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"Locked & Loaded" - Vietnam Veteran Calls for More Guns

July 21, 2012

"I served in Viet Nam and we were all armed, locked and loaded. Nobody gave anybody any verbal grief. It puts every one on a level playing field."

(Disclaimer - We reserve judgement and present this argument for discussion.)

See below for reasons this may have been a Psy Op

by John

Instead of gun control, the Colorado shooting is an argument for us to be armed.

If one patron had a weapon the loss of life could been adverted, at least to an extent.

In this surveillance video, an elderly Florida man was able to prevent the robbery of an Internet cafe.

Having a concealed permit to carry is Bull Sh**.

We have the right to carry arms in a holster, on our side.
It was declared by the Wisconsin Attorney General last year,
publicly in a Milwaukee Newspaper.

If one movie viewing patron had a weapon it could have been prevented.

More and more buildings have signs posted 'No Weapons, Gun, Knives, etc.etc.. They should have had signs reading.. 'concealed carry approved for this building.'

The movie theater will be and should be sued out of business for not having an armed guard on duty.

I served in Viet Nam and we were all armed, locked and loaded.
Nobody gave anybody any verbal grief. It puts every one on a level playing field.

We should all be armed, especially when attending village town hall meetings and especially when going to court. The judges would actually start to be honest.

Being armed is not just to stop incidents like the Dark Night Shooting in Colorado.

Being armed is to protect us from corrupt police, corrupt judges, and for the citizenry to be able to make citizens arrests.
Being armed enables the citizens to make citizens arrests as well as a protection against violent crime.

Supposedly citizen' arrests were outlawed.  NOT SO. The laws were simply repealed.

But when you look at the statute for repealing a law, the definition in the very same statutes state the repealing of a law simply means it is not used anymore.

The law is still in effect, comprehende' .
It appears the shooting may be a false flag in order to pass the new UNphony resolution coming up this week.

Send a letter an a link to the Florida Video to your congressman, before they try to pass the UN phony treaty.

Please forward the video of the 71-year-old Florida hero to everyone you know.

The bought and paid for news media surely won't highlight it.

It appears the shooting in Colorado may be a false flag in order to pass the new UN phony resolution coming up this week.

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Comments for ""Locked & Loaded" - Vietnam Veteran Calls for More Guns "

Monica said (July 24, 2012):

Interesting article Henry! It seems to me that Colorado must be a train-and-release grounds for government trained, mind controlled assassins. (maybe the trainers are coming from the Denver Airport underground Wonderplex?) So far no one has commented that this shooter was in the study of Neurology at the university. I wonder what sort of experiments he voluntarily participated in at school and who was conducting/controlling them. Could it be he was taking anti-depressants to try to blot out what happened to him during them (thinking of RedBull's M-16 testimonials). One thing's for sure - we are not likely to ever find out!
I tip my hat to our American neighbours who think they'll be able to recover their nation and restore it. Things are too far gone to reverse the tide. Too many people are apathetic and prefer to remain in thei brain-wash bubbles. Anything for self-preservation. I mean, really, look at how few people actually tried to protect others during this massacre. Everyone calls them heros for doing something that should be second nature to everyone. The Illuminati programming has been wildly successful. We are going to have to bear what is coming to atone for our grand failings as a society, like the toleration of abortion, euthinasia, homosexuality and paedophilia. Maybe when we've been humbled we will have a right to expect God's help... eyes wide open in Canada

Rich said (July 23, 2012):

John Lott: More Guns, Less Crime 1/2

John Stossel - Gun Control Reduces Crime MYTH?

Innocents Betrayed - The True Story of Gun Control - (Graphic Images) by JPFO.ORG

How to stop a massacre

Frank said (July 22, 2012):

G’day Henry,

This latest tragic shooting was no random event.
Think back to the “Port Arthur massacre” more than thirty dead.

The lone shooter, a mental deficient, displaying unbelievable weapon handling skills!

This was the “event” to introducing harsh gun control that was drafted and waiting for an excuse to be implemented.

We are being set up for tyranny, God help us to resist.

C said (July 22, 2012):

Of course your writer is correct. Guns stop crime.

Unfortunately, the crime rate in Canada is double that of the USA due to gun control, or as some put it, victim control. See: scroll down the page for Canada video.

When the government controls the guns, the criminals are in control. Not only can criminals fire on unarmed citizens at will, they can intimidate the witnesses into silence. There is a big problem with convicting criminals in Canada because the witnesses are too frightened of the criminals to co-operate with the police.

Besides, the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership website has a genocide Death Chart of all the nations that had gun control followed by mass murder. See:

As you know, it usually comes out that these mass murders like the most recent one are perpetrated by those on antidepressants. These drugs are known to make people homicidal and suicidal and ought to be removed from the market.

Finally, the USA used to have an organization known as the Legion of Decency in the 1930s. As the Great Depression deepened, the crime rate rose as people became increasingly needy and desperate. The Legion of Decency recognized that watching dirty, violent movies incites crime. The Legion of Decency had a pledge recited in churches, and I have read it.

The person giving the Pledge promised to avoid movies that "glorify crime and criminals." Isn't that precisely what Hollywood movies do nowadays?

Doug said (July 22, 2012):

If people were armed the shooting probably could not have happened in the first place. Reason (which preserves natural right as a matter of principle) tells us that this shooting should lead to more people carrying concealed weapons for their own protection.

Really its logical, people should have a reasonable right of self defence and not have to depend on government employees acting in the public interest to defend us. The phrase "public interest" do not mean in the interest of you and I. The public interest means paying off the debt because we have no rights as debtors, we must re-venue the country to get our rights back (although this is impossible) - so the country is a viable venue and not a bankrupt one (re 1933).

It acknowledges the debt as real and we give up our natural rights for the sake of this public interest. Public figures operate in the public interest. It is in the public interest to institute gun control laws for the depopulation agenda - Agenda 21 (Sustainable Development).

Art said (July 22, 2012):

What on Earth is Mike talking about? He seems to be describing a scene with nearly as many shooters as there are targets. Has he ever been to a movie theatre? 1 perp vs. approximately 500 movie viewers is not in any way an impossible situation. He can only shoot one direction at a time, that leaves 359 degrees of area that he is NOT pointing a gun at. That makes him only slightly less vulnerable (even with body armour) than anyone cowering behind their seat, and he's severely outnumbered. Speaking of body armour ... it isn't like it's an impenetrable shield (like the movie Iron Man), it has many weak points, especially areas that do not face forward and at all the joints.

50 years ago this lunatic would have been dealt with by physical force, as the theatre would have been half full of men from a bygone era. Now we males are mostly sheep whose first inclination is to duck behind seats and hope for the best. This has been programmed into us, and Henry's site has documented it all along the way. Kudos to the men that died defending their girlfriends/wives .... but in all honesty, had these men bum rushed this nerd sooner many people would have been saved including their loved ones and quite likely themselves.

Mike .... a little advice. Take a course on gun safety ... purchase your own and learn to use it. Then come back here and speak from a position of knowledge instead of the usual knee-jerk stance of a quivering modern male who watches too much mainstream media "news" sources.

Mike said (July 22, 2012):

The arguments that anyone in that Theater, had they had a gun, could have made a difference are ridiculous.

The shooter was heavily protected with armor as well as any sniper could be.

The magazine's rate of fire, would have eliminated anyone even attempting to shoot back.

While eliminating weapons is wrong, so is everyone carrying them. On drugs or alcohol, no one would venture into a bar, restaurant or well just imagine a ballpark.

At the grocery store, someone cuts in line, and out come the guns. Ridiculous.

Justin said (July 22, 2012):

Superseding, and nullifying, the US Constitution, with ANY Treaty, is an Impeachable Offense.

The UN is a bogus-body of would-be globalists intending the total destruction of America.

Any Politician stupid enough to attempt participation in this UN Agenda will be Arrested, Tried, Convicted, Imprisoned and Executed for High Treason against this Nation.

That includes the already-proven-as-a-fraud "Barack Obama", the insane puppet Secretary of State, Wellesley’s Hilary Rodham Clinton and any member of congress caught sniffing around
that Dog's Butt.

This Blowback will be immense, effective and unprecedented. This is not a game, Ladies and Gentlemen. This is the United States of America.

DAN said (July 22, 2012):

Surprise, surprise - Obama took the opportunity to use the setting of the mass shooting to come out in support of gun ownership - the 2nd amendment, the right to bear arms. The timing is made to order, as there is no way anybody won't hear about it.

Seriously, what good are firearms when police departments are already using drone aircraft?

People are pretty dense. All the weapons at David Koresh's commune at Waco, Texas were legally purchased and registered. That didn't stop the Federal Government of the United States from attacking them with lethal force without a warrant, and incinerating 79 innocent American citizens - two dozen of them children, on national TV - with extreme prejudice.

More guns aren't gonna help now. The NRA failed to put their foot down stop that massacre in 1993.

American right to bear arms was only half the story. What good is a gun for those who didn't stand up for their neighbor?

Bill said (July 21, 2012):

Hello Henry, re the Aurora, CO shooting incident. How would a medical student know how to build sophisticated booby-trap devises which used either flammable or explosive materials?

The police chief said, "they are some things I have never seen" Where would he get the materials and at what cost?

It sure looks like a setup to me as well.

Anonymous said (July 21, 2012):

I read the posting entitled "Vietnam Veteran Calls for More Guns Not Less" and noted the following comment:

"Supposedly citizen' arrests were outlawed. NOT SO. The laws were simply repealed.

But when you look at the statute for repealing a law, the definition in the very same statutes state the repealing of a law simply means it is not used anymore.

The law is still in effect, comprehende' ".

For the benefit of your readers, the above legal opinion does not apply in Canada.

Firstly, the power of citizens arrest continues to exist in Canada and is now being updated by legislation recently introduced to parliament.

Secondly, there is old English case law going back to the 1600's, that is still binding law in Canada, that holds when a statute is repealed the statute is deemed to have never existed so the law is not in effect, as the author suggests.

One must be careful applying American legal notions to Canada and other English common law jurisdictions. While there are many similarities, there are also some important distinctions.

Tony Blizzard said (July 21, 2012):

Of course the Colorado theater shootup was a staged government Psy-Op, just as was 9/11, just as was Oklahoma City and Ruby Ridge, just as is almost every last one of these killing incidents of innocent Americans. Aimed mostly at women who pee their pants on each one of these incidents and shriek for "protection," falling predictably for the planned purpose of the controlled terrorist acts. Keep a careful eye on such outfits as the FBI, CIA, NSA, Treasury's kneecappers the ATF(&E), so-called Homeland Security, et al, not to mention specially brainwashed sections of the military which are now unlawfully involved against citizens right here in the mainland, USA. Even local cops who are hardly local anymore with many clamoring for military type drones for which they have no legitimate use while also being armed with military castoff weapons for years.

Decades ago when I lived near Kalispell, Montana, my pre-teen sons and I all wore sidearms when we went to town. So did many other citizens. No one even gave a second look. IT IS EVERY CITIZEN'S RIGHT IN THIS COUNTRY.

More than that, it is our right to have and bear ARMS, period, not just the NRA mantra of "firearms," meaning rifles, shotguns and pistols. The idea of the law, forced on the constitution fakers (the control freak federalists) by the anti-federalists before that elitist document was able to be ratified, was that the citizens would have the means to physically keep their government in check. Period. Nothing less. Defending one's family from common crime was automatic, no one would have bothered to mention it.

Today the real purpose of the LAW means ultra-sophisticated weaponry in the hands and homes of citizens that is at least equal to our military weaponry. Thats what STATE MILITIAS were for until Eisenhower, that "good" president, unlawfully confiscated them for the feds, morphing them into the National Guard. Turning the people's weapon against tyrannical federal government into one more federal weapon against them.

If military style weaponry in the hands of citizens strikes you as radical how do you feel about unabashed slavery under government tyranny? That's where you really are already today. Try getting out of the narrow paths government has mapped out for you and see how long you remain "free." Stop dreaming. Quit wishful thinking. Actually THINK rather than react to your manipulated emotions. Get active for the salvation of your family.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at