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Phillipines Restores My Faith in Women

October 21, 2011

Don Gladstone is a 30-year-old Saskatchewan carpenter who returned from a week-long trip to the Philippines last week.

by Don Gladstone

I spent much of my twenties in long-term meaningful relationships, two to be more precise. The first lasted for about 5 years, had its ups and downs like any other relationship. I was committed to it no questions asked. She was the woman I was going to spend the rest of my life with... well that is until one fine spring morning she told me she enjoys the company of both men and women, lots of them. Alright, that was the end of that.

A few years later along came #2 a fine young women, beautiful, born in the former USSR, educated, well spoken, well dressed great job you name it!

Jackpot! I thought something different. Well... something different all right. Prior to this I had never experienced a women who would go to any length to manipulate, control and blatantly tell me how completely useless I am.

She'd pull the abuse card if I made any attempts at defending myself. Basically I was not to be trusted and if this "relationship" were to last I would have to relinquish control to her over every minute detail and aspect of my life.

As you may have already guessed it did not last. I was heart broken and it took me almost a year to even understand what had happened.

Having spent much of the last 10 years caught in what seemed to be nonsense (dating and relationships) I said forget it and lost most interest. I did have an online dating profile setup on a Christian dating site.

I would check it once and a while mostly to delete messages from Philippine women. It almost became a sport seeing how many I could delete at one time; meeting somebody 8000 miles away didn't interest me or so I thought.

It must have been early 2010 I came across the profile of a little 24-year-old Filipina ripe for deletion but for reasons unknown instead of the delete button I hit the reply button!! ....

Well might be fun to correspond a little I thought, she's pretty... whatever I don't need a reason besides she has a kid -- not interested, just friends.

That was about 8 months and 5,000 emails prior to booking a ticket to Davao city Philippines. I had grown rather found of this women; I trusted her. However still in the back of mind, I'm was only going to prove to myself this is ridiculous.

Walking out of the airport in Davao looking a little beat up from the long flight and multiple transfers I found the little Filipina standing there waving furiously and smiling ear to ear. Hello is about all I could come up with.

We took a cab to the hotel and were checked in by 2:30 pm. She wanted to stay with me and I said that's fine.

"If you're planning on stealing my things while I am asleep, my wallet and money belt are on the table. Please leave me my passport."

I went to sleep.

Upon waking around 9 pm, wallet and money belt are still here. My bags are unpacked and everything is nicely folded in the closet... interesting. I glance over and she is sitting in a chair singing and praying. After taking a shower we go down to the lobby for something to eat.

We have a nice conversation and I tell her I am still tired and would like to sleep more. She agrees and offers a message. I accept and am pleasantly surprised she gave it 100% and didn't stop for an hour. Amazing.

The next morning I wake up around 6:30 a.m. She is on the end of the bed praying. I wait for her to finish and say good morning, Breakfast?  Yes she says with the biggest smile. What can I get for you to wear?

The rest of my experience in Davao and with this women goes slightly hazy from here I am repeatedly shocked and surprised by her unconditional kindness and positive attitude.

She is a woman! And she makes me feel like a man!  She is constantly reinforcing my decisions of where to go, what to do, what to eat. I just can't make any quarrel with her... I'm not used to this. I asked her stepfather from the UK is she always this kind and easy to get along with? Yes, he replies but usually she looks sad. Haven't seen that since you arrived.

I buy a pack of cigarettes and light up she looks at me smiles and says you like that? Sometimes I reply, it bothers you doesn't it ? No she says, that's between you and God.

All I can think is weird from my experience, smoking should have been the deal breaker.

The next morning I wake up around 7 a.m. she's already beat me too it by a few hours hand washing my clothes. She looks a little upset and concerned so I ask what's wrong?

Well it turns out all the dye from the nice Polo sport shirt I purchased the day before has run out in the wash. I burst out laughing and say well I should have known it was a knock off for 100 pesos. So its o.k. she says. Yes of course don't worry about it.

To wrap this up the whole trip was a success and it reinstated my belief that it is still possible to find women who are suitable for marriage and get a lot of pride and joy out of taking care of her husband and lets him take care of her. I never dreamed I would find it in this petite girl 8000 miles away, its Amazing.

Furthermore I am amazed at what is happening in North America between heterosexual couples, mostly because it is a subject of very little debate and acknowledgement. What I see in my generation is its a free for all everybody for themselves, get an education, get a job and everybody can become rich attitude. You don't need anything or anyone else.

A lot of the women I've dated are already very well established (which is fine) but you get the feeling that if you were to take it any further, it would feel more like a business merger more then anything else.
It seems the days are gone when a man and a women can start together early in life and build something together. The women you do find that may have some potential usually require you to buy into some bizarre religious belief with its own set of strict etiquette and rules (Tried that too.)


MAKOW COMMENT : Western women receive a toxic lesbian  indoctrination to the effect that men are stupid unless they are evil predators. They are taught to make career, not family, their first priority.

This Illuminati mind control is designed to subvert society and reduce population by destroying heterosexual institutions.  Also, they want women to obey them, their employers, rather than loving husbands. In addition, men like Don are looking abroad which dilutes the white race, another of their goals.

Many Western women will only have a gold watch to look forward to in life, and not even that if there is a Depression.

I think Don needs to be careful. His Filipina is a single mother. Don is a ticket out of poverty for herself and her son. This doesn't mean she may not be a sterling character, but I have experienced the prayer-and-wash-your-clothes act, and it wasn't genuine and didn't last. Don has read my book,
A Long Way to Go for a Date, and I hope he benefits.

Although I am not adverse to Don's approach, I would recommend that young men first consider local women who are not career oriented: bank tellers, secretaries, cashiers, waitresses. They are not as stupid as university-educated women who swallow their brainwashing without question. Choose a woman who is marriage-oriented and understands the true subversive nature of feminism.      

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Comments for "Phillipines Restores My Faith in Women"

DON GLADSTONE said (October 24, 2011):

I agree with many of the comments posted here. After visiting the Philippines the average women you find in the country I would not trust as far as I can throw. There does exist a certain "attitude" which I had read about prior to going and was the basis of a lot of "to the point" hard line questions aimed at the family and this women in question... Topped off with a private investigator.

At one point there was a lot of discussion in the family and I was spared a visit to the grandparents house.

It was explained to me that the reason for this is that they would only insult me and expect gifts and money and that this in general was the attitude in the country. The mother went on to say "Thanks to my wonderful husband (from the UK) we now realize how wrong this is. " I looked at him, he rolled his eyes and said you have no idea how long that took me, followed by cheerful smile.

Like I said in the article, this is not something I was looking for and I've taken every step I can to discredit it. Its come to the point where I just have to trust her, myself and my instinct.

As far as interracial couples go, I would say for sure somebody with a similar ethnic background would be preferred. aside from the two long term relationships mention in the article I have met for Coffee "meet and greet" with hundreds of local women and I would consider myself an eligible attractive bachelor but the quality of women (or what I'm looking for) just doesn't seem to exist in my own backyard.

I am surprised as anyone where I found it.

Stephanie said (October 22, 2011):

Much as I have a problem with this bashing of American women and don't think it serves to move the issues we face as people forward, I offer some neutral advice for the man who (I think) loves a filipina because of her warmth and kindness. I lived in the Philippines for about half a year, so I know the culture pretty well.

When I went I was bowled over by the charm, warmth and familiarity of the people. I had the hots for a wonderful, educated man there who had been to the Kennedy compound as he was a disciple of Aquino. During my stay there, I not only found out about his wife, kids and pregnant girlfriend, but learned about the wider issue of cheating on the parts of both men and women that is rampant.

The best seller in the country at the time was "Etiquette for Mistresses" a step by step instruction manual on duplicity. The Philippines has been occupied over and over and the people are showing the hurt of losing everything to an occupying power. I came back as depressed as I have ever been in my life, not because of the rampant corruption there, but knowing that what I saw there was a reflection of what exists here.

Dismissing and dehumanizing American women and running away to another culture does not always work. The same forces that are at work here are at work there. After all, the US was the last occupying force in that country. This woman may love you for who you are or not, same as here.

Brad said (October 22, 2011):

The answer is not to get into interracial relationships and produce mixed offspring. A lot of men who are in relationships with Filipino women are men that no woman would be interested in except for their money.

Of course many women in North America have been indoctrinated with feminist propaganda and would not make suitable wives, but the answer is not to run away and marry someone of another race, as that is simply destroying your own race.

Men should have a look at themselves and ask themselves what do they have to offer a woman? Probably not much except that they might have money! Also, men should look for the rare woman that is not willing to give herself away until marriage and instead of thinking that she is prudish, think that you have really gotten a gem and don't pressure her for sex until you actually are willing to make the commitment of marriage.

We need to remake our women into the women that their grandmothers were and we should remake ourselves into the type of men that our grandfathers were. It would take at least a generation or two to do this, but would make a good project to put our efforts into achieving.

Tyler said (October 22, 2011):

To the point: I knew several men who took up with phillipinas, it NEVER works out.

One 'wife' was a terrible gambler and lost all his money and ruined his credit. Another abandoned their kids at his mother's house, without their clothing and toys and things, she ran off with a boyfriend. Emptied the bank account, trashed a new pickup truck, maxed out the credit cards, and vanished.

Another wife stabbed her husband in the face with a fork. Later on she tried to kill him with a letter-opener. He took her home for a vacation, slipped away, and came back to the US alone.
Mr. Gladstone would be better to remember the old saying, "for true love and companionship, nothing beats a small dog."

Phillipinos despise Americans, they are the worst kind of gold diggers because they are sooo dirt poor, they hate us. I was stationed there for three years, they robbed my house, took everything.

The loyal 'housegirls' set it all up. I was never anything but kind and generous to them. Didn't matter at all, in the end.

Bruce said (October 22, 2011):

Very wonderful advise you have shared with the public Henry. Let it be hoped for those who read these words take heed. Five years ago I met and just recently married one of those western women who has not been brainwashed by our current
educational institutions, nor from the main stream entertainment industry. Yes, she
has been employed in a major insurance corporation for the past 30 years; but, it
is only a means of substance and financial existence. It is not what drives her toward happiness or some other shallow fullfilment. In fact after thirty years she is quite burned out from it. When we met she new I was not rich in material wealth or famous; but, rich in treating a women how she wants to be treated in the tradition sense as you always put forth. In fact back in August I was laid off from my job and been collecting a paltry unemployment check and she is still by my side. Just
today I was showing my down trodden mood about the job market; she pulled me aside and assured me with deep concern that she loves me no matter
what your job prospects were. She stated I love you for who you are and how you treat me, not because if you have money or not. She further stated I don't want a "daddy warbucks", she married me because I treat and love her how God intended for a man to love his wife.

Both of us were previously married before. She was married to a man who was an alcholic and abusive. I was divorced for 18 years before I met her. I knew in my heart of hearts she was the kind of woman most men in the traditional sense look for. In short I have been extremely blessed and fortunate to have found her.

Just like you Henry, my advice to all people, but male and female is to look deeply, slowly, far and wide for such a mate in the old traditional sense; the benefits in the long run pay off.

Joe said (October 22, 2011):

Henry, I think you gave excellent advice..." I would recommend that young men first consider local women who are not career oriented: bank tellers, secretaries, cashiers, waitresses."

Having said that though, my experience with an American woman who was a bank teller who had no ambition to be promoted, didn't quite work out.

This woman beat me out of thousands of dollars and she was completely frigid. She expected a marriage without sex. Since I was a Christian man, I did not practice or ask for pre-marital sex... This became problematic as she did not believe in post-marital sex...

She wanted to buy a very nice house and wanted me to share the expense of it with the house being put in both of our names.

When we went to her bank to sign papers, because of my house buying inexperience, I did not notice it too unusual that I signed about 2-3 papers and she signed about ten. I thought it had to do with her job at the bank with her company life insurance, mortgage insurance or other such things. I trusted her implicitly as I loved her despite the shortcomings in the marriage.

When it all came out about four years later, as I was making 70% of the house payment for all that time,... I found that I had been hoodwinked!

My name was nowhere on the house papers. It was completely in my wife's name...

And one of my 2-3 papers was an agreement in small print, in which I did not read as her banking people wanted my paperwork quickly, was an agreement that if anything should happen to her... such as death... the property would GO TO HER PARENTS with the stipend that I would continue making the house payments!!!

As my experienced divorce attorney wryly noted, "your marriage was over when you signed the house papers," and that she "had never seen this type of deal before."

Since divorce is so one-sided in the United States, I did not get a dime back.

I guess then, with any kind of good advice, there is always a disclaimer to be made.

Still a great story and again, wise counsel. I just wanted to share my experience.

Sandra said (October 22, 2011):

Your response & advice to Don were excellent. I hope that things turn out well for him, but it doesn't sound good if you ask me. This woman was presenting herself as a servant. Is that what men (who've had nothing but disappointment) really want? I sure hope not. A woman can be decent, honest and kind without prostrating herself in this way. Smells a bit fishy to me!

Rod said (October 22, 2011):

What is the point going abroad for a bride that hasn't been indoctrinated or influenced by the Western mass media and legal system, and then bringing her back here? Shouldn't we go, marry, and stay there?

Christian said (October 22, 2011):

I spent the summer in the Philippians scuba diving and discovered that most of the women there who are interacting with western men through the net have sometimes up to 5 other men that think they are the only one for her.

I rented a motorcycle in Dumaguette for a couple of days from this woman who had a Danish boyfriend that she was engaged to. A couple of days later I met this woman's sister and through our conversation learned that this woman was internet dating other men while getting ready to marry.

My experience there taught me to be very careful as most often western men are a racket to them and a way out of systemic has very little to do with their intentions.

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