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Unplugging the New World Odor

September 22, 2012


Yogis say suffering is due to seeking happiness outside ourselves. The quest for happiness is often the source of unhappiness. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

(Slightly revised from 14/6/09.)

If there were a webcam in the Monkey House at the local zoo, would you watch it?

Then, why watch TV or go to the movies? Why cruise the Internet or listen to most music? It's the same thing as watching the chest pounding, screeching, defecating and copulating of monkeys. Of course humans outdo monkeys with mindless killing and mayhem.

If not a Monkey House, then the world increasingly resembles a hive which, thanks to the mass media, vibrates at the same frequency. For example, when the stock market is plummeting, everyone is panicking. (When Money is God, an economic downturn becomes a spiritual crisis.)

But there are other causes for the gloom: the spreading knowledge that our institutions  (government, media, education, religion etc.)  have been subverted and society now has no way of self-correcting.

The world feels like a roller coaster; we are holding on for dear life. Perhaps we need to let go. Perhaps we need to vibrate at our own unique frequency.

Perhaps I would be more effective if I devoted more energy to my private life. The external world is negating my private world even though it hasn't physically impinged on it yet. I have impoverished myself by my constant focus on the Monkey House. I don't think I am alone in this.

Our minds are like blotters, hoping to find a reflection of our ideals in the world. We need to turn the mirror around so the back faces the world. We need to use our personal lives (not the world) to reflect our ideals.

I envy people who can make God, Jesus or Mohamed the focus of all their thoughts. I often resolve to read the lives and saying of mystics. Clearly I need another focus. Family. Sports. A hobby.


Feeling fatigued recently, I resolved to unplug the world for 24 hours. I would be a Robinson Crusoe of the island of soul. I put on a Gregorian chant and tried to meditate. It's all about where we direct our attention minute-by-minute. I would focus on God. Order. Peace. Truth. Sanity.  A calm came over me.

At the same time,  temptations made me realize how I am addicted to my computer terminal. From that monitor l satisfy all my lusts. Down that chute come the niblets of news, emails, book sales, stock quotes etc.  Yogis say suffering is due to seeking happiness outside ourselves. The pursuit of happiness is often the source of unhappiness. 

Yet, that's all we do: manipulate the world to make us feel good. When will we realize we cannot feel good unless we are good?  

How we hate to be alone. That's why we are constantly talking on cell phones or watching TV. Why do we self-evade? As Paul Elmer More said, "we exhaust a great effort and expense to be poorly entertained." 

Let's enjoy our selves.

After about four hours of meditating, I felt quite detached and refreshed, and started to get bored. So I broke down and checked my e-mail and the latest headlines. (I want to be in the world but not of it. I don't want to be adrift between two worlds.)


If we are engaged in a spiritual war, perhaps detaching from the world for set periods of time is the way to fight it. They seem to keep us in a state of high anxiety. They have been promising to invade Iran for six years. Is this the real agenda -- to keep us at the edge of our seats?

I'm going to continue to fight the good fight. But maybe I can  win a partial victory  if I don't let the enemy into my home and heart.


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Comments for "Unplugging the New World Odor"

Barry said (September 24, 2012):

Yesterday I unplugged from the matrix. My children came round and we had a pleasant day playing our instruments and recording music on a portable studio. It could have been football in the park or any other activity. Today I am back in the matrix because that’s where I need to be. Not because of an addiction, but simply because my human instinct for self preservation tells me this is so.

I am looking for information in the hope I may find a clue as to what may happen next, thereby giving me the opportunity to position myself accordingly. I shouldn’t have to do this, but since the Illuminati have plans for humanity that may not be good for our health, looking ahead seems the sensible to do.

This drives our collective fear higher, which is also not good for our health, but having become aware of the fact that there is no paternal father figure in government looking after our best interests, this is what needs to be done. The acquisition of money is important for survival but I am under no illusion that it will bring happiness. It is merely a substitute for real assets that in times gone by ensured our survival.

Very few people have cows, pigs or goats in their backyard, sufficient land to grow food or the means to generate energy. Most of us need a regular income stream of fake government money to buy these life essential and a little capital to act as a buffer for the bad times. The effects of QE (now increased to infinity by Mr. Bernanke) coupled with wage restraint is going to have serious effect on our ability to survive the coming financial storm. Many people will sink .

I prefer not to be up on the deck fighting the storm but I know it needs to be done. Those who have chosen to go below deck to play music may have reduced their fear levels temporarily, but have also increased the chance of those fears becoming real

Derek said (September 23, 2012):

As I stood in my kitchen on a Saturday night making cottage cheese and listening to the wood stove roar I picked up my tablet and read this recent post. What wonderful and positive words they are. A reminder for all of us to step outside of the daily grind of routine, obligations and temptations and turn that mirror on one self and just
stop and think about what is important.

Hamad said (September 23, 2012):

It’s not possible to distance oneself from the world in which he or she lives in. There were times in history when high spiritual beings, such as Prophets, walked away from certain societies.

But that would be followed by some cataclysm destroying those societies (Examples in the Quran are the societies that inhabited the Petra ruins, and the people of Lot, underwater in present day Dead Sea). Exhibiting repugnance and unease with societal failure is a sign of a healthy spirituality.

On the other hand, most New Age religions focus exclusively on “inner peace.” It’s the same message, be it the whirling dervishes of Sufism or the nirvana of Buddhists. In the fashion of Nietzche, they believe they can transcend the world around them. It is not surprising that when rapacious Aryan hordes invaded the Indian subcontinent, they advocated ascetism and meditation in forest caves to the unsuspecting local population.

Tony Blizzard said (September 22, 2012):

My experience is that the really satisfied people in this world are never those who look inward. They are those who forget themselves and do what they are capable of doing for others. It's supposed to be a basic tenet of Christianity but that turns out to be another proof that Protestantism and latter day protestant Catholicism are not Christianity.

I know this mentally but, like too many today, have never been able to forget myself enough to suit my own (latter day) desire of devoting myself mainly to others, even though I have always lived more or less simply and, therefore, without a whole lot of expense (read debt) and the unnecessary self concern and worry that goes with that. A less encumbered life than most today.

Being a life long seeker of truth, I have found plenty of it that most people remain unaware of the existence - you also obviously have that trait or accomplishment. For me, I realized many years ago that the best thing I can do for others is to offer them the truth of what I see and know, hoping they will accept it, learn from it and have a better life for it. Or at least fight the real enemies who reduce their lives.

For this reason it often incenses me when people go into cognitive dissonance mode and WILLFULLY reject critical truths, even though I understand their motives. Or, more accurately BECAUSE I understand their motives. If ignorance is WILLFUL it is necessarily selfish, and that I despise.

But even that's fine with me in the end because it makes the juices flow with the kind of stress on which I thrive and brings me back fighting ever harder to disperse more truth as I learn it.

Yes, there is much ego in this sort of thing but it beats ego for totally selfish reasons, where turning inward too often leads. If I better lived up to real Christianity I could eliminate the animosity toward those who refuse to learn the truth but I could never stop dispersing that portion of it of which I am aware.

An important point in this sort of effort to know is that, in matters of truth, what we think of as "positive" or "negative" is hogwash. Truth is truth. Undesired "negative" or even "positive" emotions are what it may cause in those whose priorities are not in right order; right order being the order ordained by God, not man.

Glenn said (September 22, 2012):

' The world feels like a roller coaster; we are holding on for dear life. Perhaps we need to let go. Perhaps we need to vibrate at our own unique frequency. '

Henry - I'm completely down with what you're saying. You reminded me of some advice I heard recently by mayan elder's.

- When the river starts to flow, don't hold onto the shoreline...let go, and flow with it..

Annette said (September 22, 2012):

Anyway, You are not the lone ranger out there with this issue. I have often wondered too, how do we make a difference in the direction this is all headed if we all go away and meditate ?
I have come to the conclusion that we must make our inner peace first ,but still be willing to contribute to the betterment of the world where God has given us the gifts and wherewithal to do so. For some of us that means being messengers. So as you said, it’s finding the balance.

Maybe in the long run it really doesn’t matter what we think or what opinions we hold- it’s just how much we love and can hold the peace of God in our hearts no matter what is happening in the world.

But still I have to thank you for really being the only voice speaking out with clarity on so many of the issues on Social engineering. It has helped me to give form to feelings that I had, but could not articulate until I had the bigger picture painted out through many of your articles.


Thanks Annette

Understanding the world makes it possible to make the right personal choices. Ultimately, we only have power over ourselves, and not always.


Steve said (June 14, 2009):

Henry, I hear you man.

I suggest listening to "Stayed Mind and the Peace of God" .

Also, there's a Family Camp in California July 6 California Family Camp 2009 Application , and one in Virginia in early August Christian Family Camp 2009 Application (PDF). A great time to re-focus and recharge.

David said (June 14, 2009):

I think as consuming as this never-ending "process of awakening" so many of us have began over the past 5-10 years is, it's value cannot be degraded. When we've been fooled for generations, I believe it is not only acceptable but necessary to chase the light for awhile. The few of us that are thirsty and perhaps egotistical enough to try to figure things out for ourselves should continue doing so for all those incapable of higher thinking.

So many people try to simplify everything in an effort to tie up all the loose ends and complete their personal philosophies. THE WHOLE POINT IS IT CAN NEVER BE COMPLETE! That's the way it was designed. People speak of the intellect, spirit, mind, body, soul and so on as if they are independent from one another. They are indistinguishable. We're supposed to strive for ideals, knowledge, health, utopia etc...all the while knowing we'll never get there. God forbid all the work was done for us.

People, we have time left. Fear is a constant export of this system, and they are not nuking the world tomorrow. This information has only been available for a blink of an eye relative to human history. Don't quit on it. There are plently of people ignoring it. It's okay to overcompensate for others. It is the only way to correct an imbalance. It's okay to take in the darkness. You bet your ass we can handle it. We can handle anything.

Henry, I know you feel indestructible at your core, but thank you for writing this article in order to relate to everyone who doubts the merits of the deprogramming process. Living in deceit cannot be justified.

The system will fail because it is false. The system will fail.

June said (January 11, 2009):

Dear Henry,

Thanks for this morning's article. You asked how I've changed my focus. A couple of things that have greatly brightened my outlook came to mind.

1. Ban boredom during meditation. Congratulations on hanging in there for four hours of Gregorian Chants. There is a whole lot to be said for emptying the mind. I have done long hours of meditation. When I first started meditating in earnest (1972... I was 19 years old.) it took forever to get the mind chatter to subside. I was so excited when I finally had 5 minutes of tranquility after 55 minutes of meditation! :-)!

17 years later, having gotten bored in a very long group meditation, I took off from the boring exercise that had been assigned. I had the best time! You can use that place of serenity, calmness and blankness to springboard into far more interesting meditation. I experienced the feelings of a drop of water in that meditation. The experience took me into a creek and to a river and to the ocean and to vapor and to a cloud and to being a rain drop falling on a leaf and to the earth and to the creek again. I cannot tell you the "real time" on that first experience but the group meditation was for 4.5 hours, as I recall.

You can also look for answers you are not finding otherwise. I admit to using notes for this. First I calm my mind and get to serenity. Then I go play and have fun "out there". (The drop meditation always works for me, but there are other things that may work well for you. See what comes to you! Wind? Fire? Rock? Visiting clouds? Other planets? The sea bottom?... Possibilities are probably as numerous as humans and more.) After coming back from playing I peek at the note to self. (I have trouble remembering the troublesome things when in bliss!) I go back to the blankness-serenity place and see what comes to mind for the answer. Making more notes to self are helpful then, just little jots so I don't come out of the meditation too much.

Since you are using music in your meditation, you may want to get to the blankness with your Gregorian Chants. Then go to something else when you go for the play part of the meditation. Some of the music I've enjoyed during the play part is by Yanni, Mozart, and Beethoven. Something wonderful and invigorating, and usually with the volume up a bit.

2. I have noticed and focused on a new phenomenon. It is very encouraging to me! Light (light itself, as that inner light of God we all have, and also light workers: people and angels) is now coming together in my world. It seems we were sent out into the world to take light into darkness. That has now changed for me. I am experiencing the coming together of light. And there is enough of it, collectively, to start changes locally. I've observed and had a few wonderful gatherings of light lately. The coming together of family at the holidays was one big one. At another event, I felt the prayers of little old ladies. You know the kind of older ladies with that eye sparkle. Those prayers are now being effective because of a greater force. The balance has been tipped in our favor now and supporting each other in prayer is now much more effective.

A smaller, third thing for unplugging has been evenings of playing board games. My husband and I have found neighbors who enjoy board games also. Sometimes it is just us and sometimes with the neighbors.

I find it more effective to focus on the positive, than to shut out the negative.

And we quit watching TV. (There has got to be something fishy about the government paying people $40 to get the box. My tax dollars at work: bring better football (opiate of the masses) to my neighbors.) My husband found on the internet that 44 million households in the USA are saying no to the box. Fantastic. People are waking up! We do indulge in movies we rent. And we enjoy renting concerts on DVD too. We play games on the computer. We limit what we look at on the internet. There are some fun sites out there, and I am thankful for that.


Clint said (January 7, 2009):

If one examines the reported beliefs amidst the Illuminati and it's victims , even if one just considers those that believe this is the base of Illuminati power structure; then this round of loosing false wealth and subjugated power should have a real sobering effect about these beliefs . How could either party continue to believe that there is any reality behind those claimed "mystical powers" if the heads of the scam end up just as powerless as their victims (their subjects)

Personally the only real power I have ever been able to detect in any power structure is the subjugated's willingness to do what they are told, often out of fear and at times sucked in by there own greed and desperation (the hope of catching the crumbs) from those that are at the benefiting end of this age old phoneme . All the belief is just a way to rationalize and settle the guilty conscience of both parties for there part and the sooner even one end (the user's or the used) of the system stops there irresponsible part in the mess the sooner we will achieve a truly functional society. Have we not all been a part of the problem, I think so.
Belief is after all just a way to put a problem to rest when there is not enough data to formulate any solution, regardless of the source of quire. We just need to begin to stop with the make believe , and continue to learn how to figure out resolutions and the species will be well on its way to sentients. As I once herd in a Bob Marley song, none but ourselves can set our minds free.

Phil said (January 7, 2009):

have noticed that many of us commentators who are roughly on the same page regarding the unfolding of the New World Order have recognized at some level that the sheer arrogance of the perpetrators of that ghastly scheme have outwitted themselves, and their smug inability to see what is happening will lead to ever greater setbacks, though their mouthpieces at the so-called news houses will never report them. Starting with the Iraq and Afghan debacles, followed by the defeat of the IDF by Hezbollah, then the ridiculous Georgian gambit, the Zionists are now taking all that humiliation out on the people most incapable of answering the American supplied firepower Israel can muster. They die and suffer for our sins...sins mainly of greed and smugness, the two certain precursors to ignorance.

As I see it, our only response is to do what you suggest in a spiritual sense in an economic way. Turn inward, get off the radar, quit paying taxes, and become as self-supporting as possible. I've been without a teevee for over twenty years, I have driven less than 1000 miles in the last year, I haven't paid taxes in almost five years, and I am certain these efforts are much more effective in ending the White Man's Slaughter than all the essays I have written, because the only readers are the chior. The life blood of the predators are my and your productivity, and when enough of us disappear, the fed will be forced to simply print the losses, and inflation will ruin the only way we have come to this...the USD as reserve currancy. The cookie jar got too big when everyone agreed to settle finances on a fiat dollar.

As I see it, though the Ashkenazim jews and the corpratized Anglo seem to have little intertwining history, their common sense of 'exceptionialism' or 'choosiness' is the key to our being under their yoke. But the true face of our enemies is that of a psychopath. Those are the seven or so percent of out brothers and sisters that need to be eliminated on an ongoing basis whether by death or incarceration mattering not.

Thomas said (January 6, 2009):

Dear Henry:

One thing I learned long ago was trying to "allow things." Anyone who spends any time in world events and the alternative media might enjoy this thought.

All of the bad things are leading to a good thing. This dark theatre that we live in is, in fact, deplorable, but it is part of a pathway....

I suggest that we are here to experience darkness. I suggest that when we are not in physical form there is no darkness, just light.

To be as God we might be best learning the lessons that darkness has to offer for without these lessons we might be less.

Thus much of your post seems to be about the lessons. I think it is totally cool that you completely immerse yourself in doom and darkness every day. Control, horror, disease, death, war, despair, misery, hatred, murder and just about all the 100% grade A 24 carat hopelessness anyone could get their hands on. That is where you are, Henry. You are there because you want to be...what is the matter with that? I am too, what the heck, it is a place to be.

I think the new age/Hindu/whatever "relax, put your mind with God, lose yourself" clap is just fine, but it is only another form of escape from the lessons.

Mr. Rense's site is just about the most despair oriented of the bunch. Good Lord, the man has more doom scenarios per square inch than anyone else really. I don't think there is enough tequila in Mexico that could blot out the horror anyone who reads that site has to ingest. If you read it every day OF COURSE you want to flip out. That is the goal of the site for pete's sake isn't it? IT is an internet fear generator of the first order.

Every Palestinian child gets killed at least 16 times a day at Rense. Frankly, if I was a Palestinian child and I read Jeff Rense every day? I'd be looking for an Israeli tank to run my ass over....anything for relief from the horror.

The intellect offers very little calm Henry. It just adds layer upon layer of complexity....self serving little intellect...shame.

Calmly breathing and listening to your heart instead of your head is a thought. No fancy regimen needed. I suggest that if you really are seeking the truth:

That thou lookst within thine own heart for there dwelleth the Lord.

I don't think the truth is to be found at Rense or in some hidden recess of the human intellect. I suggest that it would put him out of business and the intellect would never hear of being put of business....kind of like Ford and GM.

I will close with this.

All of these dark people who control our reality? Henry, they are suffering way more than us. They have no hope, only more hatred eating them alive, only more despair breaking them into dust and death for them? Annihilation, darkness nothing. Poor bastards.

We think they have "something" on us. They have nothing at all.

Best to you,


PS. Mr. Rense and Mr Jones et al make their living scaring the spit out of their is a list of things that "have not killed me" in the last 8 years.

The Madrid earthquake
Y2K (Planes dropping out of the sky and the financial system closing up)
Killer fucking bees
This year it has been "dead bees" Honey is on sale at my supermarket. WTF
Chicken flu...I had chicken for was delicious
Dow is at 8000+
$200 barrel hit $34 last week
Whoa! I thought we were running out
Global warming...New England had it's coldest year in 45 years in 2007
Gold $10,000 an ounce
Food shortages....I am still 20 pounds overweight
McCain for president....guess we dodged that bullet huh?
Obama for president...I guess we'll be begging for McCain
Polar shift.....what the hell was that all about anyway?
Planet X ....I assume if X doesn't hit us they will trot Y and Z ?
A nuke attack in the US....Talk about the elite pissing in their own bed..huh? "Dahling? The Poupon is glowing"
Martial law. The ratio of citizens to military and law enforcement in the US is 300 to one. Wouldn't you love to be a BATF agent assigned to take guns away from all the folks in Texas? Not only am I thinking SWISS CHEESE...I'm thinking of the 38 neighbors watching and applauding.
Chemtrails...does anyone have any idea of the volume of airspace there is around the planet? Honest to God, man, how many billions of planes and trillions of tons of chemicals would "they" need to fuck us up? Can't they just put "stuff" in beer?

All of the above are about hysteria. Fear is a commodity and the folks in charge demand that a certain amount of it gets produced each anything else nowadays, they are as efficient as all hell.

Jessylynn said (January 6, 2009):

I liked your analogy of mirrors in your last post. Yes, it is true we can turn the mirror and reflect negativity away. What I want to say is, we are all capable of being free-will transmitters, too. Reflections are only echoes that come from somewhere. We transmit energy/thoughts/feelings every day. Meditation is good. I tried it one day and went for 15 minutes. What I have re-discovered lately is that EVERY thought we have has some kind of power, be it large or small. Thoughts are like things. They manifest somewhere in God's cosmic universe. Although others may not see them, thoughts manifest somewhere. Our innermost thoughts can affect plants, animals, and people we have never met.
It is always our choice... to spiral upward, or to spin down the drain. That is a key. It's up to each one of us.
This inner knowing is something that we are born with. Somehow, sadly, sometimes it is forgotten.

Nadir said (January 6, 2009):

read your article, Unplugging The New World Order. I understand how you feel. The same can be said for me too, with the only difference, though, that I fill my inner space with the Person of Jesus Christ.

There is a passage in the Gospel in Mathew 12:43-45, where Jesus said:

And when an unclean spirit is gone out of a man he walketh through dry places seeking rest, and findeth none. Then he saith: I will return into my house from whence I came out. And coming he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. Then he goeth, and taketh with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is made worse than the first. So shall it be also to this wicked generation.

Nature abhors vacuum. Therefore, this vacuum has to be filled somehow. Some people try to fill it by pursuing a career; some others with sex, alcohol or drugs, or all of them together. But of course most the time they failed in their intent, because only the Lord of life can do that, that is to fill the vacuum, the sacred space that is always in us to be filled by Him and Him alone can do it.

Cutty said (January 6, 2009):

n response to your latest piece, I have to say that you are correct that it is
necessary to find a way to turn from the world and regain a sense of inner
peace. I am an internet junkie myself, and spend more time than I probably
should keeping up to speed on the history and current machinations of those who
wish to completely dominate the world. Those devils and their minions are
probably incapable of ever finding any sense of inner peace, as they are always
on the move to attain more control, power and prestige. I wouldn't want to be
any one of them in a million years, such miserable souls they must be.

I am reminded of a song by the great late romantic composer Gustav Mahler - "Ich
bin der Welt abhanden gekommen" roughly translated to " I am Lost to the World."
It is perhaps nhis most beautiful song -

I am lost to the world
with which I used to waste so much time,
It has heard nothing from me for so long
that it may very well believe that I am dead!

It is of no consequence to me
Whether it thinks me dead;
I cannot deny it,
for I really am dead to the world.

I am dead to the world's tumult,
And I rest in a quiet realm!
I live alone in my heaven,
In my love and in my song!

Here is a little YouTube video I did where I added some images of nature to go
along with the song -

Dilip said (January 6, 2009):

I was one of the internet addict that you referred to in your recent article " Unplugging The New World Order".

The article is dot on the spot. There is a strange fear that unless one is connected to the world and follow minute to minute development, he will left behind in the boottomless, dark pit ! You have very summarised the situation. Do you realy think that this is happening by design? or it is unintended consequence of the internet revolution?

Over last one year I have been struggling to get off the hook. I force myself to meditate with breathing exercises for one one hour as soon as I get up, no matter where ever I am. ( My work requires me to travel a lot). I have gotten rid of the addiction of spending the wonderful morning hours, when the mind is fresh, in front of dumb desk top screen.

Our predicament is like a parrot in cage sitting on the bar. The parrot thinks that he will cease to be if he lets go the grip on the bar.

I hope your article is read by wider intelligent audience capable of regaining the lost balance and freedom of what to think!

Bill said (January 6, 2009):

My wife and I live in a small cottage in a remote forest in central Wisconsin, the nearest neighbor a mile away. The cottage overlooks a small river and one of the few sounds that can be heard is the water flowing over the rocks, white noise, and about as peaceful as you can hear, much like waves lapping on the shore. Another sound is the horn of the freight train in the distance. They run on a schedule, the 3:45 AM just passed by. Each engineer has a slightly different tune he plays at the crossings.

We have no TV. We have a satellite Internet feed - it is going nearly non-stop during the day. It is not as fast as cable, but we can watch Netflix online movies without too much interruption. It is what makes living in a remote area far from cable or phone lines a very viable alternative.

My wife says I am too pessimistic and she is right in one sense as you observe. On the other hand is a weatherman pessimistic because he forecasts a coming storm. I am optimistic, thanks to you and many other brave souls who are informing the world via the Internet.

James said (January 6, 2009):

There are few things cooler than having a couple of tokes of the green stuff, maybe a glass of red wine, and then talking a two hour walk in the woods. Outside of your immediate family, you should not get attached to the world of people too much.

For me, viewing the world is like watching a bizarre movie on television. You scratch your head and wonder how the cast screwed up so badly, but are detached because it is a movie after all. The Golden Rule means treat people properly, it does not mean you are responsible for them. If you can help someone, that is great, but not mandatory (particularly if they do not ask for help).

Whether you like it or not, almost everyone who hangs out on your website is of a like mind. Your website preaches to the pulpit, and rarely reaches anyone of a different mindset. That is great, but not going to alter those who really need altering. The sexually deviant atheists are not going to change, and the world of humanity is still going straight to Hell.

In Physics, the principle fields of light and gravity (a symmetric anomaly of light) are guided by the inverse square law. That implies that the intensity of these field effects diminish by a factor of four as you double the distance. This is why cell phones should never go near your temple, and you should focus on your immediate family.

What you should be most happy about is understanding what a bloody mess most of the world is in. That way you cannot fall into the same traps that the rest of the lemmings. In fact, it should actually make you laugh sometimes.

What is funnier than some upper middle class kid, who never worked a day in their lives or had to live in the ghetto, in college buying into all of the communist diatribe they are fed daily. This kids parents probably work for the government, are on prescription drugs, never have sex, and are intolerable to anyone else’s theist inspired ideas. That kid and his parents are slaves, incapable of thinking beyond what their Zionist masters have told them is acceptable. You should thank the Infinite Creator for letting you think independently.

Rick said (January 6, 2009):

This constant state of anxiety, chaos, and turmoil has been deliberately created by the illuminati to keep us pre-occupied with our own little problems. That way, we won't have the time or energy to find out what's really going on behind the curtain. You can learn more about this by google searching the Tavistock Method.

spiritlight said (January 6, 2009):

Its called the Seventh Day Sabbath, this is what you are looking for, for that sense of purpose and that dislodging one self from this wicked world, albeit for 24 hours.

The problem is, this world never has taken the time to really find out how one concludes which day is the Seventh Day.

In other words, how Yahweh reckons time. Genesis 1 v 14 & Psalm 104 v 19

His Creation

Yahweh never does ask a person to look to anyone else's creation, but to His own.

But the world simply follows the creation of the man who calls himself god on earth, the papacies pagan solar Gregorian calendar.

The de facto civil calendar system of the world.

Thus fulfilling Revelation 13 v 3.

The world simply does make the papacy god on earth, as the Muslims allow him to dictate their meditation on Friday, the Jews because of their meditation on Saturday, and the Christians because of their meditation on Sunday.

Seek out the true day Henry, you will be so glad you did.

Bill said (January 6, 2009):

I enjoyed your thought's concerning all the stupidity that's all around us.Detaching from it is a very good thing, you have found the answer, stop feeding it by not placing your attention on it. that is exactly what they want us to do, when we stop, it looses strength. I got caught up in their game appx 5 years ago, I started to research why all this was happening why are things like this. It started to make me feel angery, an uncomfortable feeling to say the least.

While perusing the net I came across something that I would like to share with you. also If I may introduce you to a book: Unveiled Mysteries author: Godfry Ray King. If you are an open minded person, I think you are going to really enjoy this book. I have read it 7 times and everytime I do more information comes out of it.There are 20 books in all. I have 16 so far.I felt that I should let you know about these wonderful books. Forgive my writing skill's ...Please!! Thank you and God Bless You Forever!

Tony Blizzard said (January 6, 2009):

o save your sanity one must try to forget self and serve others, which I think you are doing even if the motive is to help yourself. The motive is almost always mixed anyway; seldom pure. For instance, I have, for longer than I care to consider, been trying to inform people of what is being done to them, by whom and why. Sure, a strong reason is my own peace, my own survival, my own chance for a decent life style. But also, long ago I realized the sad state the world is in due to a relatively few totally selfish, satanic persons who apparently relish making life miserable for everyone else. The logical thought procession is to how more like Eden life would be for all with just a few proper changes easily made by an informed public. How every life on earth would benefit from proper, informed, cooperative action by a relatively small percentage of the world's people.

Unlike most of today's western young people, I have no problem "putting myself in the other man's shoes," mentally at least, anguished by his suffering (Gaza is a present example) and anguished a hundred times more for knowing how and why it happens and how little it would take to turn life completely around for everyone. This way of looking at the obvious conspiratorial problems of the world makes it less wearisome as you understand that even a moderate success would make life more worthwhile even for some you could never know in a country you will never visit, not to mention giving a better chance to your own children, grandchildren, etc.

A way to put it may be that the part of you which concentrates on saving self goes through fairly regular burnout because of the terrible odds but the part of you dedicated to "saving the world" is always easily refreshed and anxious to enjoin the devil in battle, odds notwithstanding. It is the working of the unperverted human nature given us by God.

Alan said (January 6, 2009):


Singular void,... apparent reality arises.

... this moment is life’s only meaning.

There is nothing else.


Jack said (January 6, 2009):

I have enjoyed your articles on for years. I have had to mostly unplug from the "monkey house". I have found several helpful pursuits as alternatives. One is called "permaculture"
which is essentially a form of agriculture.

Gardening can do wonders for you. It is a study of how marvelous creation is and therefore how even more marvelous the Creator. The secondary benefit is that you can take greater resposibility for feeding yourself and your neighbors healthier food. Please look into permaculture more.

Secondly, but not least, join those mystics you spoke of in "unplugging the new wrold order" by thinking about God and reading about God and praising God. I spent three weeks at a farm run by the Hare Krishna folks and they wake up and start worshipping God together everyday at 4:30 am. They offer all of their vegetarian food to God before eating it, and they engage in worshipful music throughout the day. For them everything revolves around God. So spend time with people who are experts at loving God above all else. It's the only eternal subject worth your study. Be encouraged! The earth is not your home. You are a soul living in a body, but you are not your body. "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal." Matthew 6:19. America may be totally destroyed at any time and you will still exist and your relationship with God will still be the most important concern. Simple living and high-thinking are in order. Put your computer away in the closet and go into nature and pray like you never prayed before. Pray to God to cleanse your mind and fill you with unswerving love for Him. Pray the same for me and I will for you.

May God's Peace be with you!

Sylvia said (January 6, 2009):

Your recent article on changing focus really resonated with me. I’m doing the same thing, and I think many, many more folks will be doing it in the near future.

I “dropped out” back in the early 60’s and have had the great blessing of being able to survive on the fringes, raising my two kids as a single mom in various spiritual hippie communes and communities over the years. In those days I was a “spiritual” hippie—the Haight-Ashbury type—rather than a “political” hippie—the Berkeley type. I had figured out in the late 1950’s that the government was a bunch of crooks, but I didn’t think that affected my life very much, so I just ignored them and did my own thing with like-minded friends.

Then in the 90’s I began to research what these political yahoos were really up to, and discovered how deep the rabbit hole goes, so to speak. And for the next decade I was pretty absorbed by this research and keeping up on the daily shenanigans of the global elite and their puppets. And I got way out of balance, focusing too much on that stuff and not enough on my own inner work and creative self-expression. I did manage to finish a fantasy novel for children of all ages, based on this research. It's modern mythic journey and a sociopolitical satire called "Symbolia." (

But now the times are changing very quickly, and my attention needs to wiggle its way up out of the can of worms and focus more on the bigger picture of reality. Now I’m going to get kind of far out on you, but I think your mind is open enough to handle it. Some of my favorite teachings come from a group of time-traveling from the Pleiades, as channeled by Barbara Marciniak. (there are several people around who are channeling entities referred to as “the Pleiadians”, but this particular group only comes through Barbara Marciniak. Their information presents the biggest, most believable, and most frequently correct picture of what’s going on and what to do about it that I have found in my 76 years so far. I get their snail-mail quarterly newsletter, and their Winter Solstice issue offered a recent channeling that I want to share with you. It has down-to-Earth info from a high perspective on the illuminati, which they call the “global elite”,
and the unfolding economic crash, and the opportunity presented by these changes. I think you’ll enjoy their broad perspective and common sense advice. I typed up an excerpt from it to share with friends, and I’ll attach that to this email for your reading pleasure.(This is not the usual woo-woo, New Agey stuff, Henry. I hope you'll give it a read.)

Thanks again, Henry, for your courageous and dedicated efforts to inform humanity about the current situation.

Val said (January 6, 2009):

You asked what changed your readers focus in their lives--I had always had a deep spiritual connection--yet there was a part of me that wished to "fit in".

Yet after spending a bit of time "in" this world I knew I didn't fit; but I found a place I was comfortable in myself and than looked for a place that fit that--rather than attempting to recreate my world to fit me. Despite the nonstop neurological excitation that they are attempting to bombard us with--they cannot complete there task without our OK---we give our acceptance by mindlessly playing into that which you spoke of in your article, cell phones,TV, movies, games, and this damn computer--fear, fear and more fear.

The weapons that this group that is attacking us possess could very well seem out of our range of defenses; but it only seems that way. Our defense is easy --it is as you already stated disconnect for long enough to center and always hold to love above everything else.

Many of my lessons were learned when I was young; about 22 years of age because of the condition of Morgellons---those of us with this are bodies that are pushing out the transhumanism. The "Age of Transitions" video by Aaron Franz
is one of the best descriptions of the science behind what is occurring.
Yet if one allows their self to believe that they can be beat because of their science than they win. It is the lie---I know you have not bought into this;I pray others will see and feel down to their very soul that it isn't that hard-
It simply put is --Love--.

Ronnie in Newcastle said (January 5, 2009):

Spot on Henry, this makes more sense to me than habitually reading about evil, blogging and generally being consumed with anger at the 'illuminati' cabal. Sadly, I was in a spiritual paradise for 34 yrs. until I discovered/was pointed to the 'Agenda' by a well-meaning person. Because it's a devastating discovery for anyone with a thirst for truth, it consumes you to the point of crowding out all the good you practised.

I have seriously harmed my peace of mind in these last 5 or so years and alienated a few people from the old jolly me in the process. I have neglected my faith, my songwriting and my social life to a computer screen. Your site was the first one of this kind I was directed to and this latest article feels as though I've gone full circle in this whole agenda. I will thank you Henry for your excellent work, your posting my 'old music website' and kind advice on how to expand it, but more so for your patience with me after a couple of ratty outbursts. At this moment, I must really make an effort to detach myself from this unpleasant addiction to what my bible refers to as ' seeking to know the deep things of satan '. I think I've learned enough to know where my peace of mind lies, and my salvation, I wish you and everyone a fond goodbye and good luck for the future.

Lisa said (January 5, 2009):

Its a good thing that we can reflect upon ourselves and understand the “motives” behind what we do. I always believed in God and tried to do what “Jesus” said (love God with all you heart and love your neighbor as yourself, for this sums up the law and the prophets) but it wasn’t until a tragedy happened in my life that I really called out to Him and something changed.

I had found a web site that showed you how to pray and included a different Psalm each day, and the instructions were to read the Psalm aloud. I was raised Southern Baptist and had never really prayed like that but at the time I NEEDED help and was desperate.

Truly, Henry, something changed with the spoken word of God! I can’t explain it, but there is a power in the spoken word of God. Think about it, witches speak aloud their spells... Why do Christians not SPEAK ALOUD the word of God. We activate angels to work our behalf if we speak the word in love. They are standing by to assist us but subject to the word of God

You are weary, for it is a hard fight we fight. Instead of fighting the NWO, which as you know is the Luciferian attempt to take over the world which will only last for one hour, as written in the word, why not ACTIVATE the angels to work on your behalf? Your life will become more peaceful when you focus on the Kingdom of God instead of the current kingdom of satan.

We need to stop fighting against the NWO and focusing so much on it and focus on the Kingdom of Heaven instead. Speak the word, Henry, each morning, noon, and night. Ask Yahweh if there is something you can do for him each day, give over the steering wheel and let him drive for a while. :-)

I do love you, Henry. You are my brother in this fight. Rest, my friend, for a bit.

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

In His Love,

p.s. Here are two good articles that will uplift your spirit today. Print them out and get away from the computer a bit!!!

Dave said (January 5, 2009):

When I get into that kind of funk, I examine the feelings I have for myself. For me, usually I find a disgust over putting something off, then I just knuckle down and take care of it. Then I feel great. I think happiness has more to do with accepting yourself than anything else.

Don't we look to the monkey house to see a reflection of ourselves? Aren't we looking for clues to those mysterious feelings about ourselves? Once understood, we can cut to the chase and eliminate all the nonsense.

Henry, we have to first take care of ourselves before we can be of any help to others. Unplug and tend to what you need to do. In regard to the age old question of what takes precedence, the Individual or the Collective; remember that the Individual can exist without the Collective, but without the Individual there can be no Collective.

Shamus said (January 5, 2009):

Bruce Lee said "I found the cause of my ignorance"...and I found it too. These bastards behind the scenes are the problem. They are the cause of my life sucking. They are the cause of your problems too. This truth for me has alleviated my depression. There is a cause. We have to treat the cause not the symptom - but don't tell the Brotherhood of the Caduceus - those bastards are corrupt as anyone. And don't tell them you're depressed. There is no medicine for oppression, repression or suppression which cause depression.

I can't even talk to normals anymore they are really getting dumber and dumber. I found that I have to distance myself from the stupid people because they are depressed and won't hear anything from me. Until it hits them in the face like this economic downturn that I have been talking about for years. Suddenly they all are telling me as if it's news to me and they heard it first.

All I can do is try to tell them to look around and go on somehow with my life.

Terence Mckenna said "Live as exemplars." What else can you do?

They lie about everything...

We hate learning because they broke the meaning of it and twisted the definition and made it unenjoyable - Like work itself - we all hate it because they have twisted the meaning of it. Work is GOOD as long as you are not doing it for THE MAN. Check Gurdjieff for that. Don't exercise - work - get something done - be creative. To hell with them! I love learning now. And it hurts them. The truth hurts them! We can't handle it but it hurts them so do it. Do it now. Learn everything because you can and know that the internet will go down one day and won't be available as it is now.

We are the last bastion Henry. We are the Jesus. We are the ones who determine the future.

Daniel said (January 5, 2009):

The only problem I find is one really has to find ways to change one's thoughts as unplugging the cord fails to stop the brain from racing right along chasing information and processing it without one's participation. I firmly believe that there is a reason behind the addiction we share, and those not so fun side effects. It is clear to us both that a person under stress is much more malleable, and less prone to logical thought processes. We become consumed in a world created by the people we are fighting. We become so consumed, that we simply forget about why were running in circles. We become too dizzy to really do anything about what we know. We become glued to this computer instead of taking the message to people, in the real world, that world that vanishes at the press of a button.

This I believe, Henry, solves part of the problem. The rest I believe is taking time to do real things. I play my bass, read my Bible, find a way to do something nice for my wife, or just sit and talk with my wife, maybe a game of Scruples. I think it is obvious that the family unit, has been and, is a prime target of The Illuminati. Anything that can hypnotize us, disassociate us, consume us, alienate us, and dominate our lives is a "Red Flag". This topic requires a more in depth look, and certainly leads us even deeper down the rabbit hole.

My conclusion is this -- the less time you spend in the electrohypnotic world the better. Partake in the real world, your family, your friends enjoy Gods creation. Do not become a gatherer of seeds, be a planter. The computer is a great tool but, that is all it is. Take that knowledge and talk to someone about it, in that archaic thing called the real world......I find myself spending less time here at the keyboard, but as you stated Henry it is at times hard to resist missing that latest revelation at Rense.

Joel in El Paso said (January 5, 2009):

I believe that the economic problems that we are currently experiencing are the fault of the media. They exaggerate all the negative stuff and scare the people. If we could disconnect all the TVs, radios, no newspapers, internet, and silence the liberal professors who are brainwashing our kids, people would go out and start buying, going on vacation, giving to charity, etc. O, yes, and send Congress home for a couple of years.

J said (January 5, 2009):

Enjoying your great work as usual.

Some authors which may be of interest:

Mark Prophet, The Soulless One.

Martin Lings, Shakespeare in the Light of Sacred Art.

Dr. Olga Kharitidi, "Entering the Circle" and The Master of Lucid Dreams.

Gary Lachman, A Secret History of Consciousness.

Weinberger and Paz, Nineteen Ways of Looking at Wang Wei.

Brandon Sanderson, Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians.

Joseph Douglass, Red Cocaine.

O. M. Aivanhov, Light Is a Living Spirit.

While not all these titles are "friendly books," and some are English literature and not conspiracy, memorable.

Kind regards,

Kurt said (January 5, 2009):

My escape is gardening.

As winter rages outside here in Northern Illinois, I read the seed catalogues, planning for next year’s bounty.

Growing fruits, vegetables and canning them is a satisfying hobby that rewards your hard work and patience.

At the same time it could be a life saver during hard times.

I have the usual survivalist preparedness, wood burning furnace, manual well pump, guns and ammo, but without the bunker mentality.

I read your site and other similar sites to try to gain knowledge and insights that are not possible to those who are conditioned by reading only the MSM.

Being prepared and self reliant gives you the security to enjoy the positives in life.

Peter said (January 5, 2009):

The spiritual warfare in which some of us are engaged requires (positive) spiritual energy. This is best derived from the simple, God-given pleasures of our daily life - the love of family, friends and even strangers. The things that Satchmo sings about in "It's a wonderful world". When we are replenished with positive spiritual energy, we become empowered to fight the battle against Satan and his worshipers with renewed energy. This can become a daily and self-sustaining process.

A few thoughts about God, His Amazing Grace and His many promises to those who love Him, are enough to energize us to hold the ground in our chosen section of the battlefield where we personally confront the powers and principalities of Darkness - and their very real and threatening human agents.

Sometimes we need a day or 2 of rest and then it's "Once more into the breach". Let us "fight the good fight" until the Devil remembers our name and flees - or God removes us from the battlefield. "Resist the Devil and he will flee from you". Keep on writing!

Betty said (January 5, 2009):

Dear Henry, I worked for 34 years, was the clasical "organizer" of many patriot type groups; meanwhile, raising 4 children as a widowed mother, I HAD to give up tv in 1985.

That, I never regreted. I listened to shortwave for real news until lately, augmenting it with the internet. TO CALM yourself, get a flock of chickens,ducks,turkeys and guinea hens.Watching them interact is soothing. Also, 2 or more nubian goats. If you sell any
free roaming eggs, or caprine products, you will ONLY meet the most informed, moral,and healthy folks from your tri-state radius.

I truly love you and respect all you have tried to do
for your fellow "sappy homiens." Betty

Tyson said (January 4, 2009):

In responce to your latest article,I thought I might say that personally I have found when one focuses on Jesus,the spirit,in the day,giving him all your cares,all things work out.

I do not know if this tidbit matters to you but when I concentrate on all the evils in the world,it sucks out the energy from me. When I focus on the Lord,but still fight the good fight by speaking openly to expose the evil forces of this world,I seem to accomplish more. I have made exposing them more of my second priority,when the occasion arises,and doing good to others in daily life my first priority. In otherwords,good acts which is the Lordws will,second,exposing the evil second. This way the enemy does not control the agenda.

Nehru said (January 4, 2009):

I have been following your remarkable work for several years. I have always appreciate your honesty which shows up in your brave articles such as this one on "Unplugging".

David Icke was recently interviewed and gave a good answer to the idea of unplugging. The 2 hour interview is worth watching...and he gives an answer to "How to Unplug" near the end........

I also highly recommend the 50 part series on YouTube called "The Arrivals"...a total of some 500+ minutes of the most compelling background info on our present world condition that I've seen in ONE place.

It was only released 6 weeks ago, and was made by 2 Muslim filmmakers in their 30's. Probably the most balanced and complete / comprehensive treatment I've seen on this most vital issue facing Mankind.

I think that people who are in overwhelm or confusion as a result of 'all this conspiracy stuff', even tho it's accurate and relevant to Mankind, will find this series to be helpful in putting their priorities and lives in order. At least, they will have a very clear picture of the players involved and scenarios in play, from ancient times to today.
More complete clarity helps greatly when it comes to "overwhelm", I've found.

Your work, along with others who have more reach, has helped greatly in this regard also. However "The Arrivals" is indispensable as one is left with an understanding that is empowering. Here's the link......

Julian Lee said (January 4, 2009):

You have it exactly right.

We need a spiritual life. We need to contact our own inner self-sufficiency.

But then what happens is: You get nourished, supported, and strengthened by it.
You get faith that's always there, back of you. This makes you more able and interested
to enter the fight again, with renewed ability.

Just keep both alive. Sometimes in life you'll dive deeper into retreat and meditation;
other times you'll keep it short. But it will make you a better fighter at the other times.
It will also, more and more, deeply inform the your writings and work.

Krshna, speaking in the Bhagavad-Gita about meditation, said:

"Even a little of this yoga saves from great sorrow." By the same token, even a little bit of seclusion, disengagement, and direction of one's attention to God within, gives great refreshment, and empowerment, and vigor for the battles of life.

Rick said (January 4, 2009):

Hi Henry,

My God can I relate to your situation. Reading your article was like reading a day of my life.

We need a time out occasionally.

Wes Penre said (January 4, 2009):

This must be synchronicity indeed. The last few days I have changed a lot. I have spent quite some time doing 'inner work' and figuring out my REAL identity in all this. I recognize a lot of what you are saying in this article, and at the same time I get emails from readers saying that they have as of late started to concentrate more on their spiritual journey than on the 'negative stuff'.

This makes me wonder if the world is starting to transform, partly due to that people are getting more and more informed through alternative media like ours and others, I don't know.

Whatever the case, after have mainly concentrated on publishing articles about the 'negative side' of the game, I have decided that now it's enough. I have a huge database on this topic (so do you) and although I am still going to post SOME articles covering the 'negative stuff' when necessary for the big picture, I am from now on going to concentrate on trying to 'heal the world' by posting more positive articles that encourage people instead of possibly discouraging them. I know that the negative stuff is necessary to expose no matter what, but now it's time for balance - both in our own lives and as a whole.

On a personal level, the last few days have been very transforming, like I said. I am suddenly having this urge to increase my assistance to my environment, I feel closer to my wife and people in general, and much happier all of a sudden. Something is happening, Henry!


Robert said (January 4, 2009):

I have enjoyed your website for several years now. Yours is a refreshing voice of sanity and clarity in a very confusing world. I too get caught up in the "monkey house". However about 35 years ago I found a very peculiar book titled The Urantia Book. It's a very complex yet easy to read book and I never tire of reading the various parts of it. It has given me a much broader worldview and allowed me an inner peace as it has answered so many of the seeming mysteries of our world. It really has become a refuge for me in troubled times. I would encourage anyone to actually read the book, not just read other opinions about it. Peace be upon you as you keep up the good work.

Brandon said (January 4, 2009):

My own tendency to become obsessed with the New World Order has derailed my personal well being more than once. Close to a year ago, I spent six months straight holed up in my house doing nothing but reading and researching and watching documentaries and video clips. I let my body get horribly out of shape, I chewed tobacco, and barely took time to eat regular meals. My school work fell behind.

Eventually, my brain went into complete overload to the point where I stumbled around in a daze trying to sort through the vast complexity of the conspiracy. From here, the negativity I was dwelling on sent me into 3 months of being more depressed than I've ever been. It was hard to escape the hole I dug myself into but I eventually took up weightlifting as a hobby and it seriously helped my mental wellbeing.

I feel stronger and more confident than I have in a long time. I still study the new world order but in moderation now. I don't let it consume my existence and I study it from a "Detached observer" vantage point, whereas I used to become so emotionally affected by it I would break down at times and sob for the world.

I found that becoming mired in the evil is exactly what the conspiracy wants. They want to enslave even our very thoughts.

Balance is the key to healthy living I've discovered. This doesn't come easily to me because I'm an extremist at heart but balance benefits everyone more than they could imagine. Intake information, ponder it, do what you can, but otherwise LIVE and THRIVE, focus on the betterment of yourself and the ones you love. Focus on the uplifting of your soul. Doing these things will piss off the powers that be MUCH MORE than getting sucked into the claptrap of the heart and mind that they daily spring at us.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at