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Asian Women Want Feminized Men

June 28, 2011

In the Far East feminism takes the form of many women seeking effeminate men, and men responding accordingly. Mike Parker suggests this is unique to the Far East, but we know better.

by Mike Parker

TAIWAN- Feminization of the male population in China has been enacted via a very different pathway than the one used in the West.

Men have been so dominant, so violent, so arbitrary, so lascivious, for so long in this culture -- and to a far greater degree than in Western cultures -- that the merest introduction of the possibility of "independence" for women has produced a ferociously schizoid modern female culture.

Women want "real men", but they have become confused over what a "real man" could be. Westerners know all this, about cultures in general.

What Westerners don't know is that this "modernization" of certain Asian cultures has produced differentiated strata which do not exist in Western culture.

None of these strata are harmonious. They are each in conflict with every other, and the overall calculation is that everyone is confused.

You see, Men have been so rotten to women for so long, in this place, that women either seek out dominant abusers and/or controllers, or they want thin, bony, tender-voiced utterly non-threatening "providers", or they abscond completely out of a lack of strategic intelligence and just become fat-assed and shrill.

Men have treated women like shit -- pardon me -- for so long, in this place, and not the same as in the West but far worse, that the backlash now is the call for boys who are soft and tender and harmless, except with the abuse-and-domination seekers.

In the West, it's different. The gay movements are far more prevalent, and accepted. But here, "women" tend to want to go with wimpy "men".

It's pathetic. It has produced an epidemic of sub-male freaks. They wear pink -- it's a goddamned fad to wear pink. THEY WEAR PINK. They dress like women, in pigeon-leg jeans.

They're deliberately rail-thin (I'm told this is a mirror to the Japanese model). They speak softly. They don't carry a stick. They're so unaccustomed to assertiveness that the slightest emotional challenge renders them either deeply unsettled for a few days, or else immediately violent in an animal fashion but too frightened to do anything about it.

Women here want men who are completely non-threatening, but who can still fulfill the role of Provider. Of course, in the midst of this confusion, the Wimpy Provider model has allowed women to be utterly selfish  themselves, demanding everything while offering only sex (if that) and a respectable public image.

Overall, Taiwan is a much better environment than, say, South Korea, which ranks as #2 on the global female suicide list. Yet the deep issues are the same:  men have treated women so badly here, for so long, and so much worse than in the West, that their backlash is understandable.


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Comments for "Asian Women Want Feminized Men"

Hector said (June 29, 2011):

I agree with most of the statements of Mr. Parker but one: women were treated like shit in the West. Sorry to break your feminist induced fantasy but barring unfortunate cases, women WERE NEVER TREATED LIKE SHIT, at least in the West. Unless you consider cavalry or being exempt of REAL hard labour (try mining metals before mid 20th, army etc you know the kind of activities that reduce your lifespan in decades), women were and are a privileged class so please stop telling us that some sort of backlash is justified. The reason of that hatred is simple: PENIS ENVY.

Dan said (June 29, 2011):

More to this creepy trend than meets the eye.

This recent trend of passive, androgynous (feminized) men in Taiwan has been found to be cause by a chemical used by that country's FOOD and BEVERAGE industry for decades.
The cause of the Taiwan phenomenon is similar to increased estrogen levels in boys and girls in North America, and due to plasticizers in food and drink. But the chemical feminizing males in Taiwan is a different compound that the one causing premature breast development in little girls in the USA. I'll explain and give references here.

It has nothing to do with what women want or how previous generations of a culture treated women. It's a plasticizer called in layman's terms DEHP, also called "phthalates" Taiwan food manufacturers have been using this plasticizer as an emulsifier in FOOD and BEVERAGE products for many years, More than 300 tons have been sold in Taiwan and overseas during the last five years alone. Use of DEHP in food processing was banned in the PP of China and Korea ten years ago

Taiwan’s Plasticizer Food Scandal

"Children who consume beverages contaminated with DEHP are at risk the most. Males are more likely to suffer from feminization and shrinking of reproductive organs when they become adults, girls are facing the prospect of premature development of their sexual organs. Thyroid dysfunction and fertility problems threaten these children later in life."

***Phthalate (DEHP) causes smaller penis size and other feminizing links***
"Metabolites measured from the blood of pregnant women have been significantly associated with the decreased penis width, shorter anogenital distance, and the incomplete descent of testes of their newborn sons, replicating effects identified in animals.[6] Approximately 25% of US women have phthalate levels similar to those in the study." [1.]

{1.} a b Pelley, Janet (November 2008). "Plasticizer may make boys less masculine". Environ Sci Technol. doi:10.1021/on.2008.11.12.154968. Retrieved 2009-01-19.

"Warning : Stop Eating Or Drinking Taiwan made products – DEHP might be used as ingredient"

Taiwan food scare 'dates back decades'.

Similar problem in the US, less pronounced, more gradual than Taiwan phenomenon

(The Taiwan contaminant isn't to be confused with our BPA plastics now in unavoidable use in the United States for water and food containers - which raises estrogen levels, and is a suspect in the phenomenon of premature breasts and menstruation in girls and feminization of boys which is currently an epidemic in the US.)

Study: Most plastic products trigger estrogen effect
"Although BPA [bisphenol A] is the most notorious chemical with estrogenic activity used in plastics, it is not the only one, nor does it have the highest biological effect," a study co-author George D. Bittner, a neurobiologist at the University of Texas, Austin, told Chemical & Engineering News."

Notice the fine tuning of differences of effects upon each target population group.

The food and drink contaminant in America is synthetic estrogen leeching from plastic containers. It causes a degree of emasculinization and lowered sperm count in males, and freakishly early puberty in females.

The Taiwan food and drink contaminant is much worse. It is tantamount to "chemical castration".

Nathan said (June 29, 2011):

(General comment)

Recently, my best friend's girlfriend broke up with him. He had thought he'd found the best woman for him. He had intended to propose to her very soon. Yet, after a heated argument over a trivial issue, she decided that they were not right for each other. Not understanding her reaction, my friend reacted negatively, calling her names and showing his frustration. Afterwards, he texted her and called her to apologize, but she ignored him. When he continued to text her, she called the police on him. The police called him and told him that as long as he does not have any contact with her no legal action can be taken against him. How sad that justice has stooped to such a level that women can behave as middle schoolers tattling on someone who is annoying them! I underwent a similar situation a couple of months ago. I fear that this knee-jerk reaction of calling the police over trivial isssues with men is the new face of womanhood. If such is the case, perhaps staying single is far better than seeking a relationship. At least, being a bachelor won't land me in prison.

Marcio said (June 29, 2011):

It seems that article is about women all over the world. It is not different here in Brazil.

Now I can clearly see why women (mainly the younger ones) want the companion of gays and "tender" men: they are afraid of real men because they think all of us are a menace (thanks to the press which portraits us as criminals and to some men who justify their criticism). Most women want us to behave like sissies in order for them to feel safe and comfortable (except to provide them with money, good sex, protection and emotional support - then you need to be a real man as if we could just turn on and off the masculine switch pursuant to their discretion, otherwise they will try to find someone else who might fulfill their unreal expectations, which are fed by feminist magazine articles and silly romantic films and books = brainwashing).

Men have been told they are inconvenient, abusive, violent, wrong, etc for long enough. That mentality has made many mothers raise sissy boys and it has forced husbands and fathers to lose their authority, their masculinity, their initiative (as only female initiatives are welcome nowadays), their influence on their children's upbringing and on society as a whole and even their homes and families as they have been expelled from their homes by feminist laws and judges, thus making it possible to increase the numbers of criminals, homosexuals, unwanted pregnancy in teens and single women, drug addicts, etc.

"Women here want men who are completely non-threatening, but who can still fulfill the role of Provider. Of course, in the midst of this confusion, the Wimpy Provider model has allowed women to be utterly selfish themselves, demanding everything while offering only sex (if that) and a respectable public image".

Thanks God (and Henry) I have found someone who has reached the same conclusion as me. It is hard to have any kind of relationship with women who just do not know what to expect from a man. Men are not that duality (manly and gay) they think we should be. It is a man's thing to be either one type of person or the other, we cannot be both together.

Meanwhile, women have grown more and more arrogant, selfish, violent and stupid themselves.

It is up to us, men, to refuse to role play the fools. Dealing with women is a risky business, unless she is a real lady.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at