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Social Engineering Tied to Sports

November 12, 2012


Deportivo Tachira  fans refused to countenance pink cancer
promotion. Invaded soccer pitch and refused to leave. Breast cancer promotions appear to be leading to "transgendered" i.e. women players. 

by GB

Common sense and masculine self respect are not dead!

In a recent game between the Venezuelan soccer sides Deportivo Tachira and Atletico Venezuela, Tachira fans actually invaded the pitch and refused to leave, until their team returned to their traditional black and yellow kits, instead of the offensive pink kits, they had been forced to wear.

The game had to be abandoned as Tachira fans refused to budge. Good on them! The men that invaded that pitch deserve our admiration, for standing up for their own rights, and for standing up for the sport they love.

The incident received scant press coverage in the US or the UK, and when it did the rioting fans were framed as being "crazy" etc, rather than courageous and principled, which is what they were.

Unfortunately the slightly more domesticated US and UK sports fans would not have the same passion, guile, and downright cojones to stop a game in the way their South American cousins did.

(left, posters claim women never initiate violence when in fact they are equally at fault. Demand football fans embrace this heterophobic message that women are at risk from men.) 

But with the increasing popularity of sport and with so much money in and around football and soccer, it looks likely that there will be an increase in  social engineering programmes tied to sport.


I was recently looking at the Kick it Out website (KIO), a UK organization which claims to tackle racism in football.  In reality of course KIO has a far deeper, darker agenda.

Judging by their website the next tranche of discrimination, they plan to unleash on unsuspecting sports fans, is transgender discrimination. 

According to Jamison Green a director of the Transgender Law and Policy Institute, the requirement for football or soccer players to have: "surgical anatomical change is unnecessary and should not be a requirement".

In other words gender is no longer a factor determined by birth, instead it is at best an ephemeral concept, a moving target, that can be chosen at will.

So a woman who simply woke up one morning and decided she wanted to be a man, could soon potentially be entitled to play in a male team. As Green states: "female-to-male transsexuals could be classed as their acquired gender without surgery, as they cannot afford to have it."

As ever any 'discrimination' that arises, will not so much arise from genuine persecution, as much as the sheer semantic confusion of what you are allowed to say to whom, and in what context.

And remember that can change depending on who is doing the saying. And  is subject to change, without notice, at any time - creating as much confusion as possible.

This confusion is aptly demonstrated by KIO's own website. In a recent article they talk about Kye Allums,the first openly transgender male player to play Division One college basketball in America, we learn:

 "Allums - who plays for George Washington's Women's Basketball Team, as he has not yet undergone hormonal treatment and surgery - was widely praised in the media for her bravery."

You will notice that in this quote, Allums is referred to simultaneously as both a "he" and a "her". For the average football fan, who only really wants to get on with watching the game, the mastering of these semantic delicacies could be something of a new learning curve!


Of course sport is just being used as a vehicle for a wider societal agenda. The long term goal is to stunt our ability to define ourselves, so that we find it increasingly difficult to discern who, and indeed what we are.

As the saying goes: "Know thyself and to thine own self be true."

This ability to define ourselves, and make sense of our place in the world, is part of growing up. It also enables us to relate and interact with others in a normal healthy way.

It gives us strength, as part of a community, it gives us a sense of belonging, of relatedness, of culture, and a connection to the land.

Without these things we are cast adrift on an ever changing sea of uncertainty, without anything to hold on to.

This kind of social engineering is only possible with our tacit acceptance of this agenda. Maybe it's time we invaded the pitch and stopped the game?

Comments for "Social Engineering Tied to Sports"

Vivian said (November 13, 2012):

Dan said (November 13, 2012)

That's the plan - wimped out, couch potato, suburban slob males' last bastion of identification with active maleness is to be queered beyond recognition as the queers and she-males in the high school queue get drafted by major league teams during the next four years.

Last bastion of identification with active maleness?

Maybe if those guys got off the couch and made it a point to be a player and not a spectator. Do something on the weekends fellas, do something with your sons other than watch and worship other males, sweating in tight pants running after each other. (talking about gay??)
I said this before - martial arts, fathers and sons can take these classes together, be around other positive males. Feel confidant in ourselves and not worship other people. I say the same thing to women. Why spend all that time mimicking some loser slut actress, when you can help a child, the elderly, animal or, whomever and see they're eyes light up more than ANY diamond could...

That's where our minds belong, sadly not so.

Phil said (November 13, 2012):

How fitting that it was a soccer team's fans who put their FOOT down against this insidious pink trend. Enough is enough!

The worst part of the whole issue is that if you happen to have foot or head cancer there's no marathons or color campaigns to help cure you. Unless you have cancer in your breasts only, you're SOL!

Dan said (November 13, 2012):

As the frontier and freedom vanished they took away our manhood and gave us sports so men could feel manly vicariously through the players. When they dispersed the clan system they gave us sports teams to satisfy the need to feel part of a 'tribe'.

Now family is to be shattered and dispersed, so they'll give them homosexual players with media publicized "bro-mances"

The article isn't kidding or off the wall. Since the most butch females, even loaded up on steroids and hormones can never compete with male football athletes, they're going to popularized she-males. The whole purpose is to promote the illusion that gender is the illusion.

All you have to do is google "transgender football" and find they're waiting in the wings ready to hit the field.

There's already a poster boy, a she-male 'Chris "Tina" Bruce' who was a high school linebacker in the mid-1980's.

There's a campaign already on the go, with a host of high school players coming "out" for the lure of media fame through GLAAD and it's "organs".

That's the plan - wimped out, couch potato, suburban slob males' last bastion of identification with active maleness is to be queered beyond recognition as the queers and she-males in the high school queue get drafted by major league teams during the next four years.

One of these in Michigan spoke of the reaction of students in an interview, "“The kids in my grade respect me a lot for it". A fellow player called the she-male a role model for “going against social norms”.

KPR said (November 13, 2012):

3 cheers for the Venezuelan fans. I'm not afraid to admit (though it does pain me) that they are more 'in touch' with reality and their own sexual nature than damn near every North American man (or woman).

While this started in the NFL 8 or 10 or so years ago (I remember my shock and revulsion upon seeing it for the first time) it seemed so contrived. An all male sport promoting breast cancer?? Why not testicular cancer or some other cancer that affects MEN? Well, of course the American Cancer Preservation Society and the other social engineering groups behind the pinking of males recognized that American men had been well-enough conditioned as to accept such foolishness.

I was at a high school football game a few weeks ago at my alma mater (a Jesuit school, all boys when I was enrolled, now co-ed) and both my school's traditional green and gold uniforms were highlighted with pink, as were the school colors of the public school we were playing that night. If that was not bad enough, many of my school's male students were also sporting pink. Then I noticed fathers (some of these fathers were also grads) and they too were dressed in pink! It looked as if a tanker had dumped 50,000 gallons of Pepto Bismol over the stands!

Having an 8th grade son we're currently looking at high schools for him to attend. A couple weekends ago was an open house at another area Catholic school. I couldn't help but notice posted on damn near every hallway wall were flyers claiming I was in an 'Intolerance Free Zone' and featuring the ubiquitous rainbow.

I'm as tolerant as anyone, provided one doesn't shove my nose in it. But I can't help but remember these signs started out 15 or so years ago claiming: "Hate Free Zone". Now they are ''Intolerance Free Zones". Next they will be "Accepting of All" zones. Of course there is no 'zone', unless one calls all of North America a zone.

Finally, I talk to a large number of children in the 11-14 age range. It is remarkable how many are now fully conditioned to accept homosexuality (and any other form of sexuality) as normal and correct.

Schools, both public and private, along with those who manufacture culture have done a remarkable job subverting a generation. I'd have never thought it possible 20 years ago that America would be fag-land.


KPR- Trust satanists to invert everything. THEY are the haters, waging war against heterosexuals, marriage and the family under the pretext of defending the "rights" of 2% of the population. This isn't about defending gays; it is about undermining straights. -henry

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