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Vatican Dedicated to Luciferian World Gov't.

October 25, 2011

PopeHandSign.jpg[The Vatican] plan would destroy national sovereignty ... It is Hegelian dialectics at its best. They are aiming for Marxism from both conservative (Catholic) and liberal (new age, Democrats, Occupy Wall Street) sides. The synthesis is unavoidable. 

by Marcos

The Vatican Justice and Peace Department released a paper Monday, "Towards Reforming the International Financial and Monetary Systems in the Context of a Global Public Authority,"  calling for a "Global Institution" run by the United Nations to rule the globe's finances.

The wording of the paper is almost religious:  il riferimento ad un'Autorità mondiale diviene l'unico orizzonte compatibile con le nuove realtà del nostro tempo e con i bisogni della specie umana.
"the reference to a world authority is the only horizon compatible with the new reality of our times and with the needs of humankind". 

This materialistic view goes against 2000 years of Christian thought, which states that Jesus Christ is the final fulfillment of human needs and that God takes (economic, material) care even of birds and the lilies in the fields.

The document suggests measures that have been a banner of the new world order for some time, such as taxation on financial transactions.

These ideas have been fostered by people such as Al Gore and the big banks, which would love to manage and trade the carbon taxes. Now, with the failure of the global warming hoax, a global financial tax seems to be  on the agenda. No doubt this is very timely, just after the United States has bailed out several banks and Europe is about to spend more than one trillion dollars saving some more banks. Why not do it with this new tax ?

If put into action, such a plan would effectively destroy the sovereignty of countries, which would lose the control over their currency. It says, "In fact, one can see an emerging requirement for a body that will carry out the functions of a kind of 'central world bank' that regulates the flow and system of monetary exchanges similar to the national central banks".

Not surprisingly, Bishop Mario Toso, the Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, is an admirer of new world order leader and Marxist advocate George Soros.

In a time when the Roman Church is under severe attack for the many cases of pedophilia and is losing ground every year to evangelical churches in Latin America and even with Hispanics in the US, it is a wonder that they leave religious themes behind in order to put their muscle behind a globalist agenda.

We have to remember that the Roman Church has been active for decades behind the "Liberation Theology", a Marxist distortion of the gospel that has been used to set Latin America and other Third World countries in the direction of Communism.

For a time, it seemed that Roman leadership was back to a more conservative direction, but now it looks like they are only aiming on a different, global level that involves the developed countries as well.

It is not the first time that Pope Benedict has called for a global authority. In 2009, he urged that such an entity be created in order to " oversee the economy and work for the common good". In March 2011, he called for a world authority with "real teeth."

In a spiritual sense, it seems that some Protestant authors such as Dave Hunt were right. In his book "A Woman Rides the Beast", he claims that the Roman Church is the woman dressed in scarlet in Revelations that helps anti Christ to achieve power and consolidate his world government, only to be later betrayed by him. It is a scary thought.


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Dan Adds:

A Vatican pontifical council for justice and peace, the Vatican equivalent of a 'focus group' with no political authority at all, published a white paper titled;  "Towards Reforming the Financial Monetary Systems in the Context of Global Public Authority".
All readers should read this document.  Never let yourself get into the habit of being 'spoon fed' news.  You will be most astounded by the original documents without the candy coating.
PLEASE DOWNLOAD.  This is essentially the Globalist's wet dream for the new 'cashless society' that will enslave us all.

The "new world dynamics," it said, call for a "gradual, balanced transfer of a part of each nation's powers to a world authority and to regional authorities."
"In a world on its way to rapid globalization, the reference to a world authority becomes the only horizon compatible with the new realities of our time and the needs of humankind," it said. Helping to usher in this new society is a duty for everyone, especially for Christians, it said.

That alone is heresy.  They're saying a body of human beings will assume the authority.. BUT - according to earliest Council of Nicaea that authority comes from the Immutable Truths set down in the doctrines of the Catechism of Christ.
That's the principle.  If you understand that, the Vatican's silence while the world media broadcasts this piece of shit white paper as if it's a Papal Bull is deafening.

The way the Vatican works is a statement like this will be released unofficially..  Media amplifies it to the general public as if it's a Papal Encyclical.  In fact, the Vatican has issued nothing 'on record' and the Pope has plausible deniability and can disavow the document if he likes.
But the official organs of the Roman Church rarely speak up directly to disavow the hype and spin. 
This is the way the Vatican expresses it's will , while preserving plausible deniability if necessary later. 

In this case the message is clearly in total support of the EU NWO.  That's my take on it, but in the interest of balance, here's  Michael Voris' opinion 
You decide.  Always remember, the meaning of Church is the followers of the teachings of Jesus - not the Vatican.
In no way should any of the shenanigans of the the Vatican compromise the faithful.  For me current behavior from Vatican City merely confirms the leadership of the Catholic Church is now in Apostasy. - which was prophesied by several  saints since the 18th century by the way.


I must say I was dismayed and actually surprised to see how quickly the Vatican and even the Bishop of Tripoli has 'embraced' the NATO backed regime.

"Vatican City, 21 Oct. (AKI) - One day after the killing of ousted Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, the Vatican said it recognised the Libyan National Transitional Council (NTC) and wished it success in starting anew more than four decades after the deceased leader took power in a coup. "

gaddafi-obama.jpgNot only a shameless betrayal of Gaddafi's good relations and protection of Libya's 50,000 Catholics for 42 years, but I hunted down the full videos made by different phones and have saved them.  What's been shown to English speaking viewers is sanitized, edited down. That's brutal enough, but on arabic websites I found the uncut, long, videos of Gaddafi and his son very clearly captured alive.  Gaddafi was actually soddomized on cam by one of the Al Queda hyenas before they finally killed him.   The post mortem bodies show what the live video shows happened to Gaddafi.  They shot them in the windpipe to cause slow death from choking on their own blood.  The gunman was very precise and deliberate.   Hollywood's never captured such real barbarian berzerk frenzy.   They killed Gaddafi like a pack of Commanche's at Little Big Horn. 
Now our government, France, Great Britain and the Vatican 'congratulate' these savages and call Libya "liberated".

Gaddafi sodomized: Video shows abuse frame by frame (GRAPHIC)
Rebel fighter sodomized Gaddafi with a knife.  Video ends blocked by men as Gaddafi is taken into a covered vehicle

Inside the covered vehicle gunman holds pistol to his windpipe and fires.

Mutassim Gaddafi alive after captured, later executed 20.10.11, NATO Crimes In Libya


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Comments for "Vatican Dedicated to Luciferian World Gov't."

Michael said (October 27, 2011):

The Protestants are NOT right about the nature of the Roman Church. They've got it backwards. The old, faithful, true and traditional Catholic Church is the true one. Pope Pius XII was the last reigning true Pope. His lawful successor, Siri, did not reign. Spiritually, Holy Mother Church departed Rome and the visible structures (i.e. the Bishops and dioceses) during the years 1958-1965. It's right there in Apocalypse Chapter 12. The Woman of Chapter 12 is, spiritually, Holy Mother Church, "crowned with 12 stars", which are the Apostles, or the "pious 12". That is reflected in the last reigning Pope's name.

Nathan said (October 26, 2011):

If you have not already read I recommend reading "The Antichrist" by Lawrence M. Nelson. After reading this I have no doubt that the Vatican will play a major role in the luciferian agenda but I also realize that they have many other institutions to help it along. So you can't just focus on the Vatican. @ Marcos you need to realize that there has never been true sovereignty in a "civilized" society.

It's always been an illusion. The only time humanity has truely been sovereign and free is in the tribal societies that were for the most part peaceful. Is it not ironic that the "civilized" societies have brought the war, famine, and pestilence to the world? Or how the "civilized" societies lust after and promote materialistic carnal desires that tear apart and destroy humanity. When you look at the actions of the "civilized" societies what does "civilized" really mean? Very Orwellian. I'm always fascinated by the illuminati's word play. Like the "humanitarian" (bombing) mission in Libya. Or how we have "liberated" Libyans by putting them under Al-Qaeda and their Islamic Sharia Law. They have made the word "civilized" sound like a good thing but it's actions say other wise.

Naila said (October 26, 2011):

Take Walter Veith as an authority at your peril! He has an almost monomaniacal hatred of Islam and won't recognize that it has any Godly origins at all -- basing his "history" on Jesuit disinformation despite the scholarly facade. Somehow, the fact that Islam has symbolism in common with earlier pagan worship is supposed to mean it's a pagan religion -- though of course the same reasoning doesn't apply to pagan connections within Christianity! That's just one of the distortions.

Just as there are many Christians with a genuine faith in God despite corruptions of the Church, there are also many Godly worshippers among the billion-and-a-half followers of Islam. I'd guess that anyone reading this knows at least a few, though Professor Veith may never have bothered to get to know any. That's just one of the walls this kind of propaganda creates. Handily, too, it also provides fuel for the NWO plunder of the Arab world.

That said (October 26, 2011):

I've been reading into what's really going on in this world for 25 years. At this point I understand we've been lied to on a gargantuan scale. I don't care for being lied to and set out to discover who did it. Up to recently I believed the Zionists were responsible for our plight. I've since realized that it was made to make it look that way to cover for the mafia controlling those Zionists. Perhaps there's a power struggle? This in no way minimizes the guilt of the Zionists. Though I find the author of the book "Vatican Assassins" to be kind of repulsive in his pro-zionist opinions, he's got his facts straight in the 3rd version of his book. He admits to errors in preceding editions and I don't believe it was to deceive. He connects ALOT of dots. I requested this book through inter-library loan at my local library. Any truth seekers should read this book. If you can only get earlier versions don't hesitate as the changes were minimal and can be found online.

It's called the Vatican but in fact it's a mafia with a death grip on the world. Rome indeed never fell. I think it's time it did.

HH said (October 26, 2011):

The whore of Babylon comes in many forms and under many names; blaming just the Catholic Church is a sign of having been tricked and manipulated. The Synagogue of Satan - false Christianity and Jews who claim to be Jews but who are not, religious Judaism and Masonry, are all one and the same. They have the same roots and the same goals, as the above piece reveals. When the Revelation of John was written, the Catholic Church did not even exist! Does it mean the Babylonian whore was sitting idle? I don't think so. Think of the left / right scam in politics, in that context it reads Catholics / Jewish religion = same power behind them: Satan.

To all those who still have delusions about the Catholic Church, Christ said: "My Kingdom is not of this world". So a Christian would never willfully support any worldly power, or a glottalization project.

Anthony said (October 26, 2011):

I have not responded to your articles for some time, but I felt it important that I share some perspective in relation to the recent article you posted titled "Vatican Dedicated to Luciferian World Gov't."

No doubt your many protestant readers would have enjoyed this article, which would have made them feel justified in their long held protestant belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the "Whore of Babylon" which is described in the bible.

The reality is though, that even if there are numerous satanic influences amongst those in the Vatican and even if these apostates are in the majority, it makes zero difference to the fact that the Roman Catholic Church is the one true Church founded by Jesus Christ and the "gates of hell shall never prevail against it."

There have been numerous examples in history where apostasy has taken over the hearts and minds of a huge number of priests and bishops, always for the Church to come out on the other side of such trials the better for it, having shed those who were of bad will and had little faith in the first place, despite the various titles they may have previously held in the Church.

What we are witnessing today is an example of such apostasy on a grand scale, where too many members of the Church, both clergy and laity alike, have embraced the evils of modernism and have ultimately turned their back on God. The answer to this present day crisis is not to abandon the one true Church, like millions of protestants have, who rely solely on their own "private revelations," which has led to the ludicrous situation of thousands of different protestant sects all claiming to be "inspired by the Holy Spirit."

The answer is to hold firm to the traditional teachings of the Church and to pray daily to Our Lord's Blessed Mother, who, as promised, will eventually "crush the serpent" and in the end will be victorious.

The crisis of our day will pass like all the others...

Stephen said (October 26, 2011):

I was born into a Roman Catholic family in 1956 and I vaguely remember the old Latin Tridentine Mass. I remember how my father used to like John XXIII for his sense of humor and approachability. Then I remember that the Vatican announced that it would hold a second Vatican Council. Everyone in the parish (in Bayside, New York) was ecstatic: The Church would open its doors to the world, so to speak. I remember the phased-in changes to the Mass. Everyone but my father was still anticipating a better, more Catholic-friendly future. And then, in 1969, Paul VI introduced the Novus Ordo Mass. Mass attendance dropped off dramatically overnight.

Two millenia have taught us that Tradition matters. The Church began to issue ambiguous documents. And as the implementation of the Vatican II Program proceeded, it seemed to me that the Church kept reinventing the wheel, so to speak. By the time I was a teenager I was put off by the change in character of the Church and the way it presented itself to the world. By the time I was in my twenties, I was alienated. It was as if the Church had a peculiar self-doubt and self-consciousness, all the while bending over backwards to accommodate every lunatic fringe group that could insinuate itself into it.

I think you can take an educated guess as to where I am going with this. Paul VI said, "The smoke of Satan has entered the Church." Oh, really? Oh, it did, huh? Did ANY POPE SINCE do ANYTHING to stop it? NO! The change that occurred is nothing less than a DIABOLICAL DISORIENTATION.

A small loyal remnant remains, and the various factions argue back and forth over various points, some large, some small. But the diabolical disorientation continues. Fortunately, we still have the sacraments---for now. But as a Catholic who believes he has been dispossessed by History's oldest extant institution, it certainly seems to me that the Throne of Peter has been vacant since the death of Pope Pius XII.

Now we have witnessed two alleged popes---John Paul II and Benedict XVI---call for a New World Order, global governance. Now I see one question left to answer: Has the Antichrist---as described in the New Testament---been born? Is he actually alive on this earth now?

Gary said (October 26, 2011):

In light of Bible prophecy such news should not surprise us, but hopefully it will help wake up those who have been deceived by the puppets of the New World Order. That the Illuminati also works thru the Vatican should not be a surprise, the Bible warns against "wolves in sheep's clothing" and the Illuminati have their "wolves in sheep's clothing" in the religious world as well as in politics and finance, etc.

I have started reading Henry's book and it is very informative: "Illuminati: The Cult that Hijacked the World" by Henry Makow. Another book I started reading that also seems to be very informative is: "Solving the Mystery of BABYLON THE GREAT"by Edward Hendrie

Here are some online articles that cover various related aspects of the NWO and their plans for a global financial system and global government, ect. , they are not really long, but very informative nonetheless:

The Hegelian Dialectic is indeed being used as mentioned in the article Henry posted, "They" covertly create the problems so "they" can then offer "their" solution - a global bank and global government.

Remember, it is not simply wealth they are after, it is CONTROL, and want to have control over every individual by having a global economic system where an individual must have a chip implant in order to buy or sell, because they feel if they can control an individual's ability to buy or sell, they control that individual.

One of the global elite some years ago unsuccessfully tried to recruit an influential individual to the NWO side, later this individual revealed what was told to him, it included that their ultimate goal was a global system where everyone would have to have a chip im plant in order to buy or sell.

Under NO circumstances accept a chip implant no matter what !

Prepare to be as self sufficient as possible, grow large vegetable gardens with non-GMO seeds, have wind-up flashlight/radios, ways to purify water, ect., but most importantly, make sure you are spiritually ready !

Paul said (October 26, 2011):

How much proof do you need the Vatican is infiltrated with Satanists?
Malachai Martin describes the enthronement of Lucifer in the Vatican
in his two books Windswept House (1996) and The Keys of this Blood
(1990): --- "Most frighteningly for [Pope] John Paul [II], he had come
up against the irremovable presence of a malign strength in his own
Vatican and in certain bishops’ chanceries. It was what knowledgeable
Churchmen called the ‘superforce.’ " --- He writes about a certain
ceremony that took place in South Carolina in 1963. Read more:
And I wonder if there is truth in the "prophecy of the popes", and if
the "Final Pope" Peter the Roman will come onto the scene. And what
will be the reason for Benedict to leave? Death? A pedophilia scandal?

I truly hope the Vatican will go down soon for selling out to Satan
and their sins are revealed for the world to see.

I thank God for opening my eyes and not be indoctrinated by a Church anymore and for having faith in his Son as the only Saviour of Mankind. Not the United Nations, not the banks, not the Vatican, not the Pope, not the New World Order ...

Ken said (October 26, 2011):

This religious/political power has been known and identified as 'The Anti-Christ', 'Babylon', and, the 'Whore' of the Biblical book of Revelation for centuries. Many great researchers and reformers have confirmed this via history, Biblical prophecy and descriptions, and it's own writings and declarations. Times have changed in many ways--but the foundation and purpose of the papacy has not. World dominion and nothing less--for "Jesus", of course. Their self-imagined "Jesus" is not the one in the Bible.

It is interesting, and encouraging, to note that Revelation also describes, quite dramatically, how this power will come to its end. All heaven will rejoice at the ending of such unmitigated evil.

The most in-depth and thoroughly documented expose on this subject, in modern times, can be found in the riveting series of lectures given by Professor Walter Veith I can highly recommend it to anyone.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at