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Montreal 1989--Young Men Cowered While Women Were Massacred

December 6, 2022

Possibly, the only mass shooting not organized by intelligence services. 

33rd Anniversary -- Montreal Mass Shooting of Feminists 

On Dec 6, 1989, Marc Lepine shot 28 people, killing 14 young women who he singled out as feminists who had "ruined his life." 

Ironically, the emasculation produced by feminism probably contributed to the tragedy. Men used to protect women.

These women said they were not feminists but, like Lepine, they were studying to be engineers. Women have gone from being supports for men - wives and mothers - to being competitors. Feminism is really masculinism.

Men need a woman's love. Nothing can justify Lepine, but he was motivated by a sense of betrayal that all men are feeling to some degree. Both sexes have suffered dearly from the Illuminati banker plan to depopulate and enslave the world by destroying heterosexual marriage and family.

from March 10, 2009

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

A recent film about the massacre of 14 young women at  L'Ecole Polytechnique in 1989 has reignited debate about a little-known aspect of this tragedy: the passive behavior of the 50 young men in the engineering class.

mpine.jpegThey meekly obeyed the gunman, Marc Lepine, 25, when he ordered them to leave. Lepine proceeded to fire about 30 shots at the women, from left to right, leaving behind 9 victims, 6 of whom died. Before killing himself, he killed another eight women and wounded ten women & four men in the hallways, cafeteria, and other classrooms. He reloaded a number of times but no one tackled him.

In the first classroom, he said to the girls: "Do you know why you are over there?" 

One girl answered "No". 

"I am fighting feminism." 

The girl replied: "We are not feminists, I have never fought against men." 

He aimed his hunting rifle and started firing.

mass-fem.jpg(14 bright futures snuffed out. They said, "we're not feminists.") 

In a suicide note, Lepine said: "I have decided to send the feminists, who have always ruined my life, to their Maker. For seven years life has brought me no joy and being totally blase, I have decided to put an end to those viragos."

Feminist and lesbian activists were quick to exploit this tragedy as a "National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women," as if mass murder were an appropriate way to characterize domestic violence. White ribbons remind young women that within all men lurks a serial killer. Thus, these activists destroy the trust which is at the heart of a woman's love for a man and cause men to abandon them.

But what if, in that first classroom, the young men wouldn't separate from the girls, and then refused to file out of the class?  What if they rushed Lepine instead? Failing that, what if they had jumped him as he exited the class?

The irony is that the emasculation produced by feminism probably contributed to the tragedy. Men used to be protective of women. This point was raised recently by Mark Steyn in his review of the film ("Polytechnique") --

"The defining image of contemporary Canadian maleness is not M Lepine... but the professors and the men in that classroom, who, ordered to leave by the lone gunman, meekly did so, and abandoned their female classmates to their fate--an act of abdication that would have been unthinkable in almost any other culture throughout human history. The 'men' stood outside in the corridor and, even as they heard the first shots, they did nothing. And, when it was over and [Lepine] walked out of the room and past them, they still did nothing. Whatever its other defects, Canadian manhood does not suffer from an excess of testosterone."


This touched off a spirited discussion in the Comments section. One man wrote:

"This is nothing compared to a Polish Visitor to Canada, who got tasered to death at Vancouver International Airport because four well trained (???) Mounties felt that he, an unarmed man, was a threat to them. The important question has to be: "just how many Mounties does it take to handle an "unarmed" person"? Perhaps they think, that the criminals will laugh themselves to death when they see this kind of utter incompetence. To add insult to injury, this atrocity is dragged through the courts, where it will receive "Canadian Justice".

On the RCMP, another man comments: "Reading this, I am reminded of what I read about the aftermath of the stabbing and beheading of Tim McLean: that the RCMP officers stood outside the bus for HOURS watching Vincent Li stab, defile and cannibalize his victim's body."

Another man relates how he wrestled a gun away from a mugger and killed him. "I pulled the trigger and shot my assailant. Minutes later, the police arrived and arrested me. My assailant dies some three hours later in a hospital. This being Canada, it cost me in excess of $15K in legal fees." 

But he vows he would do it again: "But rest assured, should anyone pose a risk of death to me, my wife, my children or anyone with whom I enjoy an effective connection, I would not hesitate for a second. I would kill again. I have since learned that my three siblings (two sisters, one brother) are similarly wired. Neuro-psychologists - including several in military positions - have assured me this is not genetic, just the "luck of the draw".

"All that having been said, I find it INCREDIBLE that not a single male who meekly left the Ecole Polytechnique classroom that day took any action. I am also fluently bilingual/bicultural, and more than a few good Quebecois men have confided in me their disgust at the prevalence of "les hommes rose" ("pink men") among the generations processed by public education systems since my own high school days. Heroes aren't born that way, but cowards do seem to have been conditioned for cowardice. Welcome to the post-modern feminized, touchy-feely world of bullshit called "public education". You're paying for it, after all."

Finally, another man summed it up: "Perhaps in guilting men for being men, in all the accusations of being rapist wannabe 's, they become so meek and pliable that they are no longer capable of acting as the men on the Titanic acted..."


Lepine (his real name was Gabil Rodrique Ghabi; he took his mother's name at age 13) was a psycho who couldn't get a date. If he had demonstrated this much spunk in a positive non-violent way, he wouldn't have had a problem.  Men these days are underthe impression that women aren't interested in them. The opposite is true. Men just need to act confidently and with self respect.

Are we judging the young men in the class too harshly? After all, they were only 19-21. The Coroner's Report suggests some thought it was a prank.

Nonetheless, the incident illustrates the unraveling of the social fabric caused by feminism. As I have said, heterosexual marriage and family build and perpetuate society. Men want power; women want love. Marriage is based on the exchange of women's power for male power expressed as love. Both female and male sacrifice in different ways. Women empower men to be their protectors and providers (while they tend to children.) In the name of "equality," Communist-inspired feminism challenges male power which neuters and emasculates men.

Men and women need to re-establish their bond as partners rather than competitors. The days ahead may require sacrifice. This story suggests that men who have no one to protect won't make sacrifices.

First Comment from FA-

One tidbit that is always left out is that at the time Poly had an ongoing effort to increase the percentage of female students. It was 15% at the time despite several years of a policy where men needed higher grades than women to get in. The murderer had been close to the acceptance line and deemed that his rejection was because women with lower grades than he stole his place and his future. If you find his full letter online you should see reference to this.

I was cutting school that day so was absent but my classmates recounted to me. One girl in my computer lab (where I should have been too) was walking out of the lab and came face to face with the gunman, he pointed the weapon at her and... click. She immediately closed the door and locked it. After reloading he shot at the door handle a few times and when it failed to open (unlike in movies) he didn't insist and continued his rampage elsewhere. One of my close friends hid under a table in a digital circuits lab for many hours with the the lights off not knowing when it was safe to leave. Eventually he went to our shared locker to get his coat and there were puddles of blood all along our locker's hallway.

You have to realize that mass shootings (false flag or otherwise) weren't a thing back then as they are today. Some of the students thought it was some sort of prank. Some thought the gunman was selecting the guys and leaving the girls safely behind. Most thought remaining calm and cooperating would end/diffuse the situation without incident. The overwhelming feeling when we went back to school in early 1990 to write our postponed fall 1989 final exams was not that the cowardly men were to blame. I also can't stand all the soy boys today but back then the guys still drank beer, drove motorcycles, played&watched contact sports, did hard sciences not gender studies...

I like the fact that you publish all sorts of opinions and let readers decide what to think.

 Ken Adachi

I didn't know about this shooting until reading about it today for the first time.  It may be a completely legit story, but some things described here don't make sense and it makes the account look suspicious. When the male students and the teacher were told to leave the classroom, do rational people obediently stand in the hall outside of the room, like so many Wooden Indians, and just patiently wait for the shooter to finish up his killing spree?  Would YOU just stand there?  If you're not going to try something heroic to stop him, then any rational person is going to run like hell - IF YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY.  And they didn't?

At the same time, it's not surprising that a 25-year-old guy, who was denied a proper family environment with a loving mother and father to guide him, could become so rudderless and unsure of himself that he became enraged by feminist provocations, went off the deep end, and decided to exact some revenge to even out the score. That's possible I suppose. You keep stepping on a young guy's ego - SOMETHING is gonna give. Most rational guys aren't going to start shooting people, but he's going to do something to make his anger known.

The first comment from "JJ" in Dec. 2018, told me a lot about just How Bad Things Have Become here in Pink America. A normal, heterosexual male is not going to be happy working under a woman - period (especially if it's in construction or manual labor work, like an electrician's job or even an apprentice job). The intelligent thing to do is to AVOID the problem, by not immersing yourself  IN the problem.

I'm not going to join the military or become a policeman or a fireman, or take ANY job if I have to take orders from a woman. I'm just not going to do it because I KNOW what's going to happen if I did. I would have to give up my pride as a man and suppress my masculinity  - and it's not worth it for the sake of a paycheck. I can do any sort of work I want to do - ON MY OWN. Women are physically, emotionally, and psychologically unsuited to be boxers, linebackers, pro baseball players, pro hockey players, pro basketball players, fighting military, policemen, firemen or ANY other job that requires the size, strength, cunning, LOGIC, and intelligent decision-making ability - under pressure - characteristic of most NORMAL, heterosexual males.

REAL women, feminine females, don't WANT to act like men or do men's work, or boss around a male. They want to be desired by and mated to masculine men who want to act the role which God and Nature had intended for them. Real men and real women want to live in sync with the Divine Plan in order to raise a family, lead a happy life, and do what's right in the eyes of God and Mother Nature, in order to be truly fulfilled and content with life.     


Justine Trudeau is at it again. His anti-violence against women speech, is more of his bias. Why not the obvious Anti-violence against everybody? His push to ban assault weapons and giving mayors the right to ban handguns.

Who has asked "why didn't these trail-blazer, promising,  smart, powerful women attack the gunman? Why did all the women in London who saw the terrorist attacking men and women with a knife attack him? They ALL ran away. There is a constant drumbeat about the need to make women's lives better so they will be stronger thus helping out society and the world. Young girls and boys are been shown via entertainment media how what use to be strong men being leaders and heroes are being replaced by tiny stronger women who have no-fault saving everybody. But as we are seeing that in real-life this is not happening. And it's almost toxic how this emotional conflict drains both men and women of their understandings. I don't see any actions taking place of how this might simply be broken open to speaking freely about this dangerous conflict. Are young boys and girls being taught how men and women are different in so many ways? No. Is there real equality between boys and girls, men and women in all things? Or are girls and women still being going advantages? Yes. Most of the time I see an endless deliberate attempt to keep society divided.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Montreal 1989--Young Men Cowered While Women Were Massacred"

GT said (December 6, 2022):

As this is old I’m sure you’ve read but as you mention this shooting was not organized by intelligence here are some points to ponder otherwise in case you haven’t.

JJ said (December 7, 2018):

I have worked on many job sites where women are UNBELIEVABLY insulting. They are often the bosses or engineers or in the higher trades because our trade schools and universities have to make room for these women.

So when a female electrician comes on site, the hard-working male labourer, paid at low wages, who cannot get a job as an electrician and be able to support his family at 2-3 times the wage - this man has to get the ladders and materials for the woman so that she can drill the final hole and put in the final screw. She has to stand around waiting for these men to hustle so that she can be glorified and given the big money.

Woman after woman is in these types of situations where the men do the work so that the women can make the money. The sad thing is that all of these women think nothing about what they are doing. They have NO conscience about their actions. They have NO idea what these men are thinking about them and saying about them. I have not found one feminist among the immigrant men I have worked with or the Canadian men (the only feminists are those who are bisexual or gay). ALL of these men say disgusting things about women in authority or in the trades usually calling them either the c- word or the b- word.

Women are incredibly rude and insulting day after day to men. And if the men do or say anything to counter this they will be fired or sued. This was the problem at L'Ecole. What promise did any of these men have that after rescuing these women they would not have been sued? And for those women in the classrooms who think that they are not feminists - why are you taking advantage of women's rights? I can't even open a door for a woman without a threatening comment from her. What makes me think that if I rescue her from greater dangers or problems, she won't take me to court?

Few women out in the working world in leadership roles of any kind will ever understand the utter disgust they generate from the men around them.

JG said (December 7, 2018):

It seems that domestic false flag terrorism was not as common in the 80s as it is today.
The scenario and giveaway for false flag hits usually are as follows
1) The crime committed by a lone (usually white male) gunman who committed suicide before he was captured
2) No video evidence of the crime when it happened
3) No attempt to stop or storm the gunman by anyone even when he had to take the time to reload
4) A politically motivated demand attached by the families and friends of the victims after the incident.
I don't know if this one happened as reported or not. However, usually, the ones that don't have a political demand attached seem to be more credible than the ones that do.

Bev said (March 12, 2009):

I emailed once before to tell you how much I enjoy reading your articles. I will now tell you that after looking at and reading a few more articles, I am in awe of what you have to say.

It just seems so strange to me that at my age (59), and after having a life of exotic dancing, prostitution, you name it, that I am where I am as a woman. I raised a son to the age of eleven, then met a man (a real man) who took over from there. THANK GOD, I always taught my child the real man rules. Yes, it was odd having a stripper agency for so many years and not fitting in with “the attitude” in the industry. I was always searching for the real man, the hero, the white knight.

I now communicate quite a bit with an old friend, a girl who was a dancer, who is now working on her PHD in clinical psychology, and we both agree on everything you say. We have lived that life, we know it’s no damn good. We want to write books, both of us, we want to tell the world how NO DAMN GOOD it is.

We have both said we feel very strongly that some powerful changes are coming on this earth. I am sure you feel it too. Things have gone too far.

Keep writing Henry, it’s good stuff

Linda said (March 12, 2009):

Another of your shots aimed at our uncharted sociological space finds its mark directly into the gold. Very good.

There is also a biological dimension to this. The WATER. Think about it, gentlemen, millions upon millions of women who have decided to 'take charge of their fertility' peeing into the public water supply the female hormones that are active at parts per trillion. This is not good.

Do not drink the water. Get a rainwater tank and mineral sand filter. Or build an air to water machine by using a reconditioned air coniditioner.

Backyard self-sufficiency in terms of the most valuable food stuffs is the way to go. For men who are being reconditioned with progestagens and estrogens, rethink water and food. Dig in a garden bed with seaweeds (rich in minerals). Put up a shade cloth to ward off whatever is falling from the chemtrails. Plant the androgen building foods like pumpins, yams etc. These are vital foods that require zero maintenance. Roast the seeds. Go for your reds, yellows and oranges - fire roasted vegetables with the best pastured meats. You don't need a lot if its quality and not marbled with soy (high in phytoestrogen). Save the bones and slow cook it for minerals and stock.

Read the labels. Our owners and operators are very busy putting phytoestrogens and neurotoxins in everything from bread to soup.

You can build a real sweat lodge in the backyard by planting willow trees in a circle. Just bend them in and throw hides (from strong animals) over the top leaving room for smoke. The willow bark when it is heated promotes sweat, thins the blood and cellular regeneration. Put metamorphic rocks like granite and gneiss in the fire pit and throw sage on the hot rocks when you pour the spring water over them. Take the steam.

I tell my grandsons: "If you want to be pea balled as well as pea brained, go ahead and eat the shyte you buy in the stores."

And, of course, while you are recovering from hormonal havoc, it is a good idea to allow Henry to assist you with continuing re-education.

Karen said (March 12, 2009):

s a single mother of two boys, I enjoy reading your articles immensly. I do have to agree with you on the emasculization of men. Both my ex-husbands were neither able to defend me or any other woman for that fact when the time came to do so, nor did they dare to admit that they wanted to. They meekly stood by as things disintigrated around them and then generally squawked about how society is disintergrating.

I've really tried to find a 'real man' but here in Canada they are few and far between, if any. So I bring up my boys and teach them boxing, self defense, the ten principles of being a man and always be there for those who are less able to defend themselves and that includes others such as women. I have told my boys that if women (the girls in his class) comment on their behaviour as being too boyish, or just plain rude, it's because they are boys and to ignore those comments and carry on being boys. Some women have commented how boys are just boys and need to be left to be boys. Others are horrified at my boys carrying on being boys and I get some really nasty comments from older feminists onthis, but I do ask them if they have had a man lately and if not to go out and find one and leave me to raise my boys! A lot of men seem to comment profusely on my being a single mother and about my boys being boys. The shock, oh the horror... right.

Save the men, for sure, I agree with you on this one.

Tony said (March 12, 2009):

There's another possible element here.

I don't know what I'd do in an obvious shooting situation today. I'm up in years now and no longer "pack" as I did most of my youth (my license was the U.S. Constitution Second Amendment - I didn't give a damn about local statutes) nor do I have the old bodily strength. But the men of my generation were no pansies and I'd still probably do what I can.

But in non lethal matters, if I know the targeted woman is a feminist, I won't raise a finger. If they're determined to be so damned equal, let them defend themselves and discover reality. Equal is equal, not "let's pretend" equal. Women want equality only where their weakness is not a disadvantage, in that later case they want privilege by law superior to the rights of men.

In Washington, DC, I had these idiot women get mad at me for holding a door open for them. Screw them. (If they're still any good for that.) They're forever bitching about being treated as second class citizens (which is a joke - they're the most privileged bunch of spoiled brats on the face of the earth) so let them accept the responsibilities of self protection along with all the others wherein they instead run to the courts and legislatures to obtain special considerations no man would expect.

If they were truly treated as equals in every way they'd be only too damned happy to ditch the hardness of enforcing their "rights," which men always have faced, and get back into their multitude of privileges that rightly belong to the weaker sex.

Women have made themselves truly obnoxious to men but don't seem to have a clue and still want to blame every last inconvenience (women hate inconvenience) on men.

Again, screw them. They've made themselves into a pox causing me to lose any sense of defense of them.

Amy in Australia said (March 12, 2009):

Thank you again for another thought provoking article.

Sadly it is all too common for a woman to be left to 'fight her own battles', and although I am glad that there are still a few 'real men' out who would go to great lengths to protect their wives, daughters etc... Most of us are left to fend for ourselves.

I believe there is a very fine line between a capable woman and a feminist. As a wife and mother of 3 sons, I know my role in my family and do it gladly, but like most woman I am surrounded by 'pink men'. It is not an easy thing to remain feminine when every day you are forced by either family or society to 'grow a pair', and take on the masculine roles as well.

A capable woman is far to often classed as being a feminist!

This world definitely needs more 'real men' like yourself to speak up on behalf of all the capable woman out there and start teaching men how to be masculine again.

Dan said (March 11, 2009):

Do you think Marc Lapine had been programmed? Dr. Cameron's CIA mind control operation had been operating during the 60's and 70's in Montreal. I suspect these mass murder assassins. They're nearly non-existent prior to the 1960's, and since then people have become to take the phenomenon as normal.

I always ask, Cui bono? in these cases.
As you know, Cameron's little CIA/MKULTA operation under cover of the U. of Montreal came to light only because one victim, wife of Prime Minister Trudeau broke her programming and got big media attention (back when that was still possible). Cameron developed the technique called 'psychic driving'. The front story is that it was a 'treatment' that ran amok, but the technique makes sense in the context of breaking mind control slaves in order to rebuild their psyche to do whatever's wanted by the programmer.
This Scots Mengele (Cameron) died suddenly in a skiing accident without witnesses after the scandal.

Also, ever notice that these psycho mass murder/suicide robots invariably attack in:
public schools and universites
government buildings
corporate offices
corporate work complexes
chain restaurants

These are all places which fall under 'fire free zones' laws, where it's forbidden for citizens to carry concealed weapons. I haven't owned a firearm since I was 19 and bought an old WWII vintage British army .303 for target shooting. I got bored with it after learning how to shoot a bottle at 100 yards and sold it when I was 20. But I believe the thing a sane criminal gunman fears most is not knowing who or how many in a house or crowd may be armed.

How can programmed assassins easily kill tens to a couple dozen victims in broad daylight, often taking up to several hours at leisure to do rack up casualties? Because law abiding people can't shoot back.

Here's a humorous video on the convoluted logic of 'gun free zones' supposedly protecting the public from psychos and bandits.

Brunheld said (March 11, 2009):

ust read through your article and thoght I'd offer you an anecdote as to
the lack of response from the males in that situation.

Bref, gun control in Canada. The Canadian Order of Chiefs of Police and the
criminal element share in their belief that citizens should be unarmed and
both essentially for the same reason; that citizens be easy victims. The
criminal 'cause he's a coward and doesn't want any resistence and the cops
becaause they need victims piling up to justify ever increasing budgets.

What has this to do with the Polytechnique ? Actually quite a bit.
These "students" were all of adult age and even one with a legal handgun
could have ended the situation as has been done in numerous other places,
BEFORE a slaughter occured. It is a fact that the police cannot protect
anyone, they are merely there to mop up after the fact, as in The

Furthermore, in Canada's gun control mentality promoted by those who should
be concerned with our safety and protection but are not, we have been
mentally conditioned as a society to accept victimhood over self defence. It
is OK (but "tragic") to be victimised (select the type of indecency) but to
stand up and defend oneself is regarded as "uncouth" by police and their
media mouthpieces. We are a nation of sacrificial lambs waiting for the next
manchurian candidate to come along and serve the political agenda in spite
of what The Canadian Constitution says. So look no further than the anti-gun
lobby and it's promoters for the lack of action and complete apathy during
the slaughter at The Polytechnique, sexist feminism notwithstanding.

Why didn't anyone stand up ? We're conditioned NOT to, it's that simple.

William said (March 11, 2009):

I don’t think it’s accurate to call him a “psycho”, this may make people uncomfortable under their skin but he wasn’t one. He was just reacting to society in an angry violent way.

If he was a psycho he would have said something like this, "I am fighting the space aliens from Planet Z.”

Nobody would understand what he is talking about, because his statement would show he was severed from reality. He would be a real psycho then.

But instead he said, “I’m fighting feminism.” Feminism is real and it hurts men (and women).

His suicide note clearly shows a motive and that it was pre-meditated. Lots of men could relate to what he had written. Are most men psychos?

I imagine that we will be seeing a lot more violent outbreaks in society as the economy in America and Canada continue to decline. The ability to create great acts of violence is the only “trump card” men have left.

The authors of the Homeland Security act foresaw the future. Domestic terrorism will be coming, and it will be primarily from marginalized men.



Anyone who kills innocent people is a psycho in my book. These women were just doing what society forced them to do. -H

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at