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Iron Curtain Encircles Latin America; USA Next

July 7, 2012

(left. Who shakes hands like that? Freemasons.)

At a recent meeting, the informal federation of Marxist states in South American decided to open a new front in the USA

By Marcos

Sao Paolo -- Some people still believe that Communism died in the 1980s with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Instead, Communism adapted and is flourishing.

Recently, another meeting of the Forum of Sao Paulo took place in the capital of Venezuela, Caracas, land of the caudillo Hugo Chavez.

Not many people know about this "Forum." It is an association of Marxist parties and terrorist organizations, founded by Brazil's Lula and Cuba's Castro in 1990 with the objective of Marxist revolution on the continent.

They have transferred the Iron Curtain from Eastern Europe to Latin America.

forologo.jpgThe Forum currently controls the majority of the continent, with governments in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua. They also have strong ties with the narco-terrorist group FARC in Colombia and several other Communist groups in every country in the region.

If anyone still doubted the strength of the Forum, events just last month leave no doubt. Paraguay got rid lawfully of a corrupt Marxist president who was promoting class war in the country.

He was impeached by their Congress. Before the vote was confirmed by the Senate, as the Constitution requires, the Forum sent a delegation of chancellors from Brazil, Venezuela and Uruguay in ask the military to stage a Coup d'Etat and reinstate their criminal buddy. Fortunately, the military sent them away.

Not to be discouraged, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay simply suspended Paraguay from the regional bloc Mercosur and admitted Chavez' Venezuela, an action that had always been opposed by Paraguay.

Chavez simply destroyed Venezuela's economy, a very rich country, and a main supplier of oil to the US. Recently, a former Supreme Court Judge defected to the US and became a DEA informant.

 Under Chavez orders, he had to help the Army to traffic drugs. Venezuela supplies the FARC with guns and gets drugs in return. Russia is the main supplier of arms to Chavez' army and militias.

Last week, a former terrorist from the FARC, now a senator in Colombia, Piedad Cordoba, was welcomed at the Forum's meeting. The connections are everywhere and are too numerous to describe here. Suffice it to say, the Forum means business.

Argentina and Venezuela have a de-facto censorship of the press, and there is much talk of the same here in Brazil. While they can usurp power through elections with populist candidates, they will. If they can't, they will use any other means.


During the meeting, the Forum decided to open a branch in the United states. They want to help Obama, whom they support but consider still too "timid" in Marxist terms. They want to support movements such as George Soros' Occupy and immigrant groups. They say they need to combat  conservative movements like the Tea Party.

More often than not, when such groups advertise a public agenda, it is because the agenda has been underground for a long time. Just remember that the Venezuelan consul in Miami, Livia Noguera, has been expelled from the US in January for sabotage charges, with Iranian links.

These guys have proven expertise in creating havoc in society and promoting class warfare. Americans should be very careful about this threat. Saul Alinski was an amateur compared to them.

chavez1.jpeg(left. Dictator merchandise)


Communism still has a strong appeal in poor countries. It mobilizes the desperadoes of this world, along with the fashionable middle class, and creates guerrilla and terrorist groups.

However, no guerrilla wants to live in the jungle forever. They want to eventually become mainstream and form a political party and therefore achieve power and wealth. In this way, they just continue to plot their revolution in an air-conditioned room, this time funded by taxpayers.


Communism never died, it simply evolved. Marxists know that communism is a total failure as an economic system. Mass starvation and bread lines have been the result of all Marxist economies.

Therefore, activists have followed the advice of authors such as Antonio Gramsci and the School of Frankfurt, and established a strategy based on cultural Marxism and a fascist economy.

Cultural Marxism is a form of social engineering that allows the State to make all decisions regarding social issues, such as education, health, the press, and even interferes in the private life of the individual. Its values are globalist, anti-family and anti-christian. Through political correctness, it manages to have such a tight grip on culture that opposition is virtually annihilated and the State reigns supreme.

At the same time, we see a fascist economy, where control of economic activity is in the hands of the State, through regulations and bureaucracy. There is some private property, but the capitalists have absolutely no political power, because of heavy taxation and dependence on government grants and contracts.

In fact, capitalists are just used for their technical knowledge to manage business for the government. Often capitalists and leftist politicians are the same individuals, as is apparent in China, where members of the Politburo have more than US$ 90 BI in personal wealth.

If you haven't realized it yet, this is the structure of the New World Order, to be duplicated in every country of the globe.


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Comments for "Iron Curtain Encircles Latin America; USA Next"

Dei said (July 8, 2012):

In response to Ken Freeland's theory that communism is dead, this is, among other memorable quotes, what Gorbachev had to say about it:

“Gentlemen, comrades, do not be concerned about all you hear about Glasnost and Perestroika and democracy in the coming years. They are primarily for outward consumption. There will be no significant internal changes in the Soviet Union, other than for cosmetic purposes. Our purpose is to disarm the Americans and let them fall asleep.” -Mikhail Gorbachev, speech to the Soviet Politburo, November 1987

Also Gorbachev's books make for illuminating reading. But remember also, that even communists and socialists are only tools in the forging of the world, as revealed, for example, by Carroll Quigley in his books on the history of the CFR, Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment.

Ken Freeland said (July 8, 2012):

You dead wrong on all this, including your distorted view of what constitutes Marxism. Your allegation about Chavez and drugs is so lame as to be laughable. You are intoxicated with the cult of Anticommunism, which should have died with the fall of the USSR, but lives on in pundits like you. Get a life, Henry.

Bruce replies:

Hey Ken, if Henry and Marcos are so dead wrong and distorted concerning his views on communism; why not explain? Explain why communism is dead and why they misconstrued information about Chavez. I will be waiting for you response.


Ken replies:


At your request, I will clarify the actual meaning of Marxism, as oppose to the imputation of it to these struggling Latin American nations. Marxism, or rather Marxist-Leninism, is the theory of socialism that the best resolution to the social problem is to enact state ownership of all the major productive property, and its administration supposedly on behalf of its working people. This WAS attempted in the USSR with questionable results. IT IS NO LONGER THE CASE THERE, any more than it is in China, where the bulk of US consumer goods are now produced by privately owned factories using highly exploitable Chinese labor. The quote that you cite from Gorbachev was issued in 1987. Within a few years, a major coup (or counterrevolution) occurred in the USSR wherein the bulk of state-owned enterprises reverted to private ownership, with the greatest ones enriching an emergent kleptocracy of largely Jewish financial oligarchs. This is STRUCTURAL change, and not “cosmetic.” For better or for worse, the mass of workers in what is today Russia and its former Eastern European satellites is at the mercy of privately owned mega-companies, the same as here. This is a complete regression to a capitalist economic modality.

More to the point, the Latin American countries cited by “Marcos” are not by any stretch Communist. There is no widespread nationalization of productive property, nor is there an explicit movement to this end. There are, indeed, some strident nationalist tendencies, most notably the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela, but capital ownership remains largely in private hands, and there is no explicit movement to alter this economic arrangement. If anything, these countries are striving for “social democracy,” the same as their more advanced Western European counterparts, but to call this Communism or a new Iron Curtain betrays real ignorance of the meaning of those terms.


Ken Freeland

Peter in Thailand said (July 8, 2012):

Superb analysis!

Thank you for that post from Marcos about Communism in South America.

On a huge and complex topic, Marcos provides a clear and concise

I especially appreciated his closing warning, " this is the structure of
the New World Order, to be duplicated in every country of the globe."

I hope to see more of Marcos' thinking and writing on your site.

Kevin said (July 8, 2012):

I couldn't agree more with Tony Blizzard's comment below.

I had to laugh at the former Paraguayan Justice who 'defected' to the US to become an informant for the DEA. Apparently this judge did not comprehend that the United States Military runs drugs, too. It hasn't been reported in significant numbers yet by the American media, but since the American military invaded Afghanistan the USA is now awash in heroin. This is fortuitous timing, as the unprecedented increase in opium imports coincides with the US Gov't and US Media's pressure on doctors and pharmacists to restrict patients' access to synthetic opiates (Oxycontin, Morphine, Codeine, etc).

Now citizens battling full-time pain who are turned away by their mandatory health insurance's doctor can instead turn to their corner drug dealer for cheap heroin to treat their pain. And kids, safe from the evils of cigarettes and beer, are instead treated to cocaine from the left wingers in S America and heroin from the right wingers in Asia.

The Right wing and the Left wing together herd us down the road to hell.

Bruno said (July 7, 2012):

About your post "Iron Curtain Encircles Latin America; USA Next". I have never heard it stated so unequivocally that communism really never died as in this story. I couldn't agree more. And I have always believed that; ever since 1988. A big, militant empire like Soviet Russia just doesn't go away by itself and 'peacefully' at that without a big fight.

Look at the USA. They will create and fight wars until total collapse in an attempt to survive. The same should have been true for the Soviets. And 25 years later we have the proof. Now that they achieved the destruction of the USA by stealth and have expanded even into the Western hemisphere despite the Kennedy doctrine of no communism in the Americas. They clearly were smart and their plans were well thought through for long term conquest unlike the USA storming into Iraq and Afghanistan after-burners blazzing. It is very ironic: the country that defeated the Russian totally wrecked the US even more. Well done Gorbachev and KGB Putin. The next move predictably will be to invade USA using their Latin American Marxist Allies along with the Mexicans and the 1.5 million strong armed criminal gangs. Americans are such poor and pitiful suckers. Okay girls go slap'em around like you do the American boys. Have fun! They will have fun with you too, guaranteed. Tell'em you have rights. How can one be so stupid and so self-defeating? And they still wallow in their own self-delusion and think they are the greatest. That indeed is their greatest fault and the main cause of their defeat along with their girl scout 'be-nice-to-each-other' army. And there is nothing you can do about it.

Tony B said (July 7, 2012):

I like most of Marcos' comments on your site but this article seems strange in places. Especially his comments of capitalists having no real power with the actual control of the economy by the state. If that's the case the U.S. has no worries whatsoever as the state here is totally controlled by the monopoly capitalists, with the private bankers who own our medium of exchange as their private profit machine at the apex and government as their paid lackey.

Methinks he doesn't realize the marxist dangers on the "teaparty" side of politics as though he is caught up in the false concept of one side being pure the other impure when, in fact, both are controlled by the same satanic agentur, as made clear in the protocols.


Marcos replies:

International banks and large multinationals are a special case, for they are part of the elite structure. Local and national businesses indeed have no political power.

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