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Cosmetics: Drug of Power & Deception (II)

March 1, 2016

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How Cosmetics Cripple Women

"Essentially, women are in a cosmetic prison which is pretty
 much as smothering as a Muslim woman's full body Burqa... "

By Wray Edwards

If you'd like to have an interesting conversation, tell a female that she just looks great without makeup and should stop wearing it. 

You'll be buried in an onslaught of entertaining prevarications, but be very careful, you are tampering with a sacred cow.  

The fleeting look of fear you see in her face is real, and not at all removed from the oriental concept of "losing face" for you're suggesting the unthinkable.
When humans apply these war paints, they're creating an alter ego driven, red carpet warrior.  In American society, women are, for the most part, the official bearers of a long list of magnetic symbols.

I  am talking about using foreign substances to construct a virtual identity.  I want to make some distinctions in order to understand the dangers of relying on the "not self" in the social context:
1. the use of soap and water, scissors, nail clippers, combs, and exercise equipment to clean, trim, arrange, develop and                    maintain the natural substances of the human body.  It is the every day business of being neat and clean.
ad5.jpeg2.   Cosmetics, on the other hand, is the use of foreign substances such as colored powders, pigmented grease and oils, including bleaches and dies which come into intimate contact with one's flesh. These include including rings, bracelets, false eyelashes, hair extensions, toe and fingernail paints and even clothes to a certain extent.
3.   Mutilation... in the case of gauges, studs, piercing rings, bags of saline, silicone, which are pierced through the skin including the tongue, breasts, hind quarters etc.
For purposes here we will not include really extreme mutilations including split tongues, cat's eyes, neurotic amputations,
forehead bone nobs and spikes or cones threaded into the skull, which represent unrestrained behavior approaching the anti-social.

In James' Cameron's, "The Avatar," our hero is crippled in his human form and rides around in a wheel chair.  It is only when he is "projected" as an Avatar looking identical to the natives that he is freed from his affliction.  Here is the meaning of Cosmetics.

As a woman stands before her mirror she sees a "crippled" being.  Her eyebrows, lips, cheeks, breasts, legs, etc. are not up to snuff according to Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Cosmo, and her peers, not to mention the endless parade of bikini clad sirens on the covers of grocery store checkout magazines. How is she to develop self esteem, attract a husband and inspire the admiration of others with this substandard vehicle she has been given?
Her only recourse is prosthetics.  She is like our hero in Avatar who elects to inhabit an alternate physical being (the ultimate prosthetic) in order to reach his full potential. 

Unlike the soldier who gets the ultimate makeover, she must settle for chicanery and artifice.  And, as some contend that marijuana is a gateway drug to the harder stuff, makeup for many leads to surgery, implants, botox and all the other appliances reputed to bring fame, fortune and security.  There is also an age appropriate issue here if you have ever seen an 85 year-old-woman who is still chasing the illusion. 
Read some cosmetic ads.  The words "perfection, flawless, young, vibrant", abound.  Women are advised to "strike a pose" as if they are a statue of perfection to be admired and seen in vapid movies and sitcoms. 

ad6.jpegMany cosmetic ads feed into the concept that their products even have a magic or transformative capacity.  The eyes must be dark and "mysterious."  The lips must be puffy, pouty and brilliantly colored.  The breasts "perky" or huge suggestive of the female's rump therefore putting the male in mind of copulation.

 Alas, the author is a "leg man" so all of Victoria's Secret[s] in the bra business are wasted effort with him.  The fact that my mother had impetigo when I was born resulting in immediate bottle feeding probably saved this writer from a mammary fixation.

The mouth is a most interesting center of magnetism after the eyes.  It is highly animated during speech.  It serves as a breathing apparatus during heavy exercise and it is the place where she puts food which gives great pleasure...and speaking of pleasure there is kissing and...well...other activities...  With all of these potentials, it is no wonder that they are made flashy and obvious.
Essentially, women are in a cosmetic prison which is pretty much as smothering as a Muslim woman's full body Burqa including the mesh face veil.  Islamic females are remanded to live in a cloth cage whenever they are in public.  Many say, "I wouldn't go to the mailbox without my makeup."
If you think there's no pressure on women to wear the clown face, just read a few comments in articles under the heading "Femail" on the Mail Online site.  This tabloid site will totally dump on any of their cherished starlets who dare to appear in public without their makeup. 

A string of pejorative comments follows any makeup infraction by Katy Perry, Lady Ga Ga, Amy Winehouse, the Kardashians, and 50 or 60 of the other regulars who end up in the MOL domain. 

God forbid two of them should show up in the same dress, but they assiduously seek to follow the facial conventions listed above where they all pretty much tend to look alike.
In nature, for the most part, it is the male who must strut, extend colorful plumage, and sing an enticing song. But for humans, it is the female.  Guys who embellish themselves are thought of as being narcissistic, or worse yet, "light in the loafers."  Even gold chains and excess bling can sully the male purity expected of men, and hint at a disturbing androgyny.

The "beauty baggage" women must carry can be pretty taxing.  The message, however, is clear.  As a young girl wends her way into the social framework, she is taught that she is insufficient as God made her.  Somehow, the Creator left her physically disadvantaged in terms of her attractiveness...crippled if you will, in the competition for attention, affection and acceptance. 
Here lie the poisonous seeds which later in life may lead to dangerous eating disorders, withdrawal and clinical depression.

Comments for "Cosmetics: Drug of Power & Deception (II)"

Mahomet said (October 3, 2010):

im Indian(from India) but my folks have been in South Africa for 3-4 generations now. I've been to India, Pakistan,Bangladesh, Germany,Brazil, Mexico & USA.

i have noticed that many white women are beautiful but spoil everything when
they apply make-up. its so sad to see young, fresh faced, beautiful girls in USA who spoil everything with a ton of make-up and then they somehow think they look better. sometimes i see old women with wrinkled skin who have on a ton of
make-up. the wisdom that their age is supposed to bring does not seem to prevent them realising that they are making fools of themselves.

As far as natural beauty goes, you cant beat the Asian, Latino & Arab women. the sad part
is that due to the influence of western media and Hollywood, many of these women are also beginning to think that make-up somehow makes them more
beautiful or sophisticated.

the women in my family all wear Hijab but sometimes i notice my (married) sisters are applying lipstick and blush(thats what i think its called). i have to coax them to remove it cos their husbands dont want to tackle the issue. i
would understand if it somehow enhanced/improved their beauty but it just distorts their natural beauty- makes them look artificial and plastic-like.
mahomed saleem moorad

Christine said (October 2, 2010):

Just saw your article on cosmetics. When I was in high school, my chemistry teacher told us that poisons work by mimicry. They mimic chemicals that the body needs to survive. For example, cyanide mimics oxygen, and kills rather quickly because it poisons rather than gives the body life-giving oxygen.

Perhaps that would explain why many poisonous substances such as cosmetics, tobacco, drugs, etc.
are highly addictive. People mistake them for substances they actually need, such as food or oxygen.
Many cosmetics have poisonous substances in them such as lead.

As I have stated on a previous occasion, I dress in feminine garb. It is odd to see my own sex dress like men and paint their faces, erroneously thinking that this makes them somehow attractive and feminine. My goodness, we women are confused creatures!

Your writer who said that in the past, only women of ill repute used to paint their faces. He was correct. How I wish my sex would stop painting their faces with poison and work more on their soul than their face.

Tony said (October 2, 2010):

For five years I was a U.S. mailman in California. One morning I was walking toward the door mail slot of a young gal I knew to be a school teacher. For some reason she was late or not teaching that day because she came walking toward me from her door. It was the era of the "Cleopatra" look with the garish green crap all over the eye lids, etc. As we passed I told her that if she went back into the house and washed all that crap off her face she would be a pretty girl .... it was true. But you never saw such a pissed off female who was obviously not a lesbian.

To this day I tell young girls and women who are larded up with makeup that it was originally only used by prostitutes who wanted to look younger than they were and tried to hide the age lines, wrinkles and wear and tear with whatever halfway worked.

Mike said (October 2, 2010):

I once heard a guy say, "listen to a woman long enough & you'll just be going around in circles."

Well, we MEN have listened,got in touch with our feminine-side....and 50 years on from FEMINISM, we got the HIGHEST divorce rates ever ! Women being told "take the guy for every penny he's got", etc. Well MEN have NOT changed. We DON'T go in for gender bending [except the obvious gays] and feminism has given women all the rope they need to hang themselves. And pretty UNattractive it is too.

Is that "Men's fault" or "feminism's fault". [Feminism the thing that makes WOMEN more MANLY...UNattractive to a straight heterosexual male]

Men have been sabotaged from within our own households. When I think of all MAN had to work with....mud,rocks,metals & wood....we haven't done too badly. And where is exactly is the admiration we deserve ? No one has a good thing to say about a WHITE MAN anymore !!!! Where did that go ?

Yes ! there are generalizations in this statement,but its true ! We see the evidence daily,everywhere in Western World ! IF "PRETTY WOMEN" put in half as much effort into their personalities as "UNattractive Women" put into fighting being a MANLY FEMINIST,we'd have at least a STARTING POINT to ending this crap.

The day "WOMEN" all agreed on "putting out" before Marriage [using up the only currency they ever truly have with males] was the day we men did NOT have to do "anything" of real value,[ie: a drink,some flattery,a condom] then we lost respect for women, and then women ran-with-it and became obsessed with that "initial meeting" phase of "looking good" without ever developing "a loving devoted wife & mother personality".

This would be NOT so sad if WOMEN grab this situation and ran with it !

Its MEN that are now getting TIRED of it. I'm in my mid-30's and can't even get a date....because women I ask out usually seem to look as if they can't "settle down" theres too much attention & admiration & flattery out there to be had.

Sure there are *sshole guys out there,but they are so clearly different to us "nice guys", but then women idiotically "go for the bad boys", so there is more soap-opera drama for them to gossip about !

What a sad sad sad shame it all is. In fact, a little erectile dysfunction would be a blessing these days, then I wouldn't even bother commenting,let alone putting up with such infantile idiocy !

Paul said (October 2, 2010):

Wray Edwards has some great remarks here for women and all mankind to listen to. One question though pops up in my mind. Where is the place for the artist? Where is the place in our society for the fashion designer who truly knows how to clothe women of all shapes and sizes? Where is the place for the terrific hairstylist who knows how to give a great haircut for any type or shape of face?

Looking good, looking our best, is a service to the people around us. We project through looking our best serenity and peace and a life without worry. We uplift others by our "good-looks", by dressing (hair, clothes, make-up) in such a way that when people see us, their eye encompasses our whole appearance and then return to our eyes and stay there.

Be around a bunch of frumpy but saintly Christian women and examine how tired and uninspired and weary one is afterward. One doesn't remember animated conversations with alert, motivated women - only bodies that look like sacks of potatoes dressed in potato sacks and faces that are tired and sagging and colourless.

There has to be a balance but the far-left crowd reacts to the make-up industry for a reason. They don't want women to serve men and their interests and they don't want competition that might make them uncomfortable and they want to destroy not just the beauty of women but also the beauty of all creation.

Judy said (October 2, 2010):

Bravo: as a woman who has always resisted cosmetics I applaud this frankness. When I was young, I didn't need them and now that I am 80, I refuse to look like the aging whore that so many elderly women aspire to emulate. So false. Don't get me wrong. We all admire natural beauty. The comparison to the burka was right on.

Dan said (October 2, 2010):

This video is a perfect (though creepy) side piece for the cosmetics article.

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