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Illuminati Use Emperor to Control Japan

February 2, 2011

realohta.jpgThis was written by the famous Japanese revisionist historian Ryu Ohta (with David Icke left.) Ohta passed away May 19 2009 at the age of 78.  He had just translated and published my book "Illuminati" in Japan. He was also responsible for the publication of many of David Icke's books. Benjamin Fulford praised him as one of the "great truth seekers" but apparently the feeling wasn't mutual.

From Weekly Nippon Newsletter, no 496, dated July 16th 2007

by Ohta Ryu

A short commentary critiquing Fulford's article on The Secret History Of The Freemasons In Japan released on the internet site of Jeff Rense.

In this article, I feel there is several important pieces of information that are lacking、and so here is an attempt to bridge the gap with some information I deem crucial for the proper understanding of this rather unknown aspect of these historical events.

After the arrival of Commodore Perry and the enforcement to end isolationism, Rothschild agents like Thomas Glover were sent via Jardine-Matheson to Japan;which is correct but the Sassoon dynasty is not mentioned and should be included.

Glover's "intrigue" was exposed,-"Glover's plot was uncovered and he was driven into bankruptcy"-this is incorrect. That the other agent of Rothschild, Guido Verbeck was sent and that he was successful; this too is incorrect. Glover and Verbeck worked together as a team.

The roles of the British and French Embassies in Japan; are not mentioned.  They played an active and crucial role here. Consequently the dual role of British-English Freemasonry and the French Freemasonry is not mentioned.

And thus by extension, the roles of the Dutch, Belgium and American Freemasonry are missing.

The assassination of Komei Emperor is non-existent, whereas the initial understanding must start from that incident. The problem related to Omura Toranosuke as a changeling] for the future Meiji Emperor is lacking. There is no mention of "the City " of London. I feel his explanation regarding the Russo-Japanese War is off target. The role of the Rockefellers in Japan can not be that simplified and is superficial.

It appears doubtful that Fulford has read Knuth's book on "the City" of London (The Empire of the City).  It is possible that he may not even know of its existence.

The relationship between Freemasonry and Japan post WWII is misunderstood.  Fulford states that, "Every Japanese Prime Minister since the war has been as Freemason".

Not so. The only one said to have officially entered Freemasonry was Hatoyama Ichiro, and he appears to be the only one, with nobody following his lead.

The Freemasonry in Japan is the one that came with the Allies and its domination and the Japanese, if there be Japanese Freemasons are basically nothing more than decoration, an accessory to make their (the non-Japanese) agenda run smoother.

There are other agents of the Illuminati that has rooted deeper in Japan than Freemasonry: The Roman Catholic Church, via the Vatican and the Jesuits. They have managed to infiltrate and even to take roots within the Imperial Family Households.  Also the financial elite families of Japan; there is a disproportional high rate of Catholics in that class.

The Trilateral Committee branch in Japan.  At this point it has completely dominated the Japanese financial world. The CIA, British MI6, Mossad and other secret service agents embedded within Japanese society and their Japanese agents. The so-called Japanese intellectual elites, professors and other think tank members trained via the Tavistock oriented institutions of higher learning abroad; who then returned to Japan.

The Japanese and the non-Japanese agents trained by both the Communist China and North Korea and residing here, very often as Japanese.

The agents of assassination-(against politicians, journalists, even civilians), be they from the Yakuza ultra-right, lone wolves or whoever already trained and connected to the higher ups to be called upon and utilized as necessary.

In other words the war of Anglo-American domination(Illuminati)versus Japan never was finished in 1945 but has been going on since, even to this day.

If there is war, then all elements of resistance should be and would be eliminated.

From the Illuminati side, they have a solid justification. Thus that is why and how former Prime Minister Tanaka was eliminated.

The journalist Takamatsu of the Japan Financial Times who felt that the Lockheed scandal was just an alibi to discredit Tanaka and that is was actually an American conspiracy of the Rockefellers,  was also quickly eliminated.

The list goes on and on. Fulford claims two hundred were killed. What that number is based on, I have no idea. I personally would not be able to list two hundred, but for the common Japanese, it is doubtful if they can even list one in this context.


It is not the Japanese Freemasons who are acting as agents of the American (Illuminati) domination and enslavement of Japan. It can't be; for they don't have that kind of competence nor power. So who could be the agent to implement with success, such an agenda?

None other than the Showa Emperor. The whole Imperial household with Showa Emperor as the Head.

Fulford is focusing still far too much on the outer level. The thread of entanglement must unravel back to Komei Emperor's assassination to comprehend the current situation of Japan and decipher it with any coherent logic.......that is the only way to start.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at