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Is the Ron Paul Campaign Sabotaging Itself?

February 27, 2012

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Reader Detects Negative Subliminals

(The Author Wyatt Andrews writes: I have been interested in subliminals since I learned about them in advertising  class. These take no special equipment and can be viewed using the youtube uploads directly from Ron Paul's campaign.
My son heard me talking about subliminals and he liked Ron Paul so he went to his commercials and found a few "fear faces." That is all we saw at first because those are displayed for longer periods of time.  Then after "lucky" pauses we hit the flashframe embeds designed to have the hypnotic suggestion effect.
I do notice that old fashioned tube monitors do not display as much as the flat screen in terms of the details.  Old monitors = harder to see them.)

by Wyatt Andrews

The Ron Paul TV spots out lately have gained attention for their tech savvy, but they may have a dark side.
In his "Big Dogs" commercial, Paul is showcased as a budget cutting marvel, blowing up government agencies and rolling over bureaucrats.
Look closely though, and you'll see subliminals in the form of everything from all-seeing eyes and pyramids to skulls.
At first, I thought Paul was using them to his advantage but further examination reveals the opposite may be the case.
What changed my mind was a set of images that occur at about the 10 second mark in the piece.  At that point, a static profile of Paul appears, and then words animate as if projecting from his mouth.  When this animation is stopped as the words are about 1 inch out from his little finger, which is cupped to his mouth, I noticed a shape.  When I zoomed in I saw it was a bent penis.
Upon closer review, I then located at least 4 female genital parts hidden in the wrinkles of his face, hair and neck and even his coat lapel.
The image of Ron Paul's face is doctored to make the wrinkles on his face much heavier than normal. There is even a cut-and-paste line clearly visible on his neck where the neck wrinkles were added.
To make matters worse, the words revealed in large type on the screen at the time the wrinkles are prominent, say "HAS BEEN!"  The exclamation point at the end is made up of what looks like blood stains.  And inside the blot at the top of the exclamation point is a hidden numeral 3 with a % symbol.
The large words alone send a strong message that Paul is a has- been who can only get 3%.  The added wrinkles reinforce the idea he is old and worn out.
But what do the sexual symbols do?  Since they are used in reverse, with a limp penis bent into his little finger, and several female vaginas are spread over his face, the usage is to create revulsion from both men and women.  Men want to emulate virility and strength.  A feminized man will not attract too many voters looking for a leader.  Women want to belong to a strong man, not a weak one.
The parting shot on this piece shows a waving cut-out of Ron Paul.  But the look on his face is one of wistfulness and not strength.  It is a farewell wave, not a victory wave. Furthermore, his hand is doctored to look decrepit and almost monster-like.  One finger is rather jaggedly bent, while his thumb looks webbed to his hand, as does his index finger look webbed to another finger.   In his wrist are three skulls.
A club hand is a signal of weakness and infirmity.  Club hands are never shown in pictures of strong leaders.
santorum-fear-1.jpgRON PAUL'S SANTORUM SPOT
The subliminals continue in the TV spot just released where Ron Paul purportedly attacks Santorum, calling him a "FAKE."
What I found in this spot is numerous death faces and many other powerful hidden symbols actually aimed at destroying Santorum.
There is no solution offered for the terror you face if you vote Santorum.
The worst sequence in this spot, aside from the continuous use of death-skulls and demons, occurs at about 7 seconds in two sequences.
First, a fat, bare bellied man appears when the announcer says Santorum doubled the size of the education department.  On his belly is the word SIZE.  Below, you'll see his fly is open slightly.  In small print over the fly, the words say "No child left behind."
Next is Santorum giving Planned Parenthood money.  In this one, if you stop the images just as the money falls past the doctor's hand you'll see his large erect thumb looks like a penis in a condom.  A small white line directs your eye down to the pile of money where a hidden vagina appears for a frame or two.
The words on the screen are the sexual double meanings "hooked UP", alluding to sexual liaisons, and being UP as a male and ready for sex.
Rush Limbaugh announced today he believes a secret deal naming Rand Paul as VP for Romney is in the works.
If this is true, the next question is this: does Ron Paul know these subliminals are in the advertising and did he approve them?
If he is being destroyed from within unbeknownst to him, then he should be considering fraud action against who ever did this.
If he is using donor money to destroy himself and Santorum, it is my opinion he's perpetrating a fraud on everyone who supported him. If Ron Paul knows, it also means the voters are being gamed badly.


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Comments for "Is the Ron Paul Campaign Sabotaging Itself? "

Sam said (March 1, 2012):

Ok, I have had several pros look at the spots on the vids you mention.

Most of them say we are crazy for suggesting this.

However, one professional says you are exactly right and that the actual vid is worse than the frame blowup you used.

You say:

Upon closer review, I then located at least 4 female genital parts hidden in the

Since there is not an easy way to move frame by frame through the vid it’s hard for people to find the facts.

Can you produce more proof … frame by frame details?

Or, maybe a section of the video slowed down to make it easier for people to see?

Any info would be most helpful.

Author reply:

I suspect most of the people who said "crazy" are under the heavy influence of this type of programming and cannot see it if they wanted to. (Or, being professionals, they may have a vested money interest in deflecting attention to this issue.)

I do not currently have a way to transfer this to a non-linear editor for frame by frame analysis but I suspect anyone of the "professionals" mentioned here ought to have just such an editing system. It took many attempts of random stops to get these frames.

The one person who says it is much worse than just the frames I froze is exactly correct. There was so much here it was overwhelming. I only sent the bare minimum.

A said (February 29, 2012):

1. I very much appreciate this article because subliminals are REAL, embedded EVERYWHERE and hiding in plain sight. I, too, studied commercial art but no one even needs that background to know this. What one needs, primarily, is an OPEN, relaxed mind.

When I was a kid I read The Hidden Persuaders and Subliminal Seduction and have been spotting subliminals ever since. I pity people like Warren who are so deeply cocooned in the matrix that they dismiss the reality of subliminals, which are so elementary.

2. Does it really matter whether or not Ron Paul is aware of the subliminals? Paul (who I was stupid enough to vote for last time around) is an Illuminist white knight, deep into it. When are the "awake" people going to further wake up to the fact that the political party system has been reduced to two wings on the same remote-controlled bird, flying in ONE pre-determined direction?

No one in high office is not part of The Brotherhood or at the very least not severely compromised. Does the phrase "total takeover" mean anything to anyone? It's quite sobering but we're through. The invasion has been taking place for decades, while we were all sleeping. It is now sealed. Instead of scattering our energies on campaigns and all its programming and drama, we should be preparing--physically, psychologically and spiritually--for what's coming.

Michelle said (February 28, 2012):

I just wanted to say I loved your one response:

You "Christians" who support RP make me laugh! He would throw the sick, elderly and poor under the bus. Jesus would be turning over in his grave (if he had not risen!)

I am Christian, but do not support Ron Paul (I did back in the day when he first tried to run - but that was before my eyes were opened even wider than they were).

Keep up the great work!!!! Love your articles :)

Kelly said (February 28, 2012):

I appreciate your views on the fact that Ron Paul champions the Austrian school of economics. Paul has gained a rather substantial following primarily because he (rightly) argues that America should get rid of the Federal Reserve Banking system. Anybody capable of using their brain knows the Fed is the long arm of the bankster gangsters who are indeed satanic Mammon worshippers in their thoughts and deeds. However in the next breath Ron Paul maintains we should return to a gold standard and that is where he falls flat on his face.

The very same billionaire banking elitists that runs the Fed also privately owns the bulk of the gold which they have been stocking away in their private vaults since the day when King Solomon ruled. For years the Jewish banking elite have been converting the money they've made on the interest they charge people and nations for printing money out of thin air back into gold bullion. Obviously returning to a gold standard would only put the same satanic crooks and killers back in power again.
It'd be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Rick said (February 28, 2012):

Hi Henry,

I've been seeing some articles on the web that are questioning the agenda of Ron Paul. I just re-installed my AOL so I don't have access to those sites but I will find them and send them to you. In the meantime, there are some observations I've made that are niggling at me:

Bill Maher is endorsing Ron Paul. I know that Bill Maher is a satanist and part of the NWO. Not to mention a big supporter of Obama. Very aggressive in denying 9/11 Truth

Jon Stewart doing the same. Somewhere I read that he is a Mason. Not a good sign.

Last, and probably the most disturbing, is Ron Paul flashing the devil's sign.

Maybe I'm late in arriving at the party but it seems to me that Ron Paul is another ploy by the Illuminati to give us false hope.

I find it interesting that Paul Craig Roberts who I think is the real deal (in a positive way) thinks that Ron Paul is the only hope that America has.

Look forward to your comments.



Kudos for seeing through the matrix!


KF said (February 28, 2012):

After reading this article it did remind me of an article that I had previously read concerning the guy who made the "Big Dog" campaign commercial. I don't remember or recall his name, but I did read somewhere that his wife also is a Romney supporter and makes his commercials. I am not astute concerning subliminals in commercials(though I rarely watch the idiot box myself) but I can guarantee that cognitively I would not have ever noticed any subliminal embedding in this commercial.

I suppose that would be the purpose if indeed this be actually true. It is my belief though that the articles author, however well intentioned may just possibly have too much idle time on his hands. I have supported Ron Paul in the past, but must admit that ALL of the abominable system is corrupt therefore I no longer engage actively in encouraging its continuation by participating in the fraudulent "voting" fable.

Warren said (February 28, 2012):

Totally lame-ass article, Makow. Is this the best you can do in your pathetic attempts to dis libertartianism? The author no doubt sees all kinds of stuff in clouds also.

I have been well aware of subliminals for decades but these "images" are really a stretch. The following preposterous non sequitur reflects the author's mental state and it is not good.

" Rush Limbaugh announced today he believes a secret deal naming Rand Paul as VP for Romney is in the works.

If this is true, the next question is this: does Ron Paul know these subliminals are in the advertising and did he approve them?"


Dear W-

You "Christians" who support RP make me laugh! He would throw the sick, elderly and poor under the bus. Jesus would be turning over in his grave (if he had not risen!)


Jason said (February 28, 2012):

Although the image is questionable, and without someone analyzing the photo, I would have never seen these images. I either have a super strong mind, or subliminals just don’t really work like some people would like to believe. I do think there are suggestive themes put into pictures as jokes or symbols to represent an underlying meaning but I whole heartedly disagree that such imaging as subliminals have any kind of effect on people; specifically thought manipulation.

I would have looked at this ad, and MAYBE raised a brow at the “HAS BEEN” in large print but I still would have went on with my day with my same political perception of Ron Paul intact. I wouldn’t have even gave it a second glance or even questioned my loyalty to Ron Paul’s campaign.

The image of Ron Paul himself, I admit looks doctored, but I’m very skeptical that it deliberately contains sex organs and I feel the author, although entertaining, may just have a dirty mind. This Ron Paul ad just looks like it may have been a mere victim of someone with poor Photoshop skills, in a poor attempt to clean Paul’s face of blemishes.

William said (February 28, 2012):

would like to respond to the article about subliminals in Ron Paul ads. I do not think Ron Paul himself is aware of those subliminals in those ad at least no indication of knowing. But I guess this is sabotage of the Ron paul campaign from the Inside out. Ron paul has apparently been ignored by the media and downplayed:

The fact that the whole establishment is bearing down on him as well as his 100% consistent voting record earns him my trust. I would like your opinion on the matter.

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