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US Empire is Not the Money Power

April 13, 2012

medvedevworldcurrency1.jpgLeft: Medvedev holding up his proposed World Currency coin

The American Empire is the Money Power's
main competitor and the last
obstacle in their march to
World Government.

by Anthony Migchels

It is a mistake to equate the American Empire with the Money Power.

The American Empire is just a tool, an expendable vehicle. Its coming destruction will allow the Money Power's to achieve its goal of global despotism.

The American Empire indeed has been very important to the Money Power and many people naturally consider the two to be identical. But they are not. In fact: the American Empire is the Money Power's main competitor for World Power and the last obstacle in their march to World Government.

The Grand Strategy is to have the American Empire overstretch and destroy itself by taking on the Eurasian Powers. Most conspiracy researchers would agree with this statement, but in real time it's always difficult to grasp the Money Power's elaborate schemes.

As a result, people all too easily equate opposition to the American Empire with opposition to the New World Order.

Overrating Putin as a defender of Russian Sovereignty is a clear example of this: Putin resists the American Empire, and therefore people believe he's a good guy.

He is not. Yes, he stopped the Oligarch's all too blatant rape of the remnants of the Soviet Union in a moderate Nationalist reaction. But just like Ahmadinejad and the Chinese Leadership, he is part and parcel of the Control Grid. And not only because the Ruble is an interest-bearing debt.

The aim is to have the Great Powers slug it out against each other. Putin as a faithful whore of the Plutocracy is doing everything to pit Russia against the Americans in the coming conflagration.

Supranational gold-based currencies are also widely seen as opposition against the New World Order. Nonsense! It is opposition against the dollar hegemony and thus against the US Empire.


Nations aspiring for independence would barter amongst each other on a current account basis.

Mutual debts would be crossed off. In this way they would not need any 'hard currency' at all. This is how Hitler traded with his partners. He had no gold and no internationally accepted currency, but he traded to his heart's content and acquired everything he needed without spending a dime.

In doing so he became completely independent from the international financiers. Some say this is what caused his downfall, but I don't buy that.

He was allowed to do this to build up Germany. It would have been impossible for Germany to execute the Second World War, according to the bankers' desires, had Hitler been saddled with conventional interest bearing currencies.

In fact, by destroying Hitler and his interest free economy, they almost destroyed interest free currency through 'guilt by association'.

Whatever really transpired back then, it is clear that scarce and expensive gold is not a good means of exchange. A barter unit is free of cost and always sufficiently available. Hitler's historical precedent shows it is not just an idea, but a workable fact.

Another aspect is that such barter schemes would allow each nation to maintain its own currency and thus monetary independence. The fact that all the gold-backed schemes of today have a supranational character is a clear give away of which force is really behind it!

As a result we can clearly and unreservedly state that these supranational gold-based units are anti-dollar, not anti-Money Power.

Conclusion: The US Empire is not the New World Order. The Anglo-American Elite is not the Money Power.

Those proposing either supranational initiatives or World War without pointing at the real adversary are the enemy, whether they resist American imperialism or not.

Anthony Migchels is an Interest-Free Currency activist and founder of the Gelre, the first Regional Currency in the Netherlands. You can read all of his articles on his blog Real Currencies


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Makow comment: Anthony makes some important distinctions here. The US and most countries are sock puppets of the Money Power. The central bankers control most cartels, think tanks, politicians and media. The US is their errand boy/mercenary. So in this sense, US imperialism is the Money Power.  Nonetheless, that element in every country unwilling to submit to total central banker control (i.e. world government) will have to be eliminated. In this sense, the US Empire is not the Money Power.  

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Comments for "US Empire is Not the Money Power "

Lance said (April 15, 2012):

Thanks for that article Anthony. I've been into the, "interest free money", concept for twenty years. The present system is usurious. Here is an article I wrote a few years ago;

Obviously, the present system is not working. Hence, we have to go through another global economic collapse. I say, we need interest free money now. You, I, and others should start chanting this like a mantra, (or shout it from the rooftops!). I'd also like to point out that usury was proscribed in the Bible. One should ask why.

The only way I see, for overturning the bankster control, is if this idea gets out there to the masses. But we have our work cut out for us, from everything that I know. So few people have any idea as to what interest free money is all about.

BW said (April 14, 2012):

Migchels incorrectly states:

"This is how Hitler traded with his partners. He had no gold and no internationally accepted currency, but he traded to his heart's content and acquired everything he needed without spending a dime. In doing so he became completely independent from the international financiers. Some say this is what caused his downfall, but I don't buy that."

The facts remain that Hitler was never "independent" since Wall Street financed Hitler, so he was spending Wall Street's "dime," since they built the Nazi War Machine.

Tell Migchels to read the following books by Antony Sutton

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution (1974, 1999)
Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler (1976, 1999)
Wall Street and FDR (1976, 1999)

Wade said (April 14, 2012):

Once we know the "End Game" of the medium of exchange we call money, we can then sit back and watch that "End Game" unfold.

The "End Game" has nothing to do with gold or any other commodity. It has nothing to do with any currency or any basket of currencies. ALL currencies and the economies of every nation on earth must be destroyed in order for the "End Game" of money power to be implemented.

Once the destruction of the the world economy and all currencies is accomplished the real new world order
and their front man will come to the rescue of all the world with their "End Game". Which is a debit and credit
account system that allows for all "money" to be contained in a chip implanted in each and every person on
earth. This chip can be scanned like your groceries and "money" can be added or subtracted and transferred
to the chip or from the chip to another person's or company's account. The "money" in the the chip will be the
only "legal tender" of the world, and will be electronically created and managed.

In order to get their chip, a personal initiation will be mandatory and those who will not participate will not be able to
buy or sell anything. This is the "End Game" of money forecast in Revelation chapter 13 and will come to pass
as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow. All the banging around people do in listening to various so called experts opinions on this subject is only comedy to those at the top of the pyramid.

Anthiny Migchels said (April 14, 2012):

In reply to Doug:

Barter is a misnomer, but unfortunately it's the way people call trade without 'official' money. The trade is settled on a current account basis. This is in fact a means of exchange, just not a banking unit.

Barter in the real sense of the word is indeed obsolete and impossible to run a real economy with.

See this to find out what it's all about.

Doug said (April 14, 2012):

The real opposition to the money power is knowledge and understanding of ethics and politics and the fearless application of reason. The economy is too sophisticated for the barter system. The debt doesn't exists because the money isn't real - it is backed by neither oath nor substance, it is nothing more than script and this has enormous legal and lawful implications. With a little more knowledge and thought abouyt the nature of the script we use as money, the whole empire could collapse like a house of cards and we could start using real money - backed by an oath from government and be fine.

Bill said (April 14, 2012):

Just now reading "US Empire is Not the Money Power", I remembered the C-SPAN2/booktv program schedule (below) featuring "the end of money" and I wonder what part the "Coming Cashless Society" plays in the topics of your lead article. Cashless could also be a way to eliminate a particular nation's currency/power/influence. Is it possible to " 'crash the U.S. dollar' -Fritz Springmeier said below by eliminating US cash?

James said (April 14, 2012):

Another great article! The author must be a chess player! His observations are right on "the Money".
The readers must understand goal of "the game". It may not be obvious without understanding the big picture. It's pure evil. It's a satanic world with no freedom, no nations, no families, no peace, no joy, no love, no Christianity, and no civilization as we know it. It is hell on Earth ruled by the god of the Earth. We must think chess, not checkers.

Oliver said (April 14, 2012):

I just read Anthony Migchels current article with interest. There´s merit for both sides of this argument !

Referring back to Russian diplomats refusing to shake Obama´s hand, they refused to shake the hand of an anti-American. I wouldn´t see Obama as representing the American nation or people, but as a bagman of the zionist-masonic agenda.


Thanks Oliver

Refusing to shake O's hand could be easily staged.


Fritz Springmeier said (April 14, 2012):

It was refreshing to read the article you posted on how "U.S. empire is not money power". The Illuminati is much bigger than the U.S. government and their agenda is to crash the U.S. dollar. Opposition to the tyrannical U.S. government is not the same as opposition to the globalists.

Anonymous said (April 13, 2012):

from what i know, the real money powers are based in Europe
this where they started many centuries ago & this where they still pull the strings from.

according to what i see, the real money power in the world in the form of the Bank of England the Rothschilds are one of the main families(if not THE main family) behind the Bank of England and they are very discreet in the way they operate & manipulate the worlds economies.

America would have been a real competitor to them had they not infiltrated it & manipulated events there as well.

Now, America is just a tool & they use its military might to propel the real money powers' agendas. All most people see is that America is dictating to the world what to do etc
but they fail to realise that all US presidents are puppets & someone else is dictating to them what to do.

More than the US Empire, its still the British Empire that has intermarried with Zionist Jews and other European "nobilities" that are calling the shots.

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