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Vatican Struggles to Contain Feral Nuns

August 12, 2012



by Marie Henrie

The largest organization of Catholic nuns has agreed to negotiate with the Vatican which has accused them of promoting "certain radical feminist themes" that undermine Catholic teaching on all-male priesthood, birth control and homosexuality, and remaining silent on abortion. But this seems like a stalling tactic.

Here is a report from their latest conclave:

    [The nuns] sat in silence for a long stretch, sang songs about truth and mystery accompanied by a guitar and a choir, and heard a keynote address by a futurist who was escorted to the podium by seven liturgical dancers waving diaphanous scarves of pink and tangerine.

    "Crisis precedes transformation," the futurist, Barbara Marx Hubbard, told the nuns. "You are the best seedbed that I know for evolving the church and the world in the 21st century. Now, that may be a surprise to the world. But, you see, new things always happen from unexpected places."

    The nuns, most dressed informally in pants or skirts, gave a standing ovation to Ms. Hubbard, a beatific presence with a mantle of white hair who quoted Jesus, Buckminster Fuller, the Jesuit philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and the current pope, Benedict XVI.

    But if the nuns submit to the Vatican's plan to overhaul their organization, it is doubtful that their meetings will feature a keynote speaker like Ms. Hubbard,
who grew up a nonreligious Jew in a Scarsdale, N.Y., mansion (her father founded the Marx toy company) and is now acclaimed by New Age luminaries like Deepak Chopra for helping to lead what she calls the "conscious evolution" movement."


'Catholic" nuns' rejection of Christian teaching may be why their US numbers have dwindled from 180,000 to 60,000 since 1965. 

Having attended Catholic schools in several states, I have fond memories of dedicated teaching Sisters who in their spare time taught the girls how to embroider, read music and sing Gregorian chant.

They incorporated proper etiquette in the classroom and even  taught  ballroom dancing after lunch several days a week.

Granted, I also encountered several ill tempered nuns whom I now understand were being exploited and needed a rest from the stress of the classroom.

These were the ill and elderly nuns who, rather than being retired, were forced to continue teaching long after any normal retirement age. Despite, this, I wanted the same high quality Christian moral education for my own children. But it was nowhere to be found! As a matter of fact, it had been completely replaced!

In the early nineties, a nun opened a Satanist book store on Main Street in my home town and there was no outcry from the local parish or parish school.

nuns-for-choice.jpgWhen local parishes would sponsor fund raising bazaars and carnivals, the nuns had tables of books on Mother Gaia , Enneagram and even Wicca Majick.

When I opted to home school my own family, I would get phone calls from other parents interested in doing the same. More often than not they  were displeased with religion classes being replaced by 'guided Imagery" sessions.

I find it ironic that the very same Bishops who allowed these radical feminists to persist despite decades of complaints to the Diocesan Chanceries and even the Vatican, are now being forced to address the situation head on.

"Not that this should come as a surprise to anyone who has followed the rise of the feminist-eco-lesbian ideology within the leadership covens of the LCWR over the last half-century," says Randy Engel.


Engel continues:

"Over the last half-century, lesbian religious have forged a symbiotic relationship with their radical feminist sisters, and both have piggybacked themselves onto the liberal Left political engine. The combined covens of feminism and lesbianism have politicized religious life to such an extent that many convents and houses of female religious are only incidentally religious. Thus their "ministries" must be viewed principally through a political prism rather than a religious one.

"Under the rubrics of "peace and justice," the feminist/lesbian network of women religious are waging war against the unborn, "hetero-sexism," "homophobia," a male-only priesthood, global warming/climate change and a litany of other 'progressive' causes, as well as an on-going attack on Catholic faith and morals."

Because the Bishops own moral authority has been publicly discredited by their abysmal record of protection and secrecy for clerical pederasts, these nuns are now using that strategy as a position of strength against any reformation of their own practices.

Heterophobic Illuminati mouthpieces like the Huffington Post have rushed to the defense of these feral nuns: "... the showdown that has galvanized American Catholics in recent months and prompted an outpouring of support for the sisters that left the Vatican with a black eye."

pagannuns.jpg(Los Angeles nuns engage in pagan rituals)

Reminiscent of the neo paganism foisted upon Catholics for the last half century are the pictures of nymph-like nuns dancing around altars that can only described as Druid ceremonials rather than the Traditional Catholic Liturgical worship. Cardinal Bernardin of Chicago was  one of the first to allow this practice publicly since I recall the same type pictures taken at churches in his diocese. 

I have ONE question for the Vatican. Will they ever crack down on the Cardinals , Bishops and priests who encouraged the Feminist Wiccans?
If not, the nuns know they have a position to bargain.



Heavily into New Age Therapies

For further reading and clerical complicity to the feminist LGBT New Age agenda......

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Comments for " Vatican Struggles to Contain Feral Nuns "

Davide said (August 17, 2012):

In response to Luis who wrote " Pope Benedict XVI is the only world leader who hasn't been corrupted by the elites." You are wrong, we Catholics haven't had a real pope since 1958 when they put in a freemason, what you have now in the vatican is a counterfeit vatican 2 church , it is not the Catholic Church, they infiltrated the seminaries with homosexuals, have destroyed the latin mass, Benedict and all the post Vatican 2 popes are heretics and should not be followed by any true Catholic. You should learn about the true faith ,traditional Catholicism.

C said (August 14, 2012):

As a practicing Catholic, I strenuously object to your calling these women "nuns."

St. Teresa of Avila said that "A disobedient nun is not a nun."

A nun who refuses to wear her habit, will not follow church teaching, and instead advocates against it is neither a nun nor a Catholic. The penalty for advocating child murder (abortion), the sin of sodom, etc. is automatic excommunication. That means the person who promotes such sins is outside the Church.

Please clarify that with your readers.

Al Thompson said (August 13, 2012):

Having been a former Roman Catholic, I'll have to say that this kind of thing is standard operating procedure. That, along with the child abuse with the priests, it is beyond me why anyone would be a catholic. We used to have a joke in our group that said that if it wasn't for the catholic church, that most of the shrinks in Beverly Hills would be out of a job.

The real problem is organized religion. One has to ask the question: Is God that stupid to invent all of these so-called "one true religions?" I am very familiar with most doctrines of churches that call themselves Christians and all I can say is they are all crack-brained. It's purpose to me is the intentional spiritual dumbing down of the people so that they can be controlled. Again, the intent here is to ruin everyone's lives in the name of religon or "God." People who are a part of organized religion should get a brain and just get out before you are permanently disabled spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I know this sounds harsh, but God isn't that stupid to have established any of the religions as we know it. There is no security in any of these groups and I suggest that people head for the exits and don't look back. I could go on for hours as to why this is true, but most of the evidence is on Henry's site already and most all of it applies to these churches. You will know them by their fruits. All of the religious leaders I'm aware of lie, and they never stick to their own doctrines. The only reason to listen to a religious leader is if you want to intentionally destroy your mind.

Curtis said (August 13, 2012):

The response by Anthony [below] is excellent: I see he has read the indispensable *Liberalism is a Sin* by Fr. Sarda.

I would take his analysis one step further, however. In response to Marie's question, "Will [the Vatican] ever crack down on the Cardinals, Bishops and priests who encouraged the Feminist Wiccans?", I would reply a resounding "No" - just as the Vatican has never cracked down on pro-abortion "Catholics".

The only people ever presently "excommunicated" by the Vatican are "traditional Catholics", such as the Society of St. Pius X, who reject at least some of the heretical changes that took place with the Second Vatican Council.

All of the "popes" since the death of Pius XII - John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, and now Benedict XVI - have been heretical anti-popes who hate the Faith and have been trying to bring about its destruction. This is clear for anyone to see and is meticulously documented at the Most Holy Family Monastery's website,

So, no, we should not wait for the heretical anti-popes to censure the heretical nuns. Instead, we should daily pray the Rosary and hold to the Faith as it has always been taught.

Patryk said (August 13, 2012):

Notice that the Catholic Church is the only entity that gets attacked by the secularists and by the religious. By the left and by the right. By the Satanists and by other Christians. Notice that the Catholic Church is even attacked by Her own.

Mike said (August 13, 2012):

[Unrelated to nuns]

I don’t know if you caught it, but at the very end of the closing ceremonies of the Olympics, just before the torch was to be extinguished, London hoisted a giant phoenix just above the torch. I mean, it was huge and you couldn’t mistake it for any other bird. I’ve often told my wife that England is a true pagan nation with a very thin “Christian” veneer for appearance sake, however, I didn’t think they would parade it out for the world to see. I have no doubt that the phoenix reference was lost on perhaps 98% of those in attendance and those watching (Which sadly affirms that most of humanity is quite comfortable with their ignorance). That being said, I also have no doubt that it was not lost on the Royalty in attendance.

S said (August 13, 2012):

While I believe that many well meaning people join the RC Church in their quest to seek God, I at times wonder if the RC Church is actually Christian at all.

Praying to Mary instead of to God in the name of Jesus Christ, elevating the word of the Pope and RC tradition over the Word of God, teaching of a triune godhead, traditions and countless other activities not found in the Bible are indications that the Roman Empire merged early Christianity with pagan belief systems stemming from Babylon and Egypt. I mean, the statue of Peter in Rome is actually an old statue of Apollos that got renamed...

Steven said (August 13, 2012):

have some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that the world as we all know it is not going to hell in a hand basket.

The bad news is it is already there and most people just have not noticed the problem yet.

In all seriousness though serving god does not include homosexuality and worshiping false gods.
If the clergy can not get with the program they should admit they don't serve god and quit.

Luis said (August 13, 2012):

I wonder why most truth seekers do attack the catholic church? Is this because is the true one who bears good fruits after 2.000 years? How come the Catholic church is related to the illuminati if anyone can attack it with impunity.....
Don't you know this church was infiltrated by all sorts of agents with the agenda of destroying it from within, communists (bela dood) )agent 1025), masons, zionists and even liberal gays....but even the gates of hell will not destroy it.....
Pope Benedict XVI is the only world leader who hasn't been corrupted by the elites, have you ever thought about that? They seek to depose him, cos they already have their leader since 1998.....but their time hasn't come yet.....
The Pope is the one who is holding the anti-christ from appearing like the Bible tells us in revelations, once the Pope flees the vatican without giving notice, know tribulations have started.....the catholic church is not the great babylon, the entire financial world system is, people will do anything for a bit of money or prestige, they sell themselves over nothing....the love for money is the root of all evil

God bless you....I like you site, but I dislike the way you were also brainwashed into thinking your brothers in Christ are evil....



I support traditional Catholicism. I post different points of view.


Anthony said (August 13, 2012):

I find it amusing that the response to this excellent and informative article by your readers is the usual protestant rhetoric of attacking the Catholic Church as being "pagan" and "unbiblical." Protestants soon forget the bible was collated by the very same Catholic Church they love to attack and that for 1500 years there were only one type of Christians - Catholics. Luther came on to the scene and he since has been followed by untold thousands of protestants over the last five centuries who have all stated the same thing, "I will not submit," just as Lucifer and his minions stated to God before they were cast out of heaven. It's difficult to ignore the ludicrous situation we have today of the thousands of protestant denominations that were all apparently "guided by the Holy Spirit," all with their conflicting belief systems. What this article highlights to those who have any care for the truth, is that these nuns are diabolical and evil women, not because they come from the Catholic faith, but because they deviate from it. A Protestant who loves God, cares about the truth and reads history books other than Protestant or Jewish propaganda, eventually sees the error in their ways and becomes a Catholic.

Ken said (August 13, 2012):

Not only do individuals reap what they sow--organizations do, too. The Vatican has been a fortress of thinly disguised paganism and occult practices for centuries. What do we think the Reformation was all about? People began glimpsing the truth in God's Word, and how the Roman church was deviant from it.

The Vatican has never repented or reformed. Unbiblical, unGodly beliefs and philosophies must bear their fruit, sooner or later--and error is never harmless. Where in God's Word is there taught a 'celibate' priesthood? A 'celibate' nunhood? It simply isn't. Celibate religious orders were first "imagineered" by paganism.

God's design and intent couldn't be more obvious, to a normally operating intellect, and to eyes that can read the most widespread Book in the world: one man, one woman, together. Yes, even for pastors (NT) and priests (OT) and women wanting to serve God.

God loves these people so much. He calls them, in Revelation 18, to leave all false religion. It is being possessed by evil. God will soon be having His say, and He wants His people out, refusing to continue to support the crime, and avoiding the just punishment accumulating against it.

Jesus has never lied yet.

Alex said (August 13, 2012):

What is happening with the Catholic Church today is actually not a deviation from its core, esoteric values but, rather, a return to form. This is because the Catholic church is merely esotericized paganism with a pseudo-Christian veneer. Being a former Catholic myself, I understand how this may be difficult to accept for some people, but it is the simple truth.

The Catholic Church had to be created because of the multiplication of Christians in the Roman Empire. The secret Mithraic societies at that time (Mithraism being one of the forerunners of Freemasonry) started transforming their rites into those of the false "Christianity" we see today in the Catholic Church. One of the die-hard followers of Mithras was Constantine. Not many Catholics know that, originally, it was not the God of the bible that revealed the "sign of the sun" to Constantine but, rather, the pagan god of the sun, Apollo. And if anyone touts the Catholic church's stance on the "sanctity of life" I would recommend that person read "Foxe's Book of Martyrs," wherein one will discover historical Church-sanctioned blood-orgies of the most bestial nature involving loyal Catholics and their non-Catholic victims.

The Catholic Church recycles the old "Greater Mysteries" and "Lesser Mysteries" of the ancient Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Mithraic and Greek rites. The Catholics still revere the "Magna Mater", also known as the goddess, Cybele, through her new incarnation "Mother Mary." The Jesuits have always been proponents of the Mysteries, amongst all of their other infamous historical intrigues. Look who Barbara Marx Hubbard claims as one of her mentors: the Jesuit Pierre de Teilhard de Chardin, who help found the modern New Age movement.

Remember, it was the Jesuit Adam Weishaupt, that revealed the "Illuminati" to the world. The "Holy Mother Church" is merely an instrument to continue the "Great Work" that was entrusted by it by its esoteric predecessors to help usher in their Sun god onto the world stage.

Dan said (August 13, 2012):

Marie Henrie refers to "The Leadership Conference of Women Religious" (LCWR). These are nothing but lesbian witches that entered Catholic vocations in droves as chaste, pius women were being driven out during the Freemasonic coup d'tat called Vatican II.

Nothing changes in the Roman Catholic order from the grass roots, all reforms or revolutions in the Catholic Church came from the top down. The corruption of the orders of nuns in the United States was enabled by revolutionary bishops that had been deliberately infiltrated into the seminaries during the 1930's and on, as exposed by American Communist Party defector Bella Dodd in testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee during the McCarthy years. Twelve years before Vatican II, she said: "Right now they are in the highest places in the Church". From the Congressional Record, "In the 1930s we put eleven hundred men into the priesthood in order to destroy the Church from within."

These women hate the traditions of Christianity, ie, they hate the Father and the Son. They despise the traditional Roman Catholic Church in particular because like it or not, that organization carried out the role of sustaining a world order based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Apostles. It was called Christendom. The social norms of Christendom extolled nuclear family, chastity over lust, repentance of sin and above all submission to God's will over self indulgence. That they hate Christianity and the traditional Church is manifest in the fact that they had a whole world of choices - free to be lesbian witches and anti-family activists by joining, well, Wicca, or a plethora of pagan cults -- yet they deliberately entered the Catholic orders for women.

I know the history and the story, and I agree - the Vatican must go after the Cardinals , Bishops and priests who opened the gates and let the infiltrators in to begin with. Ultimately it must be admitted that there was a bad pope or two back there - for as priests are ordained by bishops, bishops are consecrated by the Pope. Accountability must ultimately turn the spotlight on Popes John XXIII', and Paul VI, and the Conclave of 1958.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at