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Thirteen Virtues of a Christian Woman

March 6, 2011

"In hindsight, as women begin to see the effects of women's liberation, they begin to acknowledge that women are more dominated than ever before, only this time often by vile strangers, instead of the ones that love them."

By Debra Siddons

Debra Siddons is a freelance reporter and Truth activist, covering topics of religious, political, and historical importance. Her email address is:  [email protected]


Unto the woman He (God) said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire [shall be subject] to thy husband, and HE (thy husband) SHALL RULE OVER THEE.

And unto Adam He said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife (and obeyed her instead of Me), and hast eaten of the tree, of which I COMMANDED thee, saying, Thou shalt NOT eat of it: cursed [is] the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat [of] it all the days of thy life; - The Book of Genesis 3-16,17.


No matter which you way you look at it, men are to be men (not animals), and women are to be ladies, working towards a full and prosperous life, under a man's helping hand.

So, what is the big deal with these women (not ladies) that demand places in society not meant for them?  The foolishness of these prideful females, and the lazy or spineless males who helped them, has resulted in a destructive effect on society. 

Men must be obedient to God, and women obedient to God and men.  The children must in turn be obedient to both parents, and God.  This however does not mean that a woman should obey a man if his wishes are sick or evil. But most women now refuse to obey men under any circumstances.  Instead, they actually take pride in manipulating them in whatever way works (proving their complete lack of real morals).


The 13 Aspects of Obedience (The Remedy for Selfish-Ego)  -


Deference - the most respectful conduct, knowing that even though you might think you are 100% correct, you might still be wrong.

Demureness - to be markedly quiet, composed, graceful, unruffled and undemonstrative in general; to be conspicuously inconspicuous; to not seek after others' observation, nor need an audience. To become graceful, not a fashion-statement or walking pornography, or a trumpet-mouth; to accentuate and likewise appreciate in others also, the peace, calm, and invisibility of the Spirit, rather than vanity, excitement and body curves; to not seek attention, nor need to be the center-of-attraction, whether overtly, subtly, or craftily.

Docility - to be easy to teach; willing to obey, cloaked with gentleness and helpfulness; attentive to the instruction given from God, your spouse, or your parents (whatever the case may be); and not one's own wants and cravings; to stop questioning proper authority and begin accepting. People waste so much time in seeking to work out what they see (with lunatic, fragile minds) when in the seeing of God's Purpose, all is done.

Unpretentiousness - to not feign in fraud or in jest, nor lie or "make-believe" such as false professions of purpose, even in your own mind; to carry no airs; to know and accept that one has infinitely less wisdom than God; to say exactly what you mean and to mean exactly what you say. To have the most serious mind and the deepest commitment; keep your word even under adverse circumstances; to repent of wrong-doings with conviction never to do it again, rather than allow "Self"-pity/sadness without hope; instead accept stoically with determination never to do it again; remain brave not only when things are pleasant, but when you see weaknesses in your-Self and your mistakes; always avoiding emotions.

Gratefulness - being thankful for discipline, kindness, mercy and love shown; find Joy in the knowledge of God's Love for you; never take anything or anyone for granted; to show/demonstrate gratitude with actions, not just words; practice reasons to give thanks.

Lowliness - having a low (the correct) estimate of one's own importance; knowing our true nature as fallen Spirit-Beings, imprisoned inside human-animal bodies; to never on any occasion serve "Self"-delusions in thinking you are good, sane and wise, whilst Satan seeks to devour our souls with lies and deceptions, including that he and we are great.

Meekness - to be tame-spirited, continuously quelling any violence in oneself; make oneself approachable by any, without compromising principles; to avoid relying upon one's own point of view and forcing it upon others; to practice restraining immediate impulses and emotions, avoiding doing things in a rush and without due consideration.

Modest - not overrating one's own merit; unassuming; not excessive in manner; pure-minded (listening only to God and not Satan will ensure this); not placing oneself above any other Being, in words, deeds and your heart (having/showing no favouritism/higher-respect to persons or status); keeping check on your-"Self" first and foremost, all the time, rather than seeing small blemishes elsewhere; to refrain from seeking appreciation from others and strive to do everything for the higher benefit and the good of everyone else.

Obedience - properly submissive, recognizing rightful Authority (not mind-controlled propaganda). Having loyalty in thought, word and deed; no whoring and infidelity, heeding lies.

Obsequiousness - obedient to a high degree, with staunch reluctance to be deterred in correct action, or thought.

Propriety - a proper and absolute sense of right and wrong; maintaining correct attitude and conduct. Accepting there is often no need to ask "why", but rather, there is just a right way and a wrong way of doing things. A True righteousness, with a Spiritual certainty, not partaking in the nice sounding philosophical theories of mankind.

Submissiveness - unresisting; accepting without resistance the orders or justified treatment or lot (fate) met with; to give way; yield to authority.  Remembering that fear and doubt are mind-killers.  They are the little deaths that lead to total obliteration. Let them Pass by (become a "passerby" as God instructed).

Subservience - to be under authority of and answerable to a Higher-power, and submit one's will for the good and beneficence it gives; enjoying the Freedom of True discipline.  The hallmark of a Disciple is discipline.

As one of the strongest positive forces on Earth, the Satanists had to destroy the power of the male-female bond.  The late film producer, Aaron Russo, exposed why women's liberation was pushed through society.

The tremendous cost of feminism for women should be obvious. It is a loss for the male as well, as he has lost his counterpart that nurtures and fortifies him; but it is her loss most of all.

Eve came from within (the rib) Adam. It is within Adam that her power resides, through cooperation, not manipulation.  She cannot expect to ever act independently and be strengthened.

It is not only how God has intended this to be, but it is impossible for her succeed at being a true woman and lady, while pretending to be a man.

In hindsight, as women begin to see the effects of women's liberation, they begin to acknowledge that women are more dominated than ever before, only this time often by vile strangers, instead of the ones that love them, and the power they have access to, is diminished and lost.

A duck cannot succeed at being a dog.  A horse cannot succeed at being a chicken.  And a woman will never succeed at being a man.  The more women resist in accepting that which is natural to them, the more they will be weakened, stressed, depressed, and die.

A woman's root nature seeks to be led. It is built inherently within all women, and it is through this vulnerability that they find a man's hand to help them climb hills and mountains. This helping hand and powerful bond, built on the necessity that each partner acts according to their root nature, is the only place where equilibrium of the Spirit is found.

In this equilibrium is the giving and receiving of Love that many women seek, but most have lost; by choosing materialism and ego instead.

God awaits the women of this world to re-find their place, dignity, and power.

As a woman, I thank my Beloved, always and forever.  I keep my hand in His, as it must be, and I am loved.


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[Editor's Disclaimer: Although I agree with the general intent of this article, I think Debra lays too much emphasis on feminine self-effacement and not enough on positive virtues required to be a successful wife and mother like warmth, talent, intelligence and good character. She doesn't even mention chastity and fidelity. I'd like to hear your opinion. [email protected] ]

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Comments for "Thirteen Virtues of a Christian Woman"

Grey said (March 8, 2011):

I agree with you, too much emphasis on subservience and a lack of higher virtue and purpose for a woman's role in this life. Women are the backbone of European culture, or they used to be. They raised the children and kept the family firmly rooted together as a single unit, working for a greater purpose that benefits all of society. A woman is the silent and resilient strength behind the man. The rock that steadies him (after YHWH) and gives him peace in a world that is falling apart from sin.

Being a mother and a wife is probably the most important job in the world. It should be worn like a badge of honor and is not something to be scoffed at or ridiculed. A woman's job is just as important as a man's in respect to the family. Without her guiding influence all would fall apart broken, and the pieces never to be reunited. It is a woman's love that holds a family together and her compassion that tempers the natural boldness of her husband. If not for the love and wisdom of our wives we'd probably have inadvertently killed ourselves.

I have two daughters and would never want them to blindly follow any man simply because he is a man. I wouldn't want either of my girls to submit to the authority of their husbands (when they eventually get married) unless they were good men, loving and following YHWH.

Yahushua (Jesus) taught us to love our wives like he loves His spiritual congregation (what most Christians call the church, i.e., the body of Messiah). Our wives should walk beside us, not behind us. They should be a source of strength and compassion, a compass to guide us back to the fold when we wonder too far from the path. Women were not created to service our baser desires, they were created to be our companions in a dark and lonely world decimated by sin.

Like us, they should be ready at a moments notice to steady and support their family in good times and in bad times. There is some truth to the eastern idea of balance, yin and yang, whatever you'd like to call it. Men and woman compliment each other, strengthen each other and were created to love each other and fulfill the Creator's purpose for this world.

Women have a right to think beyond the happiness of their families and take some time for themselves, just like any man has that right, but her family should always come first and her own desires second. Women were given the gift of a soul/spirit just as men were and they have the same intrinsic drive to fulfill their god-given potential. Like us they have the right to freedom and the right express themselves in a creative manner.

What most women don't realize is that if would live their lives according to the teachings of Yahushua they would lack for nothing and would reach their full potential. We were all built for a purpose and we all have our proper place in this life. Just as Messiah is the head of His spiritual body the man is the head of his family, the ultimate authority under YHWH. Women should recognize the authority her husband has over her and her children and honor and respect that god-given authority. Being a man is no easy job and the illusion of freedom that the mainstream media dangles before our wives and daughters is actually a huge burden to bear.

Debra (author) said (March 8, 2011):

Dear Men (and women),

These thirteen aspects apply to men, also, and their relation to God, subsequently affecting all his relationships and as the case may be to
women, whether his spouse, sister, or friend.

Men who follow these aspects are learning obedience to God (Humility) first and foremost, and leaders in whatever situation presents itself
to them, because they are God-directed.

In this article I was referring to both sexes, though as a woman I make no claim to knowing what it is like to be a man, and I have the utmost respect for all God-fearing men who know.

Moriyah (male) said (March 8, 2011):

Your 'higher learning' raises its ugly head again.
Intelligence? What is that? Knowledge of this world and its ways? Misguided science, history, social studies? No, wisdom is much more valuable. Debra displays it greatly.

Feminine self-effacement? We all need some of that. A woman's virtue, and thus self effacement, can bring even a man to consider righteous conduct never mind other women. Humility is indeed rare.

Warmth? She made me feel warm all over. I'm sure it is much more so for her husband and children. Let not your 'love grow cold'.

Talent? Should go without saying but; she knows how to be thrifty, work hard, serve others in so many areas that women are entirely ignorant today. These are arts: cooking, sewing, cleaning, mending articles as well as bodies, hearts and heads. A woman's 'work' is as underrated as a man's 'work' and terribly undervalued.

Righteous Character? Her stated works will praise her in the gates of the city. All will know her reputation and uplift her and defend her. She will never want for anything. Her husband will lay down his life for her, as, Messiah did for his bride to come. Character is the only thing you can take with you. Debra has it.

Debra is exceedingly blessed. May we all be earnestly so.

Werner said (March 8, 2011):

The christian view on women is a semitic point of view. Germanic people had a different attitude towards women, they were considered as equals though they had different rights and protections than men the system was balanced. A germanic heathen man would not have seen his wife as his property nor as his 'slave'.

The semitic point of view destroyed that balance and transformed women into 'slaves', something they do not deserve nor does it fit to germanic culture. It contradicts it.

The germanic point of view can be seen in their Gods and Goddesses and how they worked together to a acommon aim though in different fields. Rape was virtually unkown, sexual offenses were rare but dealt with harshly.

I personally woud not want a slavish woman but one who can bring herself in fully and completely.Slavish women only produce weak men.

So equality for women yes but superiority defenitly not. A balanced system of different rights and duties should be established based on the old system but not copied, as we DO live in a different time.

John said (March 8, 2011):

I must say that was an excellent article. I wish we could see our Christian woman stop trying to be men and return to woman of virtue as described in the article. It's not too late. Perhaps only one generation maybe two lost.

H said (March 7, 2011):

its true women can never succeed at being men and the satanists know this very well---it is to rectify that problem that they often make RULE CHANGES to "level the playing field" in effect ...

in the military the physical standards are lowered for women; now some women are lobbying for 'combat pay' for women although they may still not be required to perform many frontline fighting duties (not able to meet the physical standards of infantry duty)

another satanic ploy being utilized is one that you have pointed out and i have also noticed in media and cinema --- portraying men 'in the role of women' and vice versa ...

i.e. the man is shown to be a bit 'clingy' and 'insecure' about his wife/girlfriend working longer hrs (they talk as HE pushes the shopping cart containing their toddler (female role) and SHE walks in front trying to explain why he simply has to "be patient" etc and she can't help but perform her duties as her job entails)

its slightly hilarious to me ---and then i remember how tragic it is that many people don't know any better in the 'civilized' western world ...

fortunately in the second and third world (so called) places women are still women and men are men---this is one reason uganda has passed stringent laws against homosexuality as is the case also in muslim countries

i have to admit that as a young man i actually didn't understand that it was not in my interests to be 'sentimental' and want to 'fall in love' ...this wasn't explained to me and i had cinema to serve as a 'standard' of a sort --- with tragic consequences (needless to say)

and of course this isn't to suppose that men don't love women; quite the opposite men love women WITH NO EFFORT , i.e. no need to FALL into it ---'falling' is a female trait in this respect

it is the woman who is "unsure whether she likes this man or not" ---men don't even talk to a woman unless they ALREADY KNOW THEY LIKE HER!!!

it wasn't until much later that someone pointed out to me that "they call it FALLING in love for a reason" ---it is a fall for a man to place a woman essentially as 'god'---as you have pointed out in the past he should be focused on more noble endeavours which will last beyond his lifetime or as others might say ...

"a man should leave a trace ..."

Lorrie said (March 7, 2011):

It's a shame that your and Siddons' mentality is stuck in knuckle-dragging mode. And the people who talk about female bosses, etc., What a Shame!

Feminism has nothing to do with "Satan"; it has everything to do with centuries of abusive men deciding that over one-half the human population are little better than animals. Read your Bible again, and truly think about the message it conveys.

C said (March 7, 2011):

The points read like the laundry list for a slave. These are qualities I also observe in great abundance in Muslim marriages and they dont always go so well. I understand the gist of it, but there must be some balance.

Paul, totally agree with you. As a female, I have never worked for females- esp if the environment is more female- that hasn't been a nightmare of pettiness, backbiting, rivalry and dissension.

The help I have gotten in career has been almost exclusively from males who even if they didn't like me personally appreciated my competence. Whereas a woman felt threatened and would then undermine you. Seen it time and again. God help staff employed by a woman boss. Before lack of submission of women needs addressing, the entire culture's lack of submission to God's will needs be solved. It is a wholistic disease of the national spirit.

Dani said (March 7, 2011):

Many of the words/points on this list are redundant. Docility, meekness, submissiveness and subservience are all synonyms for the same concept. Deference and obsequiousness are also synonyms for the same concept. Modesty and demureness (and in some ways unpretentiousness) are also synonyms for the same concept. To me the author comes across as trying too hard to make a list, and in doing so she ended up repeating herself over and over in order to accomplish that. (perhaps the author needs a good thesaurus!) Many points could have been combined together, and the points you mention - warmth, talent, intelligence and good character - could have been added to fill in those gaps.
Personally I would look towards Buddhism for directions on the right way to be as a person. Specifically the Noble Eightfold Path. I know it doesn't have to do with male/female relations, but if one is looking for "an itemized list of proper behavior," that would be it:

1. Right view
2. Right intention

Ethical Conduct
3. Right speech
4. Right action
5. Right livelihood

Mental Development
6. Right effort
7. Right mindfulness
8. Right concentration

Simple, but timeless truths that sums up everything in very few - and non-redundant - words.

Derrick said (March 7, 2011):

The world is getting faster and more complex. As a guy, this is what I want from a woman: Integrity, a supportive, non-combative nature, strong, smart and sexy, and the desire to have a family. That's it, real simple, no need to get into religion.

James said (March 7, 2011):

Once again you have published great pearls of truth. Debra Siddons' article provides time- tested guidelines for women in any culture. Unfortunately, our culture has rejected them. The so-called Christian church has rejected them. So-called Christian women and men have rejected them. From my experience, the majority of so-called Christian women reject strong men, they prefer the "wimpy Christian" man that they can lead around and manipulate. After reading this article for women, I will be watching for the "13 Attributes of a Christian Man" for men. The men in our culture need it, for they too have lost the way to be a real man. The family structure of our culture is being destroyed by lies believed by both men and women. I fear the future of mankind.

Bob said (March 7, 2011):

The tendency of evolution (by which I mean dynamic change) is toward differentiation, and this is as true of human society as it is of all other natural and supernatural phenomena. This is why the drive to homogenize, through multiculturalism, feminism (defeminization and demasculization), etc., is perverse and destructive.

God's garden is rich and diverse, and accommodates a virtual infinity of personalities. This is why I think Debra is mistaken in prescribing such a list of "desirable" traits. I have seen women with very different characteristics and thanked God for their existence and their power. It depends on the purpose to which they are directed. An honest woman defending her husband or children typically is no wilting flower. And I cannot forget the Black lady of modest background I read of long ago who turned her own son in for murder; truly a remarkably strong and godly person, with, one hopes, a high place reserved for her in heaven--along with her son, one hopes as well.

I think the prescriptive stereotyping is wrong and must lead to the suppression, rather than release, of personality, which after all is our Father's special gift to each of us (however our experience of the world warps it). The fundamental problem today is that people don't see themselves as flowers in the divine garden, loved into being, happy to be in the company of all the others--showy, hardy, delicate, unassuming, bold or whatever else they essentially are--and thankful that God has given us each other for we are all in some ineffable way complementary.

Tony said (March 7, 2011):

The key fact in that article is that women are more easily led.

Whereas men at their best, will resist losing liberties that come from God to his fellow man.
Farmers keep a few males for breeding and they kill, sell, or geld the rest....the Rothschild's do the exact same thing to humanity in order to enslave us...and after all, we are only animals in their eyes.

loving wife said (March 7, 2011):

I do agree with the general sentiment, but yes, she does place too much emphasis on feminine self-effacement; almost disturbingly so.

I am comfortable with my husband's role as head of our household, because I know that he truly is a man of God, and would never abuse his position in our home. In order for a woman to do this and feel comfortable with her husband as head of household, she must empower herself to find the right mate (through prayer and guidance) and reject anyone who does not meet HER standards.

However, what if a woman chooses a mate who on the surface, appears to be a man of God, and over some time, shows his true colors, and evidenced by his abuse of the role as head of household; and if a woman fully subscribes to Mrs. Siddons' thirteen virtues, where does that leave her?


As a woman, I am so happy that I have a real man, who understands, and appreciates his role as husband, father and head of household; I feel safe and protected.
He makes sure I am happy, he makes sure I am safe, he makes sure I have everything I need, and even spoils me a little; he treats me like a precious gift, and I do the same for him. I am confident in my husband's vision for us and our future children, I know that he puts God first, all the time, and I know that he will lead us along the right path.

Christine said (March 7, 2011):

My beef with the article was that its tone was rather strident and sometimes harsh. While I agree that women should submit to men, that can get you in big trouble if you submit to the wrong boss who is also harsh, unscrupulous and demanding. Been there, done that. Be careful out there.

Debra (author) said (March 7, 2011):

This article is not about self-effacement, necessarily, which can be a positive quality depending on the circumstance, and may be selfish if offering nothing to anyone else and simply being docile.

Self-sacrifice often means being quite involved and active, but always for the benefit of everyone else. It includes being able and glad to
take orders in service to others, rather than require the platform to give orders and be catered too. " What can I do for others, today?"
refers to virtues.

Sacrificing yourself (your wants and even your needs) in order to put other people first, is the hallmark of a proper lady and the basis of
the qualities that include being a good wife/mother.

In regards to chastity and fidelity, these are not qualities for women alone, but for both sexes, and as God intended. A mutual respect
accompanied by mutual responsibility for our actions.

Gary said (March 7, 2011):

I am writing this as an encouragement to everyone to not lose hope, that while today's society makes it more difficult for people to find a husband/wife for a lifetime marriage commitment, it is definitely not impossible and anything worthwhile takes commitment and effort.

Before my wife and I met we were both Christians (and still are) and we both prayed for God's will for someone to be with for life, because I was determined to make it a lifetime commitment and knew that the chances of that happening nowadays would be greatly increased with God's help and a commitment to His truth and knew I needed a wife with that same steadfast commitment to His truth.

We first met when she happened to get a flat tire a few blocks from where I lived and a mutual acquaintance suggested me and my friends for help - long story shortened - a few months later we had our first date and got married by the end of that same month (and we did not have sex before marriage) .......and 29+ years later we are still married and I believe that was made much more possible than it might have been otherwise because of God's help from us staying faithful to Him.

When you love someone you will want to treat them the same way you would want to be treated, with love and respect. Marriage is not a dictatorship, it is a partnership, (and leadership does not equal dictatorship).

Remember that God did not take a bone out of Adam's foot to make Eve a doormat, nor did He take a bone out of Adam's head to make Adam a doormat, He took a rib out of Adam's SIDE - so they could be partners, with neither being "better" then the other, but each having their own strengths to compliment each other and work together as a team, in marriage it is not "me and you", it is US, God effectively intends for husband and wife to be as one flesh.

Note: My experience is based on Christian beliefs, and while I believe we should love everyone, even our enemies, and those of other beliefs, that does not mean that we agree with other's beliefs, and part of having a strong Christian marriage is that we can not be "unequally yolked" or else you and your spouse will be pulling in different directions, you and your spouse must be on the same page as far as your beliefs to have the best chance of a successful and enduring marriage.

Hopefully this is an encouragement to some, this web page I found online - - has some helpful information relating to marriages also.

Remember - anything worthwhile is worth fighting for and takes effort to succeed, and a strong, faithful and loving marriage is definitely worthwhile !

(and the best chance of having a faithful, committed, and enduring marriage, is to make sure you both maintain a faithful and enduring commitment to God and His truth, remember, God is not a "first aid kit" only to be pulled off the shelf in case of emergency, but He needs (and wants) to be a part of your everyday lives :-)

MM said (March 7, 2011):

When Men turned their backs on God, so Women turned their backs on men. It is unfair to expect women to be obedient when men run amok in defiance of God.

Disobedience to God is the man who stay at home to watch Sunday football while his wife takes the kids to church. Who does the mighty male baby boomer humble himself before? Certainly not God, and certainly not his lowly & meek wife. How about a Divorce Court Judge? Men forced the ultimatum. It is something they don't consider when they are taking out a second mortgage to add a third Harley to their motorcycle collection. The NWO happened on the male baby-boomers' watch - they sold our nation and its industries out to globalists. The fact that their marraiges were falling apart should've been an early indicator that society was heading in the wrong, Godless direction. If man is supposed to lead woman, judging by the last 50 years he's done a bad job; more Baby Boomer failure. My cynical generation is left to pick up the pieces, and God willing, pick up the tools and weapons dropped by a generation that was too weak to obey Him.

I wish the men born in the 70's, 80's, and 90's good luck finding a woman with these 13 qualities. I encourage them to turn to churches and parishes that hold social functions - join and frequently attend a churchgoing community - that is the only way to locate a God-abiding, trustworthy woman in these harsh & uncertain times.

Paul said (March 7, 2011):

One of the results of what Debra Siddons has written about and something she might have done well to incorporate in the article is that women should not take authority over men.

I've worked in many different situations and any time the boss is a woman, few if any of the men under her authority have any attraction to her other than as a sex object if that. When a woman, no matter how wonderful she is, takes authority over a man or a group of men, she can forget about them as suitors. And all over the country women are taking authority over men in supervisory positions because the people at the top encourage this through laws etc. and because they know that this type of situation will definitely kill relations between the sexes.

Another outcome of this is that the female supervisor when confronted with a task she cannot do on her own, has to turn into a purring seductive kitten just to get that job done by the men around her (even lesbians can do this very successfully to get things done that are above their ability).

Greg said (March 7, 2011):

(in reply to Cheryl below)

All of the men that you are wanting to now blame for the destruction of the society should be the very wild men that most women dated and chased after, as they offered them a life of much excitement and short term, soon to pass pleasures.

Women chose to date those who were more popular, who had more money, who were more into themselves than they were into loving another human being. So how come you are so surprised at seeing the outcome of dating EGOTISTS and LOSERS? If you date someone and then marry someone with an out of control EGO, how can you expect any other result than that which our society has now seen play itself out?

The real men were trampled on by the feminist movement, as they were in the minority. Real men were victims of the minority superiority rights culture that says “DIVERSITY” by quota was more important than being honest with how each human is being treated in the society. Policies like “Affirmative Action” removed from the running any REAL MAN because if he had solid moral values then he was automatically excluded from the society’s benefits of a decent educational opportunity and after that of a fair job opportunity.

So the REAL MEN are spiritually committed to God/Jesus Christ but at the cost of their own health, finance, and family life. The Bible warned us that the costs to following Jesus Christ would be very high, and again God’s word was proven to be correct.

The high price of not following the liberal, feminist, politically correct culture was that you were pretty much punished through oppressive societal mandates that considered you to be a homophobic, fundamentalist moron. And yet the type of men that most women truly want in the end are the honest, hard working, loving men that are described by that “homophobic, fundamentalist” labelling.

The faith in honesty in relationships and marriage has been blown, thanks to the feminazis and their cohorts who demonized the very kind of men that you truly want in your marriage and dating life.

Now that feminism has made it hard to find that kind of man anymore, you want to blame men for the situation which was created by some elite men along with the females of the western cultures embracing an unjust set of laws that trashed the very men you would want for your lifetime marriage partners.

I hope that you enjoy your freedoms and individualities that feminism brought to humanity, because it will be a cold day in hell before honorable, God loving men ever again think seriously about marriage. We know that taking the punishment for being good and moral beings has been proven to be the easy step that women will throw on any man if they get easily tempted by the world to follow after the pagan ways of the world.

Cheryl said (March 7, 2011):

Mr. Makow, I understand your frustration with feminism and the social manipulation and destruction of the family, but at some point there must be an acknowledgment of how men have also contributed to this phenomenon. My husband divorced me and I have been left to raise our three children alone.

I have not remarried as I have witnessed many damaged children from the formation of the "step-family". Including the damage to my own when he remarried.

I gave my ex-husband no reason to divorce me. As a single woman I have looked around at the landscape of prospective spouses and what I see are a vast amount of adults, men and women both, Christian and non-Christian, falling for the lies that have been programmed into them, and not opening their Bible for guidance.

I have been single for 12 years. Where are all the God fearing men who are able to be honest and true to their commitments. I have done the best I can, with the help of the Lord to raise my two boys and my daughter to be God fearing and honest, while working a full time job, because I have to, not because I want to.

It has been the most difficult task of my life. I love your web page, but I go there and feel like American women are painted with a broad brush of negativity; men have some ownership in the destruction of our society as well.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at