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The War on British Pubs

June 8, 2012

pub.pngIs a War on British Culture

(left, boarded up pub)

The Illuminati are destroying everything that binds us together. Another front in this war, the British government is taxing pubs out of business. Eng;land is losing 
50 pubs a week.

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by David Richards

A British pub is much more than a place to get drunk. It is a meeting place, the focal point of the community. Everyone has a 'local'.
Pubs are the last remnants of community in atomized Britain.

However, due to the crippling effect of government taxation, they are falling like dominos.

Since the start of the financial crisis in 2008, 4500 pubs have closed down. We are currently losing 50 a week.
Many people can longer afford to drink in a pub and buy beer from supermarkets instead. The average cost of a pint of beer in a pub is £3 ($4.75); from a supermarket, it is £1 ($1.55.)
When I was last in England, I noticed the number of people in my local had declined dramatically. In my hometown of 25,000 people, there were about 15 pubs. Now some of them are boarded up, sad shells of their former selves.
When I see them, I think of the life that's vanished.
Men would talk and joke after a hard day's work. Those in crisis would receive aid from their neighbours. Young men would have the odd fight (rather than sitting indoors playing sadistic video games). Boy and girls from local families fell in love there.
The government has placed monstrous taxes on beer.
These tax increases widen the gap between pubs and supermarkets, because pubs have much higher overheads.
For every £3 pint sold, more than £1 goes into the government coffers!
The duty on beer in Britain is an outrageous 55 pence per pint! This is 8 times more than the beer duty in France (a measly 7p) and 11 times more than Germany (5p)!

The duty on beer is much higher, in relative terms, than spirits. Britain has the smallest gap between beer and spirits duty in Europe. This is a sign that beer is being specifically targeted.
duties.pngUnder the previous New Labour government (1997-2010) the duty on beer increased by 60%, but the duty on spirits only increased by 25%. A few years ago, a former aide to Jack Straw revealed that Labour's 'open door' immigration policy was designed to destroy British culture forever. Were the tax increases on beer intended to do the same?
In March this year, Chancellor George Osborne further tightened the noose. He introduced a 'duty elevator' putting the yearly increase on alcohol duty at 2% over the rate of inflation. So that's yearly inflation (currently 3%) + 2% EVERY YEAR!
This policy is against government self-interest. Increasing the Excise Duty actually lowers the revenue intake on beer, and sabotages that future tax take. Since the duty hikes, beer sales have fallen dramatically and thousands of pubs have closed down.
Added to this criminally high excise duty, the government charges a 20% VAT charge! On a £3 pint that is 50p!
The government claims that high taxes on beer pay for alcohol related hospital admissions. The opposite is the case: people can no longer afford to drink beer in a supervised environment, and instead buy cheap spirits from supermarkets. In the last 10 years, alcohol-related hospital admissions have more than doubled!
pubchart.pngOn top of beer taxes, pubs have to pay employment tax, business rates, rent, staff costs and bills. Obviously they cannot absorb the taxes hikes like multi-national supermarkets.
The pub industry accounts for nearly 1,000,000 jobs. In tough economic times you would expect the government to protect the sector, instead they are murdering it.  
The pub unions accuse the government of bad policy. They don't realize that our leaders are traitors who sold their souls to the Illuminati. We need to be uprooted from our communities to accept the New World Order.
Pubs are being taxed to extinction. Brits cannot take part in their communities.  Clearly they want us sitting at home in front of the TV, rather than talking to people.
The War on Pubs is intended to weaken political resistance.  Pubs are the last places in Britain where men get together and talk. In times of social turmoil, they act as dens of revolt.
Report by the British Beer and Pub Association

Comments for "The War on British Pubs"

Barry said (June 10, 2012):

Excellent piece Henry. I have long thought this was the case and David Richards has articulated it perfectly. Thank you.

Andre said (June 9, 2012):

Britain, the island where the cornerstone of society is not the family but the pub!
(but true, all of us are taxed into poverty and with political puns intended)

Brian said (June 9, 2012):

Isn't it ironic that in old Colonial Boston certain men gathered in pubs in times of social turmoil which served as "dens of revolt". That would be Sam Adams and his fellow masons sowing the seeds for what would become the American Revolution. Talk about what goes around comes around, eh?

This is not to say that ALL of these early Revolutionaries were Satanists who knew that what they were fomenting would turn into the NWO we are witnessing 237 years later. Just call them yet more "useful idiots" along the way of this "Great work of the ages".

Doug said (June 9, 2012):

This isn't only localized to Britain and Australia. Here in the states, they're doing the same thing. Certain "public spaces" such as parks have smoking bans with fines of $300 dollars and up. In restaurants, same thing. In bars (pubs) that serve food, same thing. Here in my state of Pennsylvania, due to outrage from people like me, if a bar doesn't serve food, they may permit smoking but only after obtaining a special state "permit".

Let's face the facts. This is bullshit. If I own a business and choose to let people smoke, its my business. But as per usual, we the supposedly free, fierce, and mighty people roll over and let them shove it up our asses. And it all comes down to the dilemma of everyone believing that protesting (now only allowed if you have a permit) and voting (on digital machines which are rigged) will solve anything. Well it won't! The concept of peaceful revolution is absurdity at its finest.

But after a trip to a waterpark with my family over the weekend, the disgusting, ignorant pigs surrounding me and my happy, well mannered little family brought new insight: these people aren't worth fighting for. The majority are trash and will never have enough intelligence to wake up because they've suckled on the state tit their entire lives. They dont deserve freedom because they wouldn't even try to fight for it.

I'm choosing to worry only about my own at this point. Homeschooling my child, educating my family to the truth, and moving as far into seclusion as I can. And I'll smoke aaaallllll that I want.

AH said (June 8, 2012):

You can no longer smoke at British pubs. This wouldn't be a bad thing if the pubs were full of non-smokers. That's not happening. When governments can declare private property 'public space' and enforce no smoking zones you get the destruction of pubs, restaurants and societies. Now British pubs smell of sweat, old men, old dogs and urine. Nice!

Same thing is happening in Australia. If you want to own a pub go to Tasmania. A couple of dollars and half of the 'Happy Birthday' song and it's yours! Once the anti-smokers have their way societies start dying. And it didn't stop the smokers. They just buy their alcohol from the supermarket and continue to smoke at home. I guess that their kids don't need a break from the second-hand smoke.

I also highly recommend

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