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Illuminati Pedophilia - A Victim's Memoir

August 26, 2011

Carolyn Hamlett.jpg
Left. Carolyn Hamlett today

Government Mind Control - from an insider  - Part 1

"What I remember most about this possible underground facility is seeing children in cages...kept like animals. Most of them were about my age."

They threatened "to tell my mother and grandmother that I was a bad little girl doing dirty naughty things...There were dirty sexual things going on there with grown men and children, things that my mother would surely disapprove of and punish me for."

by Carolyn Hamlett


I remember often being abducted from my home in the middle of the night by the same 2 men. They drugged me and took me some place and returned me just before dawn.

I never remembered where I was taken and for what reason...until about 2009, when memories began to surface. In some of these memories, I was as young as 4-years-old.

Some of those memories were of an underground facility. I suspect it was somewhere at Mac Dill Air Force Base in Tampa, which was close to where I lived.

What I remember most about this possible underground facility is seeing children in cages...kept like animals. Most of them were about my age.

There were a lot of blonde-haired blue-eyed children. Some, like me, didn't live there, but I think some were kept prisoners like animals.

I feared I would become one of them. I was told that if I didn't cooperate....I would.

I think I feel guilty that I never told anyone about the children....but my adult mind I know that I was incapable of telling anyone about the children...especially if I couldn't even remember the details of what was being done to me.

I remember being told that if I talked...they would kill my mother and my brothers. 

Carolyn Hamlett age 4.jpg(Carolyn Hamlett, age 4)

I was also told that my mother and the other adults in my family would never believe me even if I did tell them. Several times I did try to tell my mother, but to my horror, my abusers were right, there was no help for me. My mother reacted exactly as I was told she would. She told me that I was imagining it all and to forget it. 

Sometimes the people told me that if I didn't comply, they would tell my mother and grandmother that I was a bad little girl doing dirty naughty things. For some reason...that threat seemed to have the most power over me....Probably because there were dirty sexual things going on there with grown men and children, things that my mother would surely disapprove of and punish me for.


The underground facility was a busy place at night with lots of different activities going on. There was a large open area with a low ceiling. It was large enough that small groups could meet in there without disturbing one another. There were some smaller rooms off that main area. It was in one of these rooms that I remember having a "lesson". 

I was seated in a chair. My instructor sat facing me and slightly to my right. She was familiar to me, though I didn't know her outside of the facility. She was young and pretty, probably high school age. Her dark brown hair and perfectly trimmed bangs framed her face well. Her eyes, a beautiful shade of blue, were further accented by the matching powder blue cashmere sweater and skirt she was wearing. I felt comfortable with her and wanted to please her. I desired her positive attention and affirmation. 

From the right side of the room entered a tall, thin balding older man in a gray suit. His loosened dark tie hung haphazardly around his neck and was cocked toward his right shoulder. His disheveled white shirt was unbuttoned at the collar. He looked like he should smell bad, but he didn't.

Carolyn Hamlett age 6 .jpg(Carolyn, age 6)

The man looked at me and smiled, then motioned for me to come over to him and sit on his lap. I didn't know this man and didn't want to go to him. I looked to my instructor. Yes, she wanted me to go to the man. I felt obliged to obey. I got up out of my chair and walked the few steps to the man and reluctantly climbed onto his lap. I was everything but relaxed. The man wanted me to be "give him some sugar". I didn't like him and I didn't like him touching me.

I could tell that both the man and my instructor were becoming very displeased. Apparently they considered my coldness as inappropriate behavior. Their displeasure felt like rejection, like I was bad, that there was something wrong with me for not wanting to be close to that man, yet something about it didn't feel right at all. 

My instructor called another little girl over. She appeared to be about my age, maybe slightly older. She was wearing a little blue dress. Her golden blonde hair was braided into two "pig tails" that hung one on each side of her head, touching her chest just below her shoulders. Her full skirt, fluffed up by petticoats swayed as she walked, giving her the appearance of little girl innocence with feminine allure. She was there to demonstrate how it's done, how I was supposed to behave. 

She gladly hopped up onto the man's lap eager to show me how much more advanced she was. She became the aggressor while the man sat back to enjoy. First it was kissing on the lips. Then more passionate kissing. I had never seen anything like that even with adults. All the while I watched, my instructor kept telling me that what I was watching was good and normal behavior between grown men and little girls like myself. It still didn't seem right to me. 


One more child was brought in to show me "how normal" it was for children to do sexual things with grown men. This child was a dark haired little boy wearing a white oxford shirt, partially tucked into his navy blue pants. He looked much like the boys I knew who went to Catholic schools. He was scared. 

Reluctantly, he boarded the man's lap, as the little girl slid off to receive her praises for a job well done. 

He too kissed the man as the little girl had done. The man encouraged the little boy to kiss him more. As they kissed and fondled each other, my instructor was liberal with her praise for the boy. She kept telling me how nice and good that sort of behavior was and how pleased she was with him.

Next, my instructor sat me down in front of a cabinet. She brought out some dolls like the ones children use in miniature play houses and placed the dolls on the top of the cabinet. 

Carolyn Hamlett Little Girl .jpgShe proceeded to show me first with dolls, what I would observe next with adults and children. I remember feeling horrified and sick to my stomach at what she did with the dolls.

It was men dolls with little boy dolls first, and then she progressed to show me even worse things. I couldn't imagine real people doing those things with each other. It didn't seem right. I didn't want to think about it. I didn't want to look. The more upset I got, the angrier my instructor became with me. 

She seemed pressured to make me understand before the night was through...and the night was almost through. 

I sensed that I was failing. I sensed that my failure was her failure in the eyes of her superiors. 

Yet, no matter how hard she worked to convince me that what she was demonstrating was normal, I would not believe it. That night's lesson ended with her purposely making that message even more conflicting in my mind and hard to process. 

She gave me the conflicting messages that sodomy was normal and desired behavior, yet was used as punishment for those who do not comply to the rules. Children were brutally sodomized as punishment. 

Maybe I actually saw it done with men and boys that night. Maybe it is still too frightening to fully recall. I do have the remembrance of seeing the dolls, yet this memory of the dolls is superimposed over what I think was real...seeing little boys punished this way. I can hear their screams.

Carolyn was born in December of 1953. The events described above occurred in 1958. The abuse started when she was a baby. 

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Comments for "Illuminati Pedophilia - A Victim's Memoir "

Stephen said (August 27, 2011):

I have also run across several cases of child sexual abuse. One child was forced from age 9 until she escaped as an adult to participate in orgies every weekend with a biker gang. Her parents were involved and made her believe it was normal.

Though this happened in the 1970's she says there is still child pornography floating on the web of herself. She, by the way has completely recovered and lives a normal life with a happy family today.

Several I had worked with had joined Satanism as young adults. They quickly learned they stepped into something much deeper than what they could get out of. I personally witnessed the attempted murder of a young man for leaving Satanism. He left the State with his young family and today has been forgotten by the Satanists.

One common thread I have seen is that Satanists don't trust each other. Rather than brotherhood and acceptance to maintain social bonds, it is fear of exposure or reprisals that keep them in line. For this reason I believe when our economy goes into total collapse that these ubiquitous small fry Satanists will be at each other's throats.

Debra said (August 26, 2011):

I believe what Carolyn Hamlett is saying could be true. I also was aware of this as a child, but indirectly. Additionally, I highly suspect parents allow children to be abducted during the night, which was my conclusion, though ignored as a child. Parents are in on it or forced to hush-up.

My point in sharing my comment is to show this isn't always associated with high-tech MK Ultra.

I attended a Catholic school as a child and was shown in "vision", children abducted at nighttime from their homes. As a child, I wasn't aware these were "visions" until later in life, when realizing visions were not a regular occurrence to most people. In 1st grade, I saw the boy at night being carried by an adult in the Catholic Church where people go for community masses.

I thought he was dead until the next day when I saw
him in class, alive. He was being carried to the altar. I was not shown details once at the altar, but recognized it was a Satanic practice. The nuns in classes were violently abusive with some boys whilst others they favored and liked above everyone else.

I felt for sometime I was in danger when talking about what I "saw" but no-one believed me, so the danger lessened. Upon seeing the parents of the children on the days when parents would come to the school for PTA meetings, I thought the parents must know, but there was no proof, and the adults denied this was happening. People who go to church are not aware the churches they go to, to pray, may be places of Satanic worship on "off-hours" at night - Satanic rituals with children.

Richard said (August 26, 2011):

The story is real; organized Satanism, is real.

The closest the public ever was to stopping it was during the '80's. Whether by accident or design, the cat got out of the bag after the MK-ULTRA victim's programming broke down.

Personally, I think the old post war method of direct, hands on trauma-based programming had a high incidence of failure.

Programming broke down, and the majority of psychological counselors weren't involved. By the mid 70's thousands of victims were recovering their memories. Their counselor knew too many others in their profession who were reporting the same stories and details from women and children.
I think the perps miscalculated the extent their victims wouldn't be believed.

By 1974, Congress had to deal with the tidal wave of lawsuits and health care professional testimony and support of the victims.

In 1975 the Church Committee was formed to investigate the CIA and Project MK-ULTA (actually dozens of projects under that umbrella). But President Ford empowered a Presidential investigation called the Rockefeller Commission to be in charge.

Isn't that a joke? CIA Director Richard Helms ordered all MK-ULTRA files destroyed in 1973. What comes down to us was only from the crumbs of evidence missed by the CIA paper shredders - a cache of 20,000 documents discovered in 1977 under FOIA.

These were probably seeded with as much disinformation as possible to deflect the full gravity and extent of what happened.

Cathy O'Brien, a victim, whose daughter was removed from her care and incarcerated in a Federal mental institution said they perfected new 'remote' means of mind programming that's undetectable.

I knew some of these victims personally. This woman's memories are true. The massive wave of what they've labeled "Satanic panic" was about about a very real network of abuse, operated through the military intelligence agencies, who also created and control a plethora of occult and sexual cults. It really happened, there are few survivors of it, and the public rolls on talking about who to vote for in 2012.



The reason that there are so few victims alive to tell of their past, is because most , if not all, have had self-destruct programming so that if they were to remember, they would terminate themselves or commit a crime that would put them away for life. There are many "fail safes" programmed into the various levels of programming.


Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at