminati in the USSR.

" The masses will be led to believe that extremism, especially religious extremism is the enemy to the peoples of the world. Finally, the peoples of the world will agree to exterminate the few for the greater good of the many. My mother called this "a compassionate plan within 'The Plan'." 

By Carolyn Hamlett

(This updates an article that appeared here two years ago.)

Nearly 60 years ago, "The Plan" was pretty much laid out to me.

Its purpose is to lead the masses to the point where they will gladly embrace the Antichrist, aka New Age Christ, which is Lucifer's representative. So if one thinks that the plan for the NWO is an evil and deceptive plan, they literally don't even know the half of it.

Wars and strife will be blamed on religions and religious fanaticism and extremism.  911 was the launch pad used to launch this phase of "The Plan".
When a majority of the masses are convinced that extremism and most especially religious extremism are the enemy to the peoples of the world, guidelines will be set to ensure peace for all. 
The way of "The Plan" is to gently stroke the masses with suggestions. The suggestions are gradually increased and plugged where ever possible by way of TV, radio, books, and movies. This primes the masses to be open and ready to embrace the final suggestion.
  I was told that in the latter section of "The Plan", as a means to prepare the masses to embrace the global spirituality to be brought in with Lucifer's chosen "Christ", religious leaders will meet to begin promoting spiritual unity of faiths. (We are seeing this now.) Though the purpose is to appear as promoting global peace, the plan for the future of this ecumenism is sinister.
The plan is to condition the masses to believe that global peace cannot be achieved without the unity of all faiths.
This conditioning of the masses will continue until the majority of the world's population is convinced that global peace is being held back from them, the peoples of the world, by a minority of selfish, unloving, willfully ignorant closed minded, spiritually inferior people stuck in their outdated fundamentalist Christian belief system and too stubborn to give it up.
Finally, the peoples of the world will agree to exterminate the few for the greater good of the many. My mother called this "a compassionate plan within "The Plan". 
John 16:1-
"The time is coming when anyone who kills you will think they are offering a service to God."
pope-francis-turkey-epa-h_51681403-20141129_2827528E12A94648B3317E3AE21BD450.jpgRecently, Pope Francis has urged more inter-religious dialogue to help bring peace and end all forms of "fundamentalism, terrorism and irrational fears."
In his discourse, the Pope also stressed the importance of religious freedom, respect for human dignity and said we must never "resign ourselves" to ongoing conflicts in the Middle East.
"A fundamentalist group, even if it kills no one, even it strikes no one, is violent. The mental structure of fundamentalism is violence in the name of God."  

When I was a small child, I was told that just before the end of the 20th Century, one of our members of the organization would be chosen, a man, who would emerge on the world political scene to introduce some of our esoteric terms to the masses under the guise of peace and security. This was also to be a signal  that "The Plan" was in its final stages and was stepping out from the underground, to become exoteric.

Our esoteric terms were to be presented in such a manner that "the masses" would readily adopt them into daily usage, becoming desensitized to their meanings and esoteric roots.

Thus, "The Plan" could step out from the shadows to work openly before the very eyes of the sleeping masses.

bush.jpegIt was George Bush Sr. who was the chosen "light bearer", who on September 11, 1990 at 9:09 PM gave his famous "Toward a New World Order speech". He continued to introduce more of our esoteric terms in several more speeches. "Global" was one of these words. It soon replaced the word, "world". He spoke of a "new world order". He mentioned "a thousand points of light". Other terms that soon became mainstream are "masses", "implement" (as "implement" A New World Order, "implement" The Plan) and "usher in".

11 years later to the day, on September 11, 2001, the organization pulls off the "attack on America", which created many opportunities for the organization in their push for the final steps of the completion of their plan for that NWO.

NOTE THE DATES AND TIMES and see the progression. Also, keep in mind how many times the numbers 1, 9 and 11 are used and how often September 11th is used. The numbers 9 and 11 are favorite numbers in the organization, and September 11th is a favorite date for the organization.

Here is an interesting bit of trivia to get you started off with: Proclamation 5696 -- 9 - 1 - 1 Emergency Number Day, 1987

"Now, Therefore, I, Ronald Reagan, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim September 11, 1987, as 9 - 1 - 1 Emergency Number Day. I call upon the people of the United States to observe this day with appropriate ceremonies and activities."

I can tell you that it is a fact that the members of the organization certainly do "observe this day", September 11th, with their own "appropriate ceremonies and activities."


Some ceremonies were to generate power. Some served as a means to encourage people working in the organization or to bind them to the organization, which would help facilitate the working of it toward the goal of a world government.

Mostly what my years of observation have shown me is that although they have a plan and have had it mapped out for many years, they have had to work very hard to get it done.

There is no magic formula when it comes to working deception upon the hearts and wills of men. It has been a very slow process to get people to the point where common sense is not so common.

The organization can move only as fast as they can push and prod the masses without the masses knowing they are being purposely manipulated by an exterior source toward a planned objective.

The organization has to work on preparing the stage before they try to market each idea so that the masses are more likely to "buy it". One example is the Clinton health plan. I knew the masses were not ready to "buy it" and that it would be presented again under a different administration.

So, in my observation, I don't see that any supernatural ceremony has any power over the masses. Of course, there is power and influence in numbers and the more that are here practicing evil, the greater the presence of evil will be.

Without going into detail here, I will just say that Lucifer has increased his presence here on the earth for this very last stage of his plan. If you see and feel greater evil now than ever before, you are not imaging it. This step up of his forces is as you worded, "for the purpose of facilitating the anti-Messiah's rise to power and the establishment of world-government."

(This is an excerpt from this article and a long interview which appears here. )   Thanks MF!

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First Comment from JG:

Excellent article here by Carolyn that is "spot on" the NWO "Plan" to subjugate the independent thinking and conscience of the masses of the world.
The high tech media by controlled mass communication had reached billions of people today like never before whereas years ago this would have been impossible.

The "Anti-Christian Psy-op" has been in place in America since the Marxist cultural revolution of the late 1960's that sabotaged and altered cultural Christianity under the guise of "freedom". All laws that protected the morality of Americans from exposure such as pornography and illegal drugs suddenly became loosened and no longer were strictly enforced.

This NWO agenda is now on a global scale to dissolve Christianity into a world religion where there is no "wheat and chaff" or salvation through repentance from sin because there is nothing deemed or recognized as sin. This is why your mainstream ministers today are now under a "gag order" to no longer use the word "sin."

Nothing is a sin anymore. Abortion and  Homosexuality are a freedom of choice, which then makes the sinner guiltless from a once conscience that has been depleted by repetitive programming and satanic suggestion.

This is the whole "end game" of Satan's agenda. He wants to sabotage God's plan of Redemption through Jesus Christ from all mankind. And, in order to do this, he must outlaw and persecute the Church and it's believers.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "The Plan: Exterminate "Religious Extremists""

Richard said (December 8, 2014):

This scares the hell out of me but it is the truth. I saw it coming when I learned the truth about the murder of JFK in 1968.

Ian said (December 8, 2014):

Hi Henry, I have no doubt that this will come to pass. In the UK now, they are using the supposed radicalization of young Muslims, as a pretext to go after extremists. Even, I might add, non-violent extremists, !!!.

As you might recall from previous mails from me, I am atheist. I judge no one on their choice of beliefs, and I am certainly non violent and anti war. I would go so far as to suggest that I am viewed by acquaintances as being one of the tin foil hat brigade. I'm pretty clued up, but my beliefs are contrary to the teachings of the main stream media, and I feel that this is the reason we will be targeted by whatever is in store for us.
One or two oddities are allowed, as they don't need everyone on board, "you can carry a lot of water in a leaky bucket", but if you have the potential for gathering a following then ask John Lennon, Lady Dianna, or MLK what the outcome might be.

Trouble is, that now we are becoming too many and we're learning how to get across to people. The initial steps may threaten enough back into the herd to satisfy the powers that be, but failing that, then not only religious extremists but all of us who like to think, are up some creek without a paddle. Gulag Archipelago here we come.

Tony B said (December 8, 2014):

I have read some of Carolyn's other writings on the net. Discovered her on your site a year or so back. Her description, though not fleshed out, of her life in this satanic hell and her writings, also way too disappointingly scant for the knowledge I would like to have of her experiences with the evil side, are backed up with her claims and conclusions which are starkly logical insights from what she has revealed from those personal experiences.

Actually, more about her personally isn't necessary to understand her revelations, it's probably more like curiosity on my part.

Methinks those who are questioning her are looking for an "out" for themselves because this information is a priority changer and it appears the time frame to "straighten up" to God's commands is very short.

Having been in this war for over half a century, beginning roughly with mass murdering communism and then into the protocols, I have no doubt of the validity of her words. Seems to me it should be obvious to everyone that the devil is "loose" on earth and has been for some time now. It just might be a good idea to fight him and those who back him with what time we have left.

Dismissal of the supernatural world is designed into protestantism. It must be overcome in order to fight the true fight as described by St. Paul, the ex pharisee who knew exactly what he was talking about.

Kristine said (December 7, 2014):

Reply to Denny (below)

"There is no rest for the wicked" is not a "saying". It is scripture: Isaiah 48:22, Isaiah 57:21.

Kristine said (December 7, 2014):

Reply to Denny (below)

"There is no rest for the wicked" is not a "saying". It is scripture: Isaiah 48:22, Isaiah 57:21.

Carolyn (author) said (August 28, 2012):

On the question regarding my ability to comprehend what I claim to have known at 4 years of age; it is absolutely true that I was capable of understanding much more than the average child. Has anyone ever heard of a child prodigy? Genius and above average intelligence is the norm in my family line, as was clairvoyant abilities, so when I demonstrated being gifted in both of these areas at a very early age, I was chosen at that time to be trained and used in the both the supernatural and the physical divisions of the organization.

Denny said (August 26, 2012):

Yes it has been a very slow and deliberate process, hundreds of years in the making. But they got sloppy, and they have become arrogant, and their plan is now failing. On an epic scale. The foundation supporting their plan is money and the complete controll of it. The theft of the worlds gold and issuance of fiat currency to enslave us in fraudulent debt is screeching to a neck snapping halt. The sleeping giant is quickly awakening to the debt slavery, false flags, suppression of free energy, suppressed cures for all diseases and intentional destruction of
our planet.

Starting last fall, for those who know where to look, the plan is under a multi-pronged attack from which there is no escape. The planners are quite upset about this but have nowhere to turn. Except possibly, on each other. The massive greed and power hunger that feeds the planners is crumbling beneath their feet. 611 banker resignations world wide, over 150 more bankers arrested. Their protection evaporated.
The LIBOR scandal will take down hundreds more. False flags planned for the Olympic games prevented. Nuke and bio threats by the cabal eliminated. They have been reduced to MK ULTRA shootings in Colorado theaters as a last resort. We figured that one out the day it happened.
(sloppy) The Bush Nazi criminals and their minions are going to prison.
You know those FEMA camps they have been preparing for us for the last ten years? We have other "PLANS" for them. There is a saying that comes to mind in all of this......
"There is no rest for the wicked!"

Troy said (August 26, 2012):

I only woke up to this manipulated chaos in the last decade and still reserve a spot in my brain to remain skeptical if something is not quite right.

Although it probably means nothing, I was born on September 11th so I have a strange connection to both events described here.

My skepticism is related to the date she was told this (1957) and matching it with the picture of her at the beginning of the article (I'm assuming she wouldn't put someone else's picture there). She does not look 12 years older than me which would make her at least 60+ years old in order for her to be even remotely close to having a mind sharp enough to understand what she was told (at least five years old) as a child.

The material matches pretty well with other info out there about this subject, but that picture/age thing is really bugging me.
We are definitely being taken to the cleaners, bit I want to come from a place in which the information I hold to be accurate really is accurate and not just made up to confirm a viewpoint.



The pic was probably taken 12 years ago.


J said (August 26, 2012):

This woman tells us that she knew the plan since she was a kid. So what's next if she tells the truth. It's easy to talk about 91 and 911, it's past... it's harder to predict what will be the next move of theses lunatics.

Let me try : they are preparing masses to a genocide of Muslims because they will never accept new world order. Since 911 medias became more and more aggressive against Muslims, in Europe anti-Muslims laws are shown as a victory for the women rights. Muslims country are bombed one after another and medias presents it as "a libération of women and people".

Why don't you talk about the hate against Muslims that the Illuminati try to put in the heart of people of the whole earth ?
You should know that if they try to make you hate someone, it's because he's a threat to them. So logically it'd your best ally against Illuminati.

Billy said (August 26, 2012):

When discussing "The Plan" with others , I find it helpful to begin with a dry , solid statement to the effect of ; " The Government is in the full control of private , international financial and corperate interests." I can then talk about the private Federal Reserve and other interests that effectively own this Government and others. I can explain how as a direct result , both major parties are controlled by essentially the same interests.That what we are witnessing is a show. If they can begin to understand this important point it becomes easier for them to understand and accept other details. False Flag attacks , Zionism , NDAA , control of the media and of coarse the overall agenda for Global Totalitarian Government.

attempt to speak to people very openly and honestly and kindly. However , I am to the point now where if people are very reluctant to even consider the plain truth , or I hear the 'conspiracy theorist' thing I will call them a coward to their face

Krister said (August 26, 2012):

Carolyn's writing; that "It has been a very slow process to get people to the point where common sense is not so common", brings to mind former KGB propaganda-agent Uri Bezmenov's, 1985 disclosure of the working methods of Communist infiltration and indoctrination agents. In the film interview below he describes the method to take over a country, and mentions the first steps in taking over a country, as a very long (slow) process of indoctrination, called the "Demoralization" stage and who takes 15 - 20 years. After that follows stage 2, "Destabilization", who takes 2 - 5 years. The third step is "Crisis", who can take 6 weeks, and the final step (military takeover) is called "Normalization" and will be for an indefinite time.
(the specific part is at 1:07:30 in the video).

Another beautiful disclosure by Bezmenov is when he (at 1:58:00) talks about what will happen to the "useful idiots", as soon as the process to take over a country is finished. This is such a strong message that when put into article comments, the access to make and read comments have sometimes been blocked.

Yuri Bezmenov: Deception Was My Job

As we now, by the access to uncensored information on the net and by books of Henry Makow, David Livingstone, Jyri Lina and others, know that behind Marxism and Communism is Jewish power, we should also understand, that the real plan against us is the Protocols of Zion and that they are in full effect even if Communist Soviet is no longer.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at