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July 26, 2010

eng_settlers_gbt_bm_748816g1.jpgThe Right to be Racist

by Tony Blizzard

Getting fed up with the constant drumbeat about "racism" and "racists."

People have the right to be as "racist" as they please.  If some don't like that, tough.  Grow thicker hide and shut up.  Same goes for faggots and lesbians.  To hell with their constant damned whining.  What the hell dream world do they live in to think that normal people would accept them?  Only idiots would.  You know the type, "diversity is sooooooo necessary," is their ridiculous mantra.  Shows they have no clue as to any real history.  Diversity is the destruction of any nation or group which accepts that bull shit.  Always has been, always will be.

Moreover, the worst of all racists, etc., are those who are constantly whining and complaining about "racism" and racial (or sexual "orientation") discrimination.  Race (or sex) is the only thing apparent on their tunnel vision minds.

Someone needs to get through to them that discrimination is the normal, natural and only process of decision making. 

Everyone is constantly discriminating for what he wants or what he does and against what he doesn't want or doesn't do.  Constantly discriminating to come to logical, proper and workable conclusions has been given to individual persons by God, not to governments and/or self-promoting organizations who discriminate against anyone who uses their natural, normal discrimination in directions they don't like.  It is impossible for normal, right thinking people to not discriminate.

There is no possible way to function if one does not discriminate.  Unless you are a mindless robot controlled from outside yourself.

"Hate crimes," the moronic political result of this stupidity, are unnatural bull shit in steroids (or maybe loaded with steroids) and need to be both ignored and erased.  Ignored unless caught up in them and erased if one rubs against them. 


Makow comment:   "Racism" is not a good thing when it means making  negative generalizations about all people of other races, or claiming superiority for one race. Mankind is a family of races, each with its special gifts. 

But now elite social engineers use the term "racism" to attack the very existence of individual races, and the legitimacy of maintaining racial identity. They want people to lose their racial identity. In other words, they are the enemies of races of all kinds, while so-called "racists" are actually the friends of race.

Similarly "sexism"  upholds gender distinctions.  "Sexists" are the friends of heterosexuality, men and women, masculine and feminine. People who deride "sexism" are trying to destroy gender altogether and to instill gender confusion and homosexual dysfunction.

Notice in this world, only Israelis are "allowed" to be racist in the negative sense. I advocate a positive racism for everyone. The fact that the NWO is trying to eliminate the concept of race means racial identity is
a necessary component of our human identity.

Other components the Illuminati wish to destroy are family identity, marriage identity, religious identity and national identity.


Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at