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The Gay Teen Suicide Scam

October 14, 2010

by Richard Evans

The gay teen suicide scam has been working.  I say it's working because people I've asked about it here had fallen for it, until I asked the same question you did the other day:  why are gays supposedly suddenly ending it all when they're on a roll?

Of course they're not. The whole media campaign was packed and ready to pop like a Jack in the Box . Magazine covers in the checkout lines,  all- morning radio and TV talking head shows harping on it for two weeks.

One example of bullshit cases they're using as 'evidence' is a Seattle City Council meeting at which a gay guy showed up to ask that October be declared Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) history month. 

The City even endorsed it, but the punk went home and killed himself because somebody on the Council 'hurt' his feelings. Now the parents are blaming the City Council for his suicide - and so is national media.

Expert says media dangerously ignore mental illness in coverage of gay teen suicides

But that story is a setup for results already manufactured by this British study:

"Results Of the 1285 gay, lesbian and bisexual respondents who took part, 556 (43%) had mental disorder as defined by the revised Clinical Interview Schedule (CIS - R). Out of the whole sample, 361 (31%) had attempted suicide. This was associated with markers of discrimination such as recent physical attack (OR=1.7, 95% CI 1.3-2.3) and school bullying (OR=1.4, 95% CI 1.1-2.0), but not with higher scores on the CIS-R.

Conclusion: "Gay, lesbian and bisexual men and women have high levels of mental disorder, possibly linked with discrimination."

Yep.  They're saying that any mental disorder diagnosed in a homosexual or lesbian is a result of discrimination against them by a sexually repressive society and homophobes.  Kinsey's laughing his ass off - in hell.


Back to the gay teen suicide 'crisis', the op was deployed as tactical cover for the following salvos:

Federal Judge overturns 'don't ask don't tell'  - Congress is expected to vote and resolve the matter.

"On Tuesday, a federal judge in California ordered the United States military to stop enforcing the 17-year-old policy that bars openly gay men and women from serving in the armed forces. The Justice Department is expected to appeal the ruling."


Mormon Leader's Comments On Gays Draw Protests
Church spokesman Michael Otterson reiterated the Mormon doctrinal position.

"Any sexual activity outside of marriage is wrong, and we define marriage as between a man and a woman," he said. "However, that should never, ever be used as justification for unkindness."

Queer Pride of Utah was given sound byte "We want to tell men like Boyd K. Packer that we are tired of watching our children die."

On radio and TV news shows across the board this morning.  I had to wake up to this shit when my radio alarm went off today, so I've lost patience with this 'in your face' queer year blitz.  

I've seen it before - when the homos got out of control during the 70's.  They were getting pushier and uglier.  The only thing that stopped it was when AIDS hit 'em like a ton of bricks in 1983.

It's well known that periods of rampant sexual chaos don't last long.  It's 'unsustainable', to use a pet NWO word.


Makow comment: The function of the mass media is Illuminati mind control, plain and simple. It is owned or beholden (through advertising) to the Illuminati central bankers and their cartels. Have you ever seen a mass media campaign about the husbands/fathers who committed suicide because they have been robbed of their homes, children and sometimes livelihoods due to draconian feminist family laws?

No -- because the Illuminati goal, and the goal of our traitorous cultural and political leaders who are in their pay, is to undermine heterosexuality and the family.  


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Comments for "The Gay Teen Suicide Scam "

Christine said (October 16, 2010):

The subject line strikes me as the best term for "gay marriage," which as you point out, is a kind of oxymoron. They don't want to be married. They just want to lead bad lives.

As for your writer from Mass. who said there has been "no change" there, I can only hope so. It was sickening to see larger than life posters in the Toronto subways promoting sodomite dating services. It turned my stomach to watch them hold hands in public, openly promote plays on that subject, etc.

No society can survive this depravity. If we don't stop it, we are doomed.

Steven said (October 16, 2010):

Reputable studies keep showing us that the rate of full-blown (no pun) homosexuals in the population is 2%. Personally I don't care a damn if they were born that way or are just confused. Nor do I care wheather or not they stay that way for the rest of their lives or get converted straight. ( Like these so-called 'ex-gay' Pastors that were at this church I used to go to - Ha! -they still spoke with the 'fruitiest' of voices).

But despite their low population numbers, strangely they're written each week into the story lines of most of the latest T.V. comedies and dramas; often in the role of the suposedly cool outsider, or as being the wisest and most caring and helpful 'shoulder-to-lean-on' type of character. They have a high profile in popular culture these days because apparently we are living in Tolerant times.

Tolerant times eh ? Well then let's see a new batch of T.V. shows that replace some the Gay characters with as many respectful heads-of the-household, wise and caring muslims, paraplegics, burns-victims, struggling solo-fathers, dutiful and respectful children, self-sufficient homesteaders, etc.
Somehow I don't think we'll see any of this; with this selective new form of 'tolerance', we're tolerant - but not that tolerant.

And as a last word, the ultimate expression of Intolerance is murder. 40 odd years ago ( before a lower drinking-age, before abortion-on-demand, before more and more T.V. ,before higher divorce rates, before leagalized sodomy, easier contraception, more poorly schooled children, no-death penalty etc., etc) there was an average of one murder a year where I come from, last year there were Sixty-five murders in the same community. But we're more enlightened these days, right ?

Claire said (October 15, 2010):

I encourage you to come to the place where you can understand that their is no Creative energy in homosexual sex, but that spending your precious energy "hating" it also serves to feed it.

Here is a simple fact: How dead can a person be, but to never toss their genetics into the future? Homosexuality is a self resolving problem. Shine the light on the deepest truth here, that these people are condemning themselves and perhaps even try to wish them well.

Every time I hear some version of "God hates gay" I have to catch my breath... I can't get past "God hates...." Well, that is not my God
you are talking about then. If it were MY child, I would be heartbroken, maybe even angry, but I would not hate them. Am I so much more loving than God? I think not.



You are making the stupid and frankly insulting assumption that I hate gays. I don't. I like some of them. I oppose attempts to homosexualize society as a way of undermining it. Surely you can see the difference.

see this article

Robert said (October 15, 2010):

I live in Massachusetts, and gay and
lesbian marriage has been allowed for several years here. Absolutely nothing has changed; nobody really notices any change at all. This is
not an "agenda," but merely another thing that gets exploited by those who profit by setting common people apart. There is no point in being
concerned with this at all, considering the horrendous challenges that we all must now deal with.

People must get more together at this time -- not more apart. Incredibly awful things are happening now. Otherwise normal people are, more often
than not, incapable of sustaining even traditional marriages! I have experienced this first-hand. And this is a real, enormous problem for sure! Why be concerned with the insignificant gay and lesbian issues, that have no real effect on anything, when the really important things
are falling apart?



There is a relationship between the decline of traditional marriage and the promotion of gay marriage. They want to equate the two, but the vast majority of gays want sex not marriage and children. Increasingly we have been conditioned to behave like them.


Brian said (October 15, 2010):

Not surprisingly, Ellen DeGeneres and Illuminati Jewish "comedian" Sarah Silverman both felt compelled to weigh in with their predictable pro-gay entreaties after the young gay guy at Rutger's killed himself last week. Such is the nature of the mainstream entertainment media. When do you ever hear about gays in the media when they are not portrayed as paragons of virtue, or pitiable victims of rabid "homophobia"?

Ellen Degeneres tearily says, "Something must be done." on her talk show -

Self defined "comedian" and "Illuminati Jew" (Makow term, lol) Sarah Silverman shoots off her big mouth on YouTube - My God, how this girl's smug demeanor grates on me. I literrally had to turn the sound down on that clip as I copied and pasted the URL for this comment.

Don't get me wrong, I feel bad about the young guy at Rutgers killing himself. It is always tragic when a person commits suicide and I feel for his family. However, this and other incidents like it, do not change the fact that there is an agenda going on. The agenda is to force straight America into admitting that homosexuality is normal and not a psychological disorder. They are only using these suicides to try and lay out a guilt trip on their critics. It is actually quite shameful on their part when you really think about it.

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, Ph. D. sums it up very insightfully in his article

"The Paradox Of Self Acceptance"

[excerpt]  "When we push the shame aside--facing the feared fantasies directly--we see the true nature of the homoerotic attraction, which is about attachment loss. Homoerotic attraction is different from heterosexual attraction, in that it is driven by a childhood bonding deficit; therefore its roots trace back, not to an outward-directed search for someone who is truly "other-than-me," but to attachment-related pain, deprivation, loss, and emptiness."

Study after study shows that gays suffer much higher rates of depression, mood disorder, addictive behavior, suicidal ideation, narcissism, etc., then do normal heterosexual adults. This is true even in areas with predominantly tolerant populations like San Francisco, New Zealand, Sweden, New York, etc. Could it be that this is so because these men and women are failing to live in accord with what they where biologically designed to do? They would like us to believe it is because of us "intolerant homophobes" but that is a bunch of bull.

Keep up the great work in countering this agenda driven propaganda onslaught. Not to sound trite, but your web site is a beacon of light. The truth will win out over all the lies in the world, no matter how much money is behind them, or how many times they are repeated.

Ed said (October 15, 2010):

I just wanted to comment on the gay teen suicide scam. I don't give a rat's ass about this guy's sexuality. The way I see this : this young guy stepped over a very dangerous line by engaging in a highly dangerous frivolous sex and obviously couldn't to deal with it afterwards have to be very troubled to kill yourself over this...suicide was not the answer ...nobody pushed this guy off the bridge nobody but himself i'm a Rutgers grad and it is not a place where gay people are bashed ... they have a strong organization RULGA over there
I don't fall for this scam

Dan Abshear said (October 14, 2010):

"Makow comment: The function of the mass media is Illuminati mind control, plain and simple. It is owned or beholden (through advertising) to the Illuminati central bankers and their cartels. Have you ever seen a mass media campaign about the husbands/fathers who committed suicide because they have been robbed of their homes, children and sometimes livelihoods due to draconian feminist family laws?
No -- because the Illuminati goal, and the goal of our traitorous cultural and political leaders who are in their pay, is to undermine heterosexuality and the family."

Thanks for writing this, Henry. Suicide happens worldwide, I understand, for these circumstances. I've had a couple of attempts myself. Mass media has ignored this very devastating event that happens to men like me. And there are rights violations too numerous to count, and not a word has come from the A.C.L.U. Thanks again for what you wrote,

Francois said (October 14, 2010):

You may want to watch and

The video shows how the mass media is mind control.

Tony said (October 14, 2010):

Of course the queers and lesbians are killing themselves because they know that their behavior is not only a learned habit but a totally unnatural and disgusting habit. The titillation has worn off and it becomes facing-reality-time but some of them can't handle the debasing reality of their perversion, due to a great extent to past over coddling.

This bull shit of coddling, even privileging, faggots and dykes is becoming a form of mass insanity being force fed children and adults alike. It is normal human reason and reaction to show natural disgust at such unnatural practices, in spite of what any lying shrink spouts.

Politicians simply are too prostituted for another vote or too much Manchurian agents or just too damned stupid to be trusted or allowed to pervert law to accommodate perverts.

Always remember: Tolerating evil is itself evil and the result of such unwarranted and unwise toleration will be compounded evil.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at