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Tanks and "Subs": Sexual Freedom Reflects Bondage

June 27, 2012

st.louis.jpeg(left, tanks on main thoroughfare of St Louis)

"The very same week that armored vehicles were seen treading the streets of St. Louis, the city held its annual "Pridefest" sexual libertine parade. As we are being conditioned to fight for our "sexual rights," we are increasingly losing our real rights."

by Alex

 I can't help but be reminded of what Aldous Huxley called, "the love of servitude" and its effect on society.

I am seeing more and more of this passion for slavery as the weeks go by, but it really "hits home" so to speak when I saw my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri being haunted by the specter of armored vehicles and all of the other trappings that go with martial law.

Of course, the citizens by and large refuse to acknowledge these threats and therefore are unable to resist.
7967947.87.jpg(left. St. Louis gay pride parade normalizes decadence. "Sub" is the bondage term for sexually dominated .)

I think it is important to bring up another Huxley quote: "As economic and political freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends to increase as compensation. And the dictator will do well to encourage that freedom."

I mention this quote because on the very same week that armored vehicles were seen treading the streets of St. Louis, the city held its annual "Pridefest" sexual libertine parade.

As we are being conditioned to fight for our "sexual rights" we are increasingly losing our real rights. How many mainstream news outlets does one see these days actively promoting the sexual libertine agenda? In comparison, how many give so much as a brief mention of the numerous breaches of our constitutional rights and privacy, as well as the significance of these daily trespasses?

Why is it that men are permitted lead each other in the streets with leathers and leashes in the full view of children but when a citizen stands up for their 4th amendment rights against unlawful search and seizure (and government-sanctioned sexual molestation) they are stamped out by the iron hammer of the establishment?
It is no wonder that sadism is going mainstream. Take, for instance, the enormously popular pornographic book series, "Fifty Shades of Grey"- a lurid tale of a woman submitting herself sexually to a billionaire.

Due to the popularity of the series, the market for women interested in sadomasochism has expanded significantly. But this series cannot be identified simply as a treatise on perversion.

It is important to look at the social and economic theme as well, which is symbolic of an ignorant and debt-ridden society dependent on the super-elite for all of our cares and needs. This submission is taking place without any care or thought to the cost to our freedoms, dignity or human identity.
bondage1.jpegIn the forward for his novel, "Brave New World", Huxley would go on to write that the Marquis de Sade "regarded himself as the apostle of the truly revolutionary revolution beyond mere politics and economics- the revolution in individual men, women and children, whose bodies were henceforward to become the common sexual property of all and whose minds were to be purged of all the natural decencies, all the laboriously acquired inhibitions of traditional civilization."

In other words, the revolution against our foundation of society is happening on many levels, not just on one sphere of our established existence.

Not unlike the female protagonist, we are to submit ourselves to the elite controllers of our society.

Note from Alex:
I have to give credit to the hardcore leftist St. Louis publication "Riverfront Times" for being my inspiration. It was they who juxtaposed the cognitive dissonance of the presence of the armored vehicles with "Pridefest" on their website (they host a photo gallery of the event on their site:

Makow comment: A reader informs me she just returned from Walmart where she saw stacks and sacks of "Fifty Shades of Grey"  for sale. So it has come to this. Porn for sale at Walmart.
Proof of what Alex  and Aldous Huxley say. 


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Comments for "Tanks and "Subs": Sexual Freedom Reflects Bondage"

Irish Dan said (June 28, 2012):

".........It's an obvious reference to MI6 torture, that 99% of Brits don't believe their beloved Intelligence agency is capable of......." I do not think that the 'believers' and the 'concerned' in English society are confined to just '1%' I know far too many decent, highly moral English people to accept that.

I am in fact currently grieving the loss of one such friend, John Miller of The Sauniere Society who died some days ago. Some years back John invited a former British Army Major in the Medical Core, now a leading surgeon to give one of the weekend lectures at a Sauniere conference.

This Surgeon has made a lifetime study of pederasty and it's covert and overt interfaces with State agencies and The British Establishment. In the course of his lecture he gave an overview of this activity and concentrated on the contemporary scene. Blare, Brown etc in fact a whole sward of the political and other establishments were named with available 'on the record' evidence that was ignored or suppressed in the mainstream media.

Of the fifty present, thirty-five were 'Middle-England' : when he concluded there was an outburst of total outrage in that room from these people in particular and they did not dispute the facts as presented. Despite that over a dozen leading figures in British public life were 'named and shamed' in what if not factual, would have have been a most libelous defamation of all in a public forum leading to MP's etc being bombarded with protests, there was no 'official', overt response.

This was the same man who as a serving Army Medical Core Major in British Occupied Six-County Ireland, stopped the 'Interrogation in depth' otherwise known as torture of Republican Prisoners during the detention without charge or trial 'Internment' period in the early seventies.

Red Ox said (June 28, 2012):

From Red Ox:

The MI6 view on sex is that you can sexualise "anything", including torture. Indeed the worse a situation becomes, the more a human mind seeks to derive pleasure from pain. Victims of MI6 torture are encouraged under electroshock to then gain pleasure from sado-masochistic pornography in the future, because it will remind them.

Certain famous pornographic websites were mentioned to me in the 1990s that didn't even exist, suggesting a CIA/MI6 involverment in their construction.

Devices such as calling people "Daddy" and being submissive is exactly what an MK'd victim is supposed to do to their oppressor, for real. e.g to Thomas Hurd or Dick Cheney.

Victims are made to say "I want it" continually and wear rabbit ears, both important conditioning, the latter upheld by Hugh Heffner. Just like watching porn. Think how many young women go about voluntarily with these symbols of MK.

Butterfly tattoos just above the ass. How many young women 'independently' came up with that? (Butterfly = Monarch). Mind you, fashion and unncessary clothing could be seen as MK or 'high level lower level' social conditioning.

MI6 also conducted gay weddings before they existed: once again showing the influence of this collective - to be able to implement something 15 years later - and it's active and successful attempts to make a degenerate society.

In a pro-social society they'd probably be enough love to go around, without inducing these perversions. Not too difficult to imagine. We're instead glorifying the vacuum (celebrity), have glamor models as authors and emptying one's mind (drinking alcohol) as culture!

We've long since gone past the point of challenging the view that empty vessel young men and women who strut around displaying the voluntary symptoms of MK are to be questioned and re-educated (bit of a Communist term there!), not idolized.

The MI6 view is they don't just want to torture/rape/control/murder someone (once)... they want to (psychologically) do it again and again. This is explained in the film Salo by Pier Paolo Pasolini (fascist diplomats perform torture/sexual experiments on young boys and girls, looking for perfect control).

Unfortunately for MI6 someone butchered a member of their staff and witnesses claim "Pierre Paolo" let them in. It's an obvious reference to MI6 torture, that 99% of Brits don't believe their beloved Intelligence agency is capable of. Then the lead and very senior Police Officer (a woman called Jackie) went looking for a chap called Mr Paolo for 2 years. She didn't find him.

Dan said (June 27, 2012):

Martial law exercises juxtaposing queer parades is psychological warfare. Such surreal incogruities trigger cognitive dissonance.

The silence of the American public is deafening. Media taunts have abounded during 'Pride 2012' locally and nationally.

Not a peep from families of US Marines. Silence doesn't mean approval. When people see resistance seems to be futile they seem to go selectively blind.

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