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"Tolerance" Doesn't Extend to Christians

August 31, 2011

professor16.jpg"This reaching-out to other cultures while pushing away the host culture took a particularly bizarre form at a nearby college about fifteen years ago when a Protestant chapel was being built."

by Paul Gottfried
Taki's Magazine
August 30, 2011

( Excerpt from "More Tales from the Collegiate Looney Bin")

I've recently started recovering from forty years among pseudo-academic weirdos in the collegiate loony bin.

One persistent aspect of modern college life is its obvious loathing for anything that smacks of Christianity.

This includes whiting out Christian symbols and references to Christian holidays from the academic landscape.

In the fall of 2006, a bronze cross was carted out of Wren Chapel at William and Mary lest it cause offense to unidentified spectators.

Faculty members I've had the misfortune of knowing usually vibrate with excitement at such displays of sensitivity, and whenever the possibility exists for replacing "Christmas greetings" with "Have a blessed Kwanzaa," "Peace to you on Ramadan," or an inspirational listing of white racist sins, academics will run to make this happen.

Staff members once changed a "Yule Bowl Party" to a "Season's Greeting Festival," arguing that "Yule" references were an affront to non-Westerners. Perhaps an itinerant Hindu would wander into the gathering and go bonkers at the mention of something once associated with Christianity.

This reaching out to other cultures while pushing away the host culture took a particularly bizarre form at a nearby college about fifteen years ago when a Protestant chapel was being built.

Plans had been made to crown the newly constructed steeple with a simple cross to indicate a Christian house of worship at what was then a quasi-denominational institution.

But this was not permitted to transpire because a Jewish faculty member protested mightily against the blood-curdling symbol. It seems the cross reminded her of the Holocaust, an association that is perhaps understandable given that authors who are abundantly present in college libraries always make the same dubious connection.

The proper answer in this instance would have been to tell the employee to look elsewhere for a job if she found Christian symbols so intolerable. Instead, the "cross was reconsidered"--that is, replaced by a less offensive spherical object.



Otis McWrong

Holocaust Lady found a Cross reminded her of the holocaust? Presumably in the sense that it was hundreds of thousands of Christians who gave their lives to end National Socialism? I've been to the cemetery at Normandy - it is a sea of Crosses with a tiny few Star of Davids...apparently the unlucky ones who couldn't wrangle their way into the Coast Guard (known derisively during the war as Abey's Navy).

Rather than hysterically protesting against a Cross on a chapel, it would be easier if she just said "Thank You".

[Makow comment: "a sea of Crosses"  - doesn't that count as a Holocaust?"]


The first effect of not believing in God is to believe in anything: ' -- G.K. Chesterton


Let's get one thing straight, right from the start. No Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist amongst us has any reason to object to the traditional celebration of Christmas. And, in my experience, they don't. The only ethnics I have ever seen getting all fired up about Christmas celebrations are Jews. Why? Who knows...maybe the Talmud can enlighten us on that one. Don't believe all this guff about Muslims objecting to Christmas. Take a trip to (predominantly Muslim) Malaysia in December and you'll find the department store jingles just as irritating as in any NY or London emporium. It's the Jews, stupid!

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Comments for ""Tolerance" Doesn't Extend to Christians"

Tony said (September 2, 2011):

On the "tolerance" article (or rather intolerance article), the writer "Marcio" is right on the money. The original meaning of liberalism, no matter how stated, meant a liberation from Christian doctrines (which doctrines were all based on logical conclusions from an understanding that God exists and demands certain deportment of men, deduced and concluded by Church fathers plus men such as Thomas Aquinas) and the Church which enforced them.

Libertines want to be free of the normal restraints on people to do what is proper for a society. Obviously satanic. Liberalism amounts to toleration of evil. It cannot thrive in the mind of a libertine if he must abide by proper behavior, that is good behavior. Therefore a libertine soon hates whatever is good, especially what is godly good, that is, commanded by God. He automatically aligns himself with the devil.

Marcio said (September 1, 2011):

Tolerance does not extend to Christians because liberals have always been Christians' most aggressive enemies.
Liberalism is the key to understanding all of the rotting revolutions since the XVth century (and that includes the French and Communist Revolutions, and consequent feminism, sexual perversion, satanism, etc - as the Protocols state).

Nothing is more hypocritical than liberalism, as Bishop Marcel Lefebvre, a philosophy doctorate, used to say (please check out his clear and logical essays on liberalism: "They Have Uncrowned Him: From Liberalism to Apostasy..." (it is worth reading it even by non-catholics). He is satanized by liberals because he unmasked them - thus he is a dangerous voice to be even overheard.

Liberalism preaches tolerance but never to Christians - specially the Catholic Church tradition, its most sincere enemy (satanized as "fundamentalist", "medieval", "of dark ages", etc.) - that is why it is so hypocritical. Once men crown themselves as kings, they sin like Adam and Eve, the first egolatric franc masons, because they uncrown God and overthrow Him, and thus they give way to Satan's rule. Liberalism is a masonic doctrine, the gateway to communism and other satanic practices. Voltaire, Rousseau, Marx, Gramsci, the English liberal economists and today's ideologists prove that.

We cannot defeat communism and feminism without unmasking liberalism as the source of satanism and mankind's perversion.

It is either God or Satan: no other choice can be made.

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