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The Satanic Core of Libertarianism

February 26, 2012

Mandeville.jpg(left, Bernard de Mandeville, the Satanist who inspired Libertarianism and Austrian economics)

Satanism defines man by carnal rather than spiritual desires,  "liberating" the former and crushing the latter.  De Mandeville's Fable of the Bees demonstrates that Libertarianism is rooted in Satanist dogma.

Libertarianism is part of the Illuminati Dialectic with Communism:

"Essentially, two seemingly opposed forces advance the same goal: a world police state governed by an oligarchy of billionaire Satanists."

by Memehunter


In Proof Libertarianism is an Illuminati ploy, we covered the Jewish Money Power's ongoing involvement in Libertarianism.

In The "Catholic" Wing of Libertarianism, we explored the Jesuit a.k.a. Illuminati connections with Libertarianism.

In this article, we explore the Illuminati creed at the root of Austrian economics and Libertarianism: Satanism.

The obscure hero of Libertarianism: Bernard de Mandeville

Born in Rotterdam in 1670, Bernard de Mandeville came to England in the wake of William of Orange's accession to the throne. A doctor by profession, Mandeville became better-known as a satirist. More importantly, Mandeville was also a Satanist, linked with the Blasters and Hell-Fire Clubs of 18th-century England.

Although Mandeville's name has been all but erased from contemporary mainstream economical discourse, many free-market thinkers lavish glowing praise on his insights.

In a lecture delivered at the British Academy in 1966, Friedrich von Hayek extolled Mandeville as a "mastermind" and "great psychologist" whose theories anticipated those of David Hume, Adam Smith, and Charles Darwin, and praised his poem The Fable of the Bees as a "remarkable" work.

According to Hayek, Mandeville's ideas "returned to economic theory" through the work of Carl Menger, the founder of the Austrian School by way of 19th-century German historian Friedrich von Savigny.

Ludwig von Mises also paid tribute to Mandeville in his Theory and History, observing that

"He [Mandeville] pointed out that self-interest and the desire for material well-being, commonly stigmatized as vices, are in fact the incentives whose operation makes for welfare, prosperity, and civilization."

Even John Maynard Keynes, surely not an Austrian, recognized Mandeville as one of his main precursors in The General Theory of Employment and Money.

These days, Austrian economist Gary North introduces The Fable of the Bees on his website as "the most important poem in the last 300 years".

But what is so special about the Fable of the Bees that this fairly obscure poem, and its author, could have inspired such eulogies from Hayek, Mises, and Keynes?

Good comes from evil, and other perversions

Mandeville's Fable of the Bees or Private Vices, Publick Benefits was published in 1705, but was reworked and supplemented with abundant commentary over the next 25 years.

In his writings, Mandeville argues that liberty represents man's uninhibited pursuit of his basest material and carnal instincts. Rather than being evil, selfishness and licentiousness lead to prosperity.

According to Mandeville, "Evil is the grand principle that makes us social creatures, the solid basis, the life and support of all trade and employment without exception".

romneypaul.jpeg(left, Talk of a Romney-Paul ticket. Romney: "I'm not concerned about the poor...")

Influenced by Mandeville, Adam Smith came to the conclusion that self-interest is the pillar of a prosperous society. Hayek and Mises went even further. They railed against altruism and solidarity as hindrances to a society's economic success.

Of course, Smith is right to identify the added value brought by the division of labor and to point out that producers and sellers are primarily motivated by self-interest. But that does not mean that self-interest should be the fundamental principle of civilization. This is plain evil and the antithesis of what civilization is all about.

Mandeville also claimed that a nation's wealth was predicated on the maintenance of an underclass of poorly educated laborers.


Following in Mandeville's hoof steps, Mises emphasized that "men are born unequal and that it is precisely their inequality that generates social cooperation and civilization."

The "Right to Allow your Child to Die"

To his credit, anarcho-capitalist Murray Rothbard distanced himself from Mandeville's ideology. However, the same Rothbard advocated that parents have "a legal right not to feed [their] child, i.e., to allow it to die", and for the emergence of a "free market in children".

Since Rothbard's system denies that humans have moral obligations to each other, he rejects aggression (the "non-aggression principle") but allows outright neglect, to the point of causing death.

This is the evil outcome of taking libertarian ethics to their logical extreme. Clearly, the "non-aggression principle" is necessary but not sufficient to design a just and humane society.

Satanic Ideologies in Modern Libertarianism

Below are three well-known quotes.

Satanist Alastair Crowley's Law of Thelema reads thus:

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law".

Libertarian novelist Ayn Rand's mouthpiece Howard Roark proclaims in The Fountainhead:

 "Man's first duty is to himself. His moral law is never to place his prime goal within the persons of others. His moral obligation is to do what he wishes, provided his wish does not depend primarily upon other men."

Finally, a passage from Austrian economist Ludwig Von Mises, who admired Rand's elitist stance:

 "The ultimate end of action is always the satisfaction of some desires of the acting man. Since nobody is in a position to substitute his own value judgments for those of the acting individual, it is vain to pass judgment on other people's aims and volition." (Human Action)

Beyond differences in wording, and even though Mises's version is more nuanced than Crowley's or Rand's, these three extracts are essentially saying the same thing.

Now, it is one thing to point to similarities between Satanism and Libertarianism, but, Satanist propaganda is actually at the core of the Libertarian doctrine and of Austrian economics.

The Satanic-Libertarian connection is very much alive today. Libertarian candidate Ron Paul, a self-avowed Rand admirer, may strike the right chord on many topics, but he has been linked to the Illuminati and has been seen displaying Satanic hand signs.

The Satanic Dialectic

The Austrian School is not the only economic school infected with Satanism, far from it. Like Hayek, Keynes was a member of the infamous Fabian Society. He was also known as a child molester. Karl Marx was himself a Satanist.

In fact, Socialism, Zionism, and Satanism were originally joined at the hip: 19th-century Jewish activist Moses Hess, an influential precursor of modern Zionism, was also an early proponent of socialism and a collaborator of Marx. It was Hess who initiated Marx and Engels into Satanism.

The end goal of all these ideologies is domination by a transnational, oligarchic, Satanic elite. Marxism and Austrianism both oppose nationalism and support free trade.

Mises' collaborator, the arch-Zionist, Jesuit-trained, high-ranking Freemason Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi summarized the Illuminati dialectic thusly:

"The fight between Capitalism and Communism over the inheritance of the beseeched blood aristocracy is a fratricidal war of the victorious brain aristocracy, a fight between individualistic and socialist, egoist and altruist, heathen and Christian spirit.

The general staff of both parties is recruited from Europe's spiritual leader race [Führerrasse] the Jews."

Essentially,  two seemingly opposed forces advance the same goal: a world police state governed by an oligarchy of billionaire Satanists.


Rising Above the Illuminati Dialectic

To be sure, Austrian economics and Libertarianism have introduced useful concepts in both ethics and modern economic theory. The same can be said about Keynes and Marx. Illuminati ideologies always contain some savory morsels of truth, in order to make the Satanic deception more effective.

In rising above this Illuminati dialectic, our challenge is to digest these nuggets of wisdom, and spit out the evil lies and half-truths that defile them.

In the end, the real war waged by the Illuminati is a spiritual one. It is not merely about which monetary system is conducive to prosperity or which economic model is optimal. It is not solely about which political system is superior. It is, at heart, a battle between God and the Devil, for our souls.

Special thanks to Anthony Migchels. See his Deconstruction of AUSTRIAN ECONOMICS

(h/t to deadeyeblog regarding Marx's position on free trade)

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "The Satanic Core of Libertarianism"

James said (February 29, 2012):

To all who read this article. Wake up to reality. You had better figure out if you are a person or a human being.
There is no political solution to the "ills" our society. Never has been.

The United States is a corporation. Has been since the beginning. The election is a ruse. The "voters'" are electing the president and vice president of the corporation.

The United States is a business, not a government for the people of America. It is involved with business deals with thousands of other corporations.

All voters are persons, artificial entities just like corporations. People are human beings, not persons.

Americans better decide very soon whether they are human beings or persons.

The United States corporation is the biggest, meanest, damnedest, most evil corporation in the world. Its main businesses are war and drugs.

Why would decent human beings have anything to do with war and drugs?

Ron Paul is no savior. If he is elected to be president he will do the bidding of the board of directors just like all the other presidents.

Don't waste your time, energy, and money on this "election" for the United States, Inc.

Bill - reply to TJ below said (February 27, 2012):

One person cannot change our laws, but one person can be a Prophet - a Voice calling in the wilderness. This is what Ron Paul is. He HAS made a tremendous difference already. He takes the long view, which we should too. He formed Campaign for Liberty after the 2008 election in order to educate the population - especially young people. This is a Movement, not just an election.

Jim DeMint formed the Senate Conservatives Fund, which helped elect Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio and Pat Toomey in 2008. This year he is helping Marc Neumann, Don Stenberg, Ted Cruz and Josh Mandel. There is a growing Movement towards Freedom in the US - towards throwing off the tentacles of Big Government. Downsize DC is another part of it. We are moving toward Critical Mass. When that is achieved, laws WILL be passed en masse, repealing ObamaCare, NDAA, the Partiot Act, etc.

Peaceful Non-Compliance is part of our strategy, but we will be crushed from above unless people like Ron Paul are working from the inside to erode the mindset and will of tyrants like most politicians in Washington. We MUST deal with them. Ignoring them won't make them go away. Ron Paul serves the same purpose as Henry Makow, albeit on a much larger stage. How much he can accomplish remains to be seen, but who better to LEAD than him?

Memehunter said (February 27, 2012):

(Reply to Adachi Below)

1. Does it matter which country we come from? I don't see what this has to do with seeking the truth. Moreover, I don't think we've expressed any anti-American feelings in any of our articles.

2. It's not "irrelevant mumbo jumbo" when there is a direct connection between Mandeville, Hayek, and Mises. We are talking about ideas that are at the core of Austrianism/Libertarianism. I also note that many of these alternative media guys (the Daily Bell included) criticize this type of research (i.e., "the subterfuge of historical conspiracy") when it goes against their beliefs, yet they make abundant use of it when advancing their own viewpoints. Finally, we have exposed BOTH sides of the dialectic (especially in the last two articles).

3. As Henry said, we'll have to see what a Paul administration would really lead to. One thing I'm almost sure of: whatever Paul does, and even if he does some good, he will not go against the interests of the transnational, Satanic oligarchy.

Only pakalert and posted our article. If this really means that all other outlets are controlled, this is truly scary. In some cases, it may not be direct control: I'm not sure that someone like Rense is truly "controlled", but he likely knows where his money is and would never post this. But still, the end result is the same, whether it's achieved by direct control or through financial incentives.

Anthony Migchels Adds: f Paul gets his way, he will create a deflationary depression over night. Taking a trillion out of the budget just like that is completely irresponsible.
Millions will take to the streets. His 'policies' are a sure recipe for martial law.

And who will pay? The poorest 90% of course.

Makow adds: I saw Paul on CNN's Piers Morgan last night and he dodged all
the questions about social supports. He and Romney are stalking horses for Obama. They will ensure a second term. In general the GOP is a stalking horse for their Democratic Party wing. Romney is a Mormon and Freemason. Paul is a Freemason. So is Obama. There is no democracy.

TJ said (February 27, 2012):

Hey Henry!

I must say that I use to be a Ron Paul fan back in the day. That is when I looked for an answer externally. That is where Ron Paul Dupes us. He leads us on with the notion that 1 man is superman and he is the answer. But the he comes out in public and tells us 1 man can't do anything even though he said he would (on Jay Leno).

I wrote a very controversial article on it and what I discovered the real answer is as Ron Paul also tells us that he agrees.

Here is the article i wrote:

Why Ron Paul for President is Not The Answer

Ken Adachi said (February 27, 2012):

I just read the article and comments. The comments from Ducq (below) seem the most focused and cogent.

I find much of the arguments put forward by "Memhunter"and Anthony Migchels to be contrived. What I see are two guys (are
they BOTH foreigners?) who are dedicated to bashing Ron Paul and need the subterfuge of historical conspiracy (and "Satanism" of course) to dress up their attacks with a lot of irrelevant mumbo jumbo about Austrian Schools and Bernard de Mandeville.

What sophistry.

What "Libertarianism" and the Libertarian Party means to the average American citizen in 2012 is GETTING GOVERNMENT OUT OF OUR LIFE, and nothing more complicated than that. It doesn't mean "No" government; it means far LESS government. It doesn't mean Laissez-faire with 10 year old kids working 16 hour shifts in sweat factories either. It means LESS GOVERNMENT. It means less government CONTROL over our lives.

It means an end to foreign aid. It means ending the waste and destruction wrought by the Pentagon Killing Machine. It means an end to CIA drones killing people in Pakistan. It means an end to surveillance drones in the USA. It means the closing down of far too many US military bases around the world that are mainly used to exert US military/corporate power and control over people who don't want to be coerced and controlled.

It means using those saved taxpayer dollars to help the plight of homeless Americans who live on park benches in cities with crumbling infrastructures. It means repealing the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, etc. It means ending the funding for the wars in the Middle East, It means ending the funding of the Israel Killing Machine. It means repealing the NDAA provisions that allow the military to kidnap US citiznes from their homes, and repealing the "Food Safety Act," making it a crime to sell organic vegetables from a roadside stand, etc., etc. etc.

It means ending "joint" (which includes FOREIGN TROOPS) military/police urban warfare training exercises from taking place in American cities. It means closing and demolishing those 800+ FEMA detention camps. It means ending the Dept. of Homeland Security and closing down those Gestapo
inspired "Terrorist Threat Fusion Centers" being erected in a 50 states. It means getting the TSA out of airports.

Ron Paul has been campaigning for most of these things for years. He's the only candidate for President that is actually addressing these fundamental issues that MUST be addressed. Are we to dismiss him as another Illuminated stooge, like Romney, based of the spurious and contrived "historical" conjecture assembled by these two guys?

I don't think so.


Thanks Ken,

I just hope Conservatives aren't as disappointed with a Romney-Paul administration as Liberals have been with Obama-Biden.
I'd love for you to be right about the above but I am not optimistic.


Stephen said (February 26, 2012):

Excellent article. The much maligned statesmen and economist Lyndon LaRouche exposed the Satanic roots in our economic system over 2 decades ago. Another key player was Jeremy Bentham, also a member of the Hell Fire club. Bentham is considered the father of English public education and is a self avowed pedophile. Issac Newton also was a Satanist involved and active in these very circles. Newton plagiarized Johannes Kepler's and Gottfried Wihelm Leibniz's works, the latter being the real creator of calculus and the father of American system economics, which was a temporary break from the British beast of empire economics.

Lincoln revived the American system of economy and turned a broken and hopelessly bankrupt USA into the world's leading economy in 5 short years. Lincolns detractors who JR LINKED TO RECENTLY are classic disinformation agents employed by the Illuminati to prevent and obscure a revival of the American system. JR has linked to Illuminati propaganda, whether he has done so purposely or out of ignorance I will leave for God to decide.

Therefore, beware of what Jeffy posts.

Brent said (February 26, 2012):

My sense is that the elites have always used different competing philosophies to promote their power aims, with the whole Hegelian dialectic. That way they can also claim to support freedom -- like when David Rockefeller helped Ludwig von Mises.

And they can also work to derail it if it actually starts to advance (like Ron Paul's missing votes). You could also make a case that America even has a kind of satanic / Masonic / New Age kind of foundation. Certainly many of the founders were members of secret societies. And even back in the 1600s, Francis Bacon had a vision of what America would later become (see the award-winning documentary series, 'Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings').

Since the original meaning of classical liberalism had become distorted through time, I think it was necessary to invent something like libertarianism to explain what it's really all about. And even though Ron Paul might be a Mason I don't really think he's a satanist. That whole hand signal thing might have more to do with the Texas Longhorns -- or is it just a ruse?!

I still think the basic core of libertarianism, with some much needed refinement to give it more of a giving or egalitarian shine, is really the heart of what America is and should stand for. That giving part is what we need to emphasize, to humanize a philosophy which might otherwise slide into the unforeseen pits of hell!! Thanks for shaking us a bit by our collective collars!!

Dick said (February 26, 2012):

Thanks for posting another truly fine article by Memehunter, who, along with Anthony Migchels, is absolutely killing this libertarian issue.

There was a "shared milieu" in the founding of the Church of Satan, modern libertarianism, the gay movement, the hippie/lsd/aquarian cult and even the Rosicrucians in the California bay area in the 1960s. One might suggest they simply all share "libertine" principles, but I suspect more conscious control.

Lyndon LaRouche's "Campaigner" magazine has many contemporary accounts (see his "Aquarian Conspiracy" chapter in Dope, Inc for starters), and it's no surprise he was an enemy of 60s libertarian conspiracy theorists like Crowley-ite Robert Anton Wilson.

I've spent a little time (work-related) around a few of the
"founding fathers" of libertarianism, who run in the same circles
as everyone from older Hollywood satanists like William Shatner, to today's alternative health gurus, to filthy-rich business moguls.

It's a very weird culture, and it has more to do with cash and New
Age-y ideas than the Constitution, the founding fathers or any of

This article is the latest example of how ridiculous is the smear
that "your website has gone downhill" since publishing outsider
work. This is exactly the kind of critical information that no
other conspiracy researcher will touch with a 10-foot pole.


Thanks Dick,

Thanks for this extremely informative comment.

Indeed, many of my best and most popular articles have been written by contributors, another red flag to me that Jeff R had a screw loose. Yes there were some weaker pieces from time to time, but even these expressed grass roots experience & sentiment.


Tom said (February 25, 2012):

De Mandeville's poem was an attack on Christian virtue. It argued that greed is better for a prosperous society than having everyone lead a life of modesty and self-discipline out of religious devotion.

For a society to become wealthy it must invite and accommodate greed and tolerate all private vices.

The early pro-Republic movements in the American colonies saw this poem as a direct propaganda attack on their Christian lifestyle. They knew it came from England’s Satan-worshipping secret societies.

Knowing this is at the heart of the Libertarianism should set off alarm bells.

Peter said (February 25, 2012):

Libertarianism is only one of the many tools
that was employed against the Holy Church. It's uncanny that when subversion is discovered, there are always Jews hidden in the shadows instigating, orchestrating, financing, and led these treacherous schemes.

Freemasonry fully infiltrated and controlled by Jews was used as instrument of subversion and destruction of Christendom beginning with the dismantling of Catholic Monarchy in France by way of the French Revolution. One country after another had fallen into the grip of Freemasonry what was formerly Catholic nations including Germany Scandinavian countries with the adoption of Lutheran heresies. Even in formerly Catholic countries of Spain and Portugal Freemasonry reign and destroyed the Church. At least Spain put up a valiant fight led by General Francisco Franco who defeated the forces of Freemasonry Jewish Satanic Cable.

However, years later Spain finally is overcome by the same force. The same is true with Portugal. England itself as well as Ireland were once staunch Catholic countries. Today both are bastions of Freemasonry and Socialism. Today Freemasonry is control of the Catholic Church at the highest level.

The fight between the true faith and satan continues today. One day Protestantism along with Freemasonry and satanic cult of Talmudic Judaism will be defeated. The Immaculate Heart of the Mother of God and the Sacred Heart of Our Lord will triumph at the end. Before that happens, long and terrible night of chastisement will fall on mankind the likes of which will be more terrible that the deluge.

Ducq said (February 25, 2012):

Successful societies have arisin throughout history. What the various schools of thought miss in debate is the fact that any society will tend toward a peaceful self-sustaining culture unless interfered with by usurpers. Thus, the question is not, 'How shall we build the perfect society?' but rather, 'How shall we keep the assholes from ruining it?'

The question of the role of government is also no mystery. Just as the body requires an immune system, a regulatory system, and interactive process systems; the government is to provide for defense, law, and infrastructure. Outside of those three roles, it disqualifies itself and oppresses its citizens.

The issues simplify themselves very rapidly in this manner. Roads and electricity are definitely infrastructure. Televisions and abortions probably are not.

I need not go on at length; common sense easily dictates a clear path in every scenario. Libertarianism works quite well within a government that is providing adequately. It is when libertarianism wishes to be a government, that the same evil and hidden issue is allowed to exist: Who gets to control (the money, the arms, or the laws)?

And that same evil and hidden issue attempts to raise its ugly head in every form of government.

PM said (February 25, 2012):

I enjoyed the article "The Satanic Core of Libertarianism". I enjoy Ron Paul and find him to be a breath of fresh air. However his longevity in Politics is suspicious. If he was a true threat he would have stopped winning elections at the least. Possibly he has a place (unknowingly) in whatever agenda TPTB have set up.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at