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Trader Says Central Bankers Want Depression

September 26, 2011

The central banker agenda is to cause a Depression and use the turmoil to consolidate their one-world tyranny.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

"Governments do not rule the world. Goldman Sachs rules the world,"  independent trader Alessio Rastani, 34, told the BBC Monday morning.

He says GS and the big hedge funds know the "market is toast" and are moving their assets to "safe havens"  like US Treasuries.

The clear implication is that the central bankers are precipitating a Depression, using sovereign debt (created by book entry and owed mostly to them) as an excuse to enact political change.
They plan to use a Depression to consolidate their one-world tyranny. 

Rastani's message is that individuals can protect themselves in the same way as Goldman Sachs by shorting the market. 

"In less than 12 mos. I predict the savings of millions will be wiped out, and that's just the beginning...We forget that a lot of people made money as a result of the Great Depression."

We could dismiss this warning as a trader trying to profit from his short positions. We could dismiss him as an opportunist drumming up business for his advisory services 

But I tend to see his message as prescient and sobering.

The markets surged higher Monday on talk of Tim Geithner's multi-trillion Eurobank bailout plan. But this package faces many obstacles. Germans are dead set against assuming more of the debt burden.

If Alessio is right, Geithner, a Goldman Sachs alumnus, is creating an alibi so he can say he did everything he could.

Alessio had dollar signs in his eyes. He said he had been dreaming of this  opportunity for three years. 

The interviewer pressed him for information on what government actions would calm the markets.

He replied that it's not his job to fix the problem or worry about the consequences for ordinary people. His job is to make money.

He's right about Goldman Sachs which is one of the eight or so Illuminati firms that own the Federal Reserve, and the world's other central banks.

The only way out of this mess is to nationalize the central banks and renounce the debt owed to them, which was created by book entries.  Governments must create their own debt-free currency to inflate the world economy.

But no one is doing this because everyone in a position of influence is a creature of the central bankers.

Thus we are accomplices in our collective murder.

In Nov. 2009, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein said he was "doing god's work." 

This is true if we remember, his god is Lucifer. The coming Depression is part of the long-term "revolutionary" process described in the Protocols of Zion designed to anoint Lucifer as our god, and the world as his domain.    


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Comments for "Trader Says Central Bankers Want Depression"

Karl said (September 27, 2011):

Yes, Alessio Rastani's piece is sobering but also typical and indicative of a major flaw in our species. People just do not think and as a result we get these cyclical mass instances of insanity when it comes to money. I know people who think they are making a killing in day trading, without a clue apparently that the Dow Jones Index is worth about half of what the Big Board says in real terms and right now.

It is sobering to watch someone virtually salivate at the harm that is headed at the general population around this world.

It goes back way before the crash of Long Term Capital Management and its being leveraged over 240:1, holding over $160 billion in US capital market equities in publicly trading companies, and crashed and burned. They coined the term 'Liar's Poker' to describe the phenomenon.

Greed is not good when its sole objective is a zero sum game, somebody wins, somebody loses. What exacerbates the problem is when that old-as-sin human frailty kicks in called herd mentality. Some lemmings stampede towards the greed factor, others best described as mullets sit idly by thinking they are in some safe zone when it is extremely dangerous. Most of those who stampede towards the greed factor only think they know what they are doing. They are akin to chumming for sharks and then jump into the water to test it out. The others have no clue what 'Danger Zone' means and start grasping at anything that appears to be a quick buck, many of them scams.

What has amazed me about humans the most is the great majority of them do not realize there is a problem until they have been bitch-slapped across the room, flat on their back, and then blame their demise on others, or worse, still do not have a clue what went wrong.

Buckle up, very rough waters ahead.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at