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True Happiness

November 22, 2012



There is a difference between what we are taught is happiness, and what is true happiness.

This article was posted Thursday.  On Drudge Friday: "Sex Makes Adults Happier than Having Kids" 

Human are easy to control using ideas. Told sex is the source of greatest happiness, we will unquestioningly seek to experience this as true, whether it is or not.

by Bob
(author of "Coping: A Reader Asks for Advice") 

A friend of mine whom lives in San Francisco (of course!) Co-habitates with his feminist  girlfriend (of course!) and has no children, nor any intent of ever having children (of course!) shared this article "Sex Makes People Happiest" on his Facebook feed today. 

"Making love is the most enjoyable human activity, a study has found.

Researchers used text messaging to build up a map of what activities people routinely rated as bringing the most and least happiness to their daily lives and found that sex ranked first in all three categories measured in the survey: Pleasure, meaning and engagement.

Drinking alcohol or partying came second in terms of pleasure but only 10th in terms of meaning, the Daily Mail reported."

And all of his "friends" of course had a good laugh at this, snobbishly and in an unknowingly-condescending way all concurred that it was about time someone told the truth, why would anyone want to marry, have kids, etc. The median age of these folks is 35, average religious affiliation is atheist, and standard activities include drinking exotic imported beers and hanging out at trendy, artsy "bars" with their cohorts a la the television show "Friends".

In my book, happiness is fulfillment. And prior to my daughters birth, I was just like they are. I never understood the difference between what we are taught is happiness, and what is true happiness aka fulfillment until my daughter came into the world. I don't have any desire to go out drinking and "socialising". Its all meaningless. There's no other place id rather be than with my wife and daughter.

Can't these people see that it is they whom are destroying America and Canada and the UK and the WORLD from within their respective societies through their mindless self indulgence, which is ultimately destructive and will lead to the extinction of their kind, specifically, Caucasians?

But alas, as per your article from Marcos on Japan, it seems to have spread beyond whites.

Human society in general is sick -- like an individual with cancer who's unaware of his condition, such people live their frivolous and largely meaningless lives gleefully forcing their way of life via forceful opinion onto anyone who's just passive enough not fight back. 

I used to think society was worth saving. Sadly I do not feel that way any longer. I have focused on my family and on the "heavenly" realm.

I took the advice of your readers. My new job is going well. I keep quiet, am kind to others, and simply do my job, looking forward to spending my time with my family and honing my hobby as a musician. I now live in this world, but not of it.  :-)

This trite culture of binge drinking and having sex as a means to happiness and buying a dog instead of having kids as a means to completing one's circle of life is simply unsustainable and completely artificial. 

Its sorta like the movie "idiocracy" where the intelligent folks didn't have kids because they were too self absorbed, but the braindead masses reproduced into oblivion. Next thing you know, the world was a giant trash pit and they were trying to irrigate crops with Gatorade, then wondering why they wouldn't grow. LOL

I hate to say but that's where were headed. And in an ironic yet sinister twist, that's why the elite have already started the culling.


Makow comment:  Of course you're right, but in fairness, these activities ranked next: 3: Volunteering  4: Meditating/religion  5: Caring for children

6: Listening to music  7: Socializing  8: Hobbies      All is not lost!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at