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November 15, 2011

smolensk1.jpgThe Smolensk Plane Crash/Coup d'Etat 

A Pole raises questions about the Smolensk plane crash April 10 that killed the President and many members of Poland's nationalist elite.

by Taddeusz Kościuszko

Let me list what I found in official Polish sources that is not present in English language news:

1) Must start with my opinion - but surely we can find some official sources to support my statement. Putting the President of a country and better than half of his cabinet in one plane was a major breach of security protocol.

Poland is not Ghana or Lesotho (not trying to offend anybody!) but a European country - they have enough planes! And why was an old Soviet plane working as a "Polish Airforce One" twenty years after the "collapse" of communism? Polish airline "LOT" has been using Boeing and Airbus for about 20 years now! Strange, isn't it?

2) Actually two planes left for Smolensk: small (and slower) Jak-40 and aforementioned Tu-154. Jak-40 took journalists, TV crews (and perhaps some Secret Service guys). Tupolev took the official delegation. Since Jak-40 was slower (and should arrive earlier with TV crews to be ready) - it was scheduled for take off ahead of Tupolev. Official schedule issued on 7th of April called for 2 Hours 20 Minutes flight of Jak-40 and 1 Hour 10 Minutes flight of Tu-154.

On 10th of April schedule has been changed and called for 1Hour 50 Minutes for Jak-40 and 1Hour 30 Minutes for Tupolev. The performance of those planes did not change overnight, the weather was the same for both planes, so WHY Tupolev suddenly needed extra 50 Minutes of time against Jak-40?.........

3) This brings us to the next issue. Mr. Slawomir Wisniewski was a cameraman for the Polish TV station and one of the first people at the scene of accident. He was able to film a bit before he was stopped by the Russian security. Minutes later, he gave an interview to his TV colleagues and this (thank God) was aired almost immediately. He said they were two explosions when plane was still flying at the very low level. He had previous experience with this kind of accident - earlier in his career as a cameraman he was sent to another (passenger plane) crash, so he tried to explain visible differences.

First (and most important) - he was sure the plane was empty. He could not find any bodies or pieces of luggage (but this was ALL that this plane was supposedly carrying!). Three days later he gave another interview and the "song" had been changed. Are you surprised?......

4) From another official source: "some of bodies were never recovered". From a very low flying plane (as you may remember from Mr.Wisniewski's statement!). This is another subject I must comment on. In our "911" episode we had a passport of one of hijackers surviving the whole cataclysm and waiting on a sidewalk to be picked up while both planes, both towers (plus some extra buildings) and all people inside were turned into dust. Good old Mr. Newton turns in his grave!

In Smolensk we have a large passenger plane flying very low and slow (landing mode) disintegrating into small pieces while only breaking a few trees on the ground - no crater of impact, no major fire. What happened to Mr. Newton's "Action = Reaction"??? Same regarding passengers (if they really were there...) - this kind of impact many people should survive. I can easily present a list of similar air crashes.

kurtyka.jpg5) Now back to my favored subject of I.P.N., historian Janusz Kurtyka (left) and people supporting him. From an interview given to the Polish TV station by daughter of Congressman Wassermann (killed in the crash): "Within hours after accident Secret Service entered offices and homes of some officials killed in crash (Wassermann's and Kurtyka's included) under excuse of collecting DNA evidence. There was no court order and no asking families for permission. Families complain about missing documents and laptops."

6) Well, I found another person who was scheduled to fly but she did not show up. Of course she wasn't Kurtyka's supporter - she was an old SOLIDARITY and K.O.R. (dead give away) activist. Even served as a Presidential Secretary! No, not for Lech Kaczynski but earlier for Walesa! Got my drift? Her name is Zofia Kruszynska-Gust.

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