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America is Freemasonry's "New Atlantis"

March 31, 2012


The United States of America has never been a country in its own right.  It was established by British Freemasonry to perpetuate the deception of 'freedom for the people.'  

by John Hamer
(Edited & abridged from his book by

Two thousand five hundred years ago, the Greek philosopher Plato described Atlantis as an ideal society destroyed in some unknown cataclysmic event,  thousands of years previously.  

This event may have been a gigantic tsunami, an earthquake or the result of massive volcanic activity, but the real reason for its sudden demise is not known.

Ever since Plato's description of this 'utopian' world became widely known, the elites have attempted to recreate it in all its glory.

In the early 17th century, Sir Francis Bacon, wrote his classic work 'The New Atlantis', citing America as the ideal location for the fulfilment of the long-held dreams of the Rosicrucians and the other forerunners of Freemasonry.  

Bacon was the leader of the Rosicrucian movement and the fledgling organisation that would become the Freemasonry. The Rosicrucians and Freemasons arrived in America in their great numbers during the mass migrations of the first half of the seventeenth century.

Freemasons practised their art in much the same way as in Europe, embedding their secret  designs in both individual buildings and indeed, entire cities and wider areas.  For example, the original American major cities, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston are all in perfect alignment along a 400 mile line, in effect connecting them together along the eastern seaboard of the US.  This line, if continued eastwards also aligns perfectly with Stonehenge and then London.  Can this be a coincidence? 

Despite what you may believe, the American Revolution was conceived and perpetrated by Freemasonry to further the financial interests of the North American Elite and create an impression of independence from British money interests and the 'Crown.' It was not, as we are told, the product of a popular uprising against British tyranny.  Indeed most 'ordinary' Americans were of British ancestry, and were fiercely loyal to King George III.

Benjamin Franklin, the American 'hero' was in reality an agent of British intelligence working towards the goal of transition of the American colonies from overt to covert control in a microcosm of what was taking place on a worldwide basis as openly monarchies were replaced by a manufactured 'democracy' to create the false impression of 'government by the people, for the people'.

According to official history, the spark that ignited the conflict was when a band of men dressed as Mohawk Indians dumped all the tea from the British clipper, Dartmouth into Boston harbor.   In reality, the 'Indians' were members of the St. Andrew's Freemasonic lodge in Boston, led by their junior warden, Paul Revere. The easy access to the ship was facilitated with 'insider' help from the colonial militia detailed to guard the waterfront at Boston harbour.  The Captain of this militia was a certain Edward Proctor who was a senior member of the St. Andrew's Lodge.  Another lodge member also happened to be John Hancock, the first signatory of the Declaration of Independence and whose name has become synonymous with 'signature' as a result. 

Of the fifty six signatories of the Declaration of Independence, at least fifty were known to be Freemasons and only one was definitely known not to be.  Is this significant in any way?  I believe so.  In addition, all the signatories were provably descended from British royalty as indeed most senior American politicians still are to this day.  For example George W. Bush is a sixth cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. 

So, on the 3rd September 1783, America was officially recognised by Britain as an independent country.  Would this have been the case had the revolution really been to sever ties with Britain unilaterally?  Highly unlikely, I would argue.

The British establishment would have fought tooth and nail to retain the colony ' had the War of Independence been lost against its will (instead of simply being 'handed over'.) 

The first President (although that was never his official title) George Washington, was from a British aristocratic background and was a 33rd degree Feemason.  His initiation ceremony was in effect a freemasonic ritual attended by all the freemasonic hierarchy of the country in full freemasonic regalia, aprons et al.

The new capital, Washington DC was designed and built on Freemasonic principles with Babylonian and Romanesque architecture well to the fore including an abundance of esoteric symbolism.  It is well known that occult and masonic ceremonies were common-place during the laying the foundation-stones of many of its original structures.  As with the Egyptian pyramids, Washington DC is also in alignment with important star systems.

In actuality, the United States of America has never been a country in its own right.  It was established by British Freemasonry, in conjunction with American Freemasonry to perpetuate the deception of 'freedom for the people' and to enable covert control of the masses and facilitate huge, ongoing profits at the expense of those masses.

In effect, the Virginia Company, established in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, simply changed its name to The United States Corporation Inc. and this is the real power structure behind the scenes.  

The President is merely the president of a large corporation and so the 'war on terrorism' was launched by the president of a private corporation to further the geo-political interests and profits of that corporation.  The privately owned 'United States' is in effect the holding company and the fifty states, its subsidiaries.


More info on John Hamer's book "The Falsification of History" 

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Comments for "America is Freemasonry's "New Atlantis""

V said (April 1, 2012):

Way to go Clifford Shack. Another great comment.

I believe that British freemasonry (United Grand Lodge) is just an organ, but a very important organ of the British empire where British aristocracy (from 1066 onward) merged with Jewish finance sometime in the Tudor period or before (William of Orange). The joint stock companies, the London Company (Virginia & Plymouth companies), Levant company, British East India company were transient fronts to "The Empire of the City". Lloyd Miller had an excellent expose on all of this in his excellent monthly publication in the 1980's called "The Project". He was the research director of A-albionics Research in Detroit, Michigan.

The money power (Jew & gentile) use the City of London (merchant banks), the Inns of Court (legal arm)and the British crown (divine right of kings - royal prerogatives - letters patent) to loot the world, especially the commonwealth countries.

Those that want to read a great expose on the founding of America should read "The United States is still a British Colony" by James Montgomery. It's available free on the net.

British freemasonry in the new world made it possible for covert operations to keep America under British rule. The same applied to the other 'common-wealth' countries such as India (British East India Company). A good book but very rare and expensive titled "The Obedience of Australia" by Peter Jones has a good expose on British Freemasonry and the British Oder
of St. John's. The Vatican had an important role also to play in young America. At one point Washington DC was to have been named "New Rome" and the Potomac River was to have been named the "Tiber River".

Instead of looking directly at the secret societies which Freemasonry is part of we should also look at the money power and ultra-wealthy families behind the secret societies who fund and control the secret societies.

Stephen Coleman said (April 1, 2012):

John Hamer's article is misleading. Just because the revolution was organized by Masons does not mean they were in cahoots with the Crown. If they were in cahoots, then why have an expensive war? Had George III believed that the English Masons were a threat he would have taken care of them.

Being a Mason does not automatically mean you are evil anymore than being Catholic makes you a child molester. Yes, the Masons are infiltrated by the Illuminati, It was the Mason Albert Pike (a self-admitted Satanist) that organized the rebellion of the Civil War for the Crown to take back America as a colony.

The break between England and the colonies was over the right to organize the economy. It was a break away from the ancient Babylonian/Roman debt slavery economic system. Alexander Hamilton was one of the main players in this break away by organizing the National Bank, a bank for the people and by the people.

Under this system the average American lived far better than their English counterparts. My personal genealogies clearly show my American and Colonial ancestors lived well into their 80's and 90's, with about 10% child mortality. While their families that stayed in England typically lived into their 40's or 50s. often with 50% child mortality. Just read some Charles Dickens to see how well "Empire" treats its subjects.

The USA has the problem that agents of the opposing economic system were constantly doing all they could to subvert and corrupt the system. Even the vice president Aaron Burr, who was a British agent assassinated Hamilton and fled to England to avoid hanging.

The USA has had a long list of British agents (agents of the Babylonian/Roman system) in the White house, with a few notable exceptions such as JQ Adams, Lincoln, Grant, Garfield, JFK and and a few others. There were also some partial patriots that did good, but should have rid us of the FED such as FDR.

I think John Hamer's article is misleading because he alludes that we never broke from the ancient imperialistic economic system, thus hiding or detouring people from searching for the real solution to our terminal economic situation. Though I do agree with him that we are now under the British "Beast's" control.

The question to ask is how did Lincoln take a hopelessly bankrupt nation and in 5 years, (while fighting Albert Pike's Civil War conspiracy and winning a financial war against the British and Tory bankers) transformed the USA into the world's economic powerhouse?

Clifford Shack said (April 1, 2012):

How did mason guilds develop such a voracious appetite for world control? They were originally a group of architects and brick layers for God 's sake! If you look carefully into the history of Freemasonry you will see that the guilds had been infiltrated by Marranos from Spain and Portugal.

Ostracized by mainstream Judaism they used the guilds to give themselves the brotherly cohesion that they craved but were denied by the rabbinate who considered them "goyim."

Unable to live openly according to the laws of Moses, the marrano brand of Freemasonry would be based upon the next best thing...the Seven Laws of Noah that were accorded the Gentiles. These laws first appeared in the Talmud. By adhering to these laws, at least, the Marranos felt assured that they can still enter "Olam Haboar" or "The World to Come"... the Jewish equivalent of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Eventually the Sabbatean Marranos would gain the upper-hand within the leadership of Freemasonry. As the Sabbatean movement was messianic by nature Freemasonry would become a primary tool for global subjugation. With the influence of the Sabbatean militant messiah, Jacob Frank and his Illuminati Masonic super-cult, Sabbatean-Frankist infused Freemasonry would kick into bloody and violent high-gear beginning with the "French" and "American" revolutions. This information will hardly be believed and therefore never fully understood.

Marcos said (April 1, 2012):

First of all, credit where credit is due. This is a 2012 self-published book that seems to be a copy-and-paste from David Bay's work and his New Atlantis video series. Bay has been dealing with this issue for 20 years in his site Shame on you, John Hamer.

Second, history is never that simplistic. The globalists wish it were. Freemasons are heavily present in the States, but they should more aptly be described as a parasite than the brain of the nation. Anyone who has any contact with America knows that it has been a strongly Christian nation, since the first pilgrims arrived in the land. Even with all the Masonic influence, their Constitution and Bill of Rights is still the best legislation ever produced for individual freedom. Masons always had to disguise their actions so not to raise general opposition, they work in the shadows and in a long time frame.

Any serious researcher of the new world order has to understand that the globalists work in several fronts at the same time. Currently, Masonry is losing members and are even advertising in Google ads. However, the same new world order objetives are being implemented in America via Marxism.

Masonry is a tool, Marxism is a tool, Cabala is a tool. Keep your eyes on the objective if you want to have a realistic view. Don't trust any person who wants to blame every problem in just one group or movement. The situation is much more complicated than that.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at