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The US Puppets Behind Egypt's "Revolution"

February 19, 2011

ciaegypt.jpgThe Illuminati demands obedience to an agenda which has little to do with democracy or the welfare of the Egyptian people.

by Sandeep Parwaga

Hosni Mubarak committed horrendous crimes, but we have to ask, who benefits from his overthrow? It is not the Egyptian people.

In every contrived crisis, there are certain characters with just the ''right'' connections (went to Western controlled schools, received honors from suspicious organizations, work for NGOs and foundations with suspicious seed money, connected to intelligence, work for mega-corporations) who are at the center.

The Daily Telegraph reported that it obtained a secret document outlining the systemic preparation and  support for the protesters by the US. [1] and [2]

[1]- Egypt protests: secret US document discloses support for protesters-

[2]- Busted: America behind uprising in Egypt-

So, what happened in Egypt that led to the overthrow and who are the puppets involved?


I will skip Mohamed ElBaradei because his elite pedigree is already well known. 

Wael-Ghonim_1.jpgWael Ghonim, left, is being proclaimed the hero of the revolution by the Western media. An Egyptian who is the Head of Marketing for Google Middle East and North Africa, he received his MBA from the American University in Cairo.

According to the BBC, ''the Egyptian-born Google marketing executive first played a role in organizing the opposition through Facebook, only to disappear into police custody for 12 days.''

''Mr Ghonim has thanked Google for its support, explaining that he tricked the corporation into allowing him to return to Egypt from Dubai last month, citing a "personal problem."

Even though this explanation is laughable at best, Ghonim ironically confirms himself the nature of the movement, when he stated, "They were 100% convinced that foreigners are behind us, that someone manipulates and finances us. But if I was a traitor I would have stayed in my villa with my swimming pool in the Emirates. We are not traitors."

In my previous article, I said that Google & Facebook are CIA soft power proxy fronts. Ghonim seems to recognize this by denying it. Ghonim went on CNN Wolf Blitzer's show and thanked Facebook for their contribution in the overthrow.  "Egypt's Facebook Revolution: Wael Ghonim Thanks The Social Network."

mohamed_hussein_tantawi.gifField Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi was one of Mubarak's closest allies. Tantawi is the head of the army, deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense. He was in contact with the US during the Egyptian crisis, most likely taking orders from them or acting as a ''negotiator'' between Mubarak and the US.

It has been reported that Tantawi had been speaking with Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Admiral Mullen. ''It was his [Gates] fifth phone conversation with the Egyptian defense minister since the situation in Egypt began,''according to one source.

 ''The Gates and Mullen phone calls are emblematic of the sustained but quiet engagement with their military counterparts that the Pentagon has been undertaking throughout the crisis. That effort has been especially important in recent days, as the military's role has increased and its allegiances have come under closer scrutiny.''

 Tantawi is now the military dictator in charge of Egypt through the ''Supreme Council of the Armed Forces''.  Subsequently, the Constitution has been completely annihilated.

Omar-Suleiman-270x300.jpgOmar Suleiman is Egypt's top spy chief. He is known as a ''torturer'' and a ''CIA-man''. This was quite evident during the crisis, as Suleiman headed the negotiation talk table on TV between the ''opposition'' and Mubarak, and it was he who made the final announcement of Mubarak's ouster.

This article  Suleiman: The CIA's man in Cairo explains, "Suleiman has long been favoured by the US government for his ardent anti-Islamism, his willingness to talk and act tough on Iran - and he has long been the CIA's main man in Cairo...Omar Suleiman is not the man to bring democracy to the country. His hands are too dirty, and any 'stability' he might be imagined to bring to the country and the region comes at way too high a price. Hopefully, the Egyptians who are thronging the streets and demanding a new era of freedom will make his removal from power part of their demands, too."  


People have wondered why Mubarak was ousted even though he was a loyal servant to the Illuminati. The answer is he wasn't 100%. The US was not in complete control of Mubarak, and this became evident when Mubarak by his refusal to provide troops for Iraq/Afghanistan. Webster Tarpley has also reported that he refused to back an Arab coalition against Iran. Apparently he was getting too friendly with Russia and China. 

The Illuminati does not differentiate between friends and foes, based on past contributions. It demands constant obedience to an agenda which has little to do with democracy or the welfare of the Egyptian people.

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Sandeep Parwaga is a 22 year old Indian student living in the UK.


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Comments for "The US Puppets Behind Egypt's "Revolution""

Louise said (February 21, 2011):

Henry, Mr. Parwaga is right on. Did you read "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man," by John Perkins. He details how the CIA did this in Latin America, fomented supposed revolutions to gain control of a country, when all their other tactics didn't work. And it was all for the resources these countries had. What is happening in Egypt has followed the exact same pattern.

Funny that now all these supposed 'revolutions' are happening in other countries. The US military is definitely a party to what is happening. I have a family member whose boyfriend, who just got out of basic training last year some time, was told he was going to go to Bahrain, this was last December

We thought, why the hell Bahrain? Lo and behold there is an uprising there, and troops are needed to "protect America's interest."

This is definitely the beginning of a huge CIA operation, to topple these regimes and install their puppets, in order to either foment the war between Israel and the Arab world, or to gain a fuller control of the oil supply in the Mid East (again, for Israel.)

Dan said (February 19, 2011):

wow - that Sandeep guy is GOOD.

I have ignored the news this week, but Sandeep's filled in the blanks. After reading this there's no doubt in my mind these revolutions have been planned for this stage years ago. Now I see Mubarak took the risk of going to the Russians because he knew he had no place else to turn. The State Dept. and London were going to screw him anyway, like they did Shah Pahlavi in '79.

Now Mubarak is suddenly in a coma.

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