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Illuminati Use Sex to Degrade Us

June 10, 2010

libraryporn1.gifby Henry Makow Ph.D.

Porn is so freely available on the Internet, I can't believe anyone would actually pay for it.

Yet, it is a $12 billion a year industry in the US, of which the Internet represents $2.5 billion.

I suspect porn receives a hidden subsidy from the Illuminati so it can be free. This subsidy may take the form of money laundering.

Porn serves a vital function for the Illuminati. We know they want to enslave us using debt, mind control and false flag terrorism. But we are not aware they have a deliberate program to enslave us spiritually using sex.

The Illuminati is a satanic cult based on the Jewish Cabala. The course of "modern" history and culture has been designed to induct the human race into this pagan sex cult.

Cabalists believe that sexual intercourse somehow restores cosmic harmony. We have imbibed the idea that intercourse is an edifying mystical-religious experience. This has resulted in the deification of sex and young beautiful women. The exaggerated place of sex/romantic love in our collective psyche is evidence of mass deviance and satanic possession. 

In reality, anonymous sex is an incredibly degrading experience for both men and women.

Sexual degradation is the primary instrument used by the Illuminati to induct people into Satanism.

Thus, they promote everything that is unnatural and perverse: anonymous sex, bestiality, incest, pedophilia, and homosexuality (which usually involves  anonymous sex and more.) This is how they enslave mankind.


Monogamy and family are wholesome and life affirming. When sex is consecrated for marriage,it bonds husband and wife. Marriage provides a wholesome secure environment for raising children.

"Sexual liberation" was a ruse designed to undermine marriage and family.

"Sexual liberation" is the crucial first step to Satanism. It reduces all relationships to the lowest sexual common denominator.
Men, and increasingly women, now think in terms of "hot or not," of "hitting" this and "doing" that, no matter how inappropriate.  Sex has become a tiresome cultural obsession and fetish. Homosexuality is normalized and promoted.

Anonymous sex is the antithesis of monogamy and family.
Yet anonymous sex is now the norm. 
We have been conditioned to think of anonymous sex as "self expression" and "liberation."

In fact, it is the unfolding of their satanic methodology. It is how they dehumanize and destroy their members, how they win them for their evil deity.

Progression in the higher ranks of Freemasonry entails a series of increasingly degrading and perverse sexual practices, all designed to flaunt God and nature (i.e. what is healthy and good.)

Craig Heimbichner writes in Blood on the Altar, "the secret knowledge of High Degree Freemasonry had been distilled by the OTO into a system of eleven degrees...the eighth and ninth degrees consist of sex magick (the eighth involves "magical masturbation" and the ninth, coitus--the "Sanctury of the Gnosis" ...while the eleventh contained a homosexual version of the ninth." (p.88)

 Unwittingly, we have been inducted into this cult.


In his Commentary on the Book of Laws, Alasdair Crowley
advocated a "Thelemic candour" whereby men proudly behave like beasts.

He argued that "incest, adultery and pederasty: should be openly practiced without "shame, slyness, cowardice or hypocrisy."

Crowley demanded nothing less than childhood's end: "the Beast 666 adviseth that all children shall be accustomed from infancy to witness every type of sexual act..." (Craig Heimbichner, 113.)

This is taking place before our eyes. The media and the education system are carrying out the Illuminati's satanic agenda with government complicity.


Pornography ensures that we judge people in terms of sex appeal. The damage it has done to male-female relationships is incalculable.

It is a "turn-off" not a "turn on" for many men. Many men have nothing but contempt for women who display themselves wantonly, and this contempt spreads to all women.

Thousands of beautiful young girls (models) are debauched and made unfit for marriage and motherhood. The stated Illuminati-Communist goal is to destroy marriage-family and make women a public sexual utility, i.e. amateur prostitutes.

All this is part of the hidden agenda of pornography. But the most important thing to understand is: We are under   massive psychological attack. Sex is being used to enslave and induct us into Satanism. This deluded fascination with sex is a large part of what we call "modernism."

To neutralize this attack, we must eschew pornography and anonymous sex, both in fact and in fantasy.

UK Five-Year-Olds to be Introduced to Sex

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Comments for "Illuminati Use Sex to Degrade Us "

Thor said (June 13, 2010):

Dear Henry,

I have translated your article "The Hidden Agenda Behind Pornography" to Icelandic and published on my little alternative views site

Marcia said (June 12, 2010):

I was married at nineteen.My husband was only 20 and was the only child of a couple who made the Masonic Lodge their entire life. They were infuriated he was marrying a "Catholic" girl, but decided to write the note of permission required to for us to wed so he could ," .......get sex out of his system" ( Back in 1969 young men could go to War in Vietnam but not marry or have an alcoholic drink until they were twenty-one).
Two years later he was disowned because we were still married and had begun a family.Twenty years later, they were elderly and ill and needed our help.Their belongings were shipped to our home from Florida and we went down and brought them back North.
My Father in Law had suffered a stroke and was bedridden and his wife was in third stage dementia.Interestingly, my husband's father greeted us from his bed by reaching out to me weakly repeating the garbled word ,'Sorry".
My husband rented a large dumpster and began to sift through their belongings that were stored in our garage. What he discovered was a life that was centered on pornography and masonry.Voluminous amounts of sexually deviant pictures cut from magazines and pictorial explicit books that would make Hugh Hefner blush. Documents and paperwork along with cards and letters revealed they were very wealthy people who traveled the country nine months out of the year, for almost twenty years ,visiting high ranking Masons all over the country. They had gifted large monetary donations to the children and grandchildren of their Lodge friends regularly, yet their own grandchildren they did not care to know.
We have been married now for over forty years and my in laws have passed.Together my husband and I often reflect on the lives of pornographic self indulgence and adultery that consumed his parents time and fortune. He is saddened by the time they spent away from him as a child and the loss they inflicted upon themselves by refusing to build ties with us and their grandchildren.On the other-hand , it was an early life lesson for us to place great value on Faith in God, monogamous marital love and children, and for that we are grateful..

Brigitte said (June 11, 2010):

A while ago I was researching porn addiction and reading questions and answers on the Yahoo website ( There are a lot of male teenagers who are addicted to porn. Apparently they are introduced to it by their peers as someone said earlier, and they get hooked really fast.

Some are challenged to watch really disgusting stuff, and it's a test of their manhood to be able to watch without throwing up. They send each other porn clips on their cell phones as a joke. "Did you see that?" kind of attitude, apparently dissociating the sex acts they are watching from themselves and what sexuality means to them as adolescents.

Some find it more exciting to watch gay porn. Then they wonder if they are gay because they respond to it more than to heterosexual sex acts. They are tormented by the thought because many never had intercourse, though most admit they are attracted to women.

Needless to say they are not just watching, but masturbating as well and this brings another point.

Masturbation used to be frowned upon, and there were stories to scare young men about it making you blind or deaf or brain damaged. In fact there is a grain of truth to this. Semen is composed of nutrients taken from the blood stream, and after each ejaculation a new ejaculate is prepared by the body. The density of nutrients in semen is ten times higher than in the bloodstream. An adolescent watching porn will make himself "come" time after time after time. I have read stories of teenagers who can no longer achieve a full erection.

Of course there is more to orgasm than the ejaculation, a lot of nervous and psychological and perhaps also, spiritual activity is taking place. The repeated stimulation is depleting the system. Men who overstimulate themselves, in addition to feeling depressed, are also physically depleted. Nutrients need to be absorbed to nourish the bloodstream but if they eat junk food and drink soda pop or beer their health is going to decline and by age thirty not only will they be impotent but their health capital will be exhausted. They will be "enervated" in the true sense of the word.

This state of stupor and prostration, isn't it something the illuminati could want to impose on the men in society? such men will not fight against tyranny, nor will they effectively protect their womenfolks and children. In other words, making men defenseless and innocuous could be another goal the Illuminati are trying to reach by inundating society with pornography.

Charles said (June 11, 2010):

I read your latest article entitled 'The Hidden Agenda Behind Pornography' with immense interest. You are absolutely correct that the true motivation for free access pornography is simply to homosexualize men and women. The links between Project MK-ULTRA, Project MONARCH and the Porno Industry are incredible. Anyone who reads your articles at Save The Males who as ever watched pornography, whether they were 'addicted' or not, might want to know that whenever a female Porn Star is seen with a Butterfly Tattoo, Dragonfly Tattoo, a Blue Five Pointed Star Tattoo or a Green Five Pointed Star Tattoo, she is a Project MONARCH sex slave.

This also means that female Porn Star was anally raped and sodomized in Masonic Ritualism in early childhood and is onscreen repeating the trauma and then reimprinting the homosexual energetics that were given to her. In other words, watching Porn Movies actually promotes paedophilia, child sexual abuse and Masonic Ritualism, involving Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) of children and adolescences. The tattoos, especially the Butterfly Tattoo is usually located at the base of the spine. That is where the Base Chakra is also located and hence those female Porn Stars are stamped like 'sexual whoring cattle' for misuse and brutalization on camera.

In the programming involved in Project MONARCH, the female is made to believe through the traumatic splitting of her personality that she is being given "love" and "affection" by the fake heterosexual male Porn Star. This is what used to be called Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) and these days is known as Disassociative Identity Disorder (DID). Look at the amazing work of Shelley Lubben, the ex-Porn Star and Born Again Christian. The Porno Industry is run on closet homosexuality and phallic worship. CGI, airbrushing, rubber latex genital attachments and other bizarre, sickening products are used to give the illusion of some super 'straight' guy, who in real life usually hates women, and is a homosexual.

There is a much more sinister side to the Porn Industry than just sexual degradation, that is always based around revolting gay men sodomizing young, drugged, totally programmed MPD and DID female Porn Stars, raped and abused since childhood, and then 'farmed out', and that is the Astral Entities or Demonic Entities involved. As you have written already, there is the whole Crowleyian Sexual Magick aspect and masturbating to Porno Movies adds to the Negative Orgonic Energy that feeds the 'monster' of Masonic Illuminism. Many of the female Porn Stars have a Tendril Tattoo on their arms. This signifies Demonic Possession and her complete enslavement to Masonic Sexual Magick.

Lastly, the phrase 'Porn Star' is something seemingly overlooked by many people. In chess there is the chessboard with white and black squares on it. The Pawn (Porn) is the lowest, pretty much most useless chesspiece. The Pawn (Porn) is the commonest, plainest chesspiece. Also there is the phrase 'Pawn Shop' where second hand goods and personal items are sold for money. Hence the same Masonic Language signification. Then the word 'Star' has the meaning of Eastern Star Freemasonry, which is the female branch of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Also the 'Star' is a Five Pointed Star, the Luciferian Star. And yet, Project MONARCH 'crowns' those mainly white sex slave females as 'Fake Royalty' as those for her to be buggered by fake heterosexual 'men', she should be honoured.

So if people like the notion of excrement, blood, sexual degradation, disease and deception being something to celebrate, especially in the Western World, then people should simply tolerate the vile, toxic, evil existence of fake, heterosexual pornography. No wonder there are so many sexually dysfunctional and mentally derranged people. Alot of them have watched pornography. It is a terrible curse upon Humanity that pornography exists. I hope Humanity awakens from the clutches of Masonic Illuminism because these evils must be stopped once and for all. Women are not sex objects and should also not act like sex objects.

Ribert said (June 11, 2010):

"Except ye... become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 18:3) I take this to mean simple, straightforward and trusting. These traits are incompatible with sexual obsession and promiscuity, which is why the latter are promoted. Satan, who is excluded from heaven, schemes to prevent anyone else from entering there.

Dan said (June 11, 2010):

The Internet came into being and there was a porn explosion across the world but a very quiet explosion as it was viewed in our homes. During he first decade of World Wide Web most porn was user contributed. I.e., an individual’s own site offering photographs often scanned from magazines or collected by him and offered for free download. These sites were slowly but surely shut down and the owner sometimes prosecuted.

Now we seem to have a homogenized highly, controlled offering of porn that is produced by and large by armatures and purchased by companies to be offered on their sites. Some free trading still exists through file sharing networks and newsgroups but these are often the targets of law enforcement and activity is halted. As is “sexting”.

A few years ago a very interesting, new concept of offering internet porn came on the scene and I believe that Google was responsible for its inception. A flash based search page offering links and thumbnails to a never ending source of porn. Click a thumb nail and your are taken to a site, or photo, or video or another page of thumbnails. Rather cutting edge. Almost too cutting edge to have been developed by “porn folk”. It seems to be predictive as well. Once it learns what you are interested in looking at it delivers more and more of it. I often wonder if there is something being communicated on a subliminal level through these sites.

Henry I don’t really know what all this means but I suspect that the bottom line is that the US govt is firmly in the porn and sex control business. So that means that they control our food and water, clothes and shelter, medicine and healthcare, religion and spirituality and sex and sexuality. Really they’ve left noting left to chance and no stone unturned, eh?

Rich said (June 11, 2010):

The powers that be, already own almost everything. What they don't currently have, they are poised to steal at anytime. We are now at the last level of this evil plan. And that is their quest to actually own the individual souls of everyone on the planet. The Mass Age of big World Wars is probably over. That doesn't mean we might not have a nuclear Armageddon to cull the heard. That is very possible. But that is so darn inefficient when you own the entire media and can simply steal every soul on the micro level.

Robin said (June 11, 2010):

I eschew pornography, but Henry, I'd like to have some sex with someone again, are all the middle aged women twisted? So many of them don't care how they look, beauty pageant phoniness aside, so they dress sloppy, get fat and forget about exercise, and seem to believe that men owe them a living, so when someone like my effeminate Elohim, may they always be holy rolling old hippie in white hair -- I don't have a Corvette or big bank account -- ha! -- on that latter issue I don't even have an account other than food stamps. I have an old canoe. And I know the three temptations in the desert were for the first three chakras, and that we are supposed to learn how to overcome them ourselves. Kaballah is not evil simply because it is, otherwise capitalism is evil, see my point? What use evil men, who cannot tame the first three chakras and avoid the temptation thereof, makes any system of organization work for evil as it works for good. It's up to you and me to be good or evil.
Here's hoping we shut the machine off before it grinds us all into a benzene loaded tar baby.

Eliezar said (June 11, 2010):

Just as human sexuality can be coarsened and perverted, so too can the Kaballah be co-opted, perverted and exploited for elicit purpose. Indeed, the original and true purpose of Kaballah was/is to bring oneself into closer communion or atunement to the Divine Frequency, or "Image" as it were. In it's thesis, the Kaballah is an esoteric insight into the tree of life, that to the Jewish people is revealed in G-d's Torah, whereas conversely, the "dark side" seeks It's negation or containment. Today, Tree of Life Kaballah, not an easy study, can be explored on numerous websites by all so inclined.

Like you point out, & as Jewish scholar Dr. Judith Reisman documents in her book, Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences; The Red Queen & The Grand Scheme, Crowley represents a fundamental corruption & inversion of the true purpose of Kaballah. Indeed, whereas the conjugal act IS Holy, & sanctified within the context of marriage between husband & wife, those forms of sexual conduct that violate the natural & spiritual orders of creation, are anathema. Indeed, rather than the "Tree of Life," Crowley and those similarly inclined, including Crowley admirer Alfred Kinsey, did and do embibe ritually, from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, that the serpent who deceives - that man's eyes be opened - that he will become as a "god."

As for those who strive to make legal, that which is immoral... This tendency is an equal opportunity employer, that reaches beyond all racial, ethnic or cultural differences, maybe some more than others. Regardless, our purpose & obligation towards one another as human beings, is to uplift & guard the dignity of oneself, our families, communities & our fellow man. Simply stated, sexual corruption, severs man's connection with the "Frequency" of his Maker. Zooologist Alfred Kinsey hated Jews, & intentionally excluded Jews from his team of sexologists. In Biblical terms, Kinsey was/is the Bilaam (sexual occultist) of America, & Rockefeller his Balak (financier). The only difference is, the names, time & place. The principles & their application are identical.

Dan said (June 11, 2010):

Brilliant article that sums up what I have been saying for a long time. I see the deliberate attempts to hypersexualize young children, the damage to relationships etc.

I also know that many Zionists figure very prominantly in this "business". It certainly seems there is an agenda particularly with regards to the feminization and humiliation of white males and the encouragement for white females to participate in interracial sex.

Much of this comes under the guise of multiculturalism. The elimination of the white race has long been planned, and is now in the open. Anyone who disagrees with what is going on is a Racist which is the modern equivalent of a pedophile. Sad days.

Dora said (June 10, 2010):

Good article. I think pornography is one of the WORST weapons against humanity by the Illuminati, probably worst than any missile or machine gun (That, and Hollywood itself).The worst part is that the Illuminati promote pornography as something “cool” to watch, thus, teenagers are entrapped into this disgusting filth by popular culture.

I'm 20 and I saw this happen with a lot of guys. Watching porno was nothing out of the ordinary, and still isn't to guys in their early 20s. We'll see how it gets as I age. This situation of guys seeing porn as normal really does instill a lot of insecurity in us women, especially when we were teenagers. It's sad to think that this is part of “regular life” now. One boy/guy might not have any idea about sexuality and then all of a sudden he is bullied into watching pornography by his friends, who were bullied themselves.

I wonder if this nightmare is ever going to end, for as you said, “The damage it has done to male-female relationships is incalculable.” Who knows if there's a turning point... A lot of innocent people's spirits have been damaged irreparably.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at